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  1. It will be so convenient, with your heath and safety in mind. We're doing this for you ... To keep you safe, and to keep us safe ... No-ones safe untill we're all safe ...
  2. The same lady; the global health correspondent Naomi Grimley was just on the BBC news again. This time she was in the studio, on the 17th she was at 'home'. She talks strangely, almost robotic, wide eyed, with a smile or smirk. I heard a lot of the recognisable layers of the script. "Because as we learned with covid early action is important" I'm glad Monkeypox will have its own section now, as theres two good threads running, and we have to keep an eye on where they're going with this.
  3. There's a few good quotes in the BBC article shared yesterday by DaleP, on JVT missing his knighthood ceremony due to Covid ... "The big tragedy is - if you can call it a tragedy - I got Covid, so I wasn't able to get to the ... (football) "My entire family went but I couldn't make it." "I was dancing around the living room with a beer". "This shows us that much as we'd all like to think this pandemic is over and Covid has gone away ... - it's something we are going to have live with for many years to come. "We just have to try and be careful and protect each other." His uni says he was “diagnosed with Covid-19 infection early last week. The daily Mirror says he's 'still recovering from a bout of the disease' ...... Just mention football and beer, that'll get you in touch with the man on the street? i don't like these people. They pretend to be caring. Promoting forced working from home and missing a precious family day out for nothing. Because of him we've destroyed the health service, dentists, community centres, relationships between the elderly and the next generation, wisdom, the right to make plans and decisions, the spontaneity to visit and help a lonely person in hospital, increased stress, paranoia and OCD. Who are they protecting exactly?
  4. Brilliant Truthblast! They can't take our sence of humour (ok, maybe they can) And can we afford to buy foil now Gosh is it 15 years since we saw that video. Look how long we've been following this and watching it all unfold. If it wasn't for American journalists I wouldn't have known so much about it.
  5. Sir Kenneth Branagh will play Boris Johnson in Sky drama due out later this year. According to the Independent, the actor has not held back with his impression of the stumbling, Etonian voice. That's one way of describing it. Sickening is another. They always bring out these programmes quickly to reinforce their version of the script?
  6. Caught the end of Sue Cook on GB news at 22:30 "In my day you had investigate journalists" ... "What you needed was someone to take the same sample to different labs" (PCR) I've read Sue's comments intermittently over the last 2 years. I was glad to have her onside / speaking up
  7. Three times today I've heard 'due to the war in Ukraine' ... Mostly to do with food, and also the steel industry in Italy Hopefully I'll get to add more on that later
  8. On the news they mentioned monkeypox again and said it's not an epidemic or pandemic like we've been used to (As you see, an interesting use of words) I also heard separately on radio 4, the mention of the importance of contact tracing (When I looked into contact tracing in 2020, I heard voices I respected in the NHS saying that the system we already had in place was sidestepped. Privatisation. Control. Secrecy. I read that some of our data was sent to America. Wasn't that Serco and / or G4S?) ..... 4 more people in England have been diagnosed. The risk to the public remains very low although it appears that the individuals caught it in the UK. Let's go to our global health correspondent !! (Naomi Grimley live in South West London) Are we looking then at some community transmission of this disease? Yes that's right. The UKHSA thinks there has been some community transmission, but as you stressed in your introduction, they very much think that this will be a cluster, not something like an epidemic outbreak or a pandemic that we've been used to with covid. Monkeypox is a rare viral infection and usually it is connected with travel to travel to West Africa and certainly the first case that was discovered in the UK this year on the 7th May did have a travel link to Nigeria, but since then they have had other cases and the last 4 have all been in gay or bisexual men, and it's thought they caught it in London. So That's why health officials have been saying people should be on the lookout for rashs, for unusual bumps on their bodies and also the usual fever type symptoms that come with this monkey pox, so that's swollen lymph nodes and obviously chills and feeling very hot
  9. Sky News: Special police constables could be allowed to use Tasers under new anti-crime measures The Paradise News: UK: Cabinet drive to make streets safer: 17 May 2022 https://www.policeprofessional.com/news/special-constables-to-be-given-tasers/ Special Constables will be able to carry Tasers Home Secretary Priti Patel will announce today (May 17) at the annual conference of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW). Make the streets safer? I used to 'study' the accounts of their use in America, before they gave them to our police. Apparently in 2012, the NPCC's predecessor prohibited special constables from carrying Tasers? I read that Amnesty warned against this but when I look at their website all I see is masks. Typical.
