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  1. Maybe 90% effective at slowly killing?
  2. My ex literally never had cold or flu during all the years of child raising. All of us could be sick and he wouldn't be. He claimed his secret was marijuana. It certainly was not because he lived a healthy lifestyle. He died fairly young.
  3. Another reason not to take the vaccine: an increase in HIV in men. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)32156-5/fulltext
  4. I never could understand people that think a baby is the punishment God gives a woman for the sin of fornication. Why then are men not punished by God as well?
  5. Covid Camp in Canada. Yes, they are real and waiting for people! https://portageonline.com/local/mmf-camp-covid-ready-for-use?fbclid=IwAR203CoGL-gx1nH8ReDg5Hi5V9QlfhUL_7QVHJs0T8kPwQa_Q_t1DTLLGDo#.X5zhHybnfCW.facebook
  6. A friend of mine's mother, age 89 has tested positive. She has no symptoms at all.
  7. The video worked for me, but doesn't Trudeau seem like he's drunk all the time these days. And all he says is, don't question us, trust us to take care of you, and obey what we say. My point in posting this was just to show the governments reaction to being called out on it.
  8. I am certainly not standing up for Trudeau, and I think very little of him but then again I think most politicians are complete dickheads. He's a not very intelligent puppet for the UN. And nothing would surprise me with what they have planned. On Facebook there is a video of a guy from the Manitoba Metis league who is proudly giving a tour of the isolation camp they are building in the woods. The place looks awful, and why are they building a fence around it, and why in the world would you place a bunch of people in such crowded conditions to isolate together, with shared bathrooms, if there really was this deadly virus that some of the people there could have. Not only is it a stupid idea, the conditions there look worse than a prison.
  9. People in these developing countries are going to be paying dearly in future years for this. As if they already don't owe so much to the World Bank that they will be even more impoverished in the future.
  10. I don't know if it's true but someone said that the original posting came from Godlike productions.
  11. Please, there is no proof of this being anything more than a hoax. It is going viral and all it's doing is amping up the fear. I did as much research as I could yesterday, and found no evidence that such a planning committee even exists. The motivation for creating such a hoax could be to increase fear, or it could be to increase political animosity towards the present government by the opposition. Only time will tell how much of this supposed plan is real but most of the middle class property owners are not going to be affected by the Covid measures, it's the low income workers in the service industry who are suffering most. So it seems like a pretty poor plan to get people to give up their property.
  12. Amazon also owns nearly half the servers on the internet. Now think about how they benefit financially from the lockdowns, and not only through their store.
  13. A small positive move here happened. Bars were closed down on Monday then the government turned around and reopened them on Tuesday. Mind you the rules in the bar make it not fun, but I guess it is better than nothing.
  14. If this whole scenario is true, then the person who is the whistleblower should just do the correct thing and come forward publicly with it. Show the Canadian public the proof that that this is what Justin Trudeau has planned, otherwise the information is completely worthless. Anyone with integrity would.
  15. Have you seen his wife Hilde? She is the really evil looking one of the pair. I could picture her as head guard at a concentration camp.
  16. From a Canadian- there is absolutely no proof that this isn't just something anyone can make up and share to social media. And then it grows and grows...
  17. I looked up flu cases in Canada. Mysteriously they dipped to "exceptionally" low levels on the weeks that Covid cases started being reported. My own province stopped recording flu cases completely. Pretty suspicious.
  18. Who needs privacy? Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/11/shopping-i-can-t-really-remember-what-that-is/
  19. We already have this. Its called being poor and "socially excluded." You will be called a bad person, you will be unable to get a good job, unable to improve your credit so you will never be able to improve your situation. Your children won't attend good schools, you won't be able to travel, afford decent internet, and you will be bullied off internet dating sites. The only thing left is to put your face up on a screen in public.
  20. They don't want women to ever feel happy about our bodies and their functions that are unique to female humans and no one else. This is all part of the degradation of pregnancy and child nurturing in order to turn women away from being happy wives and mothers, thus contributing to depopulation and freeing them up to be worker slaves. Thus men don't require good family wages, and women having reached "equity" with men don't either. Agenda 2030.
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