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  1. No, that's an insult to reptiles.
  2. We already have this. Its called being poor and "socially excluded." You will be called a bad person, you will be unable to get a good job, unable to improve your credit so you will never be able to improve your situation. Your children won't attend good schools, you won't be able to travel, afford decent internet, and you will be bullied off internet dating sites. The only thing left is to put your face up on a screen in public.
  3. They don't want women to ever feel happy about our bodies and their functions that are unique to female humans and no one else. This is all part of the degradation of pregnancy and child nurturing in order to turn women away from being happy wives and mothers, thus contributing to depopulation and freeing them up to be worker slaves. Thus men don't require good family wages, and women having reached "equity" with men don't either. Agenda 2030.
  4. i have noticed in the last few years that physicians spend the appointment facing a computer and typing on it. I figure that they are probably on Webmd. Why even bother.
  5. Wearable technology is being developed so no need for a cell phone!
  6. Yes but I have given up and now I will just keep it to myself.
  7. Why would you need a mask when there is already a wall in between you?
  8. Yeah it's all getting exhausting isn't it, now that "a few weeks" has turned into years probably. On the positive, people seem to be waking up more. I don't want to leave my house any more and see those damn masks. Even my nature walk has been ruined with signs everywhere to social distance.
  9. My daughter needs medical tests but they are requesting that a mask be worn. Now she won't go.
  10. I think we should just have fun with it. Make it like Halloween everyday.
  11. Someone else's body is no one else's business. Anymore than someone should be able to tell you that you have to get a vaccination to save other people's lives.
  12. Oh I am so sick of the Karen insults. Because my real name is guess what. It's not fair how internet culture has a ruined perfectly good name. I am forced to change my name. At first it was a little amusing but now that it is going on and on for a really extended time and it is really bordering on malicious.
  13. The media has said that covid can mimic allergy symptoms, which of course are very common in the spring months. They are also burning or spraying something here as the sky has a haze. I think they are trying to induce symptoms here in people because we almost clear of cases and it is becoming very difficult to enforce all the rules when there is no sick people.
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