  10. I saw an image on the news; a lady in a mask holding a 'cold homes kill banner. I'm not sure if it was a rainbow mask.
  11. Just sharing this. Not to recommend listening as such, but just 'cause this is a prime example of what we said they would say. Now it's coming out, and of all the people who thought we could waste 4.5 trillion of so called cheap borrowing on nothing but destruction, some might start to see just who we sold our rights to? Or will they say again, that no-one could have seen this coming? All we will hear night and day now, is the 'cost of living crisis', and what will that solve? Radio 4 - You and Yours - Noon til 1 Are we being misled about some of the environmental and health benefits of giving up meat? Rents with bills inclusive are become more popular but are they worth it? Businesses are going bust. What was the tipping point for you? Business owners quotes: "I employ 14 people. I can't fight these battles anymore. I don't feel confident anymore" "People are tightening their belts" You weren't tempted to borrow money to get through? "Absolutely not" "We need more time, to recover slowly, we can't recover quick enough" "No-ones talking about VAT rises" (over the years) We've had brexit and covid, we're not recovering psychologically ... And now with the cost of living ... Guest from TUC ... who say they are voice of Britain at work, supporting trade unions to grow and thrive, and standing up for everyone who works for a living. "Businesss have extra debt especially since Jan 2020" "In the period that businesses thought they would get a rebound period after covid (summer) .. war ... energy ... "There's a lack of confidence and a lack of support" "When we get through this period we don't want to look around and see empty businesses" Presenter: "So, do you think this is just the start Joan?"
  12. This morning on sky news, Ed Milliband interview, I see he's now the shadow climate change MP !! He's pushing windfall tax, climate crisis, cost of living crisis (how do you type a trade mark, lol) ... said "we want to build back better" And speaking of Kier Starmer "what drives him is this economy doesn't work for millions of people across this country".... (talk about hidden in plain sight) .... and Kier wants to create... something about climate change creating jobs. (Everything we said they would say) Noticed the rainbow flag in the distance behind him, but there it was. Also saw an 'advert for 'cost of living crisis with Kay Burley' There's that same phrase again.
  13. I wonder if the baby formula is the one that is being recalled in boots and the supermarkets, by Abbotts foods (in Michigan I think) in connection with the salmonella scare. Many articles can be found back to February. When I searched I also saw in the Independent "Texas governor criticises Biden administration for giving baby formula to migrant children Republican officials are outraged that children in migrant detention facilities have access to formula during nationwide shortage"
  14. I saw this on BBC on Thursday, and wanted to share, especially as the soldier says despite all of his symptoms he wasn't believed. He was told to take paracetamol - and crack on. Interestingly enough I also heard the scientist say briefly that those who suffered are missing a gene.
  15. Excellent thread thank you, I appreciate all of your comments. Every time I've flicked on Al Jazeera it's been on of course. This morning I caught part of an interview with Diana Buttn; a HR lawyer .. Quote ... It will be the usual ... fake call for an investigation ... and casting doubt on witnesses, second guessing people who are there every day risking their lives. Another journalist, they broke her arm (images shown) They don't want the truth, they just want to cover up their crimes and she (Shireen) wouldn't go along with that. .. She wanted the world to see that the army were going illegally into the camp, so she followed them there ... .. Let's say this was a Ukrainian journalist who was killed at the hands of a Russian and yet Palestinian journalists are always discredited, and without support from their international colleagues ... End quote I detest the eternal hypocrisy and double standards, and I say this as someone with Ukrainian roots. I just heard Biden lamenting / promoting 1 million covid deaths. I remember how I felt at 1 million deaths in Iraq. We had to search to find the figures. And then I had few i could share it with. When I was in Cyprus the news was full of Israel/ Palestine, and returning to the UK, barely a mention. One of my first eye opening experiences of war coverage, and lack of. As always the media and 'sponsors' create their own reality, and yet still I talk with those who trust that if it happened, if it matters, they will hear it on the news. I'm very sorry for the loss of this journalist. There are so many that you only know once they are gone.
