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  1. What made you pick that profile picture out of interest?
  2. He sounds like he'd be great at parties.
  3. Beautiful to see, it's being censored heavily online, and the news will only mention it if there is trouble, so the freedom marchers can be labelled whatever the flavour of the week is, e.g drunken, violent etc. I truly hope this makes a difference, but I'm sadly sceptical that the psychos here will back down anytime soon.
  4. Fucking legit man, if we ain't on the same page morally and ethically, then I don't give a shit how good you look in a fur coat and a few drops of chanel.
  5. First time I've read this thread, and I'm proper shocked that there are people here, who've had the jab and think fuck all will happen them. Wow, literally mind blown.
  6. Until the truth comes out and they realise how fucked they are now, not that any of the people in these articles are real.
  7. Dr Ranj from This Morning mugged. My heart bleeds for the jab pushing prick. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/tv/itv-mornings-dr-ranj-singh-23046052
  8. She's already dead, so this would be a top way to play two agendas simultaneously.
  9. People going in busses from even places like where I am, which is in the far north of the country. Of course fuck all on the media, we are still be bombarded with the get your 5 year olds jabbed adverts, seriously odd fucking country this one. The people are top, but seem to be under a deep fucking spell, just the social outliers and others who seem to see through it all.
  10. Didn't know about the hair transplant, cheers for that. Yeah, something different though.
  11. Anyone think professional unfunny covid cunt Jimmy Carr looks different these days. First picture how I remember him... Second picture, how he looks now apparently...
  12. Like the BBC detector vans, shite.
  13. Yeah it's not ramping down in Australia, full fascism here still. The Uk and Ireland will get stung again soon, it's not over till certain people are gone forever.
  14. Good call Ziggy, remember Jim Mars using this comparison back in the day, using the average apartment size in Hong Kong, everyone on the planet could have an apartment in Texas. The population argument is linked to 'global warming/climate change/ whatever they need to call it to fit the agenda' bullshit. It's pure shite, and I'm surprised anyone on here would be expousing it.
  15. Probs down to whatever currently resides in her, humanity it is not.
  16. BBC were vetting the audience for QT, so I'd imagine it is just more shite from the Goebbles inspired BBC. It will probably play well to their target audiences of thick patriotic jabbed arseholes.
  17. Done with total impunity, they have obviously be told 'do what thou whilst'. I really feel they want a violent reaction, as then to the wider sheep they will be justified in sending us away to their outback hotels for the duration.
  18. He attended a lecture by icke as well, he called out the 13 families, now his career is gone. Of courtse the MSM is focussing on ' vile holocaust' comments, when in reality he called out far more than that. His 'vile' comments btw were to question the numbers. He's issued some apologies, no doubt under pressure, be interested to see if he gets 'covided' soon. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/other/ex-wwe-wrestler-brian-kendrick-apologizes-for-vile-comments-is-pulled-by-aew/ar-AATqNPE What Did Brian Kendrick Say in Controversial Resurfaced Comments? The resurfaced comments made by Kendrick began circulating on Twitter this week and appear to date back to 2011. A video was originally posted on Twitter by user Dan Pierce, and later posted in full by journalist David Bixenspan, that features Kendrick discussing conspiracy theories involving Jewish families such as the Rothschilds. In this video, he claimed there was a connection between Zionists and the Illuminati and "the end of the world." He also said that the so-called "13 families," citing the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, were involved in "interbreeding." Still in the video, Kendrick says he attended a lecture by a noted British conspiracy theorist, David Icke, who has promoted antisemitic conspiracy theories, Wrestling Inc reports. In a 2013 video, he claimed the Holocaust was "overblown" and that the death toll of murdered Jews was fewer than the factually correct 6 million. An article on the website Culture Crossfire recapped a video Kendrick made discussing these theories. He mentioned conspiracy theories about 9/11, with the article stating "he believes that an outside force—be it the Illuminati or whatever caused the incident" and he also expressed support for other conspiracy theories around the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
  19. Well done pal, and you did it your way, might not be your usual job, but take this small victory, as over time they add up to us all winning. Go Pierre man.
  20. Good date to announce our vampiric chief lizards death.
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