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  1. Well for one there are so many obvious examples of nurture having a more profound effect on the character and child development than nature.....or solely the DNA you inherit. 


    Also don't forget that our DNA is constantly changing, or at least different aspects of it being switched on or off.... it's called epigenetics.... it means your life experiences actually effect your inheritable DNA, not the other way round.

    So for instance someone who learns to be fluent in languages or music will pass on a facility with music or languages as an inheritable trait.






  2. It's a good point Beaujangles...about brain injuries...

    However my counter would be that our soul is beyond personality....personality is only really something we have acquired here on Earth.... it is a product of the brain and its various channels which block or transmit certain electro-chemical and hormonal signals.

    We are not the brain.....however we are the electro-magnetic signals..... our soul is channeled into thoughts, emotions and opinions by our brain and other influences which I won't go into here....


    Brain injuries damage the contours and shape of the brain therefore certain signals are blocked and the electo-magnetic soul energy can no longer express itself as it used to.


    However it is still the same person or consciousness using that brain.... he just can't act or behave as he used to due to changes in his brain.


    I also believe that brain injuries will not make a good man bad or bad man good....... there are innate inclincations....it may be more a case that the brain injury has heightened or promoted certain inclinations and made it harder to manifest certain others..... but although our personality is largely a product of our brain there is still some innate character behind us.......a kind of 'colour' of our soul.... which shapes who we are and how we develop.


    As for souls hovering around a petri-dish..... you can say that instead awareness unfolds slowly...like a slowly opening door through which an electro-magnetic soul gradually passes into......

  3. 18 minutes ago, zofodraz said:

    I do usually won’t buy stories that include words or phrases like Astral Travel, frequency, vibrations, demons angels etc as most of these stories are too hairy fairy, for my liking.

    My observations in body language, shows most people interviewed on video,who have similar “vibrational”stories, have had real experiences but they add a ‘creative’ explanation to their observations.

    Due to the fact I can’t see you or read you, I have no choice but to give you the benefit of the doubt.


    that includes everyone posting on this thread.



    Thank you for your benefit of the doubt.


    But yours I suspect is a materialistic interpretation. Humanistic...atheistic world-view?


    I don't mean to pigeon hole you..... I apologise if I did.....


    But most people have uncanny and inexplicable experiences... most common one is with ghosts...... my mother would always sense a presence in her room the night before someone in the family died.... there have also been other incidents in my family....such as one of my uncles seeing his dead grandfather in the wheelhouse of his trawler....


    You can deny them away and try to rationalise them or give them a materialistic explanation..... but you are shaving away reality and trimming information if you do that.


    It is better to take reality as it comes and deal with what it tells you....


    Yes there are delusions and nonsense out there of all kinds..... but even that is useful information... for instance why is this disinformation nonsense being promoted and what agenda does it serve..... why does this person have this delusion..... what purpose does it serve for her? Is she or he a master of their own mind or is she or he being used....


    I recommend a book called the Siren Call of the Hungry Ghosts..... it's about a man, a well known  reported called Joe Fisher who decided to investigate the reality of mediumship and channelling... He went in with a scientific approach and was always looking for the fraud.... but he never found it....and in fact.... he realised there was a whole legion of 'beings' out there trying to express themselves in our reality by any means necessary so he decided to expose the 'beings' or 'demons' by writing a book.


    He complained that he was being hounded by the 'sprits' for exposing their existence.... he ended up committing suicide shortly after...


    If nothing else it is a fascinating and spooky REAL story and solid piece of INFORMATION about the subject.....  




  4. 3 hours ago, zofodraz said:

    How do you know they are inter-dimensional beings and demons?


    I've seen them.......they do not behave in any way connected to our spatial reality.... they live in what some term the 'astral reality'.

    I don't care for the term myself because it's a bit new-agey......


    But the 'place' inside your head is the astral realm basically. 


    It is a dimension...... and when you sleep you specifically disconnect from this reality and enter that one.


    These beings manifest to most people in their sleep without them suspecting..... they produce nightmares to torment us and feed themselves on our fear. They also manipulate our emotions and thoughts.... almost on a constant basis. Basically hearing voices is when you have opened direct communication with them. It is not good.


    But we do have a level of innate protection from them.... We naturally filter them out.


