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  1. Yet the boomers who moan impotently all day about political correctness and every drama programme and tv advert they watch being nothing but black faces still choose to sit in a room staring at a 40 inch TV screen and being brainwashed for hours at a time.


    My parents can't imagine life without their TV and their BBC and sky subscriptions...


    And then they ask me how these people are getting away with what they're doing to the country....


    Because you boomers are bankrolling it with all your media subscriptions.... and obediently taking your daily dose of propaganda.


    Throw away the TV and the newspapers and start to find things out for yourself....


    Then we will see a change.


    Not while the poor soppy boomer cabbages are still watching BBC 1 for the dancing and drama programmes.


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    Maybe you will find the following useful or interesting. It is the remainder of the previous chapter I posted:


    The other major Gnostic school was that developed by Valentinus. Like Augustine of Hippo who abandoned Manichaesm and became a Christian because he found better career opportunities within the church, Valentinus abandoned the church after being overlooked for a bishop’s position to invent his own heresy, at least according to Tertullian. Valentinus was born in Alexandria and was connected to a group Alexandrian Jews. In common with other Gnostic movements, he also associated the God of the Old Testament with the demiurge. In the Gospel of Philip, a Valentinian gnostic, we find the same strange sexual innuendoes we previously saw in the Zohar and the references to a bridal-chamber which are also commonly found in Rosicrucian materials:


    “There were three buildings specifically for sacrifice in Jerusalem. The one facing the west was called ‘The Holy’. Another, facing south, was called ‘The Holy of the Holy’. The third, facing east, was called ‘The Holy of the Holies’, the place where only the high priest enters. Baptism is ‘the Holy’ building. Redemption is the ‘Holy of the Holy’. ‘The Holy of the Holies’ is the bridal chamber. Baptism includes the resurrection and the redemption; the redemption (takes place) in the bridal chamber.”


    Irenaeus writes:


    "A few of them prepare a bridal chamber and in it go through a form of consecration, employing certain fixed formulae, which are repeated over the person to be initiated, and stating that a spiritual marriage is to be performed after the pattern of the higher Syzygia."


    The Gnostics used the word Syzygy (as in Ziggy Stardust) to describe a concept which is the same as the Kabbalistic concept zivug, or ‘coupling’ which means ‘male-female pair’ and Sophia is apparently the counterpart of Jesus Christ and considered ‘the Bride’.


    A passage from a gnostic ritual detailing this strange and pointedly euphemistically sexual union unfolds in this manner:


    “I will confer my favor upon thee, for the father of all sees thine angel ever before his face ... we must now become as one; receive now this grace from me and through me; deck thyself as a bride who awaits her bridegroom, that thou mayest become as I am, and I as thou art. Let the seed of light descend into thy bridal chamber; receive the bridegroom and give place to him, and open thine arms to embrace him. Behold, grace has descended upon thee.


    I think we can very safely establish a strong commonality here between gnostic so-called Christianity and the strongly sexualised metaphors of the Kabbalah. Church father Irenaeus in his Adversus Haereses of 185 AD considered these Gnostic texts in general to be part of:


    "..an indescribable number of secret and illegitimate writings, which they themselves have forged, to bewilder the minds of foolish people, who are ignorant of the true scriptures."


    Further similarities with the Kabbalah are found in Sethian Gnosticism and the Apocryphon of John. Sethian Gnosticism is said to have Jewish roots and one of the reasons for the apparent similarity between Gnosticism and the Kabbalah is because the Jewish progenitors of Christian Gnosticism are precisely imbuing their understanding of Christianity with the Jewish Oral Tradition.


    The Monad of the Gnostics is the same principle as the Ain Soph and is described in the same terms. It is infinite, ineffable, and it is not quantifiable, nor can its qualities be expressed, just as the Ain Soph has no positive attributes since to give it positive attributes would be to create a duality. The Monad, just like the Ain Soph, must exist beyond opposites. From the Monad comes a feminine divine entity called Barbello. This is similar indeed to the Shekinah principle. It is ‘the first thought’ and ‘image’ of the Monad. She is also described as the ‘first man’, again a principle present in the Zohar the ‘Adam Kadmon’ or primordial man, the first spiritual ‘world’ after the contraction of God’s infinite light. 