  16. Once I became aware that the Internet would be censored one day, I watched with Interest, stories highligting the 'dark side' of the internet and thought yes, that's one step closer. Long term plans. They were patient with this one? They didn't even offer a solution for years, did they? It's quite astonishing, to see so much unfold over 15 odd years, and to witness the layers of news and opinion that are used to sew the threads of belief to the public. Stitched up! Ha! Sold an idea that we are the problem. We're creating anonymous accounts just to do what exactly? (Oh yes, be mean and argue with anyone? We have time for that) I enjoy reading the comments sections of newspapers and articles. I had suspicions and then certainty that some of the replies weren't real. You can feel it, it feels wrong. The glaringly obvious ones lack a natural sounding response, creativity, something interesting. Ha, i hope they don't get better at it. When I heard, during a radio phone in, that an algorithm can instantly find and reply to a post, I thought yes, exactly! I turned up the volume, willing the man to speak up, to say it quickly while he had the chance. I listen a lot and hear some real gems amongst the noise and distraction. I see increasingly, the manufactured illusion that government must threaten tech companies with fines. As if they are separate independent entities. i think it's clever to make it look like external regulation, forcing them to keep it all safer. It helps when there's constant publicity of hurt feelings. It must be real? People are being tormented by strangers. I think, yeah that old chestnut. Pull the other one. And here we go again. I like to say, as we do, who bemefits? It's not good for people to hear constantly how horrible others are. Unless you're mixing with good and decent people, you could easily believe that's a reflection of the world, and you would then bitterly help to create that reality. I'm glad I grew up before the internet, to know that people we meet haven't changed as much as we're lead to believe. As for Musk, I always felt his comments of support for us were those of a false prophet, tacticly used to make us feel that someone was speaking up for us, and that we would like and admire and root for him. I always felt suspicious of the name Tesla, based on things I've read in the past, and during lockdown I read about star-link, and when I was lucky enough to see it, and count each one as it passed, it was jaw dropping, fascinating and disturbing.
  17. Today's news: Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter is on hold until he gets more information about fake accounts on the platform, he has said. Pathetic. How long ago we suspected that fake accounts were being used, in an active war on nature, a war on us, to divide and rule, frustrate and irritate, to make us feel that we were outnumbered, or that the world had gone mad. It reminded me of the made up agony aunt letters. Or about as real as reality tv. Fake accounts are being used to overwhelm us and to create a version of reality. The who benefits, agitated, soulless, joyless, boring, uninspiring version. You know. So, now he wants more information? Mr free speech wants to clean up? Sounds more like the usual problem, reaction, solution.
  18. Thanks for the reply you two, look forward to sharing again later when I get a chance.
  19. Could - here we go again. "Must save money to tackle cost of living crisis.' Yes, well be hearing that on repeat now. Besides the usual headline grabbing, bypass parliament, distraction, straight to media style of government, there are some parts and quotes in this episode that caught my interest. I heard some of the Jacob Rees Mogg interview, and a union representative of the civil service union, who said it doesn't mean anything untill it's discussed properly, or WTT effect. Article shows how many staff were employed during Convid etc. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-61432498 "We've taken on quite a number of additional staff - indeed 91,000 - to deal with Covid and some of the consequences of Brexit. "Those two issues are now fading therefore we can get back to the numbers we previously had."
  20. Thank you MarcusOmouse, I hadn't heard of Don before ... yes you would think so wouldn't you, but he sounded almost matter of fact for someone who'd been locked up for 50 days. I enjoyed a few soundbites in the 14 minute section, and will try to share those with you. I love listening to talk tadio stations, and flick between several channels to try and catch people's opinions of lockdown and the covid policy!
  21. I read this interesting article after hearing journalist Don Weinland, interviewed by Matt Frei on LBC radio, on Sat 30th April 2022. The interview is available on global player, I believe today is the last day and I don't know how to save it? (Don is the Eonomist's China business and finance editor) Interview ... https://www.globalplayer.com/catchup/lbc/uk/b8FPiFx/ Forward to 1 hour, 3 mins 40 seconds Article ... ://www.economist.com/1843/2022/04/26/locked-down-in-shanghai-ive-caught-a-glimpse-of-our-techno-dystopian-future Excerpt - Register to continue reading .... "Locked down in Shanghai, I’ve caught a glimpse of our techno-dystopian future - April 26th 2022 I never imagined living through history could be this boring. At the end of March, the Chinese government responded to an outbreak of the Omicron variant in Shanghai by embarking on the largest city-wide lockdown in history. Most of Shanghai’s 25m residents are shut in their homes or sleeping on the floor of their workplaces. Police cars idle down boulevards that were once bustling thoroughfares. Occasionally buses full of masked passengers, ostensibly heading to vast, makeshift covid hospitals on the outskirts of the city, zip past on the motorway below".
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