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  1. Yet David Icke posts any theory on the vaccine like it has been shown to be real and has completed lab testing. If the Conspiracy Scientists could prove what was in the vaccine then there would be one general opinion in the community and a very clear line of proof .. David icke has said to be influenced by higher beings but can not come to a solid answer of what is in the vaccine ? .. It seems that his divine inspiration only works when it suits him.. Shame people can't have an interview with him when they have read what he has.. You should read the Nag Hammadi Texts , then remember that david icke said he is that god head incarnate.
  2. This is the issue , people need a leader and to be told what to do. David Icke has said it himself , along with saying that free will has effectively put the planet on life support.
  3. The Elite do not let enemies live.. - President Kennedy was killed because he was going to disclose the truth about the hidden government. Princess Dianna was killed for talking out about the Royal Family. African presidents have been killed when refusing the vaccine roll out. - Yet David Icke has evaded capture for over 30 years in his flat on the Isle of Wight , unprotected. He is arguably the biggest danger of exposure that the Elite have faced in thousands of years , he has gathered an army of millions that now do not trust the people who are pushing the plan & are ready to fight the New World Order. Yet this man was not taken out years ago ? - Let's be serious for a moment , assuming David Icke's view of the world is correct , You really think an Archonic being , Lizard overlords , kiddie fiddling ministers and all other puppets would let that happen ? .. No - This is the fake revolution planned by people like Albert Pike & Alice Bailey. The conspiracies that we have been following since 1922 have been planted as seeds of control , each time we consume one it grows & takes a portion of your deepest thoughts and beliefs. - They gain our trust piece by piece until we blindly follow & this is when we will be led to the slaughter house in the form of a universal win over evil. Just like the NHS and social housing/benefit system, this will turned out to be a trojan horse & our victory will be the the final nail in the coffin of humanity. - Pride will stop people from acting as they have already placed all of their eggs in one basket , but in the name of all who fought for freedom before us & for the sake of all of those who come after .. We need to start doing something meaningful , and quickly.
  4. Is it Spike Proteins ? , Graphene ? , Immortal "Hydra" Creatures ? , NanoTech ? - I thought David Icke was led by the "God Head" ? - We point at the scientists of the government and say that they are wrong , but why after nearly 3 years is there still not definitive answer within our community as to what is wrong with the jab ?. - By now we should have indisputable proof of what is wrong with the jab and be able to present this information to every court around the world.. But we only have theories , not facts. - We are being played by the same people who are playing the government believers , please do not bury your head in the sand , we still stand a chance.
  5. 13:25 - 13:35 David Icke tells you that he has a spiritual connection to the colour turquoise , which is a reference to Venus the Morning Star / Lucifer. He also tells you that 12,000 years of human free will has brought the planet to the point of life support .. Yet claims to fight for your freedom !
  6. all just moving us towards having nothing and "being happy"
  7. Haha , No problem , we high jacked the thread .. Sorry Op ;-)
  8. When he was with sabbath he had an album called dehumanizer with a song called computer god .. I think it is what is coming ? Lyrics: Computerize God, it's the new religion Program the brain not the heartbeat Onward all you crystal soldiers Touch tomorrow energize Digital dreams and you're the next correction Man's a mistake so we'll fix it, yeah Take a look at your own reflection Right before your eyes It turns to steel
  9. I am honestly green with envy , I am only 28 so I never got to see him live, but he has been a teacher to me never the less and from Sufism to norse mythology .. Dio shone the way with a light in the dark.
  10. F*ck yeah !! .. it is almost incomprehensible how much he knew. all of his albums take you on a journey through time , bouncing from religion to religion , mythology to mythology. he really was the man on the silver mountain ;-)
  11. I almost feel guilty for not thinking of aliens instantly .. I salute you !
  12. FULL METAL JACKET .. THIS IS MY RIFLE !! not a film but Rainbows 1977 live concert was the best televised event in history , if you want to know the truth of everything give Dio a listen ;-)
  13. Have you seen the Doja cat singer ? She calls herself a reptilian in her video called rules. She also shows herself as one in her song need to know. Eminem also talked of the new world order in his song lose yourself. It is all out in the open but no one listens
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