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  1. That's just dreadful...... seems like only yesterday he was on the Alex Jones show...... it's highly suspicious. It's all just too convenient that the good guys die young while the evil seem to live forever....
  2. Well..... the topic is 'My Experience' and since Origin has stepped in claiming some kind of 'experience' i's only right that he be asked to say more...particularly since he claims some kind of 'higher knowledge'. Such claims, if they are to be made also need to be defended. But I see there's nothing there in any case.....So I'll probably not waste any more time with it.
  3. What you did there is claim some superior knowledge, and used what you consider other people's lack of knowledge as a way of you not having to substantiate your claims.... I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. It's a clever three card monte con you've worked out......but I'll move on now thanks.
  4. Another poster called you a Riddler.... I'm afraid I agree..... No doubt you have experienced 'something'.... but you have let it go to your head and decided to lock it up as a private treasure in your own heart..... But there is not only one universe....your universe....there are 8 billion of them....and everyone one of us is an observer, unconsciously or consciously shaping their reality....and there are many people who have peered behind the curtain.....and many different ways to deal with this revelation.... Yours is the private treasure approach....... that is not my approach. Even when your sense of what is real, the 'old real' breaks down....the new real will shift and change to accommodate the character of the individual. So when I was asking you for your insights.... I only wanted to hear some of the markers and sign-posts of the experience..... that many of us might be familiar with...... your conclusions and interpretations of the experience will likely be quite different from other people however... since we all have our mental filters and inclinations even at our core-levels of being.
  5. You seem to have imposed a rigid belief system on yourself. Without being a pedant your post has a lot of negatives....and in general I find this is the case with your posts.... Meaningless,,,,, no one...can influence anything... Your thoughts and words are a choice you have made...or at least a path you have chosen to follow.....they are not absolutes.
  6. One could form a hypothesis about the true nature of God being energy and that the different Gods and Goddess of the ancient world were just different forms and concentrations of energy. Nut is an embodiment of the quantum vacuum energy of space in which the Earth lies cradled, as if nurtured within some great cosmic womb, and hence the feminine aspect of ‘night’. The vacuum is an energy field which allows the propagation of light and energy cannot travel without a medium. The presence of the Goddess lies within the vibrating field of the positronic and anti-particles which scientists now believe give the vacuum its reality and creates ‘space’ as we know it, that is distance and separation. The energy of the Goddess Nut is physically manifested as the constant creation and annihilation of matter and antimatter pairs of particles which presumably creates a vibration or lateral 4 dimensional pulse which is the nature of the underlying zero point energy of the universe. A constant ripple throughout the whole universe like an endless black sea upon which light itself travels in its eternal frozen moment, a bright instant of light and energy like an intergalactic superhighway, ferrying consciousness and the souls of the myriad beings surfing the sea of the Duat.
  7. I knew you'd cop out. Sorry but you're out of order coming here claiming to know something, have an insight... teasing some kind of special knowledge....then clamming up. I'm only trying to be friendly.... but I don't like the game you're playing. It's attention seeking....but when there's nothing of substance behind, except hints and innuendos.......and a certain 'high-handedness'.....then it's just wasting everyone's time..... If you are going to claim 'knowledge' as a way to displace other people's views on certain topics...then you are duty bound to make good on those claims.... someone,, ie. me, is going to call your bluff. It's a shame you do not feel you can articulate something of meaning. It isn't asking much either....surely that's what most of us are here for. On the forum as well as on Earth itself.
  8. Alright.... this is your stage. What do you know?
  9. I saw a talk in London some years ago by crop-circle guru and general new-age bullshitter Palden Jenkins... He recommended people go into a crop circle and 'open themselves' up to contact. He also admitted to me and my friend that he advises the Bilderbergers...... Why would a new-age crop circle and aliens guru be involved with a secret group devoted to world government? Join the dots....
  10. I have directly experienced these beings.... I assume you haven't....... otherwise you would be a little more apprehensive. It's easy for people to talk in fluffy terms about a fantasy which they will never experience, like seeing a tiger in a cage..... you have no real experience or interaction with that tiger...... but that all changes if the cage were to open.... Your opinion of the tiger would be suddenly very different.
  11. You've seen inter-dimensional beings.... Problem is they're not aliens....they're demons.... Seeing them is not a good sign. We're not supposed to see them.......but the Illuminati talk to them...... and these beings are the ones presently destroying and degrading humanity and this planet...... My advice would be to do whatever you can to get these things out of your reality....... They are not good for you......... they are evil and they will do anything to invade and destroy our reality on an individual person by person level as well as on a global level.
  12. Imprisoned for exercising his democratic rights and challenging the corrupt...... Seems these days they can make up anything and make it stick...... How the hell did our system fail so badly so quickly.... My bet is the whole police and court system is full of paedophiles and this is how perverts scumbags like to rule..... because they fear exposure.
  13. Real fascism coming from the place you'd least expect it.... This is the kind of thing you'd hear abut in despotic authoritarian regimes like Turkey and China.... an y
  14. Another one was the Freddie Mercury tribute concert..... it was a big event and everyone loved it...... there was a time as a kid when I listened to Guns N Roses version of knocking on heaven's door nonstop..... But why a big worldwide tribute concert with international acts for one dead pop star?? What made him so special? Of course it was solely because he was gay and died of aid.... if it had been any other mega star who had died who wasn't gay and didn't die of aids there'd be no concert. It was propaganda to make us all feel sorry/guity/in awe of dead gay blokes with aids... No doubt Mercury was talented and Queen a slick band..... but the whole thing was political with a long term agenda in mind which we are now having to deal with.... Namely gay cultural and moral supremacy over the rest of us and our values. Same with immigrants and Muslims... their cultural values trump ours.... One day it will be paedos too we have to bow down to. Might seem unlikely but no one would have believed 'transgendered' would be deified 10 years ago.
  15. True, but in a way Live Aid was deeply political and planned to undermine the West by making us all feel somehow morally responsible for Africans and their inability to govern themselves and feed their own people.... the end result of course is mass immigration and the replacement of white culture, values and people themselves... with the poor down-trodden African who for some reason it is our duty to feed, house, educate.... just so they can join criminal gangs, sell drugs and murder each other in our once great cities.
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