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  1. I think I've come across that website briefly before but I am not familiar with it ... Leo Hohmann is a veteran investigative reporter and author whose recent book, “Stealth Invasion” spent the majority of 2017 among Amazon.com’s top 10 books on immigration. He has spent decades researching and writing about education, immigration, crime, politics and religion. His articles have appeared at FrontPage Magazine, LifeSite News, Zero Hedge, the Drudge Report, Technocracy.News, Canada Free Press, Global Research, The Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily and many other websites and publications. Hohmann has been interviewed by dozens of local and national radio hosts including Laura Ingraham of Fox News, Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review, Larry Elder, Brannon Howse, Dr. Peter Breggin, George Noory of Coast to Coast, John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight and Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. His mission has always been to fearlessly report truths about the great issues of our time and connect the dots, wherever they may lead. He also seeks to report issues in historical context so his readers can grasp the greater meaning of the day’s news. Thanks northern star, I've read several excellent articles already. The type that take the crucial things I know and care about, and add details that I don't know about .
  2. Exactly as we said, and now it's all coming out in the open. Thanks Waldo and bamboozooka.
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2022/10/11/gian-piero-ventrone-football-fitness-trainer-who-adored-players/ 8th October 2022 Gian Piero Ventrone, football fitness trainer who was adored by his players – obituary He was famed for his gruelling sessions, and made his victims ring a ‘bell of shame’ when they were first to drop out of a task.
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2022/10/14/beppe-piroddi-sixties-playboy-who-friends-les-italiens-lived/ 14th October 2022 Beppe Piroddi, Sixties playboy who with his friends ‘Les Italiens’ lived out la dolce vita in Europe’s citadels of hedonism – obituary He was one of a gang of young Italians styling themselves The Four Musketeers who pursued beautiful women from Milan to Saint Tropez.
  5. I will post someone's recent 'vaccine booster' letter for comparison later today.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/22/business/media/lara-logan-cbs-news.html Lara Logan, Once a Star at CBS News, Is Now One for the Far Right The former chief foreign affairs correspondent is now a popular guest on podcasts hosted by vaccine skeptics and deniers of the 2020 election. ....... Thanks Freaky Dragonfly, I looked up Lara Logan and clicked on an the New York Times, very interesting.
  7. If you'll excuse me being perhaps more than a little facetious ... I wonder what that guest would say about telling children they might kill granny, or their friends? On a side note; we've become a society that focuses on death, rather than life. We are taught to prepare for the worst, rather than how to get the best out of life and people. We are teaching our elderly to live in fear, partly it seems because those 'at the top' are intimidated by the gifts of experience and knowledge they could share with younger generations, and each other. I gather the Egyptian's focused on death? Some believe the Queen's throne had some Egyptian history? I don't know much about it, but we are mostly a great nation of people, and we know how to live. We're just not very good at dealing with deliberate destruction and sabotage. Too often the naive are incredibly trusting, and sometimes kind hearted, and they don't believe that someone would do plan to torment their citizens. Molly coddled to death and poverty? There's a name for it? If you can't take it away by force, distract the people with trinkets, so they're busy looking the other way, and day too complacent.
  8. Me too, whatever happens in America I always have that in mind. It also fits with the repetition technique ... particularly after the millennium there were times that the British PM being the American President's poodle ( dog ) was front page news. Some of you can help me with the timing, but one example is during wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Just a quick diversion; anyone who was anti war was a traitor, there was no room for dissent. Just like covid. Just like the Queen. Everyone has to feel the same, like a good working robot. I notice the good and great people in the USA are tarred with the same brush; painted as ignorant idiots and freaks. It's not their fault the USA is used as a test ground and world influencer, with GMO food and poisons and too much medication, and the rest. Regarding all of the recent speechs they're never for us are they? I wonder how easy it us to write a speech that's loaded for them, but sounds like it could be for us? Sorry to divert.
  9. I know at one stage that every radio station i flicked to mentioned mobility in the opening news, and it was thrown into every conversation. It felt overused. It always feels like a message to someone? Yes, it's all so weird AFS. No handbag in the clip above. I noticed a rugby team recalled meeting the Queen and how amusing they found the Corgi's, it seemed like they were used to break the ice, and relax visitors.
