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  1. 5 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    once black pilled no turning back


    No way back from the abyss perhaps......


    Being black pilled isn't smart....... it means you are a doom-monster who has lost sight of the bigger reality.


    It's fucked here...... A Christian understands this...we are living in Satan's kingdom....... we can win our daily battles....but we will never win the war for this planet....but the ultimate battleground is your own soul, who has supremacy there: God or darkness?




  2. So great.... you spend your time here fractioning the truth community on points of race.....


    Why don't you relax and do something actually constructive?


    I've never been a race-based truther....always got into Icke because he was wise to the JQ regardless of race politics. 


    In fact we spent a lot of time trying to deal with bad optics from Hitler people and Stormfront.


    Then those clowns crashed our free-speech party because they couldn't stop waving Nazi flag and talking about Hitler.

    And we lost everything.

    Just relax.....stop getting hot over race....... the big issue is the soul and your intentions..... there are good and bad people of every race.



  3. 13 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Taking our countries back. How you do that without the elites starting WW3 is another story though, that's going to take some big brain thinking.


    The general public have to know that they're ruled by a supremacist clique that hates them before that can happen too.


    Simping for Russia and China definitely isn't a solution though, it's just giving elites what they want after years of demoralizing us.


    Just words on a screen buddy....that's all you've given me.... not a solution.

    EMJ's approach is more effective and he does more than just put words on a screen.... he writes books, has a somewhat fugitive academic presence....and reaches an audience of millions....


    Give the man some credit..... 


    If you don't want to do that....fine....but realise that all you are doing is typing words into a screen.


    I suggest you try to extract yourself from that purity spiral.....it's going nowhere my friend.....


    Look up the term 'fellow traveller' we should band together on the core things of value rather than looking for points of division at every opportunity,


    That's what Communist lunatics, Marxists and SJW's do....because their heads are not wired for empathy and mutuality....just domination and exclusivity.

    That need not be our way of thinking.






  4. 5 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Don't read then.



    Of course.


    What's EMJs solution? Race denialism? How is that any different from the radical leftists that try to deny my people of an identity? Perhaps he prefers the Eurasian multiculti dystopia to a Western one, but the endgame for Europeans is still the same.



    What's your solution? 


    EMJ has a valid reason for taking the approach he does.


    He has seen that race politics for whites just doesn't work. Especially when you bring up the Jew.

    However as a Christian and Catholic, you can still bring up the Jew within this historical context....and advocate for Western values based on Christianity rather than race,,,,,


    It's just a different approach. 

  5. Perhaps because EMJ knows the real threat.......are the ones who cannot be named....


    Few men have been so open, especially in this day, about the activity of the J and what he has done and is doing to the West.


    He's right....China, Russia...Communism....all puppet theatre for the benefit of those who cannot be named.


    A pretend Golem so the taxpayers gladly allow their governments to spend billons on nuclear weapons and war machinery.

  6. 57 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:



    Well some odd behaviour from the police, if this allegation of them faffing around outside while the gunman was busy slaughtering people for 40 minutes (or an hour, depending on which version you read).


    I haven't looked into it.....but I would assume that if they were told to stand down for 40 minutes it was presumably because someone in charge was given specific instructions that they body count should be as high as possible in order to have maximum political leverage against gun-control....or whatever the deeper agenda here is.....


    It wouldn't do them much good to find these demented patsies, and pump them full of lunacy and give them access to weapons.... only for the police to show up and shut it down...... possibly the police were told to stand down...

  7. It might be tempting to 'edit' pain and suffering out of your reality....but we have to accept that we share a world with these attrocities...and that compassion is a positive virtue.... but to deny such things, claim they are not real, don't exist, are the work of crisis actors or any of the above...... is not expressing decent human empathy....


    We have to accept that there is suffering.... not deny it. We can make our own lives pleasant.......but we should not try to erase the pain of others from reality because it discomforts us.......


    Hopefully one day everyone will reach transcendence..... in the meantime, let the parents grieve their loss......... and understand the reality of that grief.....


    It comes from a world in chaos ruled by evil forces..... it is unlikely that those parents ever understood this....perhaps now they do...but at a terrible price.



