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  1. Last Jan 4th 2022 COVID-19: Pupils in England required to wear face masks and get tested as they return to school today Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said it is "encouraging" to see many children getting vaccinated and admitted he was not happy about the tougher COVID measures in schools but added that they were necessary for now.
  2. Last Jan 2nd 2022 COVID-19: Masks to return in England's secondary school classrooms to help curb spread of Omicron The government has stressed the guidance is temporary and will be reviewed when Plan B regulations are scheduled to expire on 26 January. By Alexander Martin, news reporter
  3. What a man. RIP 2004. Still enjoy his programmes. Would have loved to hear his take on the above. No wonder they have to silence the old and wiser, with a MBE or dementia! Yes, anything to make driving uncomfortable. Even the traffic lights hold up the flow. Is it Germany or Denmark that has areas with no traffic lights. It's often better without. I've seen so many cases of money siphoned off. Can't let the public get the benefit. Regardless of that, happy new year Saved.
  4. Just sharing from the Corona Megathread, thanks Athenry04
  5. Thanks zArk, can you expand on that a little please? Do you mean faking tests? I agree of course about the damage. I know a man with MS. His friend said she had some cold symptoms and took a test just in case. He said, why? Don't take it for my benefit. All of these people have damaged the system, and the care / health care of others, and yet they still feel pretty virtuous. Look what they have done to the well being of the elderly and the young people. Look at the loneliness, neglect and separation. If only they had put a fraction of the effort and money into that. There are none so blind ...
  6. Sky news Something about masks in schools if adults feel ill ?
  7. MP Andrew Bridgen has been on GB News again Monday, with Mark Dolan, calling for a pause to the vaccine. He also said that he had spent 5 years trying to get the news to cover the post office sub-postmaster's scandal. It's interesting if he was involved with revealing that? Quick Google quote incase you don't know of it ... The sub-postmasters were accused of theft after a computer system called Horizon was introduced and incorrectly showed shortfalls on company accounts. Many were found guilty and spent time in prison, but after years of campaigning, 72 have had their convictions quashed. https://www.gbnews.uk/news/nhs-has-been-captured-by-big-pharma-says-tory-mp-as-he-calls-on-government-to-halt-mrna-rollout/415105 NHS has been ‘CAPTURED by Big Pharma’ says Tory MP as he calls on Government to halt mRNA rollout Neil Oliver also mentions Bridgen. https://www.gbnews.uk/opinion/if-our-mps-dont-care-enough-about-harms-to-population-its-time-we-reminded-the-whole-demanded-lot-of-them-we-are-still-here-says-neil-oliver/408721 If our MPs don’t care enough about harms to population, it’s time we reminded the whole demanded lot of them we are still here, says Neil Oliver
  8. Al Jazeera News banners; Beijing says that Covid restrictions imposed on Chinese citizens abroad are "unscientific" Malawi postpones the reopening of schools in two cities due to Cholera outbreak Damar Hamlin in critical condition after collapse during Bengals game According to Cinncinatti.com CCR was administered, and an automated external defibrillator was required. "I never seen anything like it since I've been playing," Troy Vincent said of Hamlin's injury. "Instantly my player hat came on." ( I see sidlittle also posted above )
  9. I almost wish I could recall who it was that I first heard warning that this day would come? It could have been Alex Jones, David Icke, or a member of the forum. Whoever it was had said that paedophilia would be accepted, or words to that effect. At the time, I felt this was entirely possible with the way things were going back then, and I have kept an eye on it. I might add now, it seems / it feels as if the neighbourhood bogeyman fear mongering warnings of child abuse are not as apparent as they were in certain eras? When the 'Convid formula' was incessantly used to protect children at any cost from any kind and well meaning neighbours, strangers, and even grandmothers. The genuine, crucial and essential relationships between adults and children have been 'sacficied and lost, in the name of safety. When the real enemy is something else that is mostly unspoken? This escalating and brutal situation, has effected the male presence in kid's lives, deterring some men from being teachers and coaches. It has bred doubt and suspicion, and has prevented genuine love and affection, in the name of safety, while spreading fear and paranoia. At what cost I ask, and what is lost ... as always. I do recall that Alex Jones discussed teenagers at the age of consent could be charged as paedophiles, for relationships with someone of a similar age to them, although that's just one part of the 'story', it appeared to me that it labelled teenagers unfairly, for life? I used to wonder if that was just in America?
  10. Thank you Nemuri Kyoshiro, I enjoyed your writing above very much, and always appreciate your contributions to the forum. You summed it up especially, when you said ... I wrote a little more here, but at the moment I can't find the words to express it further!