    She is the first of a class of beings referred to as the Aeons and an exchange between herself and the Monad brings the other Aeons into being. Additionally, the properties of Light and Mind are born from the Monad's reflection on Barbelo. The Barbelo is the first of the Aeons but the Aeon Sophia apparently disrupts the harmony and creates demonic archon called Yaltabaoth who has the head of a lion and the tail of a serpent and represents the planet Saturn. The other heavenly bodies are present and possessed of their Archon including the Sun whose Archon is named the familiar Biblical Adonaios. Mercury represents Elohim and Jupiter is Jahweh.


    In the Apocryphal Gospel of John, the God of the Old Testament is called Yaltabaoth, also called Samael. The Archons imprison Adam in the Garden of Eden, a false paradise. The concealment of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the Archons denying knowledge and freedom to Adam. And the tree actually represents Sophia trying to access Yaltabaoth's realm. Yaltabaoth also sent a flood over the Earth to destroy his creation.


    The text also rather presumptuously states that Moses got it wrong and that Noah didn’t hide in an Ark but in a cloud of light. Additionally, Christ tells John that it was his presence that caused Adam to eat the fruit from the forbidden Tree and Eve and he was sent to help to free the trapped light soul in Adam.


    The 18th Century book Geheime Figuren or Secret Symbols published in Germany has an illustration entitled …“The heavenly and Earthly Eve, the mother of all creatures in heaven and Earth… the star of the East.” This is clearly a reference to some kind of mother Goddess, and Eve is not referred to in any such terms in the Bible, in fact Eve is seen as instrumental in the tragedy of the fall of mankind, so it would appear that the Rosicrucians worship something else, something clearly non-Biblical, and they merely call it Eve, perhaps to escape any charges of pagan occult goddess worship. The figure is a stylised female form with a sun in place of the head and has the title Virgin Sophia.


    There are seven Archons which we are told in the Apocryphon of Saint John correspond to the seven planets of the ancient world and thus to the seven days of the week. The Gnostics believed that the pagan Gods worshipped by the ancients were in reality the Archons and that they were able to control the thoughts and feelings of human beings.


    Many of the texts of the Old Testament take on a new reading with the Gnostic analysis, for instance the plurality of the Gods:


    Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness.” Or Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”


    They believe that the seven planets (in antiquity this referred to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) were ruled by seven Archons and each heavenly body gives its name to a day of the week. In Arabic and Hebrew, the days of the week do not have their own names and are called, day one, day two, day three, with the exception of Shabbat, or Saturday in English: Saturn’s Day.


    There is a curious and undeniable etymological and linguistic equivalency between the Hebrew word Shabbat and the Latin word Saturn. According to a derivation by Cicero in De Nature Deorum:


    “The Latin designation ‘Saturnus’ on the other hand is due to the fact that he is ‘saturated’ or ‘satiated with years’ (anni); the fable is that he was in the habit of devouring his sons - meaning that Time devours the ages and gorges himself insatiably with the years that are past.”

    While the Hebrew שָׂבֵעַ: śâba‛ and śâbêa‛ mean to be sated, fulfilled, in the same sense as the Latin ‘satur’. The English word ‘seven’ has its origins in the word Sabbat, although this is more apparent if we look at the French word ‘sept’ which is clearly a form of the word sabbat. In Arabic the number seven is called ‘Saba’. If we consider that Saturday was considered the seventh day of the week before Constantine made ‘Sunday’ the Sabbath day, arguably because Constantine was an unreformed sun worshipper, but this effectively ended millennia of continuity and made the 7th day the 6th day and the 1st day the 7th day. Such a description has been said to fulfil the prophetic Daniel and the fourth beast commonly considered by some Christians to be a foretelling of the Antichrist:


    “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” Daniel 7:25.


    If such an analysis is correct it would appear that the Constantine’s Church of Rome was the Antichrist, or at least, one of the beasts which comprise this force which has always sought to destroy the Christian message.

    Tacitus writes: “We are told that the seventh day was set aside for rest because this marked the end of their toils…Others say that this is a mark of respect to Saturn.” 


