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  1. I was listening briefly to the Times radio today when the presenter gave an update on Andrew Bridgen, and said that Matt Chorley would probably be disappointed as he's a fan of Andrew. I really like Times radio, and hear some interesting comments, often said with good humour. Not on this occasion, I might add! I know Andrew has been increasingly outspoken about the vaccine, however I just bloody wish he hadn't mentioned the holocaust as it was completely unnecessary at this stage in the battle, and just made a rod for our backs. Do they do this sort of shit on purpose of what? It makes it so much harder for me to trust him.
  2. Yes, I wonder if it's something that we know nothing about at all, perhaps, or if there is an explanation? I haven't heard a hum, THE hum, yet. I read through all the YT comments, and the original poster of the sound clip seems like an inquisitive fella, who works in sound, and he generated some good comments from around Bristol, and as far away as Switzerland and Serbia, discussing frequencies and how to capture / record these sounds, that are heard indoors and / or outdoors.
  3. Feel compelled to share this intriguing comment on the YT clip above; KozmykJ - 1 year ago Interesting to stumble upon this once again. I recorded some of 'The Hum' back in 2011/2012 as heard from a location in Swansea, close to the shore approx 500m, elev 150m. In the still of the night it would regularly be audible, sounding like a distant diesel railway train. I did a quick spectrum analysis and there were prominant peaks at 71Hz and 79Hz. On another occasion there was a prominant 108Hz peak. Then I set a signal generator to produce these two frequencies and lo and behold, it gave an almost identical sounding result. The actual observed Hum also modulates in amplitude very slowly but the 71Hz+79Hz gives the characteristic distant engine throb from the beat frequency produced between them. As to the cause/source of this phenomenon ... your guess is as good as mine. HAARP. Oceanic Resonance. Submarine ELF. Atmospheric Resonance. Lunar gravitational waves. ?? Shared from YT comments
  4. I've heard of the 'famous Bristol hum', so I did a quick search and quickly came to a YT clip, interestingly captured during lockdown. I'll share two of the comments; The Bristol Hum, captured during coronavirus lockdown 14,829 views · 3 years ago BRISTOL B-Sound - 3 years ago Good capture! I just recorded few days ago a hum in Valencia, Spain and I was thinking of the famous Bristol Hum. I have never heard it but it's very interesting hearing it now with all those harmonics. Mine was on 50 Hz band and it was like a rumble. Jeff Powell - 1 year ago I used to live in Downend, Bristol, and one day I heard a strange continuous sound, like a horn. I thought at first it was coming from the central heating pipe sticking out of the outside wall, but realised it was not that. Other people in the area could also hear the sound. I drove around to try to find where it was coming from, but couldn't find the source, it was everywhere?! A friend later told me of the The Famous Bristol Hum, that was heard back in the 1960s. The strange sound was never explained, and apparently still lives on to this day!
  5. - Cancellation - balance of power - "Nobody on your side of the debate is afraid to speak out" Stephanie Davies-Arai (It takes a village to raise a child) https://stephaniedaviesarai.com/
  6. Rich Tea biscuits contain sugar and glucose fructose syrup. Rich Tea biscuits - the light one - 30% less sugar - contain sugar and Polydextrose glucose fructose syrup. When I used to research these things I gathered that GFS is GM corn? I avoid dextrose as it feels like it 'turns my stomach'. What on earth is Polydextrose glucose fructose syrup? Something else on the list to look up.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11986419/MPs-blast-decision-emergency-alerts-contract-firm-Post-Office-Horizon-scandal.html Backlash over emergency alerts system continues as MPs blast 'strange' decision to award contract to Japanese IT giant behind the Post Office Horizon scandal The controversial emergency alerts system will be tested on phones on Sunday Fujitsu won the £5.7mn contract, after playing a 'pivotal role' in Horizon scandal By R. HOOPER and J. DIRNHUBER and J. GROVES - UPDATED: 18:16, 18 April 2023
  8. I notice in the daily mail text above the opportunity to promote, again, towards the general idea that all women are victims of domestic violence ... and as if that is one of the few things that have to be considered when introducing this bloody alert.
