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  1. The evening news " What we need is a MeToo Movement for sexual abuse in the fire service. " " If you have any information you can contact our investigation confidentially. " Just piss off you sick controlling bastards. We know you want to destroy every communication and confidence between males and females. A sick society that focuses and exaggerates only on the 'bad', when most people are good as gold.
  2. I flicked past Times Radio early this evening and heard a Saint John's Ambulance advert referring to cardiac arrests. Reminds me how much I enjoy Christmas adverts, and miss December being 24/7 with them! Bloody hell.
  3. Talk radio Richard Tice just said follow the money. A caller says it starts at the top and comes down. People have got a vested interest in importing coal into this country. Another caller said the country is being made poor, and that we should exempt some companies from the expensive net zero targets. Richard says we are sitting on our own energy. Lots of excellent points but unless the right people say it, then we are being increasingly fleeced, as always.
  4. So many good comments, including this one; Graham Allen @GrahamAllen_1 TECHNICALLY you calling truth 'misinformation' is actually 'misinformation' that you are spreading.
  5. Portrait artist of the year on Sky Arts. The candidates are still in the semi-final round as they continue to paint portraits of Jonathan Van Tam, a former deputy chief medical officer.
  6. That's a good and fair idea, so it'll never happen, eh? Labelling her a woman?! You sexist pig Well spotted. The sneaky little freak. Just how many words he deliberately puts in. That's part of what I despise about him; He's having such fun rubbing our noses in it. Also, every time I think of him laughing at William Shakespeare; just as he was describing he and his wife being isolated in the house. It was sad to hear as it was the reality for so many. Ok, it's all theatre, script and in jokes, but the 'man' is a lowlife. The lowest of the low.
  7. Advert on channel 4; GSK - ask your doctor about shingles. I notice that this also has a floating image of how chicken pox / shingles is meant to look, just like the strep 'advert' on the news, and Covid of course.
  8. This is all over the print news, including Mail, Guardian ... I saw it briefly last night on BBC or Sky ... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/dec/08/parents-who-refused-baby-w-nz-vaccinated-blood-transfusion-speak-out-new-zealand Parents who refused ‘vaccinated blood’ transfusion speak out ... “It appears the hospital is planning the operation today or tomorrow,” Grey said. “They have security guards preventing Baby W from leaving the ward. We have concluded that the government cannot afford anything to go wrong ... as the world is watching. He is likely to get the best possible care with the best safest blood.” ... The team considered an appeal, but concluded there was no time to do so.
  9. I've noticed a lot of elderly being controlled by their well meaning kids. I've heard them say put your mask on. I've heard the Mother say why do I have to wear this? Daughter; it's because of your age. She had taken her mask off to talk and actually be understood! To share some humanity? Now I hear the TV telling people if you fall there will be no ambulance. It saddens me that well meaning kids will stop their parents from living for the day, and letting go of the fear. (We've still had appointments because we had to, and because we refused to believe that the NHS was closed. And we didn't wear masks, or get any grief about it.) Older people have had a lot of their voice of experience taken from them, and they have lost the opportunity to socialise with people of their own age who might offer something; a smile, a laugh, shared memories, that's worth more than dammed isolation, and false security. I must say the masks, and missing smiles ... are soulless. And the constant badgering about potential illness. And giving up life to avoid and wait for death. I also hear the strikes blamed for missing Christmas when some have missed two already. And that the wage rises would cost the taxpayer 28 billion? That was from the ghastly Gillian Keegan. Even knowing what we know, it's quite something to hear the constant hypocrisy and double standards. Who warned about the tyranny ... and the loss, damage and cost of lockdown? Us.
  10. In the 'Richie Allen Radio' comments section regarding the Vaccine question by Andrew Bridgen MP; Australia’s senator Gerard Rennick said the exact same yesterday in their government meeting. Is this going to be going world wide? I wonder. (And why now?) Also one asked ... Why has no mainstream journalist asked what emergency it is that requires these jabs still have emergency use authorisation? I thought the covid act had been removed?