    However, for all of this interesting historical exploration there in no reason to believe anything about the existence of these Archons is real. Especially as they are presented to us in such ridiculous terms and the fact that their names and attributes vary depending on the Gnostic tradition. Athoth the Archon, apparently has a sheep’s face, the second, Eloaios has a donkey’s face while the seventh Archon representing the planet Saturn they call Sabbataios, has a face of flame and fire. It’s all a little silly and is probably best not taken particularly seriously and indeed my thoughts of Gnosticism are that although it might be of some comfort to believe that the world is created by evil Gods with animal faces, it isn’t necessarily true and it really doesn’t do much for one’s quality of life. It’s all just a fancy and abstraction. No different from the Kabbalah. The question is why do people invent these fancies and who are they? The origin of these Archon fantasies and much of Gnosticism seems to centre on one place in particular: Alexandria in Egypt. This place became the centre of Gnosticism and is home to all of the major currents of Gnosticism.  

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  3. Disney was always weird and evil...... Disney's success is largely a testimony to parents who don't want to spend time with their own children actually talking to them and educating them since from my observations Disney films were always used for bored parents who didn't want to spend time with their children do instead they put a Disney video on while they escape from their kids for two hours,,,,,


    The stupidity and evil of this world has only come about because so many people have sponsored and permitted it.





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  4. Can't help get something like a Laurel Canyon vibe from Joe Strummer......


    Like Jim Morrison his father was a high eminence in the machinery of the Elite.... 


    Certainly no 'oik' or 'guttersnipe' despite what they liked to pretend.


    Another Great Rock n Roll Swindle.



    Strummer was born John Graham Mellor in Ankara, Turkey on 21 August 1952, the son of a Scottish mother and English father. His mother, Anna Mackenzie (1915–1986), was the daughter of a crofter and was born and raised in Bonar Bridge; she later became a nurse. His father, Ronald Ralph Mellor MBE (1916–1984), was born in the Indian city of Lucknow due to his own father's job as a railway official in India, and became a clerical officer who later attained the rank of second secretary in the foreign service.[2] Through his father, Strummer had an Armenian great-grandfather and a German-Jewish great-grandmother.[3] At the age of nine, Strummer and his 10-year-old brother David began boarding at the City of London Freemen's School in Surrey, and rarely saw their parents during the next seven years. He later said, "[A]t the age of nine I had to say good-bye to them because they went abroad to Africa or something. I went to boarding school and only saw them once a year after that – the Government paid for me to see my parents once a year. I was left on my own, and went to this school where thick rich people sent their thick rich kids. Another perk of my father's job – it was a job with a lot of perks – all the fees were paid by the Government."[4]


    These people don't just 'drift into' becoming major cultural celebrities.... I wonder how much of it was engineered with people in his entourage as his handlers from day one....

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    The Clash, well Joe Strummer (middle-class son of a Turkish diplomat), weren't oiks off the street. But Lydon's a very intelligent, intuitive bloke. Strummer was a poseur.


    Yeah, his dad was in the diplomatic service or something and 'Joe' went to public school.....


    While Mick Jones was Jewish.....though he was an amazing guitarist.....


    Strummer was fake.....everything about it was fake....... but somehow I think the first two Clash albums were brilliant.


    Strummer is best when he's singing about just wanting to smoke weed and not get stabbed to death by Jamaican Yardies.



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  6. I like punk....but with a wiser head I realise the whole thing was garbage and bankrolled  controlled and coordinated by Jews..... In the case of Malcolm Mclaren and Randy Rhodes.....


    I think mentally and culturally punk was designed to sabotage British music and culture and turn us almost overnight into snarling spitting three chord fuckwits.


    It's a tough pill for me to swallow too..... but one by one all the heroes fall by the wayside and are just revealed to be another tool of the oppressor. 


    I remember being in Cyprus with a Russian girl..... there was a band at this restaurant on New-Years eve.....and she was requesting these nice waltzes and dancing.... while I was requesting punk songs and jumping up and down...... looking back she must have thought I was some kind of half-witted stone-age savage.


    I think a lot of our culture has been replaced with garbage....sadly I think most punk would qualify as garbage..... particularly the Sex Pistols...they were rubbish especially compared to The Clash who were miles beyond them musically and intellectually.

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  7. 15 hours ago, pi3141 said:



    Jesus was a Gnostic, or at least schooled in Gnosticism - Jesus The Nasorean, not Jesus of Nazareth, the latter is the stupid Christians reading the Bible wrong, taking it literally, or at least trying to make it literal, which leads to all sorts of errors.


    The Bible should be read as a manual, the stories are just literary devices to convey the message.


    And of course it contains codes, symbology and allegory and they are all interwoven with a fictitious character called Jesus, who is an amalgamation of many other teachers of those times,  Including the one who led the revolt for which they crucified, the Jesus character of the Bible is just a literary device to hang the stories from. 


