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  1. Al Jazeera quotes ... The Pakistani people are facing a monsoon on steroids. People's hopes and dreams have washed away. UN secretary general to travel to areas worst effected by climate catastrophe. The ground zero of climate change in the world. ( The UN - world police, world government ) BBC: "33 million affected. Pakistan is responsible for little climate emissions but are paying the price ... in an economy already struggling. From what you've been reporting, there's more to it than climate? Yes, drainage problems ... heat ... torrential rain. Pakistan is paying the price for decisions made by the developed world, and they need more money "
  2. I looked at the media reports of Reading. I saw a photo in the mail of one burning tent, with people sat nearby. I don't like to see immediate calls for more security. That's more problem - R - solution? The insurance industry has already nearly destroyed even village style or pub style gatherings. Oh and the articles make a fuss about litter, as if that's a new thing. I read some of the comments section. Notting Hill; Interested to hear ian Collins say (almost accidentally) that the carnival has never been a trouble spot (or words to that effect). I recall that sometimes crime is not reported, unless it suits, but likewise, I don't want violence deliberately exaggerated to promote broken Britain, to break us quicker. Just as I would prefer to hear praise for NHS staff, paramedic, or police, and even BBC presenter !? not just the bad bits. Praise where praise is due, or life becomes a constant misery for all the triers? When my friends went to Italy '90, the sun front page made out there was hooliganism on every corner, and they didn't see anything. That was my first lesson in that area! (Daily Mail Images) After 9/11 and 7/7, we heard there would be metal arch scanners on busses. It was always coming whatever the reason. I went through an airport recently and had my shoes checked twice on two expensive machines akin to gym equipment, and was talked to like a murderer ... when the real criminals had locked my country down and were having their arses licked? ? I know there is big trouble in the country, but it is not being promoted now to find a solution, but to stick the knife in, so to speak.
  3. Cost of living crisis (trade mark?) Over one million brits to get £326 a week Just at a quick glance, I keep reading the one million figure about many things, and 326 adds up to 11. Ah, we've got bigger fish to fry but it's all about numbers, perversely. I'm intrigued that there is no mention of health, wealth, strength, the doom doom doom, and control is very real, but there's nothing more destructive than the stress of thinking and hearing and believing the worst, when the good news and good people can lift you enough to keep you going. There's a reason why we say I'm sick to death.
  4. Excellent share of Bob Moran, as usual calling these people to account. And yeah, when I had no other way to reason with the hysterical, I reached for the .. we can't afford this, how are we going go pay for this, councils will be bankrupt .. but the people were seduced by the media who said, borrowing is cheap, and it's possible we might never have to pay it back, and the IMF said spend, spend, spend. If the coercion was from an individual it would be a front page crime. Even my jaw dropped a bit the first time I heard Sunak say what we couldn't afford recently. The theatre and pisstaking is on another level. I reckon we're the comedy stars of the elites Big Brother CCTV show.
  5. Glenn Harms, Owner; The Bell Inn; "Come January this is going to happen again .. It's not sustainable .. It's embarrassing having to put your prices up .. We need a VAT cut .. Although we're in a good place, two months down the line it's going to really hit" Ian Collins: You took a right old hit during covid and then this comes along? Look at that quote and then the quote below that was played during the ad break; Boris; "What we've got to do is just get through the tough months" (Carrot .. Stick, it's just a bit longer, yeah right) Another pub landlord said there is only two companies that provide the Co2 for beer, and one has gone now, so it leaves a monopoly.
  6. Greg Marsh CEO, Nous "This is going go to be one of the toughest winters. We're going to have to look to our neighbours, and see how we can help" ... "Humanitarian crisis" ... "Saving is the new spending" ... "The cost of living crisis is going to effect all of us in the same way that the pandemic did a couple of years ago" ... (A couple of years ago?! - How about now?) Whenever I hear this type of comment I think of the plan to get everyone to share a problem to advance globalisation. Terrorism, Pandemic, Climate Change. Good job so far.