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11590045/Police-Scotland-denies-labelling-paedophiles-minor-attracted-people-major-report.html Police Scotland denies labelling paedophiles 'minor-attracted people' in major report after coming under fire for 'deeply disturbing' term https://nypost.com/2022/12/31/scotland-police-deflect-blame-after-being-blasted-for-report-describing-pedophiles-as-minor-attracted-people/ Scotland police deflect blame after being blasted for report describing pedophiles as ‘minor-attracted people’ "The term was used in the commissioning documents for the consortium and is more commonly used on the continent. In September, Police Scotland representatives successfully lobbied for the MAP term not to be used by the consortium.” _____________________ Comments Section; "Scotland police said the term is not used in the department but was based on European Union language." "They say they don't use that term, but yet they did use that term." "...the term “MAP” leads to “danger of normalizing and therefore perhaps decriminalizing a serious offense”. Which, of course, is precisely the point. "Remember 20 years ago when conservatives warned us this was in the pipeline?" "Yeah, it was a "conspiracy theory"... ... you know, those things that keep coming true?" "It's in the works: "Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and their Pursuit of Dignity" by Allyn Walker, former professor at Old Dominion." "So they’re just following the rules laid out by the globalists at The Hague or Geneva…. This insanity is coming here soon - and stupid Americans will just let it happen." "While left extremist Democrats attack the Catholic Church for child sexual abuse (which was always just an excuse for their stand on abortion), they do this. Expect any day now for the New York City Council and the New York State Legislature to ban the word "pedophiles," for "minor-attracted adults."
  12. Macnamara, I found your comment while searching for 'MAP' in the threads. The so called European term, 'minor-attracted persons', is in the news in Scotland. I was always going to notice this, having been fore-warned that paedophilia, and beastialy, and necrophilia and goodness knows what else, would one day soon be normalised In the mainstream.
  13. For many years I learnt about what I would call the war on nature, and was all too aware of any real issues being kept out of the news. Reading about the 'money men', and the use of fear to control, and the plans for the 'climate' agenda; I hoped it would be a long way off, and felt they'd never get away with it / people would never go along with it en masse. Seeing and hearing the irrational and obsessive use of what was once little more than perhaps optional superstitions, where those who had taken no interest in 'real issues' and 'real history', now felt confident to tell us what to do. Well, I found that quite shattering. To witness how quickly the masses can do the dirty work of the few. I can only say that it has to be better that we know this now, for sure, so as not to rely on these people.
  14. You can watch the clip below, at 33:04 till 34:36 You can watch the clip of this below, at 31:20 till 33:04 ... (Minor Attracted People)
  15. Watch 11:19 till 12:19 Lewis Schaffer LS; He basically caused the inflation with the craziness ... He didn't cause covid LS; He caused it, you should listen to what I'm saying ... LS; I'm not saying the covid isn't real, that's for another broadcast ... OK, you're talking about the lockdown, and printing money, quantative easing? LS; Yes, call it whatever you want to call it, he printed money ... LS; What do they call it, fake money, counterfeiting ... That's not really what they ... LS; There are lots of people who believe .... printing money based on momey you don't have IS counterfeiting ...
  16. GB News headliners show also had an article about the Scottish police and the words Minor Attracted Person. Apparently this is a EU suggestion? One guest said we could use the term MA Paedophile instead. Seeing it in the news; more normalisation.
  17. Yes, the previous Pope who had resigned died just after 9.30 am. Interesting that 'it' is on New Year's Eve.
  18. I've heard a few minutes of 3 phone in shows on talkradio, late last night and earler today, discussing China, Covid, and potential travel rules, and policies. I had heard snippets all day on Thursday. Andre Walker Thursday 29th Dec, 10 pm till 1 am Mike Graham Friday 30th Dec, 10 am till 1 pm Christo Foufas Friday 30th Dec, 1 pm till 4 pm The callers are pretty much all demanding protection, and quoting the lessons and soundbites that have been hand or force fed to them since December 2019, was it?! They sound like bad actors; incredibly scripted, unbalanced and illogical? Except Mike Graham, the other presenters were at least partially stoking the fire. This is the worst I have heard 'it' in a while. It's pretty stomach churning, and brings memories of the New Year timing from before. Having heard Wednesday about Italy, I heard about the USA today, although someone told me they thought the USA had 'jumped' / 'acted' first?
  19. There are also Cancer drugs that are also used for arthritis; like Methotrexate. And othetr immune suppressing drugs for MS, that are referred to as disease modifying medication I think. They are supposed to stop the immune system attacking the body. A lot of older people almost rattle with how many meds they are on. In the last couple of years I wonder how many people have not seen their specialists face to face.
  20. Today they brought Italy onto the news in relation to China and travel. One step at a time.
  21. Radio 4 news at 5pm Italy is re-introducing travel rules for people traveling from China China says ( interpreted ) the west is exagerating the extent of China's Covid, and that the west have their own problems I'm paraprasing, so if you hear the exact words can you share please. News has moved onto climate change and record breaking temperatures / extreme heat / record high temps recorded / wild fires / there is some good news ... the National Trust got in there and stopped the fire ... we have joined up our land and wildlife can thrive ... we're going to have more heatwaves / drought ... bird flu epidemic ...
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