    The fictional Jesus was originally 'Hesus Kristos' an amalgamation of the Druid 'Hesus' and the Hindu Kristos. I don't know when or why or how they changed the 'H' for an 'I' to give us 'Iesus' or 'Iesous' but the English then changed it to 'Jesus' and the Greeks changed 'Kristos' to 'Christos' from which we get 'Christ' in the English.


    Now known as Jesus Christ the world over even though its accepted that was not his real name, the real name having been lost to history according to the Christians, but of course, we know they never knew it in the first place because their savior of the Bible, is largely a fiction.


    The Bible should open with the phrase 'Warning - Dramatization - Based On Real Events'


    Some info, in case others don't know - 



    Nasoraean Mandaeans


    Those few who are initiated into the secrets of the Mandaean religion are called Naṣuraiia or Nasoraeans/Nasaraeans meaning guardians or possessors of secret rites and knowledge.[29] According to the Haran Gawaita, Nasoraean Mandaeans fled Jerusalem before its fall in 70 CE due to persecution by a faction of Jews.[30] The word Naṣuraiia may come from the root n-ṣ-r meaning "to keep", since although they reject the Mosaic Law, they consider themselves to be keepers of Gnosis.


    Link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazarene_(sect)



    Jesus was a Nasorean, in fact they say Jesus was THE Nasorean, meaning he was the greatest of the Nasorean sect, the greatest Gnostic.


    Jesus was schooled in Gnosticism, it says so in the Bible, if you know how to read it.







    Good post.....but according to Mandaean texts, the story is slightly different and they hold Jesus is low regard, considering him some king of false prophet while John the Baptist seems to be the true prophet of their order.


    Shekinah also appears in the gnostic texts of the Mandaeans and Manichaeans; ‘Manda’ is the Aramaic word for ‘knowledge’ and hence ‘gnosis’ but those among them who have attained the true secrets of their religion they call Nasoraeans, and this word has been used to describe 1st Century Jewish Christians including Jesus himself and to this day the Arabic word ‘Nasrani’ is a word used to denote a Christian.


    Despite this the Mandaeans consider Jesus to be an ‘apostate Mandaean’ and refer to him as the ‘False Messiah’ and believe him to be doomed to ‘Matarata’ or purgatory. According to their text Haran Gawaita, the advent of Jesus was something which should not have happened and disrupted the order of the House of Israel:


    “… something was placed in the womb of Mary, a daughter of Moses, and for nine months this ‘thing’ bewitched her.”


    “..And he took to himself a people and was called by the name of the False Messiah. And he perverted them all and made them like himself who perverted words of life and changed them into darkness and even perverted those accounted Mine. And he overturned all the rites. And he and his brother dwell on Mount Sinai, and he joineth all races to him, and perverteth and joineth to himself a people, and they are called Christians.”


    They called Mohammed the ‘Son-of-Slaughter’ and believe the evil Archon Mars worked through him and say that “he prophesises as a prophet and performed circumcision like Jews, but he changed sayings and he is the most degraded of false prophets’. According to the Haran Gawaita, once the Arab rule of 4,000 years comes to an end, Jesus will return:


    “..the false messiah, son of Miriam, will succeed him, and that he will come and will show forth signs (wonders) in the world until the birds and the fish from sea and rivers open their mouths and bless him and give testimony, until (even) the clay and mudbrick in a building bear witness to him, and until four-legged creatures open their mouths and testify to him "


    Though the Mandaeans are still warned:


    Nasoraeans, and righteous elect men, testify not to him, for he is a fake Messiah that walketh by fraud and sorcery. He is Mercury, who attracteth attention and doth whatsoever he wisheth and his mind is filled with sorcery and frauds.”


    But confusingly it then says:


    “When the Messiah hath returned, ascending to the sky - and his reign will last six thousand years - he will ascend and assume his first body. From that epoch until world's end, wickedness will depart from the world; that which issued from the earth will enter the earth and that which descended from the sky will return and enter the sky. And there will be righteous people in the world, and no man will covet his neighbour's goods. And people's senses will return to them and they will not perform circumcision; they will be converted and Nasoraeans will increase in the world. The eye of envy will be lifted from them and the sword will depart from the world.”


    It is not clear if this is referring to Jesus, but it could possibly be John the Baptist who would be the closest thing they have to a messianic figure.


