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  1. 3 hours ago, jack121 said:

    He did that and a lot more, because politicians are powerless and controlled bullshitters, they are just puppets to legitimize the PTB, they read out to the world from bits of paper pretending they have created the words when  actually the words are from their PTB boss. That is the politicians  only role , a mouthpiece, and no other role whatsoever. To give the illusion of democracy, to make the sheep think they are voting for the next PM , when the next PM was decided years ago. And if the next PM gets ideas, starts thinking he has some power, starts going against TPB he gets JFK'D

    Bridgen was created for one role, and one role only, to suck satans cock

    Amazing how bridgen , neil oliver, russell brand etc think we are so stupid that we forget everything they did by now pretending to be conspiracy theorists


    I don't doubt it, but the only source I could find for the person above me in a 2 minute web search, was the one I shared.

  2. 23 minutes ago, BossCrow said:

    Thanks I had a scroll through, one of Sridhar's CBBC appearances is still up on YT. I vaguely remember the BBC self-censoring one of the Newsround videos after the public backlash at the time. And they eased off a bit on the vax propaganda after that, at least on kids TV.





    That bitch needs to do jail time.

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  3. 36 minutes ago, Bullion said:

    News just in from Melbourne Australia, the country’s worst premier has just resigned. No doubt he’ll get to slink back under the rock he came from without being held accountable for how he rooted our entire state, especially during the covids.FD5D7D94-C67D-4188-B26E-4552DDCA5DFF.png.6fd0120bda7646df9d6cdfe8e1f2b11e.png

    Victoria is in party mode right now, he’ll probably have to move to North Korea or China or pay for private security for life. Nobody is sorry to see him go, good riddance!


    Shipping him out before the next lockdown so that his crimes will be forgotten as the new lunatic takes all the flack.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Sarahjane said:

    I made the mistake of looking through twitter regarding this and there's a huge witch hunt happening without any proof. Sheep acting out herd mentality and accusing innocent people. The BBC really need to release the name officially to stop it all. Just my opinion. 


    Could be a plot like others have said to bring in further censorship etc, so they actively want discussion so that they can later accuse people of destroying an innocent person's career. and thus tightening the internet so 'it can never happen again'.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    America's most prolific Bigfoot hunter Claudia Ackley, 51, who filmed mythical beast 'chasing her daughters' and documented hundreds of 'sightings' is found dead at home in a chair

    • Claudia Ackley, one of America's most prominent Bigfoot hunters died suddenly at the age of 51
    • According to her partner, Ackley passed away in her home in Tennessee as a result of a heart attack
    • In 2018, Ackley made headlines when she sued California's park service because of their attempt to discredit her claim that she encountered a Bigfoot 

    By Paul Farrell For Dailymail.Com

    Published: 19:23 BST, 5 July 2023 | Updated: 22:02 BST, 5 July 2023

    The nation's most prominent Bigfoot hunter has died suddenly at the age of 51, friends have said. 

    Claudia Ackley, 51, made international headlines in 2018 when she sued California's park service after officials attempted to discredit her sighting of a sasquatch by saying that she had merely seen a bear. 

    Ackley's partner, Ed Brown, told The Sun that she was found dead in her home in a chair in Tennessee. Ackley is survived by her two daughters. A separate report said that Ackley died after suffering a heart attack. 


    Wimbledon star Yibing Wu 'COLLAPSES during first-round clash with Frances Tiafoe after suffering breathing problems'... before continuing match after recovering

    By Oliver Salt For Mailonline

    Published: 16:44 BST, 5 July 2023 | Updated: 18:55 BST, 5 July 2023



    There may be more to the Claudia Ackley case, she was complaining of government harrassment since her sighting, and has alledged she was fit and well until the bigfoot incident, when her health began to deteriate apparently.  However the jab is as as likely as anything.

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