    The problem is when you lose or throw away that protection.....then you see them in your waking life.... 


    This is one of the reasons 'transgression' and sin is one of the deliberate practises of the Kabbalistic Illuminati...


    Because by doing evil things..... or rituals invoking these beings..... you throw away your psychic protection....


    Like I said before, we are not supposed to see them.


    I did not do evil things personally..... but I got mixed up with the occult and deified myself kind of....... thinking I was all powerful..... thinking I was becoming 'Illuminated' and it was the best thing that ever happened to me....at least by day.

    It's at night that your problems start and these creatures won't leave you alone.


    All better now though. But I can say I know what controls this planet and even controls many if not most people without them even knowing it.


    It is these beings which work together with the secret military to create the illusion of alien abductions.


    Real technology is used to trigger a hypnotic/astral trance...... so often the stories of alien abduction focus on strange lights blinking on and off.... Jose Delgado worked on a technique to use lights and also EM waves of a certain frequency to send someone what we would term 'out of the body' ie hypnotised.....


    Once the trance is triggered.... the demons then create an internal fiction of being abducted by aliens.....often too, the real human agents will use sets and physical objects to suggest and colour the reality of the hypnotic astral reality of alien abduction the person is experiencing.



    And YES there are real flying saucers..... they were developed by the Nazis at the end of World War 2. There is a good book on this subject: Hitler's Saucers by Henry Stevens....he also gives news stories of the time saying the governments of the world were interested in researching this saucer technology. Some of it also fell into the hands of Spain and they even auctioned some of it off to the highest bidder. Again, all recorded in newspaper stories of the time which are cited in the book.


    I have also collected several accounts of GI's who have been sent to guard crashed saucers and found that they were piloted by people they recognised as fellow GI', although they were unfamiliar with the propulsion technology used.....


    But the saucers serve a dual purpose....both exploration of new systems of propulsion..... which in the early days was very problematic for the pilots and they used to crash the saucers often (why would an alien who had travelled countless light years have a problem driving once he got here).... and also the use in psychological operations.


    The first Hollywood saucer movie The Flying Saucer was about an American man who developed a flying saucer, the CIA then had to fight from keeping this technology from falling into Soviet hands.


    Then the agenda changed....they hired writers to promote a whole fiction of aliens using saucers to visit our planet....


    Then Hollywood ran with the suggestion.... but it is all to the furtherance of a long term agenda.










  5. 3 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    A sad loss. The comments section tells a lot about the people who read that paper.


    That's just dreadful...... seems like only yesterday he was on the Alex Jones show...... it's highly suspicious.

    It's all just too convenient that the good guys die young while the evil seem to live forever....

  6. 28 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    Can we keep on topic please.  
    leave out the personal digs as well.


    Well..... the topic is 'My Experience' and since Origin has stepped in claiming some kind of 'experience' i's only right that he be asked to say more...particularly since he claims some kind of 'higher knowledge'. Such claims, if they are to be made also need to be defended.


    But I see there's nothing there in any case.....So I'll probably not waste any more time with it.



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  7. 11 minutes ago, Origin said:

    If something can remove this filter, and it can do so without problems, then it is no longer transferable. And that is exactly what happened to me. I can understand what the others see but I cannot change the fact that they unfortunately perceive it in the usual patterns. That would mean that it would not be familiar. Sorry


    What you did there is claim some superior knowledge, and used what you consider other people's lack of knowledge as a way of you not having to  substantiate your claims....


    I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. It's a clever three card monte con you've worked out......but I'll move on now thanks.


  8. Another poster called you a Riddler.... I'm afraid I agree.....


    No doubt you have experienced 'something'.... but you have let it go to your head and decided to lock it up as a private treasure in your own heart.....


    But there is not only one universe....your universe....there are 8 billion of them....and everyone one of us is an observer, unconsciously or consciously shaping their reality....and there are many people who have peered behind the curtain.....and many different ways to deal with this revelation....


    Yours is the private treasure approach....... that is not my approach.


    Even when your sense of what is real, the 'old real' breaks down....the new real will shift and change to accommodate the character of the individual.