  9. Daily Mail. Fairly interesting comments from JRM But speaking on his GB News programme, Mr Rees-Mogg accused ministers of making phones 'screech at us on St George's Day'. 'I'm afraid to say that I've disabled my government warning system because I think it will end up being used in the way the Met Office gives us warning to tell us the blindingly obvious,' the Tory MP said. 'That is to say that the weather's going to be hot and perhaps we should have a glass of water. Or there may be a storm and it may not be wise to go out, or it may be cold and we should wrap up warmly. I don't think that is why we have telephones. 'We have them as a service that we want to use that we pay for to communicate with people, not to be shouted at by the government… 'If there's something that's happened that is serious won't we actually know anyway? ... 'Are we to assume that people are so stupid that they haven't paid any attention to what's been going on?' Mr Rees-Mogg questioned what circumstances the alert would be end up being useful. 'It's back to the nanny state… they should just let people get on with their lives and make sensible decisions for themselves,' he said. Refuge, a domestic violence charity, is so concerned about the potential impact on victims that it has put together a step-by-step guide to disable the alert. Spokesman Emma Pickering said 'Our concerns are centred on the very real risk to survivors of domestic abuse who may have secret or secondary phones hidden within the home, which they must ensure are not discovered by their perpetrators. 'These devices can be a lifeline for women who need to access support or flee their abuser.' Lucy Hadley, of Women's Aid, a domestic abuse helpline, said: 'We are working with our members and using our direct services to ensure that survivors who we come into contact with will be informed, and know how to opt out. 'We urge the Government to ensure the safety of survivors is central to the roll-out of this scheme, particularly through raising awareness about how to opt out.' Similar systems are used for warnings in other countries including the US, Canada and Japan. In 2018 a mistake led to residents of Hawaii receiving an alert saying there was an incoming 'ballistic missile threat' and concluding 'this is not a drill'.
  10. I heard that phones on three network did not go off. Radio news said people had complained because they didn't receive the alert. Oh come on?! Up to 10 million missed out for whatever reason; I didn't catch it. ----- Fijitsu was responsible for the post office scandal and there have been debates about their involvement with the new alert system. https://hansard.parliament.uk/lords/2023-04-19/debates/DD4C1D09-88A7-4B2E-82BC-9FA831822A19/EmergencyAlertSystemFujitsu Emergency Alert System: Fujitsu Volume 829: debated in the house of lords on Weds 19th April 2023 The entire text is available to read or download ( isn't that handy ) Baroness Neville-Rolfe (Con) " I do not accept that the small addition of Fujitsu’s work in this area negates this very important piece of work, which the noble Lord was obviously involved in and agrees with. We need to get on with it. He is right that the US, Canada, the Netherlands and Japan already have such a system. We did have something of a system, as he will know, because we used texts during Covid, but we found that their coverage was not good enough. That is another reason why we have been spurred to move faster. Obviously, I am involved in this area and taking a big interest. I like to get on with things, as he knows. I very much hope that the test will work and that if we have a national crisis of the kind we very much hope not to have, these alerts will be helpful. They will also be useful locally, because the COBRA unit co-ordinating them will find them useful on occasions of local flooding and storms. At the moment, we get alerts but it is more haphazard than it needs to be. "
  11. I look forward to watching this, thanks Sock.
  12. Newspaper headline; Holly Willoughby reunites with Phillip Schofield on This Morning after shingles battle: ‘It’s nice to be back’. The presenter, 42, said she was ‘all mended’ after being struck down with the virus for 10 days.
  13. From The Standard; Tottenham players to refund fans after Newcastle humiliation: ‘It wasn’t good enough’ I heard this on the news and thought, what?! Did I hear that right!?
  14. I see the photo in the tweet above, from The Conservative Man and shared by Enigmatic World, was a blank space with; The following media includes potentially sensitive content. (Click to) View ( Gee, thanks Nanny State )
  15. London marathon raises an estimated £60 million for charity. I suppose there had to be a 6 in there. Such a common number in the news?
