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  1. Pure theatre to further divide and destabilise America.
  2. Still would be surprised if the A in SPARS, ends up standing for avian.
  3. Starmer will usher in the next chapter on the slow road to 2030. All planned as we know.
  4. I don't doubt it, but the only source I could find for the person above me in a 2 minute web search, was the one I shared.
  5. He voted in favour of lockdowns in January 2021, though nearly every politician did, not sure about the other stuff. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/ng-interactive/2021/jan/06/how-did-your-mp-vote-on-the-coronavirus-lockdown-regulations
  6. I'm amazed anyone could support Israel.
  7. Seems to be rumours doing the rounds she's in a coma due to DV or a possible accident just after Christmas. Maybe they are just being written out of the script so they can fuck off down to their bunker.
  8. Has that modern agenda look about her.
  9. It's weird shit, David Paulides and Steph Young (her book was available on Kindle for free a while back) have done a fair bit of work on this, which is well worth looking into.
  10. He's a cunt, the opening article states it all. Never heard him rescind his words, fuck him.
  11. That bitch needs to do jail time.
  12. Ah, he's gone. Cue massive sympathy for Garraway, book tours, public speaking etc, probably become the UK's Oprah.
  13. Shipping him out before the next lockdown so that his crimes will be forgotten as the new lunatic takes all the flack.
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