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  1. It was on FB. Hope link works..... https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10159423604106410&set=a.10150950066731410
  2. Lad with horns is an actor has his own profile. Jake Angeli. https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1346937240660762626
  3. Lad with horns is an actor has his own profile. Jake Angeli. https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1346937240660762626
  4. Yep, 2021 gonna make this year look sane. Hopefully more Australians are gonna wake up, but the ones I know are fucking narcoleptic, can't wait for the jab, and look at me like I'm dangerous when I question the narrative. At least I'm stuck far north, but never gonna get home I'd imagine.
  5. And to think that after the Qantas announcement, Ryanair stated that you wouldn't need a vaccine to fly with them. They've been turned very quickly, the scum bags.
  6. The rumoured entrance to the inner earth (or one of them) is also supposed to be up there. You've probably already well aware of Admiral Byrd and the hollow earth theory, but if not it's quite an interesting subject.
  7. Defo man, they are due to be going back for second shot at some point in New Year, the smugness from them is shocking,but I'm keeping a close eye on their pages. I doubt they'd post any adverse reactions anyway, as the damage it would do to their belief system would be too much for them to take. But so far, they appear to be ticking over ok.
  8. Some mongs on my facebook feed have now had the jab, the messages of support on their posts are just scary. It's all going to plan thus far...
  9. This could be the precursor to the much predicted impending famine.
  10. Very few breakthroughs, plenty of setbacks. I have rudimentary relationships with my immediate family now, and barely speak to people once considered best friends. But ultimately I won't stop speaking my truth, I told them back in March would what be happening, and even though it's happened as we all predicted, they just can't see it. It's sad and frustrating, but all of us signed up to be here at this moment, and all we can do is stay true to ourselves and our believes. I still think an awakening occurs, but not before many have lost or irreparably damaged their lives.
  11. What a set of twats. Just seen they're not even letting people in Sydney know the rules for Xmas day until Wednesday, lmao. Surely people in Australia gonna wake the fuck up.
  12. What exactly are you feeling? No difference for me so far, will go out and see the planets later...
  13. Ha ha, amazing the shit they conjur up just to keep this circus going. I await with interest how they will claim it has spread across Australia lol.
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