    In any case the Mandaeans fled to Babylon in the 1st century AD either after being persecuted by the Jewish authorities or because of Jesus’ prophetic warnings of the events of 70AD.


    The Mandaeans claim to be from a monotheistic tradition which predates Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Mandaeans believe the world is created by a synergy of the holy spirit ‘Ruha’ which is similar to the concept of Shekinah, which the Mandaeans view as a negative force as the lower distinctly feminine, emotional nature of the human mind. They believe that Adam was created by an evil demiurge Ptahil, which used a spirit from the underworld: Ruha, to animate Adam but that his soul is from the light world. The light world soul apparently then reveals Nasiruta (the Nasoraean religion) to him and his wife Hawwa (Eve) and the Mandaean gnosis which involved him freeing his soul and spirit to return to the light world. Ruha as a spirit, uses the planetary spirits to infect Adam’s mind to prevent him hearing the voice of his soul.


    The Mandaeans have a ritual handshake: the Kushta, or handshake of truth, and it resembles a Masonic handshake in that the thumb is pressed to the knuckle of the other person’s hand. The thing which makes me consider whether somehow, part of the Mandaean cult cross-pollinated with the Kabbalah to become what we know of as the Freemasons is the fact that the Knights of Saint John, who along with the Knights Templar, brought the Eastern esoteric tradition to the West, are named after John the Baptist, whom the Mandaeans hold in special reverence and it is even said that both orders placed Saint John higher even than Jesus.


    The Templars were even said to have been in possession of the head of John the Baptist to which they offered prayers. Furthermore, the feast day of John the Baptist is the 24th June, a day which is also celebrated by the Freemasons and Freemasonry actively acknowledges John the Baptist as one of its patron saints. It is also possible that the Freemasons have adopted elements of Sabaeanism; if we look at the clue of the Masonic tracing board which shows seven ‘stars’ which are the seven planets which were worshipped by the Sabaeans, and the sun and moon have prominent place on the Masonic tracing board and it was these two principal bodies which the Sabaeans worshipped in particular. Much of the ritual behaviour of the Sabaeans became later subsumed into Islam but their worship of heavenly bodies ended under the monotheism of Islam. The Mandaeans still exist to this day as the longest surviving gnostic sect in the world, however since they are based mostly in Iraq they have suffered from persecution at the hands of Islamic extremists.


    The Nag Hamadi texts discovered in Egypt in 1945 revealed to the world the Gnostic ‘Christian’ tradition. Those texts discovered at Nag Hamadi had presumably been the few to have avoided the fires of the church. The Sethian Gnostic tradition along with the Valentinianism and Basilideanism comprise the three currents of 2nd and 3rd century Gnosticism.  Basilides was a second century teacher of gnostic mysteries in Alexandria Egypt and he was said to have been taught by the Samaritan Gnostic, Menander who became the leader of the School of Simonians after the death of Simon Magus.


    According to the entry on Simon Magus in the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica:


    “…Epiphanius …. tells us also that he gave barbaric names to the ‘principalities and powers,’ and that he was the beginning of the Gnostics. The Law, according to him, was not of God, but of ‘the sinister power.’ The same was the case with the prophets, and it was death to believe in the Old Testament.”


    The Greek 2nd century Christian bishop and dogged opponent of heresies, Irenaeus says of him:

    Samaritan Simon, from whom all the heresies took their origin.”


    It would seem that Simon Magus is not only the origin of Gnosticism but potentially of the Kabbalah as well, or at least, the earliest known emergence of its ‘secret doctrine’. Hippolytus reports that Simon Magus taught a doctrine of ‘free love’ and gave interpretation of the Old Testament (much in the manner of the Rabbinical tradition one suspects). In his scholarly book length essay on Simon Magus G.R.S. Mead writes how Simon was adept at ‘reinterpreting’ the texts of the ancients and by doing so dramatically altering their meaning, much in the style of what would later become the main currency of the Jewish Oral Tradition and the Kabbalah:


    So then Simon by such inventions got what interpretation he pleased, not only out of the writings of Moses, but also out of those of the (pagan) poets, by falsifying them. For he gives an allegorical interpretation of the wooden horse, and Helen with the torch, and a number of other things, which he metamorphoses and weaves into fictions concerning himself and his Thought.”


