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  1. I think they're gonna try a global style lockdown of the westernised nations, maybe late August, early september. I can see the UK, Eire, Aus etc all locking down simultaneously in a desperate final roll of the dice from these shithouses.
  2. Ah like Cliff Richard (lol), I get you.
  3. I'm sorry to have to report the devastating news that this old cunt has tested posted for Convid (allegedly). Qld Governor tests positive for Covid-19 Queensland’s Governor and former chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young has tested positive for Covid-19.
  4. So is that a woman or man with tits on display? Surely an asexual wouldn't prominently display clearly feminine anatomy.
  5. During the first UK lockdown, my mate didn't give a fuck and drove around at night all over the country, the one thing he commented on was the number of dead birds everywhere. I think the first lockdown was used as an excuse to install and test all the 5g towers and systems, subsequent illnesses then followed.
  6. They did the same in Canberra, cunts literally trying to kill their populace.
  7. The last vote was rigged as fuck. This time though the prize is being sought by the EU. The same with Ireland, I'd love a United Ireland, but I also realise that the EU would absorb it, and it would be no more free than it has been under British dominion. They are using nationalistic urges to further the demise of soverign nations.
  8. Is that like a poundland Courtney Love?
  9. Interesting, an easy way to gather intel I suspect, use the poor lackeys in the NHS. One things for sure, there will undoubtedly be another lockdown this year. The rumour here in the prison continent, is the end of August.
  10. The MSM has beautifully employed divide and conquer, torn apart families, frienships and society in general. freedom of speech which was always a myth anyway, is well and truly gone.
  11. Curcumin apparently counteracts arsenic poisoning, you can buy pills online, but obviously get organic ones. I take a tab a day man, alongside NAC.
  12. Suspect she is already living on an island. No jail time, no client list, no justice.
  13. Jabbed??? https://www.cnbc.com/2022/06/23/swimmer-anita-alvarez-loses-consciousness-in-pool-at-world-championships.html Key Points American artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez was saved from drowning by her coach Andrea Fuentes at the world championships in Budapest. Spaniard Fuentes, a four-time Olympic medalist in synchronized swimming, jumped into the pool after she saw Alvarez sink to the bottom at the end of her solo free final routine. She was given medical attention beside the pool before being taken away on a stretcher.
  14. McCartney (if this is him??) is a right cunt. His christmas song is shit as well, always ruined Xmas day for me.
  15. Those red clad dancers for Kendrik Lamar looked suss as fuck. They reminded me of the hags with Stanley Johnson, extinction rebellion.
  16. Ugly tranny has just rolled back most of the remaining mandates in Qld. It is now down to employers to enforce the jabs if they so wish, which is great news, as employers will not have indemnity, so any reactions will see the employer who enforced it sued. I don't think many will want to take this risk but we'll see. I may be able to teach again and finally work again after 6 months unemployed, but we'll see if Education Queensland keeps the jab mandate or not. Anyway I'm allowing myself the rare instance of giving myself an egotistical pat on the back today, as I know this shit isn't finished, but just for one day I can give a big fuck you to all those people who have talked shit about me. Aaah, and release. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-06-24/qld-coronavirus-covid-vaccination-restrictions-teachers-police/100958124 Queensland's COVID-19 vaccination mandate and restrictions to be relaxed further By Janelle Miles Posted 52m ago52 minutes ago, updated 1m ago Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the changes to the vaccination requirements in parliament this morning. Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article Queensland will remove some of its last remaining COVID-19 restrictions from next week. Key points: The public direction requiring post-arrival testing for those travelling to Queensland from overseas has been removed No changes to mask mandates in settings such as public transport and aged care have been mentioned The state's network of standalone COVID-19 fever clinics will be wound down Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that from 1am on June 30, COVID-19 vaccinations would no longer be required for visitors to residential aged care, disability accommodation or prisons. Chief Health Officer John Gerrard will also revoke the high-risk worker COVID-19 vaccine mandate in schools, early childhood education, outside school care, kindergartens, family day care, police watch houses, youth detention centres and airports. Decisions around mandatory vaccinations in those setting will instead be made by employers. "Mandatory vaccines are still required for workers in healthcare, hospitals, aged care and disability care," Ms Palaszczuk said. The Premier said the public direction requiring post-arrival testing for those travelling to Queensland from international locations had been removed. She did not mention any changes to mask mandates in settings such as public transport and aged care. "Queensland has remained strong," Ms Palaszczuk said. "Restrictions that protected us have eased in sensible stages. "I once again pay tribute to the resilience of Queenslanders for the strength of response to this pandemic." There were six COVID-19 deaths in the latest reporting period, taking the number of people who have died as a result of the virus in Queensland to 1,192. The state recorded 4,520 new COVID cases, with 522 people in hospital with the virus. There are seven people in ICU. Ms Palaszczuk urged Queenslanders to stay up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations and to get a free flu vaccine before June 30. Mandatory vaccines are still required for workers in healthcare, hospitals, aged care and disability care.(ABC News: Kimberley Bernard) More than 92 per cent of the Queensland population aged 16 and older have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and 71.11 per cent of those aged 12 to 15. Among Queensland five to 11-year-olds, 31.16 per cent have received two COVID-19 shots. More than 1.7 million Queenslanders have been vaccinated against the flu this season, about a third of the population.
  17. Also 100% groomed a minor. Pure cunt who should not be forgotten in the aftermath of this shitshow.
  18. Lineker sold his soul when he joined the BBC, like most do. He's a fucking fanny, a shill, a fraud if you will.
  19. I'd say yes. You noticed how weird people are acting at the moment, everything from knife crime to road rage, to just vacant stares. Something's not right in Kansas that's for sure.
  20. It's a form of mind control, the drones being good drones. The fear campaign was so successful against the mentally infirm that they never stood a chance, and the odds of most of them returning to a normal life are long gone now. Kids in mask, testing, it's all child abuse.
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