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  1. At my work many peoples got sick after vax. Some colleagues can’t feel all smells, but no one have total deformation of smells. Someone got problems with health, but i can’t approve that is from injection, but it can be. One woman started to limp after vax, but she want to do revax.
  2. Thank you! I will learn more about it, buy it tomorrow.
  3. I use essential oils, sometimes I fell better, sometimes worse. I eat hot pepper, maybe it helps, I don’t know. I will learn more about shots of apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper shots, sepia (a homeopathic remedy), oregano oil, nat mur tissue salts, vitamin B12. Thank you!
  4. Hello to everyone! I was between many vaxed people and got sick. Now i thing it could be some poisonous substance or gas, witch destroys the nerves, or infection from vaxed peoples. It was like a common cold or flu, but with horrible pain in palms and soles. I lost a sense of smell and taste (sour, sweet, salty, bitter didn’t fell). Sense of smell little by little returned, the taste returned at first sweet. I ate spicy things and felt only sweetness. 3 months after illness the chicken started to smell rotten. And my memory is lost, I couldn’t call to mind nothing and forgot simple words and names (now my memory is ok). After 4 months an onion, a bell pepper, eggs, a chicken and meat started smell very bad. Now 7 months after illness and everything smells very very bad! I can’t cook the food - everything warm smells terrible, hard to brush teeth - the toothpaste smells too. During 6 months after illness i sweated sometimes at night, now it stopped. I can eat cold rice, salted fish, salad, spinach, cold oatmeal, water and something cold food with a nose that I close with arm. I took vitamines D, C, zinc, folic acid. Earlier parosmia could be in epileptics, that’s why I think, it can be something that destroys the nerves. One man tell me that memory loss could be of himtrails or 5g. Is someone of you met this problem (parosmia)? I don’t know that to do. Sorry for mistakes.
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