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  1. you better believe they'll be sacrifices.
  2. They have to do a daily rat test, and wear a mask at all times when indoors, this isn't a victory sadly.
  3. It wouldn't even be a shock if this was all pre-planned like most things are, as a way to drum up interest for the waning awards show. In reality Smith and his dysfunctional family should be done, but he'll no doubt be back with a shite film that I'll never watch.
  4. Ha ha what a bellend Smith is. All his films are shite, as was his music career. A narcissistic prick who's so far down the illuminati arse hole, that he can assault a man in front of a global audience (also consisting of cunts) and not get removed by security, arrested or fuck all. A few minutes later, the self absorbed talentless shit house, wins an oscar and claims during part of his hack written speech, that he wants to be 'a vessel of love'. Then all the pedos in attendance give him a standing ovation, I shit you not. Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen.
  5. This might of already been posted, but another athlete death... https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/03/27/cyclist-dies-heart-attack/
  6. Yeah that Aussie lass retiring puzzled me, and I did wonder if routine medical scans had found something dodgy.
  7. Apparently 10 different substances identified in his body, but they confirm he rang for an ambulance complaining off chest pains. Doesn't really sounds like someone ODing on a cocktail of drugs. Especially as Ganja and anti-deps are the main two mentioned. Probably gonna cover this shit up as 'ex druggie ODs', found the pressure of touring too much and so fell of the waggon etc etc. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/foo-fighter-taylor-hawkins-cocktail-23512852?fbclid=IwAR17V932eODqRQNiu-vqdr31Dj7gSaE2GNe-leOPyUIxfNSUXIPW0-iyRhw
  8. Just hearing he called an ambulance complaining of 'chest pains'. Next two years gonna be mental.
  9. No cause of death yet, but after that Cunt Grohl's vax stance, the irony if this was a 'heart attack' would be obvious. Or maybe he was due another ritual death to appease his masters. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/breaking-foo-fighters-drummer-taylor-23508700?fbclid=IwAR1-9k8Pgj3vaeGA70_ZlrpGNCmV0cWQ51Q5fXlZBREhcq7wBmtzHratMGY
  10. Probably just a legit accident, however at the moment I don't believe nowt happens without reason. I'll keep my eyes on this one. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/boeing-737-carrying-133-people-23449878
  11. Just mental, and no doubt the media will remain silent. And as long as the major parties win the elections (and they will), the rest of us will move into the latest stage of the mass fucking we've endured the last couple of years.
  12. P & O ships were used during the Falklands massacre I seem to recall, I remember a big load of publicity because the Canberra was sent down there.
  13. Cheers pal, a worrying development for sure.
  14. As well as covid running 'rampant' with 20,000 new cases in NSW. The media are starting to ramp up 'Japanese encephalitis', I expect the Southern hemisphere's winter to provide much fun and games, and post election, an absolute shit show. The main supermarkets are empty in FNQ, and even the shops themselves can't decide on the reasons, in the same frozen isle, I saw one sign apologising for lack of items due to covid, then two frozen doors down, was a sign apologising for lack of items due to flooding in SE Qld. The manufactured food shortages are well underway here, and even covid fans that i know have started stashing tinned food away. It's like they know summat is up, but dare not talk about it.
  15. The rise of the reality tv shows seemed to herald the end of occcasionally credible tv programs. As with most things in life, it seems to have started changing around 2000, but after 2001 and the false flag, the quality escalated down the shitter, and now we are left with little but reality shows and celebrity heavy talent shows.
  16. I'm not on telegram, what's the synopsis?
  17. Yes, just imagine, you silly cunt. Apparently any thick fuck can get a PHD these days.
  18. Yeah I'm fucking dismayed at how easily they pulling this off at the moment, and the same fuckwits who spent their Friday nights clapping for the dancing cunties at the NHS, have just as easily wandered blindly into the Ukranian psyop. I know these monsters are smart and that, but fuck me the public couldn't be making it much easier for them. One of those days where I just think 'we fucked'. Tomorrow I'll be back to ' we win this', but fuck me commandering people's spare bedrooms and holiday homes (Eire, Netherlands etc), and no one bats a shitty eye lid. Fuck off!
  19. And as this happens I notice more and more opinion pieces on how heart attacks in teenages are not unusual etc. Paving the way for a new level of selective murder.
  20. Brilliant, a bit of honesty from these practitioners.
  21. This is hilarious, they are actually pulling this off. Where is the anger, the rage, the fucking testicles of people, they are sitting back and watching this happen, all whilst changing their FB photo to a flag. They are fucked.
  22. Would love 5 minutes with this prime gobshite. A face you'd never tire of slapping.
  23. It's insanity. And surely this muyst wake up a few sheep now, you couldn't see your dying nan 6 months ago, but now you can have a stranger, most likely unjabbed move in. All the while d list celebs who have no intention of taking a stranger in, urge you to do it. Amongst the craziest things I've ever witnessed, but covid and its success has emboldened the cunts.
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