  8. 8 minutes ago, novymir said:

    It is self-delusion, confusion, and a loss of sense of reality that makes up this "world", is the definition of this "world". and this so-called "life". That is what sustains it.

    This world is less than "fallen", it doesn't exist at all. It's a mere fantasy-hallucination that's already been discarded and forgotten in Eternity, we in time have yet to experience that, but it is an inevitability. The "time" is anytime, and always now.





    Yes indeed, in a sense it has already been forgotten in eternity.... I totally agree.


    But we are here and we have to reconcile that reality of where we are, with our sense of present reality.

    If only perhaps...... to understand just how fallen this 3rd density low light realm is.......and all the more reason to appreciate the leaving of it and not to seek to return here under any circumstances....


    But I think we are also here to fully understand to the best of our ability......just how stupid and evil the world can be...... if only to preserve ourselves and our lives for better things...... having a somewhat secure sense of what is real and what is not is also a decent survival mechanism....and since we are here we presumably have a duty to survive to the best of our ability until old age takes us into the eternal light.

  9. 12 minutes ago, alexa said:

    Gunman shot dead again as per. :classic_rolleyes: I wonder if we'll see little Noah again or a laughing Parker, I wouldn't put nothing against this lot, they are getting so sloppy.


    It is odd that when the shooter is white, then he manages to stay alive and survive to be some kind of perpetual bogeyman of white-supremacism and racial hatred....but when the shooter is black or hispanic they are quickly disposed of and enter the communal memory hole.....as if they never existed.


    Could just be a coincidence of course....just a trend I've noticed.

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    I would err on the side of assuming this is 'real' beca

    14 minutes ago, novymir said:

    It's not real. This isn't "reality".

    It's an ugly, deceptive dream that has captured the consciousness of most humans, and does not want to let them go. It uses trauma, deception, and seduction to assimilate and hold them in allegiance to a system of belief that is contrary to Truth, and therefore; contrary to Reality.


    It is what is attacking. Attempting to obscure, deny, discredit, and reject the Truth, and attempting to validate and justify lies. Anti-Christ(egoic) consciousness.


    The Real cannot be harmed and is completely harmless. The Real is Eternal.


    This thing is like a tumorous dream, it is benign on the surface, it cannot grow or spread or hurt Reality, but within, it is malignant.

    It/We are/is surrounded and infused with Loving Creation, but with the inversion we have given great value to the valueless.....and actually fear Reality...but it's the ego(disingenious "self") that is deceiving people into selling themselves because they have bought into its lies about themselves,others, Reality and "GOD".

    True Will is not ego "will".







    That's not the argument.


    People are saying this didn't actually happen.


    I think it's probably best to assume it probably did. It's the kind of thing that is ten a penny in this fallen world.


    To do otherwise opens you up to self-delusion....confusion....and a loss of sense of reality......


    While we're here it's best to at least keep one eye on what can be deduced to be qualifiably real.....just for the sake of accuracy.


    All the more reason to looking forward to getting of this mad spinning rock when the time comes.

  11. 2 hours ago, Edgewood said:

    Homosexuality / natural selection

    I believe that it is not a natural inclination but something borne of sexual abuse of a child by an adult.


    Every public figure you look into who is a famous homosexual has always had a 'formative' experience with an older 'man' who raped them, but they 'normalized' the experience in their mind, a defense mechanism for trauma....and thus started to identify as homosexual.


    I will just back this up with at least two immediate examples that come to mind..


    The first is that of Peter Tatchell, the gay rights campaigner.... who said that 'sex brought great joy to a 9 year old'.


    My claim being that this is clearly a gay advocate trying to justify male adult gay sex, and clearly, although he considers it consensual, the legal definition is that any sex with a 9 year old is not consensual....therefore IT IS abuse.


    Most first hand sources on this have been long scrubbed....... I can only find this:




    The Labour Party continued to take no action in 1997, when Tatchell published an interview with a boy ‘Lee’, who had been a victim of sexual abuse by adult paedophiles and older children since he was 8 and a half. Tatchell quoted repeated claims by ‘Lee’ that he enjoyed the abuse, ‘I liked it a lot. It was great’ .




