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  1. Covid is going nowhere, once the farce in the Ukraine is over, it will be back. As for us In Australia, it's gone nowhere, and medical apartheid is still the real deal in fucking Qld.
  2. Not sure on this one, think he had sickle cell as well, but if he had the jab then yeah he was fucked.
  3. Amazing moment watching tv briefly earlier, it was the gigantic irony of the ABC reporter saying with a straight face, that the Russian people don't have access to what is really going on, as the government controls the media.
  4. So the people who will be used to quell any uprisings and fullfil horse face's totalitarian laws, will not be needing the jabs now. Doesn't seem like much of a a win at all if the people sufferinhg from this cunt still have to comply.
  5. Off topic but do you remember the size of the Jimmy Saville megathread on the old forum, that was a behemoth.
  6. Out of likes. defo man, whatever happens, people who hold out already won.
  7. He doesn't have covid now lol. I'm still amazed how a grieving wife is never off the fucking tv, like she works 3 jobs at a time or some shit. Clearly doing any tv whore work to avoid being with her husband and kids. Full of shite the whole thing.
  8. I'm so fucked off still, that even if I outlast the mandates, I will want a full fucking written apology from the cunts, before I step foot inside a school again. Otherwise I'll continue living like the peon I am since they took my employment, I don't care, I'm used to doing fuck all now, and not been able to do anything. The time on this planet is temporary, but the time after is limitless, I'm not selling out to these pricks now or ever.
  9. I'm still unsure re:shedding. Makes sense that you might get ill from it (shedding), but i really don't think it's the same has having the actual jab injected into your blood stream. The idea of a vaccine that can spread from person to person which is what the Fail was referring to in the future seems different to me than shedding.
  10. Of course he fucking did love. This (Garraway and Draper)story is one of the most disbelievable stories to come out of this whole pandemic of made up stories. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1569739/derek-draper-kate-garraway-home-ill-carer-coronavirus-health-update-caring-for-derek-itv Derek Draper once warned Kate Garraway to 'leave him in a home' if he ever fell ill
  11. Oh no doubt they want this, and they will probably try, I just belief something will happen, to prevent this, possibly on a higher level. For as much evil is operating on our earthly plain, there must also be good. I like to thing the good is happening behind the scenes (waking people up etc), and that this will be prevented. If not, it's game over.
  12. Pileoshit ending mask mandates next friday (except hospital, public transports, planes etc), she needs the votes. The emergency powers are also up soon, so I imagine she will wait and hopefully get voted in, then issues forth a lockdown and extend the powers. Saying some bollocks like 'see what happens when we remove our masks?' Predictable and triesome. So as masks get removed, the unjabbed still can't eat or drink out, and finding a job is nigh on impossible. They are spinning it like things are getting back to 'normal', yeah where 10 % of the population can't do shit. Normal like 1980s South Africa.
  13. This would surely overide free will though? Although I guess the devils would get past that by saying you chose to socialise, hence you got the jab by proxy. This would split society and decimate human interaction. For this reason alone I think this won't happen, it won't be allowed on a higher plain imo.
  14. Possible explanation of the black eyed baby convid phenomena... https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2022/02/black-eyed-baby-shot-reaction.html Q. Hi Lynn, I've seen videos circulating around of babies being born to parents who got "juiced" and the babies are being born with blacked out eyes! Can you see if this juice that the parents take before or during conception is causing these babies to be born like this? It's a very creepy phenomenon as I have NEVER seen babies with completely black eyes! See video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1hjLuletN8Dc/ What is really going on and does taking or not taking the experimental juice make a difference? Thanks for looking into this! A. When I focus on this topic, the first thing I hear is "the eyes are the windows to the soul." I get that these dark eyes do exist, but it's a rare condition. This results when the mother takes the shot, and the shot she was given has a higher concentration of metallic components. This higher concentration is the result of taking a shot that taken from the "bottom" area of a poorly mixed vat in which the sediment content is higher. I also get that when the concentration of toxins is not right, these "cocktails" are to be purged, but occasionally someone is lazy is signs off on it and it gets sent out to the population. SO, when a woman takes this shot that is "tainted" close to or during conception, the toxins are at a high level when the placenta is being formed. The toxins then make their way to the placenta, and the nourishment filters though it. It impacts the nervous system of the fetus, and namely alters the eyes (protein) and brain. I get an MRI would also have some kind of odd findings and shadows. I hear "this is reason 928376 to do your research before deciding what is right for you." It is a personal and also lifelong decision. And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light, Lynn
  15. I see this as distraction to further the world agenda. The last time they used this phony war, they got rid of MH370, which had alledgedly crashed into the ocean, it was then used on a flight to NZ with a different flight name, and got blown up over the Ukraine.
  16. Death of Lizard Queen? However early March would also be a good time for that one.
  17. Austrian government, I read it as Australian as well, but sadly they still trying to fuck me without buying me dinner here. Nothing stopping here, the main two supermarkets Coles and Woolworths are making jabs mandatory for their staff by end of March, a precursor to the unjabbed being locked out of their shite Gov owned propaganda pushing stores.
  18. Covid? How do you know? Did you take one of those reliable tests?
  19. Why would a picture of homo sexual men pursuade non homo sexual people to get jabbed. I'm sure this is an elite's insider joke referncing the jab and aids or something similar. The NHS sold their fucking souls.
  20. Would this be considered a 'war crime'? Especially when the soulless devils are not officially at war.
  21. The police once again showing why the hatred of them is unfounded and unjust (ends sarcasm). Shit heads who have lost all meaning of what it was their jobs should be about. I fear they are expendable and they don't realise it yet. their fall will not be pretty, cunts.
  22. Still going full retard in this open air prison island I'm on.
  23. The evidence for this is growing, gonna be a tidal wave of sorrow.
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