  7. I wish I'd saved the names of the bastards I saw and heard on tv and radio, coercing and shaming pregnant women into having it. Presenters, commentators, experts. It cut me to hear them speaking so confidently, when the thought of it filled me with dread for these women and their unborn babies. We need to record the names of these people and their advice.
  8. Today I heard on the radio, someone say that lockdosn happened too late, that Boris shook hands with someone ( remember that? Horse shit propaganda) He didn't take it seriously, and Mcdonlads and Aldi (remember and all those bloody corporations) closed down first /quickly, and the Cheltenham festival was still allowed to take place. These runts will still bang the drum to lock down overnight. Jump? How high? Rachel Johnson said last week that Boris had nearly died. I thought that had been disproven? Someone wrote an article on it?
  9. I flicked past sky news and saw the lady who is the climate change minister of Pakistan, who said it's quite apocalyptic ... Some dialogue from the voiceover; It's the ground zero of something? Climate / floods Why is it so susceptible to climate change? This years monsoon has been the worst The navy has been brought in Global warming has been blamed Rising temperature is causing flooding Climate change is increasing the length of monsoon How vulnerable Pakistan is to climate change over the next 80 years ... If rapid global action isn't taken Could be catastrophic causing drought ... floods The research suggests Could rise to a staggering ... Bangladesh refugees - Half of which tried to enter Europe ... If we fail to heed the warnings ... While I was editing this I heard another clip in the press review ... Climate change, which we know is happening we've seen the consequences in Pakistan
  10. Such kind and thoughtful advice. I'm so sorry to hear of this situation and hope that you have found some one to help you?
  11. Yes indeed, and completely ignored in the boom boom boom of the Blair and Brown side show years, when everybody was rich lol. Food banks, water leaks, old dodgy pipes, sewage in the water, dumping plastics in the sea, people struggling and living hand to mouth, week to week, how long have my elders been talking about all this? The conspiracy theorists? Not a bloody word in the headlines untill they were full steam ahead with the trojan horse idea of caring and saving us.
  12. Ah, Coast to Coast - thanks for the reminder. I heard so many great shows back then. Been too long. When you think of all the guests on these types of shows. And the reviews of books, quotes, knowledge, people from the past ... Yes there's a lot of shit in the world, but bloody hell, there's endless incredible and inspiring people who've got a lot to share with us. *uck these @ssholes who think they can take it all away from us.
  13. Thanks i will look into this, but on a hunch I imagine it's sabotage. Send in someone to stir it up. Greta says the world is on fire. They scare people into keeping the kids at home. Allow only state sponsored entertainment? I went to a festival last week and I can assure you that the people were as friendly, smiling and sociable as always. Divine. I despise the illusion that there is no joy and humanity left. I think the war on us ... is infiltrating absolutely everything that sustains us. Years ago in the USA there were photos of rioters all wearing the same standard issued black boots. Most people do not start trouble but they may get tangled up following the leader? Following a small crowd?
  14. Crikey, loads of good looking articles here, thanks, and also for Lord Sumption, I haven't checked in with him for ages, but his voice is such a voice of reason, and a reminder to me that many of the so called privileged or whatever they are labelled to divide us ... have a lot of experience, wisdom, and concern for our society.
  15. Of all the repetitive words anti semitic has to be some of the worst. OK there are lots of words to condition us to a created war. The dirty bastards, they don't play fair huh? What about the other people who suffered in the war, the Ukrainians for example who never got a word untill it suited them, and now that bastard Boris is still on TV with his little yellow blue and Union Jack badge. Prick. Bald prick. Civil war, divide, take the rage out on each other. It's been building for so long. I saw in Cyorus how the UN divided the island with their green line to keep each side apart- for safety. Some of the Greeks say that the people on the boats are 'soldiers'. They know something is very wrong. The refugee 'crisis' is in lots of places, I suppose it's the war on Europe isn't it? Cameron offering a referendum was just part of keeping the country in stalemate / divided / frustrated. We will go through the mangle, and some will come out the other side. During the wars there was always music and drinking and dancing somewhere else. There will be wars and rumours of wars is a rather clever line, I think of it quite often.