    That same year, shortly after Tony Blair’s victory, Tatchell wrote a letter to the Guardian saying that was aware of several instances of paedophile sex with children of both sexes as young as 9 and claimed it brought the children ‘great joy’. He states,

    “[…] Several of my friends gay and straight, male and female had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy […]”





    Peter Tatchell’s revolting letter to the Guardian of 1997. What responsible newspaper would publish this?



    My second example with be that of Milo Yianopolis, a famous gay Right winger who commented:


    Milo said some things on the Joe Rogan podcast and later The Drunken Peasants back in 2015, which I will just post a reddit digest of:


    This included joking about when he was raped when he was 13 and 14 ("I owe a great deal of thanks to Father O'Hanna, he taught me how to give great head.") and referencing that a relationship he was in at 17 with a 29 year old man that he felt was very beneficial and exceedingly common with gay men -- that is, young man x stable older man. Only he said "boys" -- as in, "the cute boys at the gay club," or, "girl's night out."






  12. It's probably in pretty poor taste to suggest the dead children were crisis actors.....


    There's more than enough evil swirling around in the world to possess one particularly unpleasant dimwit with a gun.....


    I always considered the 'crisis actors' trope to be a particularly clever form of disinformation to discredit conspiracy research.


    Look what it did to Alex Jones....basically ruined his operation and reputation. 





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  13. Homosexuality/natural selection


    I believe that it is not a natural inclination but something borne of sexual abuse of a child by an adult.


    Every public figure you look into who is a famous homosexual has always had a 'formative' experience with an older 'man' who raped them, but they 'normalized' the experience in their mind, a defense mechanism for trauma....and thus started to identify as homosexual.

  14. I don't know why that guy in the Abu Rawash videos says 'obviously it wasn't hand-tools' and uses terms like 'machined'.


    I find this kind of thing highly deceptive. Limestone is a very soft rock, and with the introduction of water it becomes even softer since it reacts with water....it can also be melted with acid...It is eminently possible, and hardly much of a feat to cut with copper tools and hundreds of labourers.


    Limestone is mostly composed of calcium carbonate, the same ingredient in indigestion remedies..... you see what adding water does to this?


    You shouldn't look at limestone as some kind of indestructible rock, or anything like as hard as granite.... You could literally gouge great chunks in a piece of limestone yourself with a piece of copper and an afternoon to waste.



  15. Having visited the Giza plateau I can tell you that there are loads of deep shafts and a clearly suspected underground tunnel network..... but it doesn't seem to have been covered up so much as totally neglected since the shafts when I was there were just stuffed absolutely  full of garbage and plastic bottles.......The Arabs were never particularly enthusiastic about the pyramids, seeing them as heathen pagan construction to false Gods, and one gets the impression that they begrudgingly open them to the tourists and really don't care that much about maintaining the site or doing any investigation. 


    They kind of don't care on a deep level...... They think Islam gives them all the answers and they think they have nothing to learn from the Ancient Egyptians and they just don't care....


    Consider a people where the only book they ever read is the Koran.... I know it's a generalisation.....  but Ancient Egypt doesn't mean much to the Arabs....sadly....

    Feel free to disagree....it's just my kind of impression of Arab culture....


    So I don't think there's a cover-up of anything.....so much as they just don't care to put the time and investment into clearing all the garbage out of those shafts and tunnels....


    That said, they have recently opened a tunnel network under the Giza plateau....for a price of course...




    Also the Sphinx has obvious tunnels and holes in it.... and the whole thing is or was hollow, before some botched restoration projects.


    There used to be a hole in the top of the head of the Sphinx through which I assume a priest or Oracle would enter and impersonate one of the Gods....or perhaps even they themselves 'channeled' the Gods in this way...





  16. 1 hour ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

    what the hell did i just read.


     all this negativity around other sexual orientation. why? are you gay? while i understand some of your points, cant you see how sick and twisted you sound


    this is such a profundly wrong post im shocked.




    Certain people are now saying 'why all this negativity around children being allowed to have medical intervention to 'change' their gender'.


    And we are the 'haters' for having a problem with this.


    This has become the new-normal.


    One day, at this rate, paedophilia will become just another 'sexual orientation' and again....we will be the 'haters' for daring to voice intolerance between a consensual relationship between a man and a child....


