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  1. 1 hour ago, loady said:

    apart from brainwashed christians there is also an occult reason as to why god/ israelites narrative is spread and reinforced by the elect or the so called chosen  ones, they feed of the collective worship of human beings, the elect promote and recruit energy towards themselves ( jesus/horus/jacob) and towards their father - that very same worship energy they recieve from the collective subconsiousness  ensures that they maintain thier "elevated" status at the expensive of the rest outside the elected click. these people dont give a fuck about humanity at large , but one day when humanities eyes are forceribly  opened the remaning parasites will have no choiche but to feed upon eachother , bunch of very wicked and sick vipers that plays chosen ones and righteous - in the end  when humanity is no longer entrapped in thier matrix they will  just like  ouroborous  eat their own tails 





    If you think Jesus is something the elite created then you are the one who has been brainwashed.



  2. 5 hours ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

    You know what isnt true? Your notion of god


    Every being is divine and able to reach perfection




    Are you living in the same world as me?


    It doesn't look like it.

    Do you see much perfection and divinity?

    Please dude...get a dictionary. Check your terminology.


    I know what we are...... but it is far more obvious what we have become.



  3. On 7/6/2022 at 7:28 PM, loady said:


     anyone who has been initatiated into  the old mysteries and has been reborn and imbued with the holy spirit is a jesus or a horus , jesus christ is both an impersonal force and a title   that signifies the crystallization of the holy spirit within the body  and it can express itself in the  form of multitude trough the channels  (human bodies) it has overtaken , most pharaoes was a jesus christ. jesus christ  (a carpenter) from his birth to his age of 33 parallels a scottish freemasons  journey from the first  degree all the way  to  the 33rd.


    jesus himself said that he does the will of his father and noone else. el was merged with yahweh so if yahweh is not jesus father who is?


    willy wonka?


    my arse? 


      eisegenies as you said heavily exposes yahweh as a super evil demiurge. it is not up for debatte.


    as you said


    any moral person would agree.




    Not really...


    The ancient mysteries were usually a thinly veiled sex orgy.... more like Satanic rituals than anything genuinely transcendent... and they generally involved depictions of sex and rape using actors..   in fact the ancient mysteries is where the idea of theatre and later film came from. The ancient mysteries were actually pieces of theatre using special light effects to convince people that they had seen the gods.


  4. 3 hours ago, jack121 said:


    I've travelled to sooo many foreign countries and i always find most peeps are oksy doksy, it's the corrupt leaders the politicians the governments the royals and the upper class snobs who are really behind all the problems. Most ordinary everyday working class peeps, who make up about 95% of the world's population, just want to take care of their families and live a nice quiet life.




    I used to agree with that but I've spent too long working in Muslim countries to tell you that the problem is strictly the leaders.... A certain amount of cowardice, laziness and general willful ignorance is necessary in the people to allow the leaders to act in the criminal way they do.

    Of course the same is true of every country in general. Our corrupt government just exploit the mental vices of the people to perpetuate their power..... and the people are too frightened to visualise any kind of alternative to the current system, whatever that may be.

    Something is fundamentally wrong with humanity..... the problems we have with our leaders and countries is a reflection on what we have allowed to happen and our own moral cowardice and intellectual laziness.


    Present company excepted of course.



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  5. Assassination is the modus operandi of those who cannot be named.





    The Sicarii — The First Assassins in History

    These Jewish assassins fought against the Roman occupation

    A Sicarii dagger (Image: Flickr/@FotoGuy 49057)

    IfIfyou were a pro-Roman Jew living in the 1st century AD, you were afraid to go to Jerusalem without bodyguards. You were afraid of the Sicarii.

    The Sicarii would come out of nowhere. They would stab you and disappear amidst the screaming of the terrorized bystanders.

    Who were the Sicarii — the world’s first assassins?


  6. On 7/5/2022 at 11:30 AM, Deano7879 said:

    i definitely think there was some sort of takeover at the beginning of the 20th century. The explosion in technology has been unreal


    Everything in technology is based on on transistors, which is a super simple concept... and gradually went from this:




    To this:





    to this:






    Everything is based on the simple concept of a semi-conductor. Just a substance which controls the flow of electricity, which means it can control electricity and hold it, like a memory. From this primary concept of being able to 'hold' electricity we can do anything..... because once you can control electrons... you can do anything because our reality is also based on electrons and photons.  


    These experiments with different substances and electricity started in the 1850's..... with a conductive metal and some non conductive material, which slows or impedes the electrical flow (called resistance) and just by sheer force of repetition and experimentation the concept and discovery of semi-conductors emerged.... it's just a way to hold and build up an electrical charge......that's how a tube or transistor based sound amplifier works....it just holds onto charge until it builds up, and makes a sound louder... and from that point.....you can pretty much do anything.. it's just a question of the materials used in semi-conductors becoming more and more refined and of course....millions of times smaller...... until you can fit billions of little tiny semi-conductor devices onto a microchip.



