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  1. 16 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:




    What happened to Russians and why is the value of life so cheap?

    The woman receive money for this words, I think. Who went to this demonstration? It was Friday, people work on fridays. Propaganda. Maybe she is stupid, watching a lot of TV and brainwashed.

    But about alcoholism it’s very very strange. This is Moscow, not countryside, and here people work and earn money, not drink. Here a lot of entertainment, activities, sport grounds, people are busy, most of them lead a healthy lifestyle. Russians don’t drink a lot. Only in countryside, there no work, no entertainments, no perspective, the only entertainment is to drink. 

  2. 13 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    before i pulled my kid out of school, in his year of 60 kids there were 10-15 on the autistic spectrum.

    thats 1 in 6 to 1 in 4.

    apply that to every year in every school and thats a lot.

    classes are full of spectrum kids wearing earmuffs

    and you wonder how are they going to get on in the real world

    That's a lot of kids! I´m 30 and then I was at school it wasn't like that, but everyone was vaccinated. Maybe before they used to add less poison to vaccines. I also remember that in the past, many vaccines gave lifelong immunity, they said. And now they say that you need revax after 10 years of all. Maybe something in the food and water added. 

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  3. Sorry for off topic.

    1. The vaccines for cats and dogs are bad for their health? I never made them, but I want to live in the house, not appartement. Foxes, rats will not be dangerous for my pets? 
    2. And what about for another vax for people? Not cov. I made them many in my childhood. Or were they better before?

  4. 4 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    1. they have to tell us what they are up to- hence entertainment/ news etc

    2. they need our permission based on our own free will ( if it is about soul stealing or similar)


    When all this shit with the cov started I thought it was about money - they wanted to do world crisis and make rich people richer and make us poorer, make a lot of money from vax, masks. But all countries acted the same. They scared people, made them obedient, they told that unvax people are very dangerous and all troubles from them. Families and friends quarreled. Tv and «experts» say that you are smart and educated if you vaxed, too silly and marginal people don’t understand nothing (unvaxed of course). They fired us from work, they brainwashed people to hate unvaxed. But! They need our permission. It was very strange for me. That we are agree to take vax, take all risks from vax. It’s not about lawsuits. It’s something else. Something I don’t know about. I don’t know about soul stealing because they say us that this is fairy tail, I’m an ordinary person and all strange things in my life i tried to not notice. But now I think that the world is not the same as we were taught.

  5. On 7/25/2022 at 2:38 PM, zarkov said:

    I have heard that some are allergic to insect chitin.

    The following vid suggests that bugs are a substantial vector for parasites.



    Insects do not appear to be a solution in my opinion.


    I had a lizard from nature, and it ate crickets. Crickets smell very bad, everyday I  had to clean their waste because my eyes watered. Crickets need to eat protein, otherwise they will eat each other and not grow/reproduce. 
    Common problem of lizards from nature is parasites that are transmitted through insects. 
    Crickets from shop without many parasites like from nature, but all terrariumists know that you need to wash your hands after insects and lizards. Every insect is a vector of parasites. 
    Shrimps, crayfish and dust mite they cause allergies of chitin. Crickets maybe too. 

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  6. On 7/16/2022 at 10:51 PM, Saved said:

    It's been a good year for bees in Birmingham - I've seen them everywhere in large numbers. However, I've only seen two or three wasps. Usually, they are everywhere but there didn't seem to be many last year and next to none this summer.

    This year in Russia (European part) I didn’t see wasp. No one. Very strange. But the weather was cold in early summer and spring, maybe it’s bad for wasps. 

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  7. @beneiadian i never heard about ascension, but if you have thoughts about suicide, I think it’s a problem. You need to care about yourself, need daily regime, do something - cook the food for yourself or someone, take a shower, walk, do some sport exercices (it is very important!), clean up of house. Do what you can, don't overdo, but do something and live. I like the example in the book “A Street Cat Named Bob”. The man began to take care of the cat, took responsibility of someone else and he conquered his addiction. Maybe you need to take care of someone - a cat or a dog. Maybe your living conditions is bad - toxic people, terrible view from the window, small room. You need to change it, if it is like that and if it possible. 
    We all made and make mistakes, we need to forgive ourselves, learn lessons and live on. I hope you will better. 

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  8. On 7/6/2022 at 3:12 PM, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Привет Catherine,  welcome to the D.I forum 👍  I've translated the website you recommended, cuz I'm jolly nice like that. 😉 
    if you need to translate anything from Russian to English then I found this, which might be helpful:



    Just copy and paste the URL of the website and it will translate everything from any language to english.

    Thank you, @sickofallthebollocks! I didn't know about this function, it’s very helpful. 
    No, I haven’t read this book. I heard that it is connected with a sect, I don’t know this is true or not. But in 1990 were a lot of scammers, people gave them their property. Is it book good? You recommend it?

    Thank you, and you have a good day too.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    If anyone is around the same age as me (59) what was the injection they gave out in secondary schools that left an ugly scar on the upper arm ? I can't remember.

    Bacillus Calmette—Guérin, BCG or smallpox?