    If you can't see where things are heading.....and how they got there......... I don't know...but it's clear to me this course has been plotted from at least the 1950's....all in the name of 'tolerance' and the bogey man of 'hate-speech' which really means common sense these days.



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  17. It's not a 'gold bug sell'....it's something which has really been decided on by the global gold regulatory markets.


    It is a real phenomenon which will in the long run, ensure that gold can no longer be financially manipulated by fiat backed paper positions.


    If you wait until 1500 US you will simply never own any gold.....and who knows... it might be useful...or it might not..... 


    I think it probably will...but each to their own.


  18. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    I would be careful. I can tell you what I see. And that is Gold has turned bearish. My target price 1500-1600 range. And silver tends to follow gold. If you want to buy metals, I would wait for bottom to form then buy.


    Are you talking US dollars? You're dreaming... you will never see 1500 US for an ounce of gold.

    That boat has long sailed. 


    The last major collapse in gold price was only because of Rothschild pumping billions into short positions....


    Now that physical gold is a tier 1 asset, ie the safest category,  and paper gold a tier 3  asset of Basel III rules, things will never be the same again.


    It will no longer be possible to short real TIER 1 gold using TIER 3 paper short positions. They are simply not the same thing anymore.

    Finally what many gold hawks have longed for has come to pass. Paper (fake) gold positions have been de-linked from REAL gold holdings.


    Gold will go to the moon. Book your seat while you can still afford it.


    Eventually gold has the potential to become the ONLY risk free TIER 1 asset:



    The world's central banks buying at these prices is in preparation for the only tier 1 asset on their balance sheets that, unlike fiat currency, will not be intentionally debased by governments with their loose monetary policy we have seen now for years.



  19. 2 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    Devolution for sure.👍

    That is what archaeology is hiding.

    Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 12-06-50 Pin on aliens.png

    Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 12-07-15 Pin on aliens.png

    Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 12-08-16 Pin on aliens.png

    Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 12-06-20 Pin on aliens.png



    No space alien technology is required. 


    Just be wary of putting, space aliens or WHATEVER, in the facts vacuum. 


    If you can't explain something it means you should try harder to find the truth.


    Clearly those stones looks like they've been 'melted' to fit.


    Vitrification is a known technology which has been applied to various locations at various times in history.


    The use of various concentrated acids in the vitrification of stones has been something known about in esoteric circles for a long while but has recently made something like the geological mainstream:







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  20. 8 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

    it's stupid to say pyramids were built that way



    So what's your theory?


    I only suggest the granite blocks were probably transported by water, the Nile is kind of close to the pyramids and there is a great deal of evidence of both water erosion and the actual presence of water even inside the pyramids. Anyone who has been to the pyramids will recognise how damp they are inside and the smell of ammonia which is present in many of the lower chambers of most of the pyramids I visited possibly indicates water reacting with limestone.

    Of course the Osireion is mostly underwater too..... But the water level of the Nile would have been so much higher back in the days of Ancient Egypt...It is only the Aswan dam which has made the Pyramids appear to be on a dry sandy outcrop.



  21. The question is WHO or WHAT taught the Ancient Egyptians to use relatively basic technology to create incredible marvels.....


    For me that is the real mystery here.....not the fruitless chase after phantom advanced technological systems which people seem to want to attribute to the Egyptians.


    The real marvel is that SOMETHING must have taught them how to cut granite using sand.....SOMETHING must have taught them to shape limestone blocks using water...


    I believe that SOMETHING is the key mystery to all of the riddles and problems we presently face.....This SOMETHING has involved itself in human affairs for thousands of years.


    I have no wish to take away the mystery of the Pyramids... but for me the greater mystery is the identity of this discarnate force which has trafficked with certain humans for thousands of years and apparently taught them so many of the technological marvels which seem to have occurred, I would say UNNATURALLY in the past 10,000 years.....

    Something happened 10,000 years ago....SOMETHING saw humans as a way to express its own being....and USE THEM for its own purpose....

    Things like the Ancient Pyramids were just part of that ongoing purpose.....


    And we can safely say, that looking at the present culmination of this ongoing programme..... this SOMETHING does not have human interests at heart..... but perhaps the contrary...... Indeed, THERE IS an ANCIENT and ongoing conspiracy.......

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