    So when I was asking you for your insights.... I only wanted to hear some of the markers and sign-posts of the experience..... that many of us might be familiar with...... your conclusions and interpretations of the experience will likely be quite different from other people however... since we all have our mental filters and inclinations even at our core-levels of being.










    You seem to have imposed a rigid belief system on yourself. 


    Without being a pedant your post has a lot of negatives....and in general I find this is the case with your posts....


    Meaningless,,,,, no one...can influence anything...


    Your thoughts and words are a choice you have made...or at least a path you have chosen to follow.....they are not absolutes.





  10. On 12/29/2020 at 12:05 PM, Origin said:

    Aether is not yet properly understood and it is not defined by sound and resonance. The Michelson-Morley experiment has interpreted one part correctly. And yet Aether exists. But in a different context. And it is what holds reality together. Everything. Humans will discover something fascinating when the time is right. And it will turn out to be neither a naive god construct nor a simple Matrix. Binary thinking is meaningless.



    One could form a hypothesis about the true nature of God being energy and that the different Gods and Goddess of the ancient world were just different forms and concentrations of energy. Nut is an embodiment of the quantum vacuum energy of space in which the Earth lies cradled, as if nurtured within some great cosmic womb, and hence the feminine aspect of ‘night’. The vacuum is an energy field which allows the propagation of light and energy cannot travel without a medium. The presence of the Goddess lies within the vibrating field of the positronic and anti-particles which scientists now believe give the vacuum its reality and creates ‘space’ as we know it, that is distance and separation.

    The energy of the Goddess Nut is physically manifested as the constant creation and annihilation of matter and antimatter pairs of particles which presumably creates a vibration or lateral 4 dimensional pulse which is the nature of the underlying zero point energy of the universe. A constant ripple throughout the whole universe like an endless black sea upon which light itself travels in its eternal frozen moment, a bright instant of light and energy like an intergalactic superhighway, ferrying consciousness and the souls of the myriad beings surfing the sea of the Duat.
  11. 47 minutes ago, Origin said:

    Nothing. It is not significant enough to influence the dreams of others. It is non-transferable. 


    I knew you'd cop out.


    Sorry but you're out of order coming here claiming to know something, have an insight... teasing some kind of special knowledge....then clamming up.


    I'm only trying to be friendly.... but I don't like the game you're playing. It's attention seeking....but when there's nothing of substance behind, except hints and innuendos.......and a certain 'high-handedness'.....then it's just wasting everyone's time..... 


    If you are going to claim 'knowledge' as a way to displace other people's views on certain topics...then you are duty bound to make good on those claims.... someone,, ie. me, is going to call your bluff.


    It's a shame you do not feel you can articulate something of meaning. 


    It isn't asking much either....surely that's what most of us are here for.

    On the forum as well as on Earth itself.








  12. 13 minutes ago, Origin said:

    I already have. I no longer need human attempts at interpretation. That which I had to know I know. And I have to live with that.. 


    Alright.... this is your stage.


    What do you know?

  13. I saw a talk in London some years ago by crop-circle guru and general new-age bullshitter Palden Jenkins...


    He recommended people go into a crop circle and 'open themselves' up to contact.

    He also admitted to me and my friend that he advises the Bilderbergers......


    Why would a new-age crop circle and aliens guru be involved with a secret group devoted to world government?


    Join the dots....



  14. 6 hours ago, Origin said:

    Interesting. I am sure that those who have nothing to do with the phenomenon do not have the slightest clue what certain people are dealing with. And 'our reality' does not exist. We are simply guests, or rather patients, on the playground provided. :) 



    I have directly experienced these beings.... I assume you haven't....... otherwise you would be a little more apprehensive. 


    It's easy for people to talk in fluffy terms about a fantasy which they will never experience, like seeing a tiger in a cage..... you have no real experience or interaction with that tiger...... but that all changes if the cage were to open.... 


    Your opinion of the tiger would be suddenly very different.


  15. You've seen inter-dimensional beings....


    Problem is they're not aliens....they're demons....

    Seeing them is not a good sign.


    We're not supposed to see them.......but the Illuminati talk to them...... and these beings are the ones presently destroying and degrading humanity and this planet......


    My advice would be to do whatever you can to get these things out of your reality.......


    They are not good for you......... they are evil and they will do anything to invade and destroy our reality on an individual person by person level as well as on a global level.



