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  1. A place not eactly renown for them either.
  2. At least they replaced the aspartame with Sucrose lol. What a fucking cocktail.
  3. Isn't only the QLD dibble with the jab mandate at the moment. You know the cops who haven't had to crack the working classes skulls yet.
  4. Fuck, is that the actual army or just militarised police? If it's the army then Victoria is fucked. I would have though the army was commanded at federal level and therefore couldn't be used on a whim by a despotic state leader.
  5. The police are just a private army for that hunchbacked nonce at this point. The police are again demonstrating why they are so beloved world wide. Scenes like this could soon spread to Sydney and beyond.
  6. As a post-script to my previous Kaiser Chiefs post, they have now deleted my comment and all the bad ones, (there were plenty) and blocked me from their official FB page. Lol.
  7. What's the building they trying to enter? Cheers.
  8. Shout out to top talentless shit wanks, the Kaiser Chiefs. Their facebook page has been interesting post gig, getting plenty of shit, love to see it. https://hugotalks.com/2021/09/19/watch-kaiser-chiefs-provoke-division-in-crowd-hugo-talks-lockdown/
  9. Groups like the CCS if on side would be useful assets in any street action. It may yet come to this i feel.
  10. The consent at 12 for the jab, is a pre-cursor to them legally noncing kids. Cunts.
  11. Ha ha, what made up shite. No fucking mother will use the death of a child to push the jab narrative. Fucking bot, they keep pulling shit like this, all but the thickest of cunts will wake up.
  12. I'd like to think this is a fake account, but if not, she is a despicable fucker, who hopefully is fast tracked to her 3rd, 4th jab etc. What a POS.
  13. Serious now, all these stories are just bollocks. I hope the cunt gets his comeuppance, but his role in this global story is still being played out.
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