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  1. How far Humanity has come , and how far some will sink ! ... You just know that BoJo is holding the other end of the rope ;)
  2. This is a good one , need to keep this thread going !
  3. Really good one , why can't people open their eyes
  4. Knowing that there are actually others out there who will figjt against tyranny as it is flung at us , I just wish that we would of all put a pot of money together 30 years ago. At least we could have supplies to start abain ajd defend ourselves.
  5. Sounds like kryptonite lol , but on a serious note , do you not think that it would have been mined or brought to the point where they own all of the weapon that could kill them ? , does your friend have any historical sources showing a certain stone being used against a reptillian creature ?
  6. Genetically Edited” Food . they have been talking of this for ages , it's sad that people can not see what is going on. Bill Gates wants us all to eat synthetic meat while buying the farmland , wanting to block out the sun with chalk and depopulate.. but we are the "crazy" conspiracy theorists ?
  7. What sort of spirituality are you in to ?
  8. Its great to see that so many people are waking up and that there are those who have been slugging it out for all of these years trying to warn everyone else. Thank you for all of your hard work and integrity .. keep fighting the good fight !
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