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  1. It might be very convenient and even exciting, dare I say, for the OCD medication window licking hypochondriac? This IS Amazon It reminds me a little of the large packs of PCR tests that were delivered, unordered, to the 'vulnerable', elderly, and those with 'low immunity. And just to add to the thread in general; Bill Gates is too well known a name to be responsible for everything, but I am interested in the messages he delivers, and have watched him for many years. Also I notice a lot of large packs of masks in the charity shops, and a lot of websites of corporations that still have covid restrictions and guidance in place.
  2. I'm glad you haven't lost your sence of humour as the old saying goes This reminds me of another advert, this time for Amazon and also, I don't know, maybe a destruction of the word thanks, a way to keep the narrative going, a way to steal the headlines, a way to take the piss out of the peasants who are funding this ... anything but what the article says he says?
  3. Wiki Farage's accounts were closed after an internal risk committee judged his "views were at odds with our position as an inclusive organisation"
  4. It's noticible to me that it's Coutts bank. This looks like an advert to me, along with everything else! It always used to be referred to as the Queen's bank. A few cuts off the net ... 1) Coutts had enjoyed a reputation as the country's most exclusive bank, promising unrivalled personal service. The institution has catered for the Royal Family since 1692 and in recent decades encouraged "new money". The Beatles, Sting, Queen and more recently the Spice Girls are understood to have opened accounts there.4 Feb 2001 2) We not only provide priority access and benefits at the world's best restaurants, our specialists can recommend local gems worth a visit in some of the world's most popular destinations. We can secure tickets to the best music, sporting and theatre events as well, and even offer access to our own suite at London's O2 3) Our parent company NatWest Group plans for its business operations, including here at Coutts, to be 'climate positive' by 2025. I just realised that if you're not climate positive (or happy and bright and gay) you might not have a bank account one day. Cash is King.
  5. Last night GB Headliners showed this story on one of the front pages, which was followed by the Nigel Farage show itself, where he talked about this banking story and said ... NF; "They're doing this to me, will they do it to you too?" NF; "They could do it to anyone if they don't like your political views" NF; "Very pleased to be joined here by Norman Lamont, ex chancellor of the exchequer" NL; "It seems to me that you have a right to a bank account" NL; "People have got different views, on Brexit, Djokovic and the anti vax ( he gave 3 different examples ) ... " ______ Old Nige sure seems to be preparing the people for the future, a bit like I think Tucker Carlson was doing? I've looked at Farage as controlled opposition ever since the Brexit vote and his sudden leaving. He is seen as, or should I say marketed as, a man of the people because he likes a pint. This is from wiki; After the vote to leave the EU, Farage resigned as leader of UKIP, triggering a leadership election, but remained as an MEP. In December 2018, Farage stood down from UKIP. He returned to frontline politics by launching the Brexit Party in 2019 (Which is now called Reform) I used to like him because he says some of the 'right' thing but of course that's the bloody job of controlled opposition. I also started to notice what he doesn't say. I was waiting for him to show some resistance to Convid for instance but I wasn't aware that he said anything much till what I would call fairly recently, or too late? I keep meaning to check on that to see what he did say in 2020, even 2021 perhaps. I dont know what he said but at the time I wasn't aware of anything at all? Almost like where is that loudmouth when we need him? Maybe I'm wrong on that because by then I'd made up my mind on him, so that can make a person a bit blind and deaf ... And just one more thing sometimes he has what sounds like a fake laugh? A laugh that's out of place in the conversation / interview. But anyway ...
  6. I had the BBC news on earlier and within an hour had heard about the jet stream about 4 times, and within those 4 sections they repeated it 3 times and showed illustrations on the map with of course the UK blue and the rest in dark red.
