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  1. The psychology is fascinating. Amd disgusting of course. The same basic principles apply. Not buying into the lie applies to everything, from political correctness, to being told you have to stay silent because someone in a uniform or with a title, or with more money, said so. I believe we should support those who care enough to speak up. It's the least we can do. And together we can expand, and create. It's time consuming and our efforts are diluted with deliberate distractions and draining of our energy, but we are doing something, one layer at a time. No one said it was going go be easy. It's excruciating. Finding joy and health, finding the balance. We need to feel our strength. I heard Nick Hudson on talkradio. Wonderful man. And I heard Julia say again; the politicians weren't scared, while they told us we would kill granny if we touched a door handle. (Behavioural science) Sadly much damage is done. But all is not lost and we must hang on to some spirit or what's it all for. There's a lot of good happening. I continue to listen to incredible people and there's always another that I haven't discovered yet.
  2. They need to grab our attention all the time. They are so needy I'm making an effort to laugh at these soulless pricks, when I'm angry frustrated scared I'm only helping them. And their vision. I'm enjoying another take on all of this ... trying to remind myself of several things ... so many lessons over so long ... convincing us they've already won is their best hand and they play it so well. I'm going to try it.
  3. Prime minister: 'I overwhelmingly feel it's my job to get on and deliver' He's talking to WHO? Not us
  4. Clinton? Looks more like Turkey's ass to me ... Morpheus: “Were you listening to me? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?” ...
  5. With the greatest of respect; that's not off topic at all. HAARPING_On and campanar, thank you both very much. This is exactly what we need to discuss, explore, and share. The system, the AI, the algorithms are clearly a fix to hook people in. A "fake it til you make it" system of control. I heard that 'random spot check tests' in airports, can also be led by an algorithm, thereby fitting in nicely with a social credit style system, to stop, interfere and controll those that refuse to conform to these hysterical health and safety mandates. And to send those people into a quarantine re-education camp, where the $cientific test also 'randomly' decides if and when you can leave, .. how much money you have to pay, and whether you can go to work, see your family, or travel.
  6. Also shared in Coronavirus Megathread, along with a few details of the open letter that we signed today.
  7. Sign the open letter: End mask “requirement” in healthcare settings "Health professionals, scientists and members of the public are invited to co-sign our open letter to the NHS Chief Executives below by Wed 25 May, when we will also be posting hard copies of this letter to the addressees. We will not list individual names of members of the public but provide a total count instead." https://smilefree.org/nhs/ (Excellent and extensive information on this website) "Given the lack of good scientific evidence to support the wearing of ‘face coverings’ to reduce viral transmission, together with the wide range of harms associated with them, there is no justification for healthcare services to persist with the ‘requirement’ for all staff, patients and visitors to wear a mask." 'All the robust evidence points in one direction, that masks are ineffective in any setting and there's a whole range of harms associated with them.' Dr Gary Sidley joined Dan Wooton on 24/05/22 at 22:40, to discuss how face masks do more harm than good. GB News on YouTube http://
  8. Statistics from the UN woman's report. That says it all. Women and Men are being divided and tormented for their own good; told what to think, feel and do, but thankfully I still see enough wonderful people living quite naturally outside that ugly artificial reality. The UN? We weren't born yesterday.
  9. I wonder that too. I often thought how sneakiy it was that people ended up in masks. I always thought that was for other cultures. There was no drink without food. Stay near your home. Don't go to work. Test tube babies. Miserable bastrds eh. Yeah, no fun! Under any circumstances!
  10. Action aid advert on E4 asking for £3 to stop the sexualisation of children in Africa, or something! Endless nonsense.
  11. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/bristol-city-council-tackles-sexual-6890528 March 2022 Bristol City Council tackles sexual harassment towards women with new 'it's not ok' posters. Giant posters have been installed all across the city centre. Unwanted forms of harassment listed include: flirting, catcalling, compliments, hugs, jokes, touching, little kisses, attention, staring, photos, drinking, out-numbering a woman, grinding, grabbing or groping. This is not normal. As you say fluke, it's divide and conquer for starters. America is sadly way ahead of us in all of this. We should learn from their experience, and stop blaming each other, but the ones who allocate and waste our money on this poison. Humans should be encouraged to appreciate beauty whether it is in art, nature or another human of any age or sex. We are born to interact, to practice our language, to use our faces to communicate, to share a touch on the hand, to inspire each others children .... I saw one of these posters torn down and I thought fair play, we should all do that.
