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  1. I saw a 'stock' clip of Lawrehce Fox on Sky News and in the background I saw Andrew Bridgen " In truth the media regulator OFCOM has struggled to contain this channel that is pushing broadcasting to its' very limits " " Now the focus is on the presenters, suspended by the channel but crucially not sacked "
  2. Gordon Brown backs North Sea Oil, rather than Oil from the Middle East ( Protestors hold signs saying things like Climate Justice now ) Gordon Brown comments on Lawrence Fox, Dan Wooton and GB News I find whenever I hear Brown is 'involved ... that it raises an eyebrow I also heard the GB News saga described as a 'Mysogynistic rant', on Sky News And that Sky News won an award for its' Ukraine coverage
  3. An eighth alleged victim has spoken out, claiming Russell "ripped her tights" and refused to call a cab for her until she performed a sex act on him. However, she noted that they had consensual sex but she later felt "forced and coerced". The words above sound like absolute nonsense for anyone with a hint of knowledge and experience, and yet I'm still bloody curious and watching, to see the layers of conditioning and how they are formed! Our future is being written. This so called force and coercion is what is happening to 'US', if anything. Yes, we're definitely being trained, or is it groomed?
  4. Thanks They are very good at keeping all of these new words and wars in the media. Dividing and stirring up anger. Also is it fair to say that J.K. hasn't said much at all in the past, but is held up as if she is constantly speaking on the subject? I'm not sure but I get that impression. Her high profile is good marketing in the for and against 'nonsense'.
  5. Jeremy Vine is asking should we start free tests again. It gave 'them' an opportunity to have a phone in, and have a few voices for and against, to build the layers of control and manipulation, and keep all of this ready to springboard again. I note that 'they' are still saying that the 'free' vaccines are for the 'elderly and vulnerable', and not for those under 65, unless they are immuno-suppressed. Apparently a box of tests is £7.50 ... How many do you want?
  6. Thanks Anti Facts Sir, ( Who you gonna call? ) Your comment lead me to a little search where I saw this from The International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) In the battle against COVID-19, we, ICMRA members, are committed to: working together to ensure the regulatory processes related to COVID-19 are as efficient as possible to support the development and delivery of effective and safe medical products to populations in need worldwide; once a vaccine or therapeutic product is authorized, monitoring the market to ensure that their benefits continue to outweigh any potential risks.
  7. The whole article is very well said, thanks for sharing Macnamara
  8. … Continued from previous post … https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-12552809/peter-hitchens-lucy-letby-not-guilty.html PETER HITCHENS: I wish someone else would ask this: What if Lucy Letby is not guilty? The Mail on Sunday “ So now I must ask: What if Lucy Letby is not guilty? Actually I very much wish somebody else in the national media would raise this. I have enough enemies as it is. But it looks as if it falls to me. Would it be bearable if her conviction was mistaken? This young woman has been condemned to die in prison. She has, since her conviction, been subjected to some very severe public condemnation …” “ … Some relish the possibility that the condemned person may be persecuted by his or her fellow inmates. I find this attitude distressing and contrary to Christian teaching, but it is common and those who wish for it will very likely get their way. “
  9. Today Monday 25th September Talk Radio TV Peter Hitchens, on his weekly half hour conversation at 11 till 11.30 am Lucy Letby Peter mentioned two reporters / websites, with ongoing investigations. Peter said he’s thought very carefully about it, and that he may be attacked for it, although he is used to that, but if she IS innocent someone has to be the person to discuss it. Peter also said there was a very similar case in another country, also with a lady named Lucy, who was exonerated. Presenter Kevin O Sullivan ends the section by asking his listeners, “do you think she could be innocent?” … “The evidence against her is circumstantial, there is no direct evidence.” I’ll have to listen to the whole half hour on ‘catch up’. He also discusses Brand, King Charles, Climate, Ukraine, HS2.
  10. I walked past McDonald's and saw one very young member of staff wearing a mask, and there were none at all at the Doctor's surgery, as has been the case lately.
  11. I thought of you last week when I saw this T-shirt ! I didn't know it was a 'quote'
  12. Neil Oliver Live on GB News A state of censorship Neil oliver and his guests discuss the apparent rise of cancel culture Professor Norman Fenton, Tonia Buxton and Narinder Kaur Talking points included Brand / online harms bill / covid / lockdown / climate / 15 min
  13. I'm sharing two posts from the thread called Russel Brand Slams COVID Lockdowns, Demonisation. It was hard to pick just two, especially in the light of recent events.