  7. I heard a mention in the news of a fire in Spain. It's either fires or foods eh ?!
  8. I also notice a lot of straight people at Pride events, which I found quite interesting. It seems as though part of this is that 'our' traditional, long established events are becoming smaller / limited, with 'new' rules and restrictions, perhaps blamed on security / safety / policing / insurance etc, and whether they are blocking roads, or creating traffic and hold ups. Pride is increasing, and the ambulance/ fire / police vehicles are rainbow covered and the staff in uniform and 'rainbow get up', are walking / parading in front of the vehicles, and so on. The shop fronts are decked in rainbow stickers, and more chain stores are getting in on this. I must say I find it quite sickening and intrusive. I saw tonight on Euronews Pride events from around the world. I see that it's certainly gone from being gay pride to being this be proud of who you are / everyone is welcome and included and so on, where the lines are merging. I see what appears to be 'straight' families and children dressed in rainbow socks. Some of it may be any excuse for a party, but what about preserving the festivals and fetes that were already for everyone? The corporations and big event companies already want to take over some of these things, and take them out of the hands of the people, and to take away free events. I admit that this depends on where you live. I spoke to a nurse this week who told me that she feels as if the rainbow has been stolen, and that it used to remind her of one thing, and now it reminds her of another. I'm disappointed to see how many people in the NHS wear rainbow lanyards, and I saw one with a pin badge that said she / her. I'm just tired of the forced and financed agenda, and I often wish these people would stop 'selfishly' promoting themselves and perhaps put some effort into giving someone else a good day out, maybe the elderly or the disabled.
  9. Yes, the least we can do is offer our apologies to poor him. Cause after all the very meaning of an apology has been become almost unrecognisable with the repetition of apologies in the media over the last few years. A deliberate destruction of something else that actually meant something.
  10. But if you were Columbo you'd have the complete A to Z of it figured out in 70 to 90 minutes !? Actually I would love to see that. Imagine him working out the agenda in this particular episode Or in other episodes saying to Bojo or Handcock, "just one more thing" OK ... ok!! Life's not like that, but it made me smile thinking about it for a moment ... And I guess he'd be straight round that 'hospital'.
  11. As I write your name Useyournous, I find I'm reading it properly for the first time; I get it now, good one! So anyway, he looks like he's being smothered enough thank you very much! (Love wins, love is love, choose love ... )
  12. On the one hand I tried to resist getting pulled into this On the other I justify it by trying to see how this is going to effect us I detest the use of theatre, pulling on emotions, the old bread and circus Not to mention that the older 'we' are the more we have seen this before Except this time we notice the slight changes in the law, or the public awareness of the law? Mixed in with the changes in public coercion, and guidelines! And so on. I don't like presenters saying that we pay the BBC so we are entitled to know, as I feel that practice has more to do with us handing over our phones and privacy, than it does a paedophile, for example. At the moment I'm hearing about Boris' phone and the text messages that are supposedly being handed over to the enquiry. Etc. I see a lot of the games and training and yet still wonder if working it out and knowing makes much difference. I suppose it must or I wouldn't be here Yeah Anyway, the last journalist to have lunch with Huw said he knows where the bodys are buried. You can't help but wonder if it is blackmail, control, sabotage, set up. Destroy every face that we are familiar with. Add theatre. Add training. (The Royal we)
  13. On the Nigel Farage show a guest said Huw had broken lockdown rules in the third lockdown. Nigel said, not illegal? The guest said well, he could face a fixed penalty notice. What a load of rubbish. Look how far we’ve evolved.
  14. Thanks LastOneLeftInTheCounty, I was a bit cautious as it's easy to go off track as so many things are connected, but I think it must be significant too. I really like the way you put that, nice and direct and also human, so I respect that. I know there has to be some discipline and order. A place for everything and everything in its place. Otherwise how will we ever find anything!? I'll add that if you hadn't replied I wouldn't have remembered to search for articles online, and there are also lots of threads on this subject from the members here. On that 'springboard', I like using the search on DI, I think it's really good. I searched DOG WHISTLE ... in 'Advanced search' - selecting 'All of my search term words' and several members have discussed this. I've shared Macnamara's, as it's a perfect quote on this subject from an excellent part of the site, and we can continue our exploration there.
  15. It's a pity that absolutely of this is orchestrated theatre Now they bring in lockdown ??! What? Is partygate running out of steam? That is truly offensive? Lockdown was a perversion
  16. Like many of you here I've watched for years as THEY try to move towards a future where WE can't say anything about THEM without a lawyer All I've heard about in the last few days is those previous cases ... the ones that lead to today, when his name is protected. THEY talk about libel, and money. In the past couple of decades WE have allowed ourselves to be pulled into the trial by media theatre, but I bloody knew at the time that it was just one part of the build up to protecting themselves, even if it looked like quite the opposite at the time.