  16. 1 hour ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Nah I agree with you, the motives and endgame of something like Live Aid was rotten and corrupt...but I just meant the acts playing on the day didn't give us all that bellyache and mouthing off. Only fucking Geldof did that.


    Another one was the Freddie Mercury tribute concert..... it was a big event and everyone loved it...... there was a time as a kid when I listened to Guns N Roses version of knocking on heaven's door nonstop.....


    But why a big worldwide tribute concert with international acts for one dead pop star??

    What made him so special?


    Of course it was solely because he was gay and died of aid.... if it had been any other mega star who had died who wasn't gay and didn't die of aids there'd be no concert.


    It was propaganda to make us all feel sorry/guity/in awe of dead gay blokes with aids...


    No doubt  Mercury was talented and Queen a slick band..... but the whole thing was political with a long term agenda in mind which we are now having to deal with.... Namely gay cultural and moral supremacy over the rest of us and our values. Same with immigrants and Muslims... their cultural values trump ours....


    One day it will be paedos too we have to  bow down to.


    Might seem unlikely but no one would have believed 'transgendered' would be deified 10 years ago.



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  17. 2 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Live Aid was never like this.


    True, but in a way Live Aid was deeply political and planned to undermine the West by making us all feel somehow morally responsible for Africans and their inability to govern themselves and feed their own people.... the end result of course is mass immigration and the replacement of white culture, values and people themselves... with the poor down-trodden African who for some reason it is our duty to feed, house, educate.... just so they can join criminal gangs, sell drugs and murder each other in our once great cities.


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  18. 1 hour ago, Nefaria said:

    I think you'd be better off asking the blokes in the front row, they probably had an excellent view up that dress.  Her name is Amy Taylor, I think she is definitely a legitimate female, just heavy make up and bad hair.


    The kind of people who like her music are probably gay males or women.


    I remember I went to Glasto when the abomination Lady Gaga first was first foist onto the scene, before she was really big...she didn't even play the main-stage, she was on early on the Other Stage.. there seemed to be a lot of hype about her among the gays and they seemed to be her main fanbase. 


    That's why she sang that song 'Born this Way' it's a song for gays......they love it because they think they're 'born this way'.


  19. 1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    It's a right mindjob all this isn't it? 
    You're right - the REAL Viv Standshall did die in a house fire.

    This person - who was the 'walkabout' real life Viv Standshall was just the humdrum day to day Viv Standshall. Basically a double/or a stand-in, he could have been bumped off - or maybe he now has a new life in Israel? 😉

    The 'performer' of the act Viv Standshall' played by William Sherpherd of the Bonzo band - also at the same time - playing as 'Paul McCartney' of the Beatles.  Was/is alive and well.

    If you have time, check this thread here on this link:


    Why do you choose to believe any of this?


    It's all just made up nonsense.....


    No disrespect intended.....

  20. Never heard of Viv Stanshall's real name being William Shears..... I don't think that's right.


    Poor bloke ended up dying in a house fire in Muswell Hill....


    He also appeared in Magical Mystery Tour....... was a classic English eccentric.. who ended up as a hardened alcoholic.. all very sad..... he also famously wrote and narrated Sir Henry at Rawlinson's end which was popularised by John Peel.




  21. 23 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    aka:  Billy Shears (William Shepherd)     ....    (but that's for another thread...) 




    That's Vivian Stanshall.......from the Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band......


    The mystery of Paul Macartney's disappearing talent has nothing to do with dying and being replaced but more to do with the fact that George Martin was the musical visionary behind the group and without him they would probably still be a rock n roll covers band.

  22. 2 hours ago, loady said:


    the fool diffrentiates between religion and occultism/esotericism the wise understands that they are non- seperable. 

    you couldnt ever live with the fact that "god" has indeed  caused most of the wars, jews have built a living temple  inside of themselves that houses thier living god  


    their god work trough them and is in fact the cause of most wars in european history.


    sacred symbology  and  occult symbolism are woven into every facett of what makes up  our society war related or not


    but i bet thats to spicy for ya.


    the world would be a much better place without a stupified human race praying to othertly forces that uses them by outthinking them million steps ahead.



    It just sounds like the kind of nonsense they brainwash low-level Satanists with.



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