  14. This has been in the news headlines today, on TV and radio. https://news.sky.com/story/long-covid-can-cause-long-term-damage-to-multiple-organs-study-finds-12967123 " Long COVID can cause long-term damage to multiple organs Scans of long COVID patients show a third have multiple organ injuries five months after leaving hospital, a new study shows. Scans of patients who were treated in hospital for COVID-19 showed higher rates of damage to the lungs, brain and kidneys compared with the non-COVID control group. Lung injuries were almost 14 times higher among long COVID patients, while abnormal findings involving the brain and kidneys were three and two times higher respectively. Dr Margaret O'Hara, a founding trustee of Long Covid Support, said the results confirm evidence that COVID causes damage to a large number of organs and systems in the body. "It is abundantly clear now that it is not simply a respiratory virus and that it is causing long term harm to the health of individuals throughout the population, including the huge numbers of people who were not hospitalised in the acute phase of infection,"
  15. https://scitechdaily.com/unmasking-long-covid-the-unexpected-common-cold-connection/ HOMEHEALTH NEWS Unmasking Long COVID: The Unexpected Common Cold Connection Prior infection with a common cold coronavirus may predispose some people to develop Long COVID. The findings identify a potential marker that could help identify people at high risk of developing Long COVID. ( On top of everything else I notice that 'the system' appears to want every child worrying about education, a job and a pension. And everyone else worrying their whole lives about what illnesses they might develop sooner or later, and booking a funeral at the earliest opportunity. )
  16. It's Dumas ( The Shawshank Redemption )
  17. Thanks Sidlittle I caught a glimpse of this on BBC, and GB news. I expect it's all over the rest of the channels too. I play that 'game' where I flick the news channels on TV and radio to see what they're talking about. Brand is a pretty easy guess this week. Can't remember what it was last week?! But the easy guess was the same, you know I see this and I think about the constant hand signals. Either Brand is related to Blair, has mediterranean blood, or is practicing for a job in ground control or ... ?
  18. Thanks for re-sharing the clip Grumpy Grapes. Yeah, he's nothing in comparison to 'genuine' and insightful researchers. He has his place, and I guess it takes all sorts. He's a stepping stone, maybe.
  19. CBS - August 4th 2023 The GOP-led House Oversight and Accountability Committee released the 141 page transcript of its interview earlier this week with Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, who testified about his business dealings with President Biden's son. Archer testified that Hunter Biden was selling "the brand," and it was the elder Biden who "brought the most value to the brand," according to the transcript. (Just happened to find this rather poetic quote )
  20. Thanks Anti Facts Sir. That lead to this below ... Thanks bamboozooka, I caught this on the thread you shared. Interesting to hear how they share these 'stories' and laugh together at the Council on Foreign Relations Complete quote of Biden in the clip above; " I was ... well not I ... it just happened to be, that was the assignment I got, I get all the good ones. So I got Ukraine I remember going over, convincing our team, convincing the USA, that we should be providing loan guarantees. I went for the twelfth thirteenth time to Kyiv, and I was supposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee I'd gotten a commitment from (President) Poroshenko, and (PM) Yatsenyuv that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't They were walking out of the press conference and I said we're not going to give you the billion dollars And they said you have no authority you're not the president, you have no authority And I said call him I'm going to be leaving here in 6 hours If the prosecutor's not fired you're not getting the money Well son of a bitch He got fired "
  21. It seems like 'they' are siphoning off a little GM crap into everything, especially as the tiny percentage ingredients don't have to be listed. It also seems like American food makes you sicker. I think, increasingly, the nuts and oils are coming from the USA, and some European factory's and food producing plants are American owned. I heard about the biggest pig factory in Poland. I saw glucose fructose syrup in a jar of gherkins for God's sake! That's GM corn, isnt it?! They're buying a lot of our football clubs too!
  22. There are tonnes of eye opening stories here in the Mirror Pile it on boys and girls!! Lay it on thick!! https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/russell-brand-live-allegations-youtube-30955255 All of them say click here to read more This is definitely part of the ongoing historic crimes training, where you have to condemn another person to have any chance of saving your own career. The crimes will keep increasing, the goal posts will keep moving. I heard today that the online harms bill will be passed into law by the end of the year. As usual with very little publicised debate or challenge. And also, as usual, we will have to believe that it has already passed into law. Behaviour modification and conditioning. I can't stand all of these petty wimpish allegations and the victim labels. There is no balance or perspective. There is no opportunity for comparison to financial or medical crimes, the poisoning of the earth, and the kids minds, the increasing humiliation of the 'man in the street', and the disgraceful treatment of the elderly. Where is their dignity? Who is speaking up for them? Who is distancing themselves from the sick people pushing these 'systems' on them? In the past, when these type of allegations happened, it was mostly considered normal, and there was actually room for a lot of different personalities. A lot of people liked it that way, and joined in too, but now they are forced to conform to someone else's idea of a new normal. A miserable, fearful, paranoid and humourless new normal. But that's not bloody coercion is it?! Not when it suits the narritive. This is not about morals and what is right and just and fair. It never is. This is the ongoing war on what it is to be human. I do not consent, that's for sure.
  23. BBC Three has a programme that includes Nicola Bulley " The Tik Tok effect - Are TikTok Tok inspired frenzies making us behave in ways that many consider unacceptable? "
  24. Thursday 21st September. On BBC news at 18:20 in a section on Rupert Murdoch, behind a reporter live in New York I saw an electronic news board with the 'rotating' words "three thousand migrants crossed the border into the town of ..."
  25. The daily mirror on BBC News this morning Legal battle by veterans of Britain's nuclear test programme. Campaigners say that those involved in tests in the 50s and 60s have suffered health consequences because of the radiation they were exposed to. Relaunching a legal battle for compensation after campaigners were blocked from suing the government. (in 2012 ? ) Military leaders may have suspected that personnel were being harmed. Eric Barton witnessed 6 tests ; "It looked absolutely amazing, wondrous, rising, the colours, the mushroom" "Terrible, we were guinea pigs. (They said) You go and stand there while we see what happens. We were young and healthy." The blood and urine of the personel ... (was tested) "The British government say to you prove it. We can't prove it. How can you?" (The whole 'section' was interesting, to hear what Eric Barton had to say, including a message to others not to give up now.)
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