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  1. But I bet that take is too spicy for ya.
  2. It's nonsense to say religion has caused most of the wars...... it's hardly worth discussing...... honestly..... it's such a daft boomer take which shows almost no historical awareness except tired old mainstream cliches... The real cause of World War 2 was those who cannot be named.... Rothschild Zionists....... atheistic Jews. The same tribe who used their Neo-Con puppets to invade Iraq..... all to protect Israel..... and 9-11....wasn't carried out by who you are told it is. https://www.bitchute.com/video/63NJLAz6fzSz/ In 1933 World Jewry declared war on Germany.
  3. Do you really believe what Hitler says? It was a sop for the Bavarian Catholics.... why did he then go on to close churches and persecute Christians?
  4. You're in for a surprise then.....
  5. I used to like Glastonbury.... it looks like an antechamber to hell now...... Mission accomplished, the whole point of sport music and entertainment was that it wasn't supposed to be political... supposed to be a way of escape or transcendence.... they've fucked it all.... but that's ok.... I'm not a young man anymore...I've had my good times.... but for the young the world they've made just ain't worth living in. It's shit..... I'm running out of time whether I want to have kids..... but everytime I see shit like this I say... why would I bring them to this hellhole?
  6. I'm guessing you don't have any gold....... Sounds like sour grapes to me.
  7. Religion is the cause of most wars? Really? Were World War 1 and 2 religious? The Napoleonic wars? The Vietnam wars? The Crimean wars? The English civil war? Which wars are caused by religion? I await your answer with interest....
  8. https://www.monitor.co.ug/uganda/oped/commentary/our-much-acclaimed-huge-gold-discovery-is-mere-fool-s-gold-3849986 Fool’s gold jokes are common in the mining industry. Fool’s gold is a sparkling-yet-worthless mineral pyrite which gold miners in the 19th Century mistook to be gold. This mineral pyrite has long been called fool’s gold because of its metallic yellow copper like crystals tricking miners thinking they had struck gold. However, in 2021, researchers at Western Australia’s Curtin University discovered that invisible gold in small quantities which cannot be detected by a microscope can be captured from the crystals when they pyrite. It is therefore too early to dismiss or predict the economics of fool’s gold in the early stages of this ongoing research. On June 7, President Museveni went off script in delivering his own version of a fool’s gold “Economic Buster” gold discovery of 31 million tonnes, only that this was an early June fool’s day joke. Since 2011 when the president imposed a moratorium on the export of unprocessed raw minerals and materials, he has been relentless in pushing for value addition in Uganda’s sector, but paid little to understanding the drivers of resource development such as exploration reserves data generation, economics, demand, supply, spot prices, technology, markets and geopolitics. Statistics from the US Geological Surveys, indicate that 244,000 metric tonnes of gold, the equivalent of 268,400 tonnes of gold has been discovered in the world to date, of which 187,000 metric tonnes (205,700 tonnes) has so far been produced, leaving a balance of 57,000 metric tonnes (62,700 tonnes) of known reserves. This implies that Uganda’s gold discoveries surpass global gold discoveries by 115.5 times. Did the President confuse ounces with tonnes or like the Australian farmer, he intentionally went off script to put a smile on the faces of his economically stressed citizens?
  9. Do you have anything useful to share about the topic at hand though? We are discussing gold and bitcoin.... You can tell us gold doesn't exist and has no value.... but this isn't useful or even true information.
  10. I'm not clinging to anything.... We're in a real physical world and we have to deal with certain physical realities. That's all. Unless you're a ghost with an internet connection...in which case, good luck to you.
  11. Unlikely...... not everyone is going to queue up for a backstreet abortion..... very few...it is likely to act as a deterrent to behaving irresponsibly, it's more likely that people will just use birth control..... The Jews have been protesting this vociferously, claiming abortion is a 'Jewish value'..... of course, it's more a case of 'abortion for thee not for me'. Jewish families are deeply conservative within their own communities and having an abortion would be deeply shameful and even unthinkable, but that's not the side they show to the Goy.....that's all kept within the Jewish world.... it is only the Goy who needs to be destroyed after all....and the more Goys are aborted the less of them there will be to contest their will. I consider this a win..... for me this is turning back the apocalypse clock by half an hour or so..... Satanists murder babies in the womb...... it is one of their specific sacrifice rituals: Abortion at best is a dubious intervention and at worst, say beyond 15 weeks it is simply infanticide... child murder. Look at who you are siding with:
  12. I'm calling bullshit..... the amount of refined gold that had been discovered to date is only 244,000 tonnes....... 31 million tonnes of gold ore means 320,158 of refined gold which is a nonsense figure because it's more than all the gold that has ever been discovered... I just don't buy it. Either the story is fake or President Musenevi is bullshitting.... If it's true though...which it really can't be..... I wouldn't trust any such news coming out of despotic African nations, it would kill the price of gold....but it would be worth it to see how pissed the Chinese will be that all of their half a trillion dollars of gold holdings are worthless. Still, if it's true I'm glad I diversified my investments......