  11. I like the Times radio as I've been lucky enough to catch some nice, funny and almost human comments which really makes a change nowadays. I find it really irritating to hear the naritive lately that anonymous posters are responsible for hate speech, setting up the censorship of the internet, when we know it's mostly a robotic stitch up. I actually heard a great piece yesterday, perhaps on LBC? It said that bot chat can be programmed in any subject, and that the computer learns from thise it's having a conversation with. Mostly I'm rather tired of all the arguementative misery in the media, so its always good to have some comedy or music to turn to.
  12. I read that article and then I read this one. I enjoyed the diplomacy in the comments of the Qatar World Cup chief, Hassan Al-Thawadi. Its been a long time since I've read something like that! "We might not see eye-to-eye on everything, we might not agree on everything. There are some things we will not agree upon. "But there is more than unites us, we have more common ground, and we need to find that common ground to find a way of saying, 'Let us find a way of co-existing and moving forward'. "That is where mutual respect is fundamental." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63785482 The article also says that our sports minister is gay, I didn't realise that, he wore the armband to the Wales game.
  13. https://richieallen.co.uk/mp-tells-sunak-mrna-jabs-breaking-records-for-deaths-adverse-events/ At PMQ's today, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen told PM Rishi Sunak the mRNA Covid jabs have caused more deaths and adverse events than have been caused by conventional jabs worldwide in the past 50 years. In the comments section of Richie Allen's article, someone shared a youtube link, you can listen at 29 mins 58 seconds.
  14. One person detained was wearing a blue mask ?! Sky says "conspiracy ideologies", also mentions Germany and Austria.
  15. Strep ( blah de blah - sorry) Banner today Governmemt says there is no shortage of penicillin News now Governmemt says there is no shortage of penicillin, pharmacists disagree. "All that really matters is if they can lay their hands on the drugs" ... No supply issues ... "Pharmacists beg to differ" Also says it is not a new strain.
  16. A young Chinese lady on Sky, in subtitles, said it was no worse than flu, or words to that effect. The voice over says; her mother disgrees ... It's still dangerous for the elderly and children, the previous policies are better. Voiceover; Allowing some people to die is less destabilising than zero covid. Few thought it would be relaxed so quickly. interview with George Magnus ... The speed with which zero covid is now history has taken a lot of people by surprise. How much is it about the protests and how much the damage the policy is doing? Spontaneous protests ...They will think they were responsible for it. But it's possible the government planned to do this because of the damage that's being done to the economy. Is there a danger to the virus becoming out of control again? If the rest of the world is anything to go by ... There will be a billion journeys ... If China is going to open up then we could have a spike in infections in Jan and Feb. But certainly the government has decided that is a price they're prepared to pay. The language that the party is using ... we were right all along but now is the time to open up, and take your own risks. Untill they sort out covid does the risk remain that this could be dangerous to the party? A lot of China watchers .. the protests have sparked ... the younger generation can change things ... Where is the jeopardy to him? Apart from people using the opportunity to learn from street protests. You need to have an unstable economy, which it is. But you also need to have political opponents that are prepared to put their head above the parapet, and I don't think there is.
  17. Adverts are full of bladder weakness and erectile disfunction adverts, night and day.
  18. China removes its restrictions, one week on, following landmark protests. BBC
  19. Hey!! Abusive language or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated ...
  20. "Inflation comes from our addiction to oil." "Will pay rises will add to inflation?" "The bank of England is adding to the problem by increasing interest rates." Banners; Border force to strike at Christmas and New Year DWP to strike for two weeks over Christmas Rail Strikes 13-14, 16-17, 23-27 December Worst disruption since July 1989
  21. China rolls back severe Covid rules following protests against them - BBC Of course; because protests work. Laughable isnt it? Look at how quickly that happened!
  22. I'm so proud of them for their work on racial justice, and mental health and parenting. (Kelly Kennedy) " ... More revelations reach a global audience ..." (BBC) I suppose anything that reaches a global audience is for the 'greater good' When I think of the black and white people, I remember how I heard that Martin Luther King wanted to unite us? And that would never be allowed?
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