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  1. Cheers, got her on the NAC once she had the first two. Unfortunately being on the other side of the world stops me monitoring her closely. But if I can get shit delivered online to her from ebay or something, that will be top.
  2. Very interested in this, my mam has just refused her fourth, and I want her to try and detox that shite. Was this all available in the UK pal?
  3. Colin Baker was a mate of my dads, had tea at our house one day. Went to me dad's funeral and all. Edit: the blond one with curly hair.
  4. Maybe something to do with their new scheme they are setting up...
  5. I'll treat these new mandates with the same respect i treated the previous ones.
  6. Start of the big die off, I know a guy just gone in with pneumonia, and is on the ventilator now, sad as fuck, but this is the start. We are all gonna be touched by bereavement in the next 12 months, it's inevitable at this point.
  7. Fruit shoots give a positive test. Why are people using the NWO's tainted tests, I don't get it.
  8. Let's face it, without knowing any real facts about the case, this is in probablity about 85-15 to be a manipulated event. Why? Because they nedd the guns off the people, America can't go full Daniel Andrews till they do this. They are turning the screws, and if the USA falls then the rest of us by defualt are fucked. I guarantee if I knew the facts, then this incident would have more holes than a sponge.
  9. Higherside chats is good as well, wide variety of topics.
  10. Man, I love you guys. This thread fills me with so much hope.
  11. When humans are attacked internally the bodies tries to expel the toxins. This can be done by throwing up, shitting, or mainly through the skin, the bodies biggest organ. I suspect monkey pox, is the made up name for the body trying to expel the mrna and other shit in the jabs. If as we suspect it may take up to 18 months for the true impact of the jabs to show themselves, then that would fit with the current time frame of the first jabees. I suspect we gonna see a lot more monkey pox coming up, and of course the vaccination for it (which will just suppress the poison back into the body) is ready to go.
  12. As a big boxing fan, this is the first heart attack in the ring I've heard of, since they rolled the devils juice out. https://afipn.com.au/german-boxer-musa-yamak-collapses-in-ring-and-dies-from-a-heart-attack/ German boxer Musa Yamak, 38 has sadly died in the ring during a fight with Ugandan Hamz Wandera. German media reports that Yamak was about to start the third round when he suddenly collapsed after suffering a heart attack and could not be revived. Yamak turned pro in 2017 and he won the WBFI title by knock out against Siarhei Huliakevich in November 2021. No announcement has been made on the cause of the heart attack, it is not known if he sustained a serious blow to the chest or if some other cause was responsible for the heart attack. Yamak is the latest in an ever-growing and concerning number of current and former sports stars in good physical shape dying from heart attacks and other cardiac-related events, many in the middle of competing in sporting events.
  13. Already developed and ready to serve up to the big pharma junkies in a house near you.
  14. A quick catch up on this head shaker of a thread, and people are still getting tested with a fraudulent test and then claiming they have/had covid. Listen we are 2 and a half years in now, if at this point you are using their RAT/PCR tests, then as far as I'm concerned I don't give a fuck what you to have to say. Like many, I've lost my job, my ability to travel, my friends, my family, I've simply lost too much to sit here and listen to people still parroting MSM bullshit from the last 18 months and expect me to take it seriously. Literally surprised no one has mentioned a bat pissing on a pangolin in this thread. You can believe whatever the fuck you want, but battling with your own cognitive dissonance isn't gonna mean shit when you get dragged away. Sorry for ranting.
  15. I can't open the links, but this new life business is fairly likely, as it possibly was with Jo Cox, false flag bomb victims and several others. Never forget people's abilities to sell out for cash. Dover could have taken a turn, and was then paid off to fuck off basically. One thing's for sure, she ain't talking, she ain't working at the hospital, and her family who could easily provide proof of her existence, aren't doing so. Something is suss as fuck.
  16. No way will this statue last, it will need 24 hr cctv protection. Saville's best mate and all round psycho pos.
  17. As much as I loved him when he played for the shirts, he's an illuminati owned thick cunt. He just reads from a script, claps like a seal and ensures the wealth of him, his arsey wife and entitled kids. Sad as fuck, but this bloke sold his soul years ago.
  18. 15 months later we have an update.... She's either an actress or dead imo.
  19. Never considered this, but it makes a lot of sense, people do seem different after and not just in a physical way, in some cases it's like their whole personality gets adjusted.
  20. Despicable cunts, some of the most fascist bastards you could ever wish to meet. As usual there will be no justice, no apology and no fucks given by the international community.
  21. Possessed? MK ultra? Blackmailed? There's something there alright, bet she's vastly different to the person she was born.
  22. I've mentioned it before but Carr looks different nowadays, maybe botox, maybe something else. But what a cunt, disgusting that a man of Irish descent should be such an agenda dickrider. Mark him down with the Kaiser Chiefs as twats who hopefully aren't forgotten in the aftermath.
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