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  10. On 6/3/2022 at 9:28 PM, Itsjaybigjay said:

    there actual build quality however is pretty terrible with poor quality injection molded cases and awful PCBs with traces that lift as soon as they see a soldering iron.

    It is very strange. TV, radio, cameras photo, oscilloscope and other special devices 70-80 is very good quality and assembling, and easy to repair.

  11. 28 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    It's debatable whether Perestroika deception is real, but why wouldn't he want Russia to be strong like in the Soviet days? The same can be said for some Russian citizens that still fly the hammer and sickle. I doubt they're all commies, they probably just romanticize the days when Russia was powerful.

    He wants strong Russia, maybe. But I’m not sure. He wants Russian empire and say “Soviet Union” only for citizens, because in USSR people received a free quality education, free medical care, free appartements, free resorts, sanatoriums, free kindergarten etc. Of course, people want it, but they never get it. 

  12. 7 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Two days after the attack on Ukraine, the Russian news agency RIA accidentally published an op-ed already celebrating the victory and talking about a "new world order". Now the author of the text speaks up again - with more disturbing theses.


    The Russian news agency RIA Novosti sees the future of their country in a return of the Soviet Union. After the end of "hostilities," as the state agency calls the war, there will be neither Ukraine nor Russia as we know it today, according to an article entitled "The Russia of the Future - Forward, in the USSR". According to author Pyotr Akopov, "the post-Soviet transitional period" is over, as is the "time of ambiguities". "We will live again in the USSR, but not in the one that the anti-Soviets fear or that the communists dream of. No, we are beginning to build a just, solidary and sovereign Russia."


    Just two days after the war began, RIA had made headlines around the world with another article by the same author. On February 26, the agency inadvertently published an op-ed by Akopov prepared in case of a Russian victory in Ukraine. "The advance of Russia and the new world," read the text. In it, Akopov wrote that "Russia's military operation" in Ukraine had ushered in a new era. The author spoke, among other things, of an alleged new world order. Russia has shown that the time of "Western global dominance" is over.


    "The Two Great Civilizations"


    The current article also talks about a new world order. "The most important thing we're missing and the only thing we really need to learn from foreigners is the idea of Russia as the center of the world," Akopov claims. This is no pride, no arrogance and no "chauvinism of a great power," it continues. "Our thinking must become Russocentric," demands the RIA commentator.


    Here he cites China as a role model, because according to Akopov's idea, the Chinese perceive the whole world as a peripheral region of the Middle Kingdom. "And if our worldview becomes similar, that is, national, it will only strengthen mutual understanding with our neighbor and make the alliance between the two great civilizations much stronger than it was in Soviet times," he says, referring to China.


    "Atone for the collapse of the Soviet Union"


    Akopov describes "post-Soviet state capitalism" as the "greatest weakness of the outgoing Russia." The nouveau riche's ideological dependence on the West has led them to despise their own people, writes Akopov. That's why he sees the effect of the sanctions against Russia as positive: "Many representatives of the 'elite' simply fled abroad. Putin very aptly described this as a natural and necessary process of our society's self-cleansing," writes Akopov, referring to a speech by the Kremlin chief March 16 , in which he defended the military operation in Ukraine with harsh words.


    In the new Russia, justice is becoming the new socio-economic order in which the worker, the creator, the engineer, the inventor is rewarded - "someone who creates something instead of packaging it up and selling it on," explains the RIA journalist. Akopov is sure: "The spirit of Russian history, the spirit of our ancestors gives us the chance not only to atone for the collapse of the Soviet Union, but to correct it through creation, through the rebirth of a great Russia".


    RIA Novosti is one of the largest news agencies in Russia. Her website is the most quoted Russian medium on social networks.




    Haha😂 Putin hates USSR, he loves Russian Empire before revolution, then people were uneducated, poor and obedient. 
    «In the new Russia, justice is becoming the new socio-economic order in which the worker, the creator, the engineer, the inventor is rewarded” - no, this will never be. This is only for people, who trust the government. 

  13. 6 minutes ago, jack121 said:

    North Korea has 15 more deaths, hundreds of thousands of additional patients with fevers, as it mobilises more than a million health and other workers to try to suppress the country’s first convid outbreak.

    The outbreak has triggered concern about a crisis in North Korea because most of the country’s 26 million people are  unvaccinated

    Some sexperts say North Korea might suffer fatalities if it does not immediately receive outside shipments of vaccines, medicines and other medical supplies - Pharma bosses are delighted at the news, and are eager to help.

    North Korea has imposed a lockdown to fight the alleged virus. That could fuck up the country’s economy, which has suffered in years due to reduced trade caused by pandemic border shutdowns, UN economic sanctions over its nuclear programme.

    North Korea previously refused millions of doses of vaccines offered bill gates' Covax  amid speculation it was concerned about possible side-effects of vaccines or international monitoring requirements attached to the jabs - Big pharama bosses were not so happy at this news.





    Why is North Korea say about this virus now? Is it political move? Do they want get millions $ from vaccines?