  16. Thank you for this, I've watched the first few minutes so far and found it absolutely gripping. I respect 'normal', 'natural' human observations (in this case on flu deaths pre 2020), far more than so called experts, who are mostly always so restricted by their funding. On that note, I should seek out more retired experts/ specialists, as they share their insight and also have that wonderful 'old school' attitude, you know what I mean.
  17. Both athletes had cramp at exactly the same time, and post race at least one said they'd never had it before? Then soon after I read and heard Dina calling for ... Dina Asher-Smith calls for more period research in sport after cramping in Munich 2022 However that was not my impression at the time? It was such a 'coincidence', did you see their joint interview? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-11117325/Dina-Asher-Smith-suffers-frustration-cramps-Munich.html
  18. Yes, absolutely, thanks for the reminder. I haven't thought about that for a long time. When I saw it - it was so blatant, so 'in your face', ... I found it hard to watch films, except for spotting all of the 'adverts', and conditioning.
  19. I'm interested in the behavioural science side of the energy situation, considering the long time aim to change our lifestyles, with carrots or sticks. 10.40 on 27/08/22 The German Ambassador on LBC says that Germany has good energy storage, but wants to cut usage by 20% Matt Frei asks, does he find it strange that our government haven't told us to reduce consumption? And is it because we see it as the nanny state? Matt Frei asks his listeners has the energy situation changed your view of the war in Ukraine? He said in Italy and France (Le Pen) they are discussing stopping the sanctions, due to the rising energy costs, and says it's not something that has been openly discussed in the UK yet. Will the British people go soft on Putin? We need to look after our energy costs? The next guest, Lord Robertson, says Putin wants to tire us out. The British people are onside in this campaign, but there will be a price that we have to pay .. it's the direct consequence of Russia starting a war on a neighbouring peaceful country. You and I have grown used to a world where there is some sort of order ... Ukraine need to get more weapons, and we need to hold our nerve. If Russia stops fighting there will be no war. If Ukraine stops fighting there will be no Ukraine. This is going to be hard nasty and long. Putim can't stand down and lose face. MF; The PM touched on this level of sacrifice, but the two leaders haven't mentioned it. There is more to it than Russia, like the shareholders are getting more money than the pipes that need to be maintained. We don't seem to have a lot of skin in the game. LR; Instead of articulating the case against Putin, she makes casual references to our ally. It was a very childish comment. She is still the foreign secretary of this country. Macron responded like an adult. It's a bad signal of what she might do if she comes into power in ten days time. Caller says, stop it, what are the sanctions even doing?! What are Ukraine's neighbours doing?! Another caller rants; we need to stop Russia now because we've got our values. Turn the lights off at picadilly circus. We won ww2. We should have more sanctions ... the money is going to a clique of people who buy yachts. Etc! MF; Do we have the resources? What do you say to Brits in this country who are suffering, and can't heat their homes? Ukrainian guest; Ukraine is not doing this to you. If Ukraine fails the prices will not go down. This tyrant wants to conquer the whole of Europe, please stick with us so that we can win. (This is all so 1984 Orwell - perpetual war) The following feature is on the sewage being pumped into the sea. We have known about this for decades. Why are they openly revealing this daily now? What agenda is it forcing? Is it nationalisation?
  20. Yes, Bob is the gift that keeps on giving. So much talent, imagination, integrity. Finally, a genuine hero. There's a few who were with us all the way, but not so many who got the point across in his manner. Eternally grateful to this man.
  21. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/20134-bob-moran-political-cartoonist/page/4/#comments
  22. I'm glad you put that, as I'm torn as to whether it turns out that this is by design. I would love a bit of redemption, but it could still be some sick pied piper, rubbing our noses in it.
  23. The club is called 77, that's quite remarkable? I read a statement and it isn't quite as bad as it sounds, but I'm tired of all of this talk about safe spaces, weakening and dividing people. When I see men and women out and about, they're having just as good a time together as they always did. Nice bit of free publicity for the club.
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