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  1. Would love 5 minutes with this prime gobshite. A face you'd never tire of slapping.
  2. It's insanity. And surely this muyst wake up a few sheep now, you couldn't see your dying nan 6 months ago, but now you can have a stranger, most likely unjabbed move in. All the while d list celebs who have no intention of taking a stranger in, urge you to do it. Amongst the craziest things I've ever witnessed, but covid and its success has emboldened the cunts.
  3. Red herring if ever there was one. They don't give a fuck about you and they certainly don't give a fuck if you sick, they been poisoning the food chain for years in the hope you die. There's something else going on here with these attemps to ban smoking, that should become apparent in the near future, as they love to tell you in advance how they are going to fuck you.
  4. A newspaper in Australia, western australia I think, proper backwater, ran the headline that it would be boosters for the next 10 years. Directly underneath the article was the story of a female politician dieing of a heart attack at 52. They really are hiding it in plain sight.
  5. Man, you just made my day. Glorious.
  6. Jabbed? https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/pupils-staff-devastated-sudden-death-23310070
  7. Ha ha that well known political savant, Kerry Katona.
  8. Great find. Of course non of those 'I stand with whatever the MSM tell me to' nobheads will ever view these or read the psizer documents. Ignorance is bliss. I really hope this is the beginning of the house of cards collapsing.
  9. Ah it warms the cockles of your heart.
  10. Ed Sheeran, where do you start? His whole fucking life is a hoax.
  11. Ahh that makes sense they are fining her for operating a business whilst being unjabbed, as double checked as being unjabbed alone is not a reason for a fine. If they are fining her for no other reason than being unjabbed, then she will win in court. Regulations below, and yeah the faschist twats are well encouraging the grassing up of people. https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/fines-enforcement-and-reporting
  12. I didn't know that was a regulation in place in Victoria. I'm in QLD, we have the apartheid going on, but no fines for being unjabbed yet, amazed I've not heard a thing about this. And what the fuck is the neighbour doing, terrible stuff.
  13. Now being reported that the legendary Shane Warne passed from a suspected heart attack, well I fucking never. Colour me surprised.
  14. Yes i can see this dogshit advert persuading people to get jabbed, usk, usk.
  15. So much bullshit on the MSM regarding Ukraine. You know the fix is in, when covid sheep put the Ukranian flag on their profile pictures on FB. Hypocrisy from the cunts as Yemen burns.
  16. Literally no shame this one, I wonder at what age she was corrupted. Her youth photos appear to show the facade of humanity, these later ones show possession.
  17. While the world's eyes are diverted, these cowards have gone full Adern. It's like we are in a different reality at the moment.
  18. I'm really fucking late here, but it just struck me that Carl Vernon and Vernon Coleman share a name. It's taken me 2 years but i got there.
  19. Covid is going nowhere, once the farce in the Ukraine is over, it will be back. As for us In Australia, it's gone nowhere, and medical apartheid is still the real deal in fucking Qld.
  20. Not sure on this one, think he had sickle cell as well, but if he had the jab then yeah he was fucked.
  21. Amazing moment watching tv briefly earlier, it was the gigantic irony of the ABC reporter saying with a straight face, that the Russian people don't have access to what is really going on, as the government controls the media.
  22. So the people who will be used to quell any uprisings and fullfil horse face's totalitarian laws, will not be needing the jabs now. Doesn't seem like much of a a win at all if the people sufferinhg from this cunt still have to comply.
  23. Off topic but do you remember the size of the Jimmy Saville megathread on the old forum, that was a behemoth.
  24. Out of likes. defo man, whatever happens, people who hold out already won.
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