  16. Heard the news today about Diane Abbott having the whip removed because of something she said. Part of me thinks here we go again. Another part thinks, yet again, who agreed to this one opinion / one voice about what they call anti semitism. If I want to say something, if I have an opinion, what business is it of someone else? I don't know much about Diane Abbott, but I've long suspected that she is used just to put something out there so that it can cause a furore? Immediate apology, front page news tomorrow. When I hear presenters discussing labour or corbyn etc, it's like groundhog day. Very boring. Lots of brainwashing. Repeat repeat repeat. It's so tiring being told what to think and say. This has been going on for the last few years, but when did it start to go 100 miles an hour? What year was that? When they first mentioned it I guess most people didn't even know what the term anti semitic meant? Now we are told exactly what our response has to be. It all feels like part of the process to enslave our thoughts along with with a few other big campaigns like covid, blm, trans, etc. And all of the 'isms'. Absolutely sick of this nannying and dictatorship. What free country?
  17. I notice next to the article two adverts for masks ... Washable & Reusable Face Masks - Soft 100% cotton fabric with fully adjustable toggles for the most comfortable fit. Five men face coverings - Buy 10 or more face coverings for 10% OFF your order! And a video pop up of Dr Hillary Jones; the useless w*nk, saying "the junior doctors strike will be responsible for killing people". No, he was responsible for killing people.
  18. When I hear about bullying and all of the other modern crimes, I think about it like this tweet. It's so obvious, isn't it? I rarely believe any claims / accusations as they're all based on hysterical bullshit and the me too victim pathetic weak school of thought. Most of the accusers are anonymous / nonexistent. Today when it was said that (the main?) Raab claims turned out not to be true, a mouthpiece on the radio said "some were true, some weren't", but "if a person is offended, or perceives themselves as offended ..." As usual strong minded people are ignored and have no representation. I am offended by the increasing race to weakness. If you are weak the strong should carry you. Who would put the weak in charge of the conversation.
  19. Why would Sunak, worth £730 million, want a job that pays £164,000 a year? I heard a panelist / guest on the radio say ... it goes to show what a good man he is ... bloody hell, there's another line for the book. I think in B'lair's day they called it 70,000? As a point of interest. But whichever way you look at it there are the open perks/profits of a wage for life and multi million pound after dinner speechs, Along with the absolute corruption, and the unique pleasure in taking the agenda to the next level, before passing the baton to the next one. While tricking people into saying things like we'll show him when we vote him out. As if that is how he would measure success. What a sick joke.
  20. Page 4709 of the mega thread I chanced upon some of Yoyo's comments, which also led me to an American video showing the speed of science quote, and a soundbite of Biden in July 2020, saying "if you have this vaccine you'll be OK, you're not gonna get it ...", and discusses the media and government and media part in forcing jabs, and the introduction of vaccine passports etc. "The public health justification wasn't there" ... "Those people should get it, it doesn't matter if I do or not." The lady disagrees, and says "that study has yet to be seen". He tries to tactfully disagree? (Good cop bad cop etc?)
  21. Happened across these comments from Yoyo, and feel they should be shared in this woke thread
  22. This is an interesting thread to look back on; the smart, calm, logical people who wanted to give the mandatory rabbits foot a miss ... brings back such 'head shaking' memories of those early days unfolding. Frustrating to see how many people are still being forced into wearing masks at work, and how many still don't seem to know that there is sensible support, and access to research available if they can just say no, just stand up and resist. 'We' have to at least save ourselves, and in doing so set a better example for others who still don't have the strength or experience right now. Even now! Is this what a free country looks like. The Tony B'liar, Gordon Brown era started a lot of this. They laid the foundations and they are still pulling strings, executing their plans. Despicable.
  23. On GB News early this evening the presenter quoted George Orwell during a mention of the latest censorship of PG Wodehouse. Jacob Rhys Mogg spoke up against censorship and was repeatedly 'challenged' by some 'pro censorship' woman who sounded like a real pain ... it's so common to hear these discussions now, I suppose in a few years time some will know no different. They spoke of the N word. In my memory that's where all this BS started. Give them an inch ... as far as I can tell. I would imagine that this is part of what is making people ill. No expression, no creativity. “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been re-written, every picture has been re-painted, every statue and street and building has been re-named, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped."
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