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  1. Thank you very much for sharing rebornsteve. This is part of a genuine human 'movement'. The world council for health based in Bath, UK is headed up by Tess Laurie, working alongside so many good and great people locally and around the world. Absolutely remarkable. Individuals and professionals. Experience and learning. The names of the people involved are some that you will be very familiar with, they are a force for good, and they belive in 'a better way'. Their work, videos and conferences (in person and online) are such a crucial part of standing together, and a great encouragement. Have faith. We are not alone.
  2. I notice Louisa Clarence Smith has several interesting articles on her Telegraph page. I appreciate it. I think? I wonder who Louise is? I'll have a look later at which other newspapers are covering this. It's still rather strange to actually see the media showing these things, as they become harder to contain, more out in the open. It's also another part of demoralising the people, and testing the water? It reminds me of the online harms bill, and people's rights being eliminated in the name of safety. The right to confidently speak, and to have an opinion, are some of the things that actually keep you safe. I saw this was shown on GB News.
  3. Another letter to my relative, in her 70's. Should reduce your risk ... She's had enough and says there's no point having any more. She pretty much worked it out herself. Finally.
  4. Thanks rebornsteve, I came across Alistair Williams and thought he was really good, interesting times eh? He's another one that I can't believe I haven't checked on for a while. We've got a lot of bloody good people on side. I'm glad you mentioned James Delingpole, not least because I enjoyed his part in Bob Moran's incredible documentary; it is a wonderful piece of work. I was thinking about the tears for the Queen, and mused that I would cry for one of 'our lot', a genuine hero who cares for the people, not someone, an actor, who pretends to care 'cause that's their 'job'. Someone who did nothing when we needed them, and showed without doubt whose side they're really on. Here's more of Bob, replying to James. Love and respect.
  5. Sorry, I accidentally replied to FrankieBoy instead of SugarRay - I couldn't see properly through my tears "Has anybody told a stiffy joke yet?" (From the episode Nasty)
  6. Lol classic, cheers for that! I always quote the Young Ones, at any given opportunity ... You might feel bit of a prick. What's new?
  7. Thanks legion, I enjoyed your writing very much. It's so nice to read some thoughts, rather than the frequent and limited repetition in the media.
  8. I agree that there are pros and cons. I personally find it fascinating and insightful to witness in 'real time', a window into the conditioning and training of the people, and to hear not just the things that they say, but to compare that to the words that are on repeat, repeat, repeat. The most repetition is in thanking the Queen for her "70 years of devoted service to us", etc ... but there are phone in shows; and interviews, where little details into people's motivations, and clearly their lack of belonging, being a part of something 'big', or even of seeing shining crowns, ornate historical buildings, hearing the silence, or enjoying camaraderie with their fellow man. Convid took away all of the community, scaffolding and structure, and now the people are desperate for something, anything, and a spiritual experience to fill the void. How very convenient. If anyone would like to share some more of the 'interesting' things that the people say, before Monday, I would be glad to hear it. And so it seems, would tge psychologists who are studying the queue
  9. I like Maajid, and yet again I forget to keep up with him often enough. He has a wonderful way with words, and a clear manner of expression. I miss him on LBC, but it says a lot that he is not there anymore, and I suppose he has more freedom now?
  10. Yes, not many masks thankfully. Not long ago this would've been calldd a super spreader event, I suppose they could still pull that card later if they wanted to. Would've been almkst funny to watch this with social distancing. I expect we'll hear about the cold in the queues, now the government are actually warning about the drop in temperature tonight.
  11. Thank you Talorgan, it occurs to me when I find more and more people who have been oblivious ... now sharing knowledge, say quotes of insight and importance, that we have perhaps known for decades. It truly does feel as if that idea .. that warning ... that IT would all be in the open, once it had got to the stage that we were / are completely surrounded, looks to be correct? Almost like that part at the end of the movie where they tell you the truth, before shooting you in the head! The knowledge, and sudden awareness can be paralysing for people, just when they need strength and belief the most.
  12. Thanks for that, food for thought. I struggle with trying to know the real reasons for the time wasting? Perhaps you have some ideas? I can see that brexit, covid, the vote for truss, the Queen's death, have got us further down the road towards ..., but why stall? Is it dates, or to weaken us, or? Does it give hope or despair? Is it all part of getting to 2030? You remind me that the bigger parts of the plan are completely out of our hands. They could kill anyone, or appear to, and send the world in any direction they choose.
  13. It reminds me in many ways of the forced lockdowns, when they can stop the world anytime they like. It's strange. Hypnotic. Bizarre. Spell binding. Ritualistic. Habit breaking? New normal? I'm glad I can see several sides to this, and that I almost 'enjoy' studying the form, learning the ropes. They're almost pulling rank on us, reminding us who is in charge? It's perhaps another reason why it's unlikely the Queen is in the coffin, as everything appears to be upside down now, and they would want us worshipping something false. They might have said let's put something or someone else in the coffin, that'll be good for a laugh. A horse's head, or Mark Steyn maybe? It's got to be sicker than an empty coffin?