  14. 12 hours ago, sock muppet said:


    Try also antihistamines (hay fever tablets), there is evidence that these reduce the effects of the poison, i have long held the idea that it is the body attacking itself with whatever was introduced into the environment and consequently ingested into the body, antihistamines will suppress the bodies immune system and should relieve symptoms, just a suggestion though and always consult your Doctor that you trust.

    Thank you. I don’t trust the doctors now, all of them make have the vax and they agitate others to do vax. They have many money on convid and don’t want to stop. 

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  15. 12 hours ago, SimonTV said:


    Did you ever do one of those invasive PCR tests? My theory is that the way they administer those PCR tests causes loss of smell. Takes about 10 months go come back.

    I had PCR before illness, but not in the nose, in the mouth.
    PCR after 4 months, but parosmia started earlier. Maybe parosmia get worse after PCR in nose. 
    It’s very strange, why so many people loss the smell. 

  16. 12 hours ago, BioticBot said:

    I suffer parasmia.


    The general consensus is that it was covid induced.


    But, my parasmia symptoms came on suddenly a few months after having a positive covid antigen test - so, why the gap?


    My parasmia came on about the same time as the booster roll out - I have wondered if it's somehow related to that.

    However, when the test said I had covid. I had the worst, most bunged up nose/sinus I've ever had, along with really nasty night sweats, headache, and insomnia. 

    When I was finally able to blow my nose, it was laced with small blood stains.

    So, it does seem plausible that the severe inflammation in the nose/sinus area is involved. It is plausible for nerve endings to become damaged.


    What makes me think this isn't the only factor involved is that the parasmia symptoms came on suddenly - if it were gradual nerve damage, I would expect to notice a gradual, worsening parasmia. But, I did not.

    The amount of traction faux-meat etc has gotten recently is suspicious though, isn't it?


    I mean is it really that outlandish to consider that the investers of faux-meat products might also want to invest in a bio-weapon designed to make their products a solution? Like how a tyre fitting company might accidentally drop a few nails on the road?



    I had the worst sinusitis too. My parosmia came after 3 months after illness, and it’s getting worse with time. After 6 months i felt better and ate meat, at the next day i got worse, and now i can’t eat anything, almost everything smells very bad. 
    Faux meat is very bad, I bought food with it by accident - it was faux fish with many unhealthy additive.

    Yes, maybe it is biological weapon, we are can’t eat meat, faux meat we don’t want to buy, they make us buy and eat it. 
    How long you have parosmia?

  17. On 5/13/2022 at 5:13 PM, DaleP said:


    When a spirit or people would like to call such as demonic being attaches themselves, your taste, smell and preferance of food can change.

    Jab is a way to make it vulnerable to such attacks.


    You gave me information for think. I have remembered that i made holy communion and after it the chicken started to smell bad.

    And yes, I have changed. My depression is gone (i never took antidepressants), i became self-confident, i can talk with people and i don’t worry, 6 month after illness I didn't catch a cold from the conditioner, i didn’t have any pain in my body. 6 months something be in me (virus or something else), i sweated a lot at night sometimes. My love for my pets is gone, they annoyed me, but i spend time with them because i thought that i should take care of them and I shouldn't get annoyed, but it was very hard. When i prayer i'm trying to imagine that God protect me, but I can’t imagine that now, i don’t know why. 
    After 6 months the sweat is over, i have cold of conditioner and pain is returned. 
    If I get it from vaxed peoples, now i know why government wants revax after 6 months, maybe something in vax work during 6 months. 
    And if I get demonic spirit of vax peoples, what I must to do? I’m going to do holy communion again, maybe it helps. 

  18. On 5/13/2022 at 3:56 AM, jack121 said:


    BJ is now talking about building a new infrastructure and new technonlogy matrix to control britain. " We need to change everything to get through this "

    He is calling for mass surveilance cameras to be placed on streets to " control crime " But all of this could be used to watch the people and control what you do and where you go.

    He is calling for highly skilled jobs in the I.T. industry - Well someone's got to man and service all of these new cameras.

    And he wants to lower energy costs by switching to solar.

    Sound  familiar




    Is in Britain there are not cameras everywhere now? With face identification? I thought in London many cameras. 

  19. 20 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

    Has anyone else noticed that drivers stop in the middle of the road and, it would seem, just stare into space for half a minute before moving off again. Could this be a coincidence happening only to me, or something else?


    I saw that too, but I thought that they look at their smartphones and don’t respect no one. Maybe they see something, heavy traffic of cars therefore I can't always see their faces. 

  20. On 5/13/2022 at 9:38 PM, DaleP said:

    Speaking from experience

    Yes, physical characteristics can also change. Some people do it on purpose to make them more beautiful desirable, etc win, win. funny

    The spirit again tastes the taste of the physical world, and the person gets what he wants ... win, win. funny

    The spirit again tastes the taste of the physical world, and the person gets what he wants ...Speaking from experience


    You want to say that I have spirit in my body? I didn’t do vax, but before illness is started, bad things happened in life and i was very vulnerable (I don’t know the word - I mean I was very weak). 

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