    Interestingly, Menander also believed, like the Mandaeans in the importance of a ritual water baptism. He taught that the God of the Jews was a demiurge and had 365 Archons above him with Abrasax ruling over the Archons then above him, Dynamis (power) and Sophia, Phronesis, Logos, Nous (mind), and finally the Unbegotten Father as supreme God. The seven letters of Abraxas’ name represent the 7 archon heavenly bodies and in Greek isopsephy the Greek letters of the name add up to 365. Here we see a clear influence for Jewish gematria and since the Greek alphabet has a similar source in Semitic Phoenician which is an offshoot of the Hebrew alphabet both systems could have this already encoded in them from the earliest days of the development of writing. Many heads of gnostic schools were identified as Jewish Christians by Church Fathers, and Hebrew words and names of God were applied in some gnostic systems.

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  8. I don't think the Omanis had anything to do with his death.


    It makes no sense. Oman has no political alignment and is neutral and tries to be friends with everyone. 

    The Omani's are not into human trafficking as you claim. Number one human-traffickers in the world are Israelis...... maybe they had something to do with it.


    Don't know why particularly he got into Oman.... it's definitely not a party place.....but I read that he had to quit drinking after having his gall bladder removed.....maybe look at the kind of people he was friends with....could be something dodgy there.

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  9. A lot of these people who are set-up with false promises are lured by agents in their own countries...

    It doesn't take the blame away, but it does make people in their own countries somewhat responsible for exploiting and ultimately killing their own people so they can profit.


    Indians for instance, will do or say anything....to fulfil their own commission....but they don't seem to think it matters that they follow up on what you signed up for.


    Just something I have noticed from dealing with the Indian subcontinent.... 


    It's another world out there........ and is one reason they will never achieve anything like true human civilisation..


    There is little to no business integrity or trust throughout the third-world and this is unlikely to change because the source-code just isn't there.




  10. 43 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    I would have left Blighty ages ago, but I still don't feel comfortable leaving younger family members. I just stay for my younger sibling and my niece to be honest.


    I don't know that one needs to necessarily leave..... I wouldn't mind returning and living somewhere in North Wales or Cornwall (away from the witless toffs though).


    Even my hometown is very broadly white demographic but has a lot of druggie skag head scumbag zombos wandering around these days. Not a place I would like to settle in the long-term.....  It's that balance between population density, opportunity and aspiration levels.. if you can find an area which is minimal for the first but optimal for the latter two you are onto a winner.



  11. 9 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    If our only option is the multiculti smart megacity favela future and civnationalism at best, then I guess all we can do is try to stop the subversive press from pitting us against each other. They're the ones that shape peoples minds and turn them against each other. We all just want to live in peace and be left alone at the end of the day, so our main goal should be whatever brings that to fruition.


    There's a way to remain strong in this chaos........ getting out of the cities and being with like-minded people..... but chaos is everywhere now... in minds of all people..........


    Yes they are pitting white against black.... men against women.....maybe time to try to rise above it all and find some kind of ultimate transcending truth..


    This is why I like this guy, he transcends it all:




    Can we embed Bitchute videos here?




    Only Gentlemen were permitted to wear swords in Elizabethan times....

    I appreciate the efforts of Nick Griffin and his slightly daft pretend Templar Order.... but as long as the swords they sell their members are of fine quality....then I cannot complain too much.... it certainly would be quite something to have an army of trained long-swordsmen coming to defend their community against a gang or burglars or child groomers or whatever sundry scumbags could probably do with the dissuasive taste of cold steel, in Minecraft of course.

  13. 12 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    They push low grade bulldog nationalism when they want people to adopt the wartime spirit to "fight" Covid or some other bollocks that keeps us under control, but never patriotism that benefits us.



    That much is obviously true....... but what is the alternative?


    For the masses....there isn't one.....because they are in love with their TV's.


    There will be no victory for the white race.....except on an individual level where you can make whatever qualities you or I may have work for us....while we watch the rest of the mess devolve into third world chaos.

    Sadly that appears to be the future for the UK cities.... just like Paris and the Champions League final....


    But the thing is in the Third World they at least have strong policing and ironically....heavy punishments for bandits, rapists and murderers...


    So perhaps in the cities of the West we have to settle for pre-civilisation levels of policing and social order...


    Chaos and social disorder is not natural...... even the poorest countries are safer than the cities of the west these days.


    What does that tell you?


     I don't know.