  12. It disgusts me that someone designs these ideas and also names them for us. We call it woke, but we also call it bullshit. How dare 'they' tell a human that they are not allowed to have emotions and experience all the sences. We need love AND hate. I like tv and radio but it really does create a reality and self fulfilling prophecies. It wouldn't surprise me if it was as your headline says. Either way it's certainly used to generalise about the political labels, and steer conversations. I always disliked putting a label on my (political) interests, mainly because I never really understood who was who, and I didn't fit into one category. Everything is such a con. One long advert over a 20, 50 or 100 year period? Anyone who has lived naturally and peacefully, where life revolves around work, rest and play, and love, fun and creativity with your family and friends, knows that no-one would get involved in this nonsense without the constant spin and baiting. I heard a guest on GB News say "It's got to the stage where we're not allowed to say the Emperor has no clothes" I remember fairly clearly when we first started saying and hearing "we're not allowed to say that" and self censoring, keeping quiet, questioning ourselves. Allowing our thoughts to be infiltrated and diverted. I think it was predominantly after the millennium. It's such poison. We should never have given them an inch. What I dearly love is that the more people you meet the more you realise that they're not what you hear they are on the TV. That's why social distancing was a perfect tool.
  13. Stomach churning images towards the end with Mr Green T on the big screen and little Klauss. Try 46 mins 40 secs, with Klauss and the crowd clapping. What a script.
  14. They offered Dad a shingles vaccine via text, early this year. We joked that it made a change from the Covid texts. I've noticed before that it's something they scare the elderly with, including posters in the surgeries and hospitals. I remember Mum was a little nervous about it years ago. At the time I thought what is shingles? You will get ill, is the constant bombardment!
  15. Thanks SimonTV, it's well worth looking into the World Council For Health, and Dr Tess Lawrie and her lovely team in Bath. I see a lot of love and care, emotion, good intentions and determination in them, as they seek to find a way forward. Bringing together an opportunity for people to meet and talk like must be a massive task. So many names that we all know, people that we watch and read, like Dolores Cahill, Bret Weinstein, Mark Shaman, Pierre Kory, Neil Oliver, Del Bigtree, Maajid Nawaz, Nick Hudson. So many! I'll try and share more later.
  16. Please keep in your thoughts the people who are together at a conference in Bath this weekend as someone will be there speaking up for you and for us. This is great news Organized by the World Council for Health, this solutions-focused gathering brings together 65+ leaders for health from around the world for three exciting days of learning, exploring, creating, and collaborating. The Better Way Conference can be joined in person in Bath, UK, or virtually https://betterwayconference.org/about-bath/
  17. Please keep in your thoughts the people who are together at a conference in Bath this weekend as someone will be there speaking up for you and for us. This is great news Organized by the World Council for Health, this solutions-focused gathering brings together 65+ leaders for health from around the world for three exciting days of learning, exploring, creating, and collaborating. The Better Way Conference can be joined in person in Bath, UK, or virtually https://betterwayconference.org/about-bath/
  18. I'm very suspicious of Sweden, and have been since early 2020. At first I was almost glad to hear the 'let's do what Sweden is doing' line, mainly because I was searching for commonsense, and anything that could be held up as an example to stop the increasing destruction of everything ... but anyway, I try to keep an open mind and let's face it, we've all seen a lot over the years, and how things unfold. I didn't like that Sweden was pretty much the only place that was mentioned as a slightly alternative response. Why them? 2 years ago I was thinking what if the belief that 'Sweden got it right' was sneakily used to show that 'they got it right because they embraced the best technology'. I thought that would be quite devilishly clever ... and it might also show a track and trace system. I knew for a long time that they were advanced in tech ... I'd seen documentaries on RFID chips, under the skin, with photo ID and cashless bar in Swedish nightclubs, back when we only had it here on parcels. Then the other day Sweden's joining NATO. And now you share this Doc. I still wonder why it was so easy to hear about Sweden, without even trying, and yet the most interesting countries are not discussed at all. Even when I looked today at the DM Monkeypox article comments section, there was one that 'robotically' said we should have followed Sweden.
  19. Yes, the BBC is already discussing early intervention, and pre treatment to avoid symptoms etc
  20. Hi Ankela, please see this thread, and also in the recent pages of the main coronavirus megathread I'm glad you asked as it's very interesting
  21. It will be so convenient, with your heath and safety in mind. We're doing this for you ... To keep you safe, and to keep us safe ... No-ones safe untill we're all safe ...
  22. The same lady; the global health correspondent Naomi Grimley was just on the BBC news again. This time she was in the studio, on the 17th she was at 'home'. She talks strangely, almost robotic, wide eyed, with a smile or smirk. I heard a lot of the recognisable layers of the script. "Because as we learned with covid early action is important" I'm glad Monkeypox will have its own section now, as theres two good threads running, and we have to keep an eye on where they're going with this.
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