  13. By the way what is the implication of your avatar Mr H? I get the impression it is a mockery of Christianity.... I tend to find that people who mock Christianity follow a religion of their own..... which they tend to keep secret. They like to mock others and what they believe... I don't understand that mentality.... I think there is an ideological agenda behind it. I'm a live and let live guy... unless you are someone who wants to harm others and are dangerous for people's spiritual and physical safety.
  14. It is possible to separate oneself from God.... Satanists for instance....... These people do specific acts and rituals to deliberately estrange themselves from God..... And sadly for many, the effects carry through to the next world...... It is nice thinking that no harm can befall us spiritually because we are all God...or something.... but it just isn't true.
  15. What's the closest planet to the Earth? The same planet is also the closest planet to all the other planets of the solar system.
  16. You have to be careful with the Spritualist Church..... I would say they are not Christian because they deliberately traffic and communicate with spirits. I have a friend who used to attend and shortly after she started to hear voices... Hearing voices is not good. This is extremely dangerous..... because most spirits out there are imposter spirits.... You only have to read about the experiences of people who have opened themselves up to spiritual contact discover the reality of the evil earthbound spirits which are constantly plaguing mankind:
  17. I for my part am a Quaker. I had attended various meetings throughout the country for years and found their 1 hour of silent meditation, usually in a sunny sunlit room, very valuable for some personal healing and comradeship.... Particularly the meeting house in Wanstead East London, they have a really nice sun-lit meeting room, and it is no coincidence that they call their central meeting room in Euston The Light. However from joining the Quakers and perhaps taking a closer look at them, they are a largely a bunch of do-gooding liberals, grumpy old women, atheists and some very sinister individuals who are clearly doing a job at subverting the whole thing from within.... and doing their best to remove it as far from its roots as a politically antagonistic transcendental Christian fellowship as possible, and make it some kind of cosy pet of the political elites. For instance it is rife with UN pagans in positions of power and control..... and it is no coincidence that they have a Meeting House and representation at the UN. I am still happy to be a Quaker because I know there are many conservative minded Quakers out there and one day when I return to the UK I intend to somewhat reach out to them and provide a transcendental and morally more conservative regular Christian based meeting..... which is easy to set up one you are a Quaker.
  18. I spent a phase thrilled and excited by the Nag Hamadi texts...but after years of study it became clear I was sifting through garbage and the worst kind of Kabalistic nonsense.
  19. But have you studied the gnostic gospels? Many of them, if not full of inconstancies or ribald nonsense cannot be compared in any means to the canonical gospels and the Gospel of Thomas. Because the best way to subvert the truth is to bury it under a pile of lies and nonsense. You have to implement mental textual analysis and discernment, and reading many of the gnostic gospels it is clear to see they have no relationship to Christianity at all. While others, deliberately seem to be trying to subvert it. This tactic of disinformation is as old as the hills......
  20. But Alexandria was not the centre of the Christian story...... most of what happened with the establishment of the early church in Jerusalem is lost.... However we have limitless apochryphal and dubious 'gospels' seeded from what appears to be a group who were in constant opposition to Christianity in its early years...... It also cannot be a coincidence that Alexandria was a hotbed of occult and proto-Kabalistic thought.....
  21. Anyway, I feel unclean posting mainstream media news-sources... I was in the original post only really referring to my own parents....but it is obvious that most people of the same age are similarly wondering what they can do about what is happening to the country, but not realising that by avidly consuming media propaganda and paying their various subscriptions and licenses they are perpetuating the very state of things which they are complaining about...... I doubt most people here watch TV or even own a TV. There was no need for some people to take comments about my parents as if it was aimed at them.. It wasn't, but is is obvious that these days the BBC and the dinosaur media is only surviving because of the inability of boomers to think of life without a TV and their slavish refusal to find things out for themselves.... and instead rely on media to do the thinking for them.
  22. https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2014/03/half-of-broadcast-tv-viewers-are-54-and-older-yikes/284256/ Half of Broadcast TV Viewers Are 54 and Older—Yikes More like ... greys' anatomy. Right? By Derek Thompson In the last 20 years, the median age of Americans has increased from 34 to 37. The median age of broadcast TV viewers has increased from 41 to 54. Not a three-year jump, but a 13-year jump. And therein lies the existential challenge for CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC: How do you persuade advertisers to spend more on an audience that's so obviously graying faster than an already-graying country? You sell them on the purchasing power of senior citizens, I guess. In the 1993-94 broadcast season, Home Improvement was the most-watched show, with a median viewer of 34, Commercial Appeal reports. Today, it’s NCIS, with a median viewer who is 61.
  23. It's obvious that boomers https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/shortcuts/2017/mar/29/a-dying-habit-why-the-average-bbc1-viewer-is-61 A dying habit: why the average BBC1 viewer is 61 Broadcasters may be desperate for younger audiences but older telly-watchers dominate – the average ITV fan is 60, 55 if they prefer Channel 4. How worried should programme-makers be? https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/just-one-in-20-young-adults-watch-bbc-programmes-live-32fp9rzfb Just one in 20 young adults watch BBC programmes live As the corporation faces a funding freeze, new research reveals how the under-30s barely watch any of its programmes at the time they go out
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