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  1. I would love to see parts of Salford and North Manc 'welcome' the army.
  2. She's representing Baphomet in this set-up.
  3. It's a load of fucking shit, man made but existing in people's minds. Turn of the telly and this shit is gone.
  4. Did even fucking answer him. Videos like that make me question what hope we have.
  5. Johnson is absolutely part of the scam, he was mayor of London during the infamous foreshadowing Olympic opening ceremony in 2012. He's now prime minister in 2020, when the evil planned is happening. His first speech (or one of his first) as PM, he quoted Bane, you the know the supervillan from the DC comic series, who just happens to wear a mask. He's full of shit and part of this pre-determined plan for years.
  6. I agree 100%, this is exactly how I feel at the moment, a pariah amongst family and friends, yet keeping my spirits up from the slow awakening I see online. Great post.
  7. People are slowly waking up, but I imagine the shit they are gonna pull in October will send the majority scurrying like rats into the government's arms.
  8. Something doesn't seem right with this picture, no mask? I'd go as far as to say, she's no copper either.
  9. Utter fucking cunts, the dibble don't yet realise they'll be thrown on the bonfire, same as the rest of us. FTP.
  10. No coincidences in life as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Australia and Victoria especially is fucked. They will roll this shite out to NSW soon, and then spread it up the coast just in time to steal Xmas, exactly like will happen in the UK (Boris already giving us the predictive programming).
  12. It's fucked here, the people are so dumbed down it's unreal. At least where I am, it's relatively normal still, but I don't even see how I'll ever be able to get out of here and back home.
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