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  1. Thank you , I do honestly know how to spell shadow , but I realised the mistake when it was too late , my grammar is not the best anyway , but I will forever be seen as illiterate ;-)
  2. The Elite tell us that they want us to eat synthetic meat & we face a insect apocalypse , Bill gates is trying to block out the sun , but nothing going on at all !
  3. it just doesn't seem right that the elite just slip every now and again. they surely have technology that is better than we do and they have access to actual children .. why have an incriminating laptop ?
  4. I have always wondered this myself , I done some paid surveys for a while and they would make me look at a dot on the screen while something else would pop up in the corner, they would make me watch distressing images and then watch blocks fall .. all sorts , UK's channel 4 has something like it , and when you video a tv on a old phone you can see lines, maybe that does something to us ?
  5. Thank you , I thought that I would be able to read it all in a night , but I think not :)
  6. Search Adam Kadmon , it will give you an idea of what is said to be on the outside
  7. "What have you researched" David Icke I can't remember the interview , but I remember that David literally turned around and said what have you researched ? , and the guy went quiet.
  8. Great to be with so many like minded people , Thank you for keeping strong and not giving up ! I love everything spiritual . so it will be nice to connect with other's on here :)
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