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  1. Keep your eyes on gold......it's 1479 as I write. If and when it gets down to 1400  BUY BUY BUY. I know I will.


    It might be your last chance to grab some a nice shiny shiny, shiny piece of metal...


    You might ask why you need to buy a shiny shiny, shiny piece of metal...


    Well the rest of the world including India, China, Russia and certain Levantine bankers, seem to think it has value.... and indeed, they use it as the basis for all apparent financial liquidity in the world.... The amount of money a country can print is ostensible linked to the value of its gold reserves or the ability of that country's agents to access loans backed by gold held by someone (usually Rothschild Levantines)


    Unfortunately most people in the West haven't been told that, so instead they keep their savings in the bank where they are daily being whittled down by inflation, or they invest in property, which is a bubble which will surely burst once the Corona vaccine mass die off start to come into effect.



  2. 47 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

    it doesn't prove that is the way they were build,it's just a theory,one of and very stupid one.......


    What's stupid? Carrying granite using the natural buoyancy of the Nile?


    No, it makes perfect sense. What's the alternative? Dragging it through the hot desert? 


    That's not going to work.


    I'll go one further and say that perhaps the waters of the Nile, correctly channeled were instrumental in the construction of the Great Pyramids.




  3. 14 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    These deboonkers do prove a lot of stuff is possible, like the Serapeum, but why would anyone (so called primitives) go to the lengths they did to bury some bulls.


    Countless examples I could point out, like the Osireion massive rectangular granite blocks, brought in from 200 miles away, rather than using limestone ffs.



    You ask why would primitive go to length to bury bulls.

    You just answered your own question. They buried bulls as part of a religious belief system. I'd call that pretty primitive.


    Also granite brought from 200 miles away, Using the Nile to carry them from the granite quarries of Aswan, that is quite easy to conceptualise.

  4. I dunno....restrictions..... ? look at the number of people actually on the forum.... people who want more restrictions are those who want to suffocate the forum....


    The forum already seems restricted. So well done KJ35... now the place is virtually dead. I guess you won.

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  5. On 5/10/2022 at 1:30 PM, gregory-peccary said:

    Ways to make holes in everything from sea shells to skulls (for trepanning) have been around for 30,000 years or so.

    'Accurate' ways of making holes in metal for making guns and machines have been around for hundreds of years.



    is a translation from the latin of the 10 books on architecture by Vitruvius, a Roman engineer and architect.

    That should tell how they have been building things for the last couple of thousand years.


    Stone is not that hard to cut with the right tools or abrasives.


    Most of these monumental buildings are made of various kinds of limestone..... a relatively soft stone which if you were to hack at a piece for a few hours with something made of metal you would be able to gouge great holes in, or smash it to pieces.


    Lots of people, with lots of time and lots of money.....gouging holes in stone....isn't that hard to understand.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Edgewood said:


    I love the old Sovereigns......Love the Queen Elizabeth young head and the portrait after that.....


    If gold drops down a bit I am eager to hoover up a load of sovereigns.... Would like to get a set of 10 perhaps......then my gold urge will be spent I think....Victoria, Edward....George....all useless rogues of course who have sold the country out over the years..... but nice shiny shiny.....shiny piece of metal.


    If you want to buy UK gold and to avoid CGT try to find old proof Britannias, the range from 1/10 ounce all the way to 1 ounce coins and even some of the non-proof mintages are extremely rare...... I got a selection of boxed proof coins over the years.... mintages for these coins can be as low as 3,000 making them ludicrously rare....


    Would be a good thing to look into....the proof mintage figures for Britannias.... you can get them in sets of course.... but they will be pretty expensive.... if you can pick up a loose proof Britannia from a set which has been sold without the box it will be much cheaper....


    Where do you buy coins from? Ebay is probably still the best option..... I found a few really good gold dealers, one is bleyer bullion and the other is Atkinsons gold, but their premiums have rocketed...... but check out their websites...they do a nice selection of sovereigns:






    Gold had dropped a bit in recent times..... if it gets down to 1400 it's a good time to buy.



  7. 21 hours ago, Fluke said:

    Yeah but look on the bright side if she dies it might go up in value. What other coins are good? Thing is they are exempt from capital gains tax.


    I love the old Sovereigns......Love the Queen Elizabeth young head and the portrait after that.....


    If gold drops down a bit I am eager to hoover up a load of sovereigns.... Would like to get a set of 10 perhaps......then my gold urge will be spent I think....Victoria, Edward....George....all useless rogues of course who have sold the country out over the years..... but nice shiny shiny.....shiny piece of metal.

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  8. 12 hours ago, Beaujangles said:


    I would try to think positive. We don't know for sure that there is anything called covid,  no such 'virus' has been isolated in and of itself.


    Viruses by definition cannot be truly isolated because they cannot exist without a host cell. They die pretty quickly.


    So when they say the virus has not been isolated, certain people are playing a semantic game, knowing full well that no virus can ever be truly 'isolated'.


    The standard definition however of isolating a virus is that it is in a cell culture, and Covid 19 has apparently been isolated within a cell culture.


    I think it's worth clearing that up, at least just for the sake of defining terms which is the key to finding the truth, whatever that may be.






  9. On 5/13/2022 at 7:14 PM, Fluke said:

    To be honest I am more savvy these days but I usually don't mind paying silly premiums if I like the product. Also need to take into account the VAT if you are a UK citizen. Some of that is over the top.


    I've been buying gold coins for too long now..... back when I was buying from Ebay you could get collectable coins under spot.....this was when gold was hitting 1700 dollars and a lot of people who had seen gold go through the roof were selling and it was like all sorts of old treasure coins were turning up and you could snap them up for spot prices......... so for me paying more than 10 percent over spot just isn't happening...... but that's ok....I've got some great coins...... and will miss out on possible collectible future issues..... but it's hard when you paid relatively small dollar for coins to be asked to pay big dollar now... And I fucking hate the Queen, the silly old cunt. She can fuck herself and her beasts.... I won't pay silly money for that old bitch who sold our country out. Much more excited for south African old issues and rare limited issue Krugerrands, particularly proof coins which are very rare indeed.

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  10. I kept my eye on the Queen's Beasts series in gold but none of them appealed to me.

    More fool me, they're doing crazy prices over premium now....... Anything like that from Royal Mint with a limited mint run is a damn good investment.

    Looking at 25 percent over spot price at least.... If you buy at the right time you can add that on top of the gold price increase....


    Queen's Beasts series has been one of the best investment tickets in recent times........ 



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  11. On 6/26/2021 at 8:06 PM, oddsnsods said:

    The coin to buy right now would be TFuel or Theta.


    Not sure it will boom with current market, but you could double your money easy within the next week, that is the hype right now with their main net 3.0 launch & has dropped below 40cents. If it doesnt moon like it did a few weeks back then you might have to hold for a few months.






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