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  1. I watched a few minutes of a Dateline NBC program about the vaccines. A doctor on there says that after being vaccinated, precautions against spreading the virus must still be taken because the vaccine doesn't prevent you from infecting someone else!

    Interestingly, the episode was tagged as #crime #murder #mystery.

  2. 11 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    All part of the plan to herd us into megacities, nature will eventually just be for the elites. People will use technology more for escapism, like VR for example.



    Not sure, but we'll no doubt eat less. Urban smart farms will probably start becoming more common. Bugs too, but that's going to be hard to normalize.


    They will herd what is left of us. If you look at these rewilding web sites they advocate getting rid of about 5 or 6 billion people in the very near future. Even though they say they just advocate for smaller families and contraception there is no way that the population can be reduced so much without mass death.


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  3. 2 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    You think that's bad? Watch this:



    I remember when I was in first grade we had diptheria cases in our school. The only action taken was to swab every kids' throat and that was the end of it. Covid is less harmful to children than influenza and they rarely show symptoms or spread it, according to the "experts."

  4. 4 hours ago, northern star said:


    As with my post above, once you realise a Maxwell was crucially involved with the creation of the internet, and see the demonic schemes dating back two centuries, and where we are now, you cant help thinking a truly evil cabal had it all planned out. This isnt something which is happening quickly - it has to be done, as David Icke says, by totalitarian tiptoe. I keep saying, George Orwell didnt call his book 1984 for nothing - he was an insider who knew thats when they wanted to bring in the New World Order. Only resistance and awareness from comparatively small groups of people, like us here, stopped it happening then - a spanner in the works, slowing it all down. Same goes for Agenda 21, thats the year they want this all to kick in. Just look at the anti-vaxx and freedom movement, they are really trying to shut it down. Its not part of the plan. Thats not what they want, because they want the majority on the side of the vaccine and any awakening is a threat to it.


    And the brilliance of their plan is, once they set it up, they dont have to do anything. They just sit back and let the people act like sheepdogs, policing each other. And its working. Look how many people, pointed out in another post, know intelligent people, friends and family, who are thinking the vaccination will save humanity, and are prepared to attack or ostracise anyone who doesnt have it. The brilliance of the peoples' plan is not going for it, resisting, raising awareness. This is brinkmanship, and we are at the cusp, at this time in human history, to see which way the people go.


    The planet is under huge threat from over-population and its impact on our eco-systems, but mainly because its managed badly, and poverty is deliberate. If girls were educated in the third world, and therefore prospered more, population would decrease naturally. If people had less children, something they successfully brought in in China, in a hundred years the earth's population would be down to 3billion. It could be done in a humane, civilsed way, not a cull.





    Population control was hardly humane in China. There were plenty of forced abortions, infanticides and forced insertion of IUDs in women that were impossible to remove because they had no strings.

  5. 26 minutes ago, Alnitak said:

    Mark my words lock down 3 will happen in January from


    1) The symptoms of those that have the flu vaccine (which will create a positive PCR Test)

    2) The deaths caused in the elderly by the new vax for Cv  19 which is going to be used on them regardless of the effects of the flu vax on them and will have been adminstered on them within weeks of each other.


    This will all happen in early January as it is not likely many of them will get the CV vax before Christmas but more likely just after.


    I think what will happen is going to be  horrific and i think the care homes are going to see the impact badly. The deaths will be marked off as CV and no one will say it is from the vax. I feel bad to have come to this conclusion but i think this will happen and if anyone can get their relatives out of the care homes they must do so now.


    Younger people that have the CV vax will seem ok but the effect of exterior electrical and magnetic forces should be watched closely. The ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine includes some lipids that may include nanoparticles.



    Yes, this is happening here. There is a nurse here who says they are giving the elderly in care homes a super strong version of the flu vaccine and they are dying after. They are all marked as covid deaths, even though none have the severe respiratory symptoms.

  6. 3 hours ago, Sexpistol50 said:

    Talking about Vaccines what's Kill Gates been up to lately?  he has been very quiet considering all the media attention about the Vaccines.

    Here he is, moved on to other topics. He seems to be growing a horn or someone hit him in the head with something.



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  7. Will the media ever stop their blatant lying.


    I was listening to a podcast from the WEF. You won't believe the gleeful happiness these characters are feeling at having pulled off the Great Reset. It has already happened, apparently, in early 2020- it was clearly stated that Covid is the Great Reset. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, Beaujangles said:

    I am in Canada. I dont see any of that as yet. Which areas are you referring to

    Here are a few links. It's like they are trying to get us used to the idea. To manufacture consent before implementation.







  9. 10 hours ago, Velma said:


    From their own ingredients they admit, in a word, that their vaccine will create a CHIMERA!


    The billion dollar question is, what are the other species? Part lion, part goat, part serpent?



    The Ch in ChAdOx1 is an abbreviation for chimpanzee, I am not kidding.

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  10. 4 hours ago, jesuitsdidit said:




    geee I wonder why Canada is stocking up on GUILLOTINES?











    Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines (45045-190091/A)

    The Government of Canada needs products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.

    Learn how to supply a needed product or service

    Tender Notice


    Publishing status


    Publication date
    Amendment date
    Date closing
    2020/06/18 14:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


    Reference number
    Solicitation number
    Region of delivery
    National Capital Region



    Actually a programmable hydraulic guillotine is a heavy duty paper cutter.

  11. What is even the motivation to get the¬†vaccine. It says right on the World Economic Forum that¬†"building trust in a COVID-19 vaccine will be essential for the ‚Äúgreat reset‚ÄĚ to a new normal."

    So we never get our old lives back no matter what.

    It also says on the topic "Internet of things" that we will have implantable IoT devices inside our bodies. And we are called crazy conspiracy theorists for suggesting that. 


    On the same topic, I am sent surveys after signing up and they are great for getting an idea about what the policy makers have on their minds. Yesterday I was sent one that said: "This project aims to understand the point of view of citizens living in Canadian cities regarding possible changes to land use and built environments in residential neighbourhoods. Besides questions on things about rooftop gardens and bicycle corridors, closing off streets to traffic, etc., they are planning to change "green spaces" to accommodate physical distancing. So I guess this really is forever. They want to set up sanitizer stations in playgrounds. With socially distanced swings  and slides of course.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Noctua said:

    I would really like to know whether this is just a Western Hemipshere/Austrailia/NZ phenomenom or is it truly global?  Difficult to tell as news only ever concentrates on the local, and the local is always covid statistics.


    What is it like in Aruba?  What is it like in Mombasa, Kenya?  What it is like in Luxor, Egypt?

    What about Reykjavik?


    Are their supermarkets also on the tanoy express to depression?  Hand sanitizer stations?


    This is - according to WHO - a pandemic.  That is by the very definition global. 


    So why is every news article I read, see or hear so very western-centric?


    Global news (news in general) has disappeared.

    People are starting to starve in the developing countries. They are made to stop working but they don't get unemployment checks. I guess they can just add them to the "covid linked deaths." I don't imagine there will be much in the news about it.

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