  14. Another one; The Queen has touched so many people in so many ways ... I cringe when I hear their world government laden words. They're ok, their security is always perfect, untill they don't want it to be? Fear is only for 'us lot'? Perhaps. It's going to be a bit of a game spotting all the faces, like a Bikdeberg meeting but completely open / on stage. Yes, it does sound ominous. And what will they be getting up to this weekend?
  15. This could be another one of those right in your face moments, especially if the Queen was no more than a digital image by then, 'bright and focused' ... mWahahaha, mUahahaha.
  16. I've also flicked in and out of the coverage. It's fascinating to hear the things that people are saying, and to witness the psychology of it all. The repetition of words is remarkable. No end of people repeat a slight variation of; it was a long wait, but the Queen served us for 70 years, (and worked right to the end) so this was the least I could do. I think retirement is out of the question folks Tonight I heard one couple say it took 5.5 hrs in the queue, but BBC were still saying 9 hours. Today on the radio, one caller said they could have had a numbered ticket system, but 'they' wanted the photo opportunities etc. It's incredible to see the airport security system on our streets, and to watch people emptying a water bottle, and throwing away sandwiches before going through the final security. I had heard yesterday when they briefly encouraged people to wear formal attire (paraphrasing), but tonight they said you are welcome in any 'dress' (can't recall the exact words they used)
  17. Ha ha ... you're bloomin' right, Sir There is so much ammunition here, but I'll hold back. She might be real? Haven't heard a good dogging story since pre 2020 ?! When I see this sort of attitude I think .. big deal, is that all you have to 'worry' about? For me the headline would concentrate on this little clip ... Sam Williams took a three-hour break in between shifts, and to save on fuel costs decided to park up in a leafy rest spot to eat a meal and watch TV on her tablet. Also, I wonder how many people have 'modified their behaviour', since the 'stick' of higher fuel prices? It's all in the data no doubt.
  18. Thanks for this sickofallthebollocks and Tinfoil and AFS. The potions and pharma companies are all the same. The suncream hysteria and media coercion was good training for me pre convid. Around the millennium I stated learning about creams, and was amazed at the attitude of some people who simply couldn't see that we need sunshine, and to let our skin breathe. The oils get in the ocean, and create a filthy layer of sheen on the surface in the coves. If nicotine patches can absorb into your skin / blood, then what are all of these potions and sprays doing? The weather channels, morning TV, newspapers and schools did their bit in pushing the use of suncream, even here, on any day. Completely OTT. I asked myself, I wonder what people did in the 'old days', and I found out from asking in Cyprus, that local fruits like pomegranate and watermelon can provide a natural protection for the skin. That suited my curiosity; that nature seems to have an answer for everything. The cocky little bastard.
  19. I heard a really good financial report on Times radio, it was nice to hear some real news. Oh and I heard one presenter on another station say something like "I don't think I can take another hour of calls of meeting the Queen, but I will be taking calls on ... " I really thought wow, well said mucker I've kept an eye on the intense royal wall to wall coverage, and partly thought that it is nice in a way to finally see some great British ceremony, it's been so long without it, and there was no diversity quotas on the church choir, or those in the queue! I gather even the police men got a cheerful cheer. I guess a change is as good as a rest, and it's not as miserable as the usual news? Just humour me, OK.
  20. Besides anything else, I think this fits 'rather nicely' with the ongoing ... depend on us, and then we will switch off, or ration the supply, when we see fit. I saw people outside in the cold, when they weren't allowed inside the food bank .. 'cause of Convid. How about .. there's no water supply today, or the electric is rationed? Not to mention that food banks are supplied with excess stock from the survival of small businesses and the generosity of the public.
  21. Brilliant. Love that. See, humour is not dead. (F**k 'em Eh) I heard on the news that the new currency will be merged with the old so it will be phased out slowly. I appreciate that 'they' would rather destroy cash altogether, but I'm still hanging on to my wonderful delusions that some things will work out alright, you never know your luck and they are just so damn good at bluffing that they've already won. And I do like to spite them. ( Oh, Charles silhouette will face to the left, they say ) Did anyone else think it odd, that people spending cash again hit the MS News recently. Why would they announce that? Or was that just to sneakily promote the other 'crisis', as it gave them a chance to talk about household budgets. One last thing, tonight on the radio they said the budget / fiscal plan will be rushed through the debate in hours rather than 5 days? I guess they are having to play so dirty to get past any remaining decent people in the political houses. Sorry but I do have ( a perhaps naive ) faith in some. There are still people working night and day to fight this. I heard the tax payers alliance on the radio, they knew exactly how much has been squandered on rainbow flags / bunting. Etc. I will never get over how people have to pay for their own perverted propaganda to swallow.
  22. Bloody hell. Great catch. It really is like invasion of the body snatchers. We know they have infiltrated all areas, but it's really sickening to see. So blatant.
  23. ITV News " The end of the Covid Pandemic is in sight according to the WHO " (I was quite surprised to hear some 'other' news)
  24. Last year I was chatting to a man at the vets, and his dog had an itchy rash since having a vaccine. I was all ears, of course, and glad, once again, to be in the right place at the right time. Many people have the pieces of the puzzle. It takes time to put it together, especially if they're not talking openly to each other, with some faith / experience, in sharing and learning from each other. Community 'centres', pubs, or simply chatting in a queue, and so much else, make it harder to conceal the truth
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