  10. Yes, I too feel the coffin was empty, and wondered whether the public were bowing to the VIP historical items on top. I noticed for a long time, the repetition of "the Queen is in high spirits". Charles and Will "lifted the spirits" of the crowd. Oh and "gave them energy" to keep going. Keep queing! The Queen had "mobility" problems. I wondered if this was meant in a chess way, rather than physically. In the 'end', it felt like the Queen shrunk, unbelievably fast? And the last photo of her getting on the train was taken from behind? And they said she was offered help but got on the train unaided. At that point they had talked so much about her mobility, it was hard to know what was made up.
  11. One tiny thing that crossed my mind (my pea brain )... I always got the impression that live tv and radio runs a few seconds behind to allow for any audio that needs to be 'cut'. Then again on Friday I heard a caller on Times radio say fuck and a minute later fucking, before he was cut off. He was livid about the.. ' fiscal event ' ... I wondered if 'they' almost let it go, to portray peoples fury and despair. Anyway this audio you've shared is creepy, I feel a little something physically when I hear it. I wonder if we were meant to hear it, or whether 'they've' genuinely been caught out. I'm interested in the timing for Charles to become King, bit bloody coincidental with the whole climate agenda and the reset / attempt to rip England's heart out now? The Queen probably died some time ago, otherwise the recent photos of her would be real? They love showinh that she worked right up till death, not like the useless eaters? Today I heard Kevin O' Sullivan say maybe Charles will stop all of the green agenda talk now he's King. Yeah right. I still think of Charles' Christmas Card ; wearing masks, and I think you freak, you played your hand early and I know who's side you're on. Sorry for the miss mash of the post. And OK it may not sound exactly like Diana but I think if you played that tone to me and asked who it reminded me of, I would say her. I think she also did that low / quiet voice sometimes. Just thinking aloud. Sometimes these sort of things make more sense later on / over time. I always believe that truth is stranger than fiction and that there is much we do not know.
  12. I heard Andy Burnham 'encouraging' people to stand up for their rights after the financial announcement. (I recall the time he stood up for his people's rights by asking for more furlough, well I mean asking for more support during the next lockdown. (He didn't support businesses just staying open). You just hear that and think you sneaky shit. Yes, borrow more, spend spend spend the IMF said. He was on live tv today saying all of the right words about being on our side. I've always kept one eye on him, he feels like a wolf in sheep's clothing, so to speak. Controlled opposition, of the MP / Mayor variety. Yes, the media will push and spin, the people will think protests are their own idea and that the other side threw the first stone. I understand more and more the idea of them funding both sides of the war, any war. Old wars, modern wars. Divide. Trojan horse. Rule. No wonder they don't want anyone joyful or honest on tv. We have to find our own happiness, faith, laughter and love, to have enough strength to get through these days, and we need to pause often enough to think clearly. They are gunning for us big time now, but it's not the first time and won't be the last. We still have something they don't have.
  13. I 'got' both of these from Aussie Freedom Flyers. You can click log in on 'twiller', and then click X, so you don't need an account to see this, or others, if you want to. I do like to read the comments of Bob, Peter Ebdon, Matt and many others.
  14. One of 'my lot' also went for the flu jab today, they wouldn't let her have both at once. I recall they also told her that last year, which she thought was most inconvenient !! I, on the other hand, was most relieved !! Well, half relieved perhaps
  15. In 2020 I noticed a lot more changes to Euthanasia laws around the world than I had expected. They seem to distract people in the UK by only discussing Switzerland, as if that's the only place that death is brought forward ...
  16. BBC World Service, The Forum Show. The first person to link Co2 with global warming, and why she vanished from history. Overheard in this section ... First question; Did gender have anything to do with it? John Tyndall was ... And perhaps crucially a man. How much credit should we give Eunace? Did she discover global warming? No, the concept of global warming didnt exist then. Men had destroyed women's confidence ... standing up in front of people ... Here for the first time a woman stood up on the podium. This was 1857, on the verge of civil war, and she was raisng a family. What would she say now? Probably ... God I said this in 1956 and we still have all this denialism, skepticism, even though this is the biggest crisis the world has faced. Roland Jackson and two others. (I'm increasingly rolling my eyes at the one sided women's movement. I've never heard such nagging repetitive nonsense. Coincidentally! As if women didn't and don't have any other interests / strengths than those constantly portrayed, now or historically.)
