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  1. https://scitechdaily.com/unmasking-long-covid-the-unexpected-common-cold-connection/ HOMEHEALTH NEWS Unmasking Long COVID: The Unexpected Common Cold Connection Prior infection with a common cold coronavirus may predispose some people to develop Long COVID. The findings identify a potential marker that could help identify people at high risk of developing Long COVID. ( On top of everything else I notice that 'the system' appears to want every child worrying about education, a job and a pension. And everyone else worrying their whole lives about what illnesses they might develop sooner or later, and booking a funeral at the earliest opportunity. )
  2. It's Dumas ( The Shawshank Redemption )
  3. Thanks Sidlittle I caught a glimpse of this on BBC, and GB news. I expect it's all over the rest of the channels too. I play that 'game' where I flick the news channels on TV and radio to see what they're talking about. Brand is a pretty easy guess this week. Can't remember what it was last week?! But the easy guess was the same, you know I see this and I think about the constant hand signals. Either Brand is related to Blair, has mediterranean blood, or is practicing for a job in ground control or ... ?
  4. Thanks for re-sharing the clip Grumpy Grapes. Yeah, he's nothing in comparison to 'genuine' and insightful researchers. He has his place, and I guess it takes all sorts. He's a stepping stone, maybe.
  5. CBS - August 4th 2023 The GOP-led House Oversight and Accountability Committee released the 141 page transcript of its interview earlier this week with Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, who testified about his business dealings with President Biden's son. Archer testified that Hunter Biden was selling "the brand," and it was the elder Biden who "brought the most value to the brand," according to the transcript. (Just happened to find this rather poetic quote )
  6. Thanks Anti Facts Sir. That lead to this below ... Thanks bamboozooka, I caught this on the thread you shared. Interesting to hear how they share these 'stories' and laugh together at the Council on Foreign Relations Complete quote of Biden in the clip above; " I was ... well not I ... it just happened to be, that was the assignment I got, I get all the good ones. So I got Ukraine I remember going over, convincing our team, convincing the USA, that we should be providing loan guarantees. I went for the twelfth thirteenth time to Kyiv, and I was supposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee I'd gotten a commitment from (President) Poroshenko, and (PM) Yatsenyuv that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't They were walking out of the press conference and I said we're not going to give you the billion dollars And they said you have no authority you're not the president, you have no authority And I said call him I'm going to be leaving here in 6 hours If the prosecutor's not fired you're not getting the money Well son of a bitch He got fired "
  7. It seems like 'they' are siphoning off a little GM crap into everything, especially as the tiny percentage ingredients don't have to be listed. It also seems like American food makes you sicker. I think, increasingly, the nuts and oils are coming from the USA, and some European factory's and food producing plants are American owned. I heard about the biggest pig factory in Poland. I saw glucose fructose syrup in a jar of gherkins for God's sake! That's GM corn, isnt it?! They're buying a lot of our football clubs too!
  8. There are tonnes of eye opening stories here in the Mirror Pile it on boys and girls!! Lay it on thick!! https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/russell-brand-live-allegations-youtube-30955255 All of them say click here to read more This is definitely part of the ongoing historic crimes training, where you have to condemn another person to have any chance of saving your own career. The crimes will keep increasing, the goal posts will keep moving. I heard today that the online harms bill will be passed into law by the end of the year. As usual with very little publicised debate or challenge. And also, as usual, we will have to believe that it has already passed into law. Behaviour modification and conditioning. I can't stand all of these petty wimpish allegations and the victim labels. There is no balance or perspective. There is no opportunity for comparison to financial or medical crimes, the poisoning of the earth, and the kids minds, the increasing humiliation of the 'man in the street', and the disgraceful treatment of the elderly. Where is their dignity? Who is speaking up for them? Who is distancing themselves from the sick people pushing these 'systems' on them? In the past, when these type of allegations happened, it was mostly considered normal, and there was actually room for a lot of different personalities. A lot of people liked it that way, and joined in too, but now they are forced to conform to someone else's idea of a new normal. A miserable, fearful, paranoid and humourless new normal. But that's not bloody coercion is it?! Not when it suits the narritive. This is not about morals and what is right and just and fair. It never is. This is the ongoing war on what it is to be human. I do not consent, that's for sure.
  9. BBC Three has a programme that includes Nicola Bulley " The Tik Tok effect - Are TikTok Tok inspired frenzies making us behave in ways that many consider unacceptable? "
  10. Thursday 21st September. On BBC news at 18:20 in a section on Rupert Murdoch, behind a reporter live in New York I saw an electronic news board with the 'rotating' words "three thousand migrants crossed the border into the town of ..."
  11. The daily mirror on BBC News this morning Legal battle by veterans of Britain's nuclear test programme. Campaigners say that those involved in tests in the 50s and 60s have suffered health consequences because of the radiation they were exposed to. Relaunching a legal battle for compensation after campaigners were blocked from suing the government. (in 2012 ? ) Military leaders may have suspected that personnel were being harmed. Eric Barton witnessed 6 tests ; "It looked absolutely amazing, wondrous, rising, the colours, the mushroom" "Terrible, we were guinea pigs. (They said) You go and stand there while we see what happens. We were young and healthy." The blood and urine of the personel ... (was tested) "The British government say to you prove it. We can't prove it. How can you?" (The whole 'section' was interesting, to hear what Eric Barton had to say, including a message to others not to give up now.)