  17. Thanks for a great reply LastOneLeftInTheCounty Sorry I realise now that I didn't explain properly. I'm not hearing a whistle as such, but 'dog whistle' seems to be one of the new buzz terms. P.s. I don't think this is off topic, as the original posts were about fear mongering / symptoms etc.
  18. As you mention that; I have been meaning to share that I've noticed 'dog whistle' being used a lot these last few months, especially when the media discuss politics. It always sounds like one of their in jokes. Somebody somewhere knows that they're pulling on our strings, and also that sounds / frequencies are used to manipulate us.
  19. Yes it appears so. Earlier Nicky Campbell said we don’t know the ‘gender’. But then I saw today’s Metro and this is a quote from the front page. “ The youngster’s mother said she saw an image of him on her son’s phone ‘from some kind of video call’ looking like he was getting ready for my child to perform for him’. “
  20. Hurled into the mix of the Twitter sphere. We don’t know much. Anyone is a published writer but not trained, open themselves up to libel. it’s going to make life harder for people at the BBC. Against the background of other very famous cases. Duty of care. Have the BBC been slow? 7 weeks. We will know before too long who the presenter is, but the story doesn’t wait for that. People who are gunning for the BBC … In the Express, ‘he’ accused the BBC of being a haven for perverts. (A journalist)
  21. News on several channels … “ The school was kept locked down for hours. Miles was one of the children. We were kept locked up safe, some people were scared, I was one of them then I was ok, some had panic attacks, it’s very sad “ …. There is no suggestion that it is terrorism related … our thoughts are with … local people will see more police.
  22. Talk TV - little bits overheard / quotes ... Guest repeating that you can't just say what you want without thinking that someone will come for you Ian Collins asks: Are people really that stupid that they don't know that? And then in a few moments says "Simple question do you trust the BBC? Also there is a lot of legal talk, legal training! This again is one big fat ... lessons will be learned ram in down our throats ... Policing social media Potentially defamatory Government is calling for social media to police themselves Its been a very difficult weekend for other BBC presenters who have been caught up in this We will not be naming this person for legal reasons Gary Lineker was taken off air in a matter of hours but this presenter was allowed to stay for 60 days I keep hearing Who knew what when ... How it was dealt with ... McAlpine was innocent In the past they have put the institution before the individual i don't think they've done that here What they knew when they knew it and what they're going to do about it? The problem will come back again and again and it relates to social media - the publics' right to know and the individuals right to privacy Your primary duty is to the young person involved Referring to Frank Bough ... "we're all human and we all do stupid things" It's been a cheap opportunity to kick the beeb People like Pritti Patel and Nadine Dories "I don't think this will be one of the big scandals, that is the ones where the BBC have kept information from the public" ( He means in the past - maybe i would say what like in the 'pandemic' era ....?! ) Roger Bolton - Former BBC Presenter ian Collins; I disagree. These allegations are shocking and because of the individual, because I know who it is ... more so End quote
  23. Conversation on children being denied the use of toilets during lessons The following are quotes, some slightly paraphrased - really interesting call from a headteacher ... "During the pandemic kids were out of a secure place" (School) "Children don't have social skills after the pandemic" - not having family days out and getting used to using the toilet. "They arrive for class and I say does anyone want to use the toilet" and several of them go off at once "The vaping is mad" (in the toilets) "12 years of age" "You can't smell the vapes" "Every lesson I was clearing them out of the toilets" "We need social skills development" We've got to say to the child you went to the toilet at the same time every day, is anything wrong, "their human rights." "We all know what its like when you need the toilet." Dennis O'Sullivan headteacher in Hertfordshire Presenter Naga Munchetty says "I'm amazed that you say its the most spoken about subject nationally" The previous caller also said it's worse since the pandemic but didn't perhaps didn't get to speak for long after mentioning that word. Now they are asking if the feminism pendulum has swung too far the other way and men's place in society - What about Men? Caitlin Moran and her book tour. More on that in another section I hope. Famous last words
  24. Radio 5 Parents are requested not to go to the school, for their safety and the safety of the children. Other schools nearby have been advised ( to close? ) An adult has been stabbed and taken to hospital ? Presenter says it's very sad news ( Bloody hell is nowhere safe - Tewkesbury?! ) ( Struck by the use of the word lockdown, of course. )
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