  17. I saw the covid hearts wall in London, when they showed the queue on TV. Ha, when didn't they show the queue?!, But yes, I saw it and thought how typical. I'm pretty sick of seeing and hearing the blatant hearts 'lark'. Thanks for sharing this SimonTV, the rainbow is spreading far and wide. I always think of the movie and its deep meaning, and of the symbolic meaning of arches. I've only scratched the surface but it grates on me when I see it all. ... How the two rainbows were used / projected during the Queen's funeral week. How 'pride' uses the rainbow everywhere, on busses, in universities. How children were painting rainbows and putting them in the window during lockdown. How they're painting pedestrian crossings. How nurses weren't allowed to wear crucifixes anymore, or to pray for patients, but they're now wearing rainbow lanyards. It's like a piss stain everywhere, and a huge laugh on the people, right in front of their eyes. One day if history repeats itself, it could be illegal to use the rainbow symbol, perhaps, it's all pretty crackers. I've saved some images from your NHS link
  18. Funny, sounds like a good start to a dating advert. Thanks, I needed a laugh to keep me going, as usual.
  19. Thanks JCP, searching a few words; one website discusses the poster and calls it misinformation, as they would. https://4hcm.org/student-athlete-screenings-covid/ "We recently became aware of a policy of a New Jersey family medical practitioner (in your region) that has the ability to create significant misinformation, confusion, and financial hardship." (Apparently due to unnecessary examinations that in turn are not covered by insurance) "This practitioner has stated in a posted message in his office and on his website which was circulated through social media. After we saw this post we have learned posts with similar language have been circulating in many communities in the USA" The following is the website in question; Dr Anthony Lucatorto, at the Morris Sussex Family Practice. I read some separate reviews that praise the doctor for generally showing common sense, and for seeing patients face to face during Covid. https://www.morrissussexfamilypractice.com/general-3 I would share the reviews now, but every time I leave this page it deletes / returns to my previous edit, which is unusual. OK, I'll share the link instead for now. https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/31991/Dr-Anthony+J.-Lucatorto-Lake+Hopatcong-NJ.html/?page=3
  20. Where else have 'we' seen this poster? I've seen it online but I'm not sure where or which country?
  21. I'm smiling reading this, you made my day when I saw your introduction to the video you shared, and that it was Maajid and the World Council for Health. We all need this encouragement, and every single gesture however big or small is making a massive difference. If there is any positive to this despicable few years, it's that it has created a springboard, and that we are still going, and we are still learning, and hopefully amongst all the uncertainty and fear, we are connecting virtually and in person, on a level that is bigger than all of us. Or something like that. I'll quickly press send All the best.
  22. Thanks again rebornsteve, I really appreciate you sharing Maajid Nawaz today, and you inspired me to try and share too.
  23. Just one screenshot from 18 pages of available videos of conferences, meetings, latest news and research, and for example a recent screening plus Q & A session, with Bob Moran exploring his 'Brilliantly Difficult' Film / Documentary.
  24. The World Council for Health An absolute wealth of knowledge. This organisation based in Bath, UK, is part of a wonderful community and deserves all the respect, support and attention .. in the world Would you help me to compile a thread of quotes, videos and articles, and a list of the people involved, particularly in the two conferences this year in Bath, and recently in Vienna, to highlight and support just some of the paths of strength and community that are increasing every day, thanks to these remarkable individuals. I am eternally grateful, and this little dedication to Dr Tess Laurie and everyone else involved, both locally and internationally, is long overdue. Many thanks to rebornsteve for his post today that spurred me into action. I have wanted to share this for far too long. Just one of many screenshots from May 2022 in Bath ... https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/ News, blogs, videos, interviews, statements, resources, get involved.
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