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  1. Looks like the start of the endgame, they can stick their fucking nightclubs, football games, concerts and anything else up their fucking arses.
  2. Personal choice for the army.
  3. Violence rather than spike proteins is the biggest threat I foresee from the jib jabbed.
  4. I know we're supposed to think we win in the end but fucking hell, this is gonna be a close run thing.
  5. I'm glad I'm not on twitter if fuckers like this are in the majority.
  6. I've seen it happen, I haven't worn a mask once, but was the first in the local offie not to bother, after that loads of people stopped wearing them. People don't want to stick out, but can become emboldened if they see others doing it and not giving a shit.
  7. You'll probably find that once you do that, others will follow your lead.
  8. They really are turning the screws and instilling fear and subservience in the hearts and minds of the sleeping masses. The southern half of Australia is gonna be fucked before long.
  9. Just remember you have to willingly agree to the jab, all the talk of mandating and hunting down is just to ramp up fear amongst fence sitters. You must agree to the jab, you must sell your soul, they can't just take it, it's not how these cuntys view the laws of karma.
  10. Maybe Benjamin (her bro) needs to be contacted again, though wouldn't be surprised if his social media accounts have vanished.
  11. All these cunts... https://hugotalks.com/2021/07/08/an-abomination-hugo-talks-some-more-lockdown/#comments
  12. Love Luke and the Dubliners, what a singer.
  13. That 1 acre in New Mexico is interesting, I mean assuming it's farm land and not say, just the size of a house he owns there, then I'd bet that acre is of some historical or magical significance. Also where's the ugly fuckstick been for ages? It's like they like to keep changing the cast every so often, so no one figure becomes the truly hated head of the beast. This way the psychos probably hate to evade the collective negative thoughts being sent at them by millions. It also makes it harder to prosecute when this shit show is over, as people will have so many devils in their mind that some might slip through the net.
  14. Latest NHS propaganda advert is another disgrace, with all the usual suspects such as Walliams and other non-entities. Jim Broadbent also sold his soul doing this crap. Hugo Talks breaks it down pretty well. https://hugotalks.com/2021/07/03/nhs-jab-propaganda-advert-analysis-crawl-to-daddy-hugo-talks-lockdown/#comments
  15. More jabs, more elderly deaths, more lockdowns, wash, rinse and repeat.
  16. I'm still dubious she's ever spent a night in jail.
  17. Removed all the negative comments as well. I've just left one, don't suppose it will last long. That bloke doing his best to rob his daughters of any kind of future. Thick twat.
  18. He was hacked, he was furious over it. I'd post a link, but you know fuck the MSM, the video of him refuting any support for Israel is on the web. Tyson is down for the Palestinian cause.
  19. Qld just announced a two day lockdown, right in the school holidays, and just after the deadline for their emergency powers. Laughable, predictable and boring.
  20. Yeah when I read comments like this, I feel all the hope and positivity flood from me. Society appears fucked. I just don't feel people are waking up, at least not quickly enough.
  21. Gone already, let's hope these little fuckers business does too.
  22. Explain also, that should you take the jab and suffer any side effects, as the manufacturer is immune from prosecution, you will have no choice but to sue your employer, and hold him/her/them personally responsible. If everyone did this, there would be no bosses demanding you get the jib jab.
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