    We should start walking around as they did in Elizabethan England with short swords on our hips... that's where we are basically....I wouldn't mind but you aren't even allowed to defend yourself....you just have to be the glow-white victim dancing around in a pretend first-world metro-sexual paradise while a dozen dark eyes are thinking about your watch and wallet.

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  14. A lot of these throat cancer people...can't help thinking too much oral sex....... too much being a young jack rabbit without thinking there might be a down-side.


    Looks like he's doing better though.......which is good news.

    He must have had surgery....... you can't get rid of a monster tumour like that by eating broccoli.






  15. 3 hours ago, The OC said:


    Would you please provide further information on the following claims;

    1. "The Luciferian consciousness, the Illuminati hive-mind"
    2. "Churchill ... heard voices telling him where to sit at important meetings."




    Despite his political successes Winston Churchill suffered from what he described as his “black dog” – depression, and also heard voices. Winston Churchill is credited as being the greatest of all Britain’s war leaders. During World War II, Churchill’s “voices” would tell him to “sit here” or “sit there?” (Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, 1990, “Hallucinations.”)


    The other issue has been the findings of my own research and experience.....maybe you should try to research it too. Suffice it to say it goes back thousands of years. If you want to PM me I can give you more info and recommend a book which lays it all out.

  16. 15 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    I'm just wondering what kind of murders and violence goes on against homosexuals and women, purely for the reason that they hate homosexuals and women? I have absolutely no idea at all. Just from my experience I would expect both, particularly against homosexuals to be decreasing % wise - as it's pretty common and accepted compared to yesteryear. 


    Just trying to think without prejudice here, why someone would hate someone for being a women, or a homosexual. I can't really think of any for the women unless that particular women has done something to you personally. Same with homosexuals - with the addition, that I suspect in the depths of the human psyche is some kind of "natural" distaste for homosexuality as a survival mechanism that filters into the minds of some individuals. I also suspect hate for hatings sake is also another reason for violence.


    I for one know that in Morocco homosexuals were only imprisoned when the relationship was clearly an exploitative abuse relationship between a grown man and a child. This is the same in most Muslim countries I would suggest... In fact as someone who knows the Muslim world well there is far more homosexuality than in the west, except it is kept fairly quiet..... and people just keep it private...perhaps as is normal and healthy.

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  17. What an uneducated view?


    It is the view which is evident in our own lives...


    Also it's a view held by C.S Lewis.

    Heard of hiim? Was he uneducated?

    Are you a bot? 


    You don't seen to be real to me........


    Just some kind of spammer posting butthurt nonsense..... and quoting mainstream sources in order to make him feel iintelligent.


    No one is buying it.




  18. 4 minutes ago, Gnostic Christian said:


    How many needless murders do you not care about?


    There is no homosexual child abuse that are anywhere near the levels of abuse in the heterosexual areas.  


    Check the stats, fool.







    Wow...three logical fallacies in one three line post. A new forum record I think.

    Maybe get a second opinion on who's the fool here buddy.....


  19. 1 minute ago, Gnostic Christian said:


    Your presentation was accurate, but loses some of it's accuracy when you remember that Christians sing that Adam's sin was a happy fault and necessary to God's plan.


    IOW's, if Eve had done otherwise, God's plan would have fallen off the rails.


    All Christians, in that sense, thank God that Eve ate, and Adam was bright enough to follow woman's lead.


    In reality, we are all to do the same.


    The wise will.






    No. This is not understanding how God works.


    God makes the best of a bad situation...... everytime...... this means you can never truly fail as long as you trust in God because he can turn even apparent failure into success down the line.


    I'm sure the believers out there can testify to this in their lives....


    So the failure of Eve....and the fall of man meant God had to send his only son to redeem mankind......but the human authorities of the time made their own plan to kill him.......so God took that great evil....and made it into something good....... a kind of eternal ritual magic which meant that this world and its dark powers have no right over the soul of anyone, no matter what sins they have committed....as long as they repent and return to God...... after all....if the world will kill an innocent man and the Son of God..... then all its moral value judgements and laws are worthless.... Only God is sovereign..and God is all forgiving.

  20. 6 minutes ago, Gnostic Christian said:



    Especially those being thrown off of buildings or getting shot for no good reason.


    Whom are the bastards and who are the moral and good, and you asked me why I did not like the present situation????







    How many gays are getting thrown off buildings or shot......compared to the amount of daily homosexual child abuse that takes place?


    Wake up my poor little SJW wolf in 'Gnostic'  sheep's clothing.


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