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  7. 55 minutes ago, jack121 said:


    Last i heard mass murder, oppression, and warmongering were aginst the muslim code


    Not sure about that. The Muslims conquered by murder and forced conversation at the pain of death (even though admittedly, this is against the Quran) and also they perpetuation the slavery of the ancient world until fairly recent times......including raiding countries and enslaving members of the population... it was only the intervention of the British in Tanzania and Americans in Morocco which stopped it.


    Maybe the Quran says on thing.... but the behaviour of 'Muslims' throughout history has been something else entirely.


    But of course one could easily say the same about the so called 'Christian' countries and their governments and wars......




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  8. 5 minutes ago, Nefaria said:

    No way.  Even the elites know UK engaging with Russia directly would result in Nuclear Armageddon, that isn't even in their interests.  There wouldn't be anyone left for them to enslave. What you are seeing is just the typical bullshit in Westminster and the MSM going all hysterical over it as usual. You never noticed how every few years the force a PM out?  What changes after?  Nothing.  You just get another dickhead - another puppet on a string.


    The agenda is coming world war and massive population reduction.


    They still get to enslave whoever is still alive.


    At least..... this is what the Illuminati want... I heard it from a Jewish bloke who coordinates occult OTO activity in Camden..,,, long story..... but their goal is another world war.


    I think we went one step closer with losing Bunter and getting the Conservative coup candidate.


    This is  beyond Westminster.... this is the final solution to the problem of humanity which we are seeing being cooked up before our eyes.





  9. The problem is that the next leader of the Conservative party will not have been chosen by the people..... 


    My prediction now is that they are choosing the right candidate who will rapidly escalate our involvement in the Ukraine and whoever they choose, they will be the person to take us into World War 3.


    There's something rushed and manufactured about all this..... it stinks..... they see Ukraine losing ground and they need someone who will quickly commit British forces to change the balance of power....



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  10. I  don't like this....  I get the feeling it's a Jew d'etat..... 


    So he had a few drinks with other people at number 10.....


    He has been removed by strange machinations behind the scenes......  I just don't believe that those Cabinet members were so utterly outraged that he had a few drinks with colleagues.....


    Whatever replaces him, is going to be much worse...I get the feeling that Johnson, crap as he was, was only half heartedly following the agenda.... I get the feeling that whatever comes next will be 100% puppet of the NWO.

    And expect Covid lockdowns to return.... Johnson made a point of nipping all that crap in the bud last year..... I expect that wasn't the plan...... I think the lockdowns were supposed to be permanent.... and Johnson scuttled their plans with just saying bollocks to Covid let's try to get back to normal.



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  11. 8 hours ago, pi3141 said:


    Here's my interpretation of that parable, The Gospel of Thomas version



    When you stoop down to pick up the rock, you see light beneath it, to find the source of the light, you have to look backwards, over your shoulder to find the source. The allegory does the same, Jesus the Man picks up the stone, he looks behind him to see the source of light, but Jesus looks beyond the light to see the true creator, the line of succession, if you will. He alludes to that which created the Sun, and it follows, the Universe and all the stars - Creation.


    Jesus is showing us the succession, yes we derive life from the Sun but the true power is that which created the Sun which our life is sustained from.


    While I accept the analogy that God is Light, and we all have a divine spark within us, I see a more complicated theory than its just Light. 

    It is Light, but what is Light, it is on the Electromagnetic spectrum, its not 'just' Light.


    I'm sure your aware the term Light is used as an metaphor for various interpretations. Same thing here - it points the way to an idea, that has basis in truth.




    There's more to it that deriving life from the sun. It's not just about the sun....it's about Electromagnetism is general.


    And it's not an analogy. It is literal. God is LITERALLY light.  Consciousness is a form of EM energy.


    If you study the nature of light you will find some amazing things.


    There's a book about the very subject I could perhaps recommend to you......






  12. 10 hours ago, Origin said:

    And? Just two beliefs combined and based on pure assumptions. That's what happens when everything is built on lies and illusions. In the desperate hope that someone might be right, but this intelligence has never revealed a comprehensive picture. And for a good reason. Look around you and then you know why Humans know nothing. If Humans really want to know something, they have to approach the source. Good luck.


    Not this again......  You seem to make the same post over and over again....but it never goes anywhere further than common platitudes.




  13. 1 hour ago, XelNaga said:



    But let me ask you, because I'm getting mixed messages from you. Who is God for you? Is it yahweh/allah? Because, even JC said that yahweh is not his father. From some of his words, we could agrue that yahweh is "prince of this world", the satan.


    You're right. There is a distinction between Jahweh and 'the Father' which Jesus alludes to.


    I feel that the Old Testament is not a cohesive book...... but there are many different versions of God in it.


    However you have an old testament prophet like Isaiah.....and he is very similar in personality to Jesus...


