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  1. Guys got over 700 posts as well, so must have been here a while. Proper odd.
  2. The problem here is that you actually think covid is a virus and have used tests. Literally no one on this site after 2 and a half years is buying this. No one who wants to be taken seriously would use a NWO test, and secondly saying covid is a virus and makes you stand out like a beacon, and people will jump on you. No one here thinks Covid is anything other than the results of GO in food and water supply, chem trails fucking the air we breathe EO on the covid tests, 5 g and most importantly the jabs, we are absolutely under assault, but not by a scary virus. Everytime someone rocks up claiming they had covid (the virus) they are usually outed very quickly, like the lad a couple of days back. There are literally pages and pages of information on why covid is a crock of shit, several threads dedicated to it, and of course this monster thread we are currently engaged in.
  3. One of the things that has done my nut for like the last 30 years is people getting a cold and claiming they have the flu. Flu is very fucking deabilitating, and I think people have forgot what the fuck having the flu is actually like. Claiming they've had the flu after a heavy cold, no wonder after having actual flu they feel like this is a new virus, and they were close to death. Flu is the type of shite you may get once a decade or two, and it can be bad, people have forgotten all this with the media deception.
  4. Just one of the many 'coincidences' this 'pandemic' bollocks seems to have in mainstream culture dating back 50 years.
  5. You know the gig is almost up, when those born in 77 come into the forum, spreading half truths mixed in with pish, in a desperate attempt to manipulate the narrative. Easy to spot, we're two and half years in ffs.
  6. Orchestrated milk shortage in QLD. They told us as, as they love to prewarn, that milk would be hard to come by at the start of the year. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/australians-warned-to-prepare-for-a-milk-supply-shortage-in-days/ar-AASFLQE Low and behold after putting fuel up, and seeding the fuck out of clouds to flood places dpwn South, milk is now an endangered species in FNQ. The local shops near me in FNQ have sold out over the long weekend with no dates for supplies apparently. What is even more galling is that we have no floods up here, and we have major milk providers in the table lands, yet we also have no milk. Australia gonna be one big sticky clusterfuck once the Federal scamola elections are done with.
  7. Been growing since Xmas I think, random people coming out of the wood work.
  8. I would wager a large sum of money on none of this being true, just like it wasn't last time or the time before.
  9. I never bought the moon landings and doubt i ever will.
  10. Interesting post on the army on Australian streets, I'm guessing only people in teh big cities will be seeing evidence of this, but i'm posting it here as it's an interesting and potentially scary read. Be very handy for some FF action as well. https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/ Q. Hi Lynn, The Australian Army has just announced they will be doing counter terrorism exercises in major capital cities from Feb - December. They say the public should not be alarmed if we see them with weapons! I’m alarmed! Especially since they have built the camps and will now have army on the streets! As someone who has not had the thing that must not be named I find it very concerning and would love to get your thoughts? https://www.army.gov.au/our-news/army-exercises-alerts/australian-defence-force-training-queensland A. I get that they are doing exercises, and they serve two parts. As tensions in the world rise, the military is learning how to navigate and ramping up their forces. Not only are they towing a fine line with China and being complaint with their demands, there may be a time in which China comes in with some real force that Australia may need to defend. Australia is also VERY adamant on pushing "the thing that must not be named" and is setting up a structure that IF the time comes, and the Powers That Were "pull the trigger" they can use both fear and force to create "safe camps for the people without the thing" for the health of the people. I don't see it being fully utilized yet because the situation with China feels like it is on the forefront. They cannot deal with China AND internal conflict, so they are working on external threats first. Lastly, they are trying to desensitize the people to army moving about. They want to create the illusion that the Army is there for their protection, and even welcome them. I see references to a frog in a boiling pot of water- people will be so used to it they won't object... And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Stay safe! Love and light, Lynn
  11. This fucking guy, and his pal Leo are another pair of prime fuckers to remember in the aftermath of all this. How I wish the IRA were currently driving a range rover around with these cunts tied up in the back.
  12. This is my findings too, only the jabbed mongs getting sick currently.
  13. So in Queensland today some bloke in a wig eased hospitality restrictions, but i still can't teach lol. To be fair, unless I get a letter of apology I'd never go back anyway. The easing of restrictions comes in April 14th, why April 14th and not tomorrow, fuck knows. So basically I can spend money but not earn it. They are trying to prop up the failing economy before the fed elections, after that covid will be back, and we'll be cast into the societal abyss again. Maybe I can take a window if one is offered to get back to Manchester, but i suspect that won't happen. Anyway to Pileoshit, fuck off, I won't forget this shit and the people that supported it.
  14. Amazed that Attenborough has got this far through his life without being implicated in shit, because judging by the company he keeps and his standing within the BBC, he's involved in shit without doubt.
  15. I clicked on the links but couldn't find the poster, what did it say?
  16. I genuinely hope to fuck you are correct, I won't quite order the t shirts for friends and family proclaiming 'Athenry was right' just yet. But I so hope the awakening happens soon, before society's too far gone to turn back.
  17. You're right man, they are absolutely about us all the time.
  18. you better believe they'll be sacrifices.
  19. They have to do a daily rat test, and wear a mask at all times when indoors, this isn't a victory sadly.
  20. It wouldn't even be a shock if this was all pre-planned like most things are, as a way to drum up interest for the waning awards show. In reality Smith and his dysfunctional family should be done, but he'll no doubt be back with a shite film that I'll never watch.
  21. Ha ha what a bellend Smith is. All his films are shite, as was his music career. A narcissistic prick who's so far down the illuminati arse hole, that he can assault a man in front of a global audience (also consisting of cunts) and not get removed by security, arrested or fuck all. A few minutes later, the self absorbed talentless shit house, wins an oscar and claims during part of his hack written speech, that he wants to be 'a vessel of love'. Then all the pedos in attendance give him a standing ovation, I shit you not. Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen.
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