    But God to me, is what Jesus said God was..... God is Light.

    God exists within the quantum realm but expresses itself here through the power of light which animates and gives reality and consciousness to all living things.


    Light isn't just something that comes on when you flick a switch. Light is the animation and eternal preservation of all reality. It exists beyond time and beyond space, but manifests in both.


    Time and time again Jesus shows that he is aware of the quantum nature of the realm of God:


    "The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me."

    When you split wood or lift a stone, you expose it to light.... That is where you will find God.


     The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds but when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.


    When we die we should search for the light....the brightest we can bear....and entering into the light we will return to the higher dimension inside the sub-atomic quantum realm....out of which all of the universe has its origin like a flower sprouting from a seed.





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  14. Quote


     Jews are "Gods" chosen people. Therefore, we could argue that "God" himself, indirectly, killed Jesus. Which goes along my point that yahweh is an evil bastard, and not a Creator.







    You have no argument. The people who murdered Jesus, Jesus clearly calls the sons of Satan.....or the seed of Cain...not the bloodline of the Israelites but the bloodline of the Canaanites who infiltrated and took over Judaism and still do to this day. They are not actually Jewish at all. They come from Esau, not Jacob....


    There is a distinction between real Jews and the authorities who murdered Jesus. This is made abundantly clear throughout the whole of the New Testament.



  15. Why is saying Jesus was God incarnate so ridiculous?


    Is it not possible for any of us to express something of God nature?


    Are we not made of the same stuff of God? 


    Light? Electromagnetic energy....


    There is much more to humanity and all life that we have been led to believe.


    We are not merely animals of meat...


    There is something which animates us which transcends this universe and resides with God..... some of us sometimes glimpse this.

    Jesus....somehow.....managed to completely tap into this......


    "God is Light'.



  16. 4 hours ago, XelNaga said:

    Well, that same "God" sacrificed his own son, right? 


    Besides, just because people in that area were like that, doesn't mean that people were like that all around the world.


    That is what you got wrong, there is no adversary, they are the same being. It's like in todays politics, controlled oposion. They all work for the same team.


    People, wrongly, say that the biggest trick the devil ever pulled was that he convinced people that he is not real.


    No, the biggest trick he ever pulled was that he tricked people into worshiping him as their "God".



    Jesus was murdered by the Jewish authorities....


    The story of God sacrificing his only son was a way to take power and ownership over what the Jews did..... and thus make the murder of Jesus actually beneficial.


    But just imagine if the Jews hadn't killed Jesus and had accepted him as their messiah, and we had a righteous and holy King of Israel who was God incarnate...


    Humanity would now be living in a heaven on Earth...literally...and we would all have learned to do the things Jesus could do.


    But sadly.....on this planet....God is not the 'Prince of this World'...... 


    Something else is.


    Something which hates God and has taught many people to be of the mind.









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  17. 29 minutes ago, XelNaga said:

    If by "God" you mean Abrahamic one (yahweh, allah), well than, he himself is an evil warlord, waging war against us.


    Would you rather be sacrificing your first-born son in the midnight grove? Or your daughter forced to prostitute herself at the local temple to the female goddess... Because that was what you had before the Abrahamics....


    It's not the Abrahamic God waging war against any of us....... It's his adversary..... I would have thought that was obvious by now.



  18. There is no shame in posting Daily Mail articles....it's only shitlibs who get snooty about it.


    However Daily Mail is a gatekeeper....... they publish stories about mass immigration and migrant crime.......then the next day they demonise the Nationalist parties who are the only ones wanting to actually address the issue...


    The best thing about the Daily Mail is the readers...... the comments section is always or at least...for the most part..... encouraging.... most people 'get it'.


    There are very few issues where they revert to 'brainwashed 'Joe Normie' mode.... but very few.... and only really the most edgy or far-out stuff that we might take for granted for the average Normie.

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  19. Since you were at a temple for two years did you not get into meditation?


    Did you ever do Zen type meditation?


    I found doing that I discovered the existence of my soul... it was very clear to me....once you close or turn down the activity of the brain....something else is revealed to you....your true self and a higher  inner reality...which, if you keep at the meditation and go deeper you find it is actually more vast than this one.... in fact this reality is all contained inside the higher reality.....


    Obviously to us this universe appears so big but that is only because our human perspective is so small.....time and space are illusions which the higher self with a limitless perspective, can transcend.... although the physical body cannot since it is inside this world....our mind is beyond it however.


  20. Well... to be fair materialistic.....humanism..... are all synonyms for atheism....


    That's not a dig..... you're entitled to your beliefs.... or lack thereof...


    It's just so we both know where we are coming from...... and of course some of our views will be irreconcilable... which is why it's good to know where we are starting from....


    To better understand the opinion of the other...


    But I may have slightly misread you.... you may have some nascent undefined spiritual beliefs... or feelings or you may not.... again, you are amply entitled to believe as you wish.

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