  12. These type of stories are also used to promote instagram, and channels like Netflix and the idea that these same channels are facing calls to 'delist' Brands' programmes, and so enforcing the idea of group outrage. Also in the last couple of days Katy Perry has sold her back catalogue or song rights for a couple of hundred million and is promoting a new range of clothes and boots. This from Hello magazine; " Despite the gravity of the situation surrounding Russell, Katy's Instagram post on Tuesday made no reference to the allegations. Instead, the pop star introduced her latest line of cowboy boots, sharing a vibrant photo of herself perched on a scooter. "
  13. BBC ... dancing at a gig can create 'how much' energy. ?.. I know we already knew this but I heard the 'advert' above. We'll all be strapped up That'll keep us busy / out of mischief
  14. " King Charles III has praised France’s “wonderful welcome” at a grand dinner held in his honor in the sumptuous Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles "
  15. Anti 'welfare state' sentiment is at an all time low in the UK according to a recent poll Reporter on the BBC
  16. King Charles addresses the French Senate BBC reporters quotes "Shared sacrifices" "The fight for climate change" "The fight for democracy" "Yes. That's what they're defending in Ukraine right now. "Yes of course ... and like siblings they don't always agree" ... "It's better together" ... ... "When the Queen was here she spoke of the shared chosen path of the EU" ... ( Charles apologised for interrupting the Senate holiday? Like Boris I suppose it's part of his role to disturb politicians breaks / holidays. )
  17. On the news a community group in Birmingham where retired men get together to for DIY projects and so on; now they hope it will be funded by a corporation. As usual I'm thinking of "I owe my soul to the company store?"
  18. Hey Sock, It was all Sunak speaking live today. I tried jotting a few things down but didn't make time to tidy it up. At all The question from the media about his daughters being the climate experts in his household, and how was he going to tell them?? Part of his reply was "it's not them that are going to have to fork out ten grand" What a load of spin, rather clever. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will find his fake sincerity quite sincere Here's a link to the 45 minutes speech ... I read the comments underneath and most seem fake too. I think it's worth a listen to 'read' between the lines;
  19. A messy mish mash of a few swiftly grabbed quotes from the big news conference today Rishi Sunak - Long term decisions for a brighter future We're not going to interfere Our targets remain, our commitment to net zero remains ... we have committed to reduce our carbon targets by 68 % ... there's all this emotion in it ... the facts remain ... we are continuing this leadership ... At a time when costs are ... ... Still be world leading in our ambitions It's a different way but its the right thing ... The point is consent is important I want to be upfront and honest Were going to do it in a fairer way We're going to save people money in the long run People will be turned off I don't want to see that When it comes to heat there are a range of different things I'm not pretending that we don't have to change the way that we heat our homes We do ... We've stopped that from happening ... 2035 is the right time frame ... Thats a sensible time to do it ... As I said there are a number of houses where it's just not practical ... Or it's disproportionately expensive ... I'm increasing that today from £5000 to £7,500 ... Thats the right way to do it, not to impose costs ... We remain completely committed to our targets ... we are confident in delivering g them ... all of our obligations ... the climate change act ... I accept that it's a controversial topic The vast majority of people agree with net zero They're prepared to make sacrifices We continue to lead the world in ... bringing down carbon ... achieving net zero Build a better future for our children ... We can't deliver a better future unless we change the way we do politics Deliver net zero ... bring the country along with us ... Q; "You often say that your daughters are the climate experts in your household ... " ...It's not them that are going to have to fork out ten grand Getting to net zero will cost the UK a lot of money. You can see all the flak I'm getting today ... thats not going to stop me from doing what is right.?. I want better future for our children.?. To put the long term ... of the country first "He has denied he's watering down his policies" ... he says he will lose the support of the British people
  20. Thanks. How true. I heard the whole Lucas 'interview' second time round. It was a lot of spin. The news is full of Sunak, and also Suella Braverman who is quoted as saying "won't save the planet by bankrupting Brits." I just realised I better try and post this and a couple of quotes in the 2030 thread.
  21. Thanks Velma. Sarah Vine mostly missed the point raised by this Mail comment; " The list of "followers" per platform is misleading as many of those "fans" will follow him on all platforms." I suppose that's a bit like PCR testing patients more than once and then adding that to the total number of positive cases?!
  22. The Green Party's Caroline Lucas on the BBC, in response to Sunak "weakening green policies" "Fossil fuels are more expensive than the Green alternatives"
  23. Not trying to dwell on it here but also in the news briefly is the UK floods, and the "Government sending in officials to run Birmingham", but it's just not the right sort of scandal for the masses I suppose?
  24. Accused of rape, emotional abuse, coercive and controlling behaviour Emotional abuse? What a load of rubbish. Training in weakness. If anyone suffered emotional abuse it was everyone in lockdown. The parallel worlds are astonishing. For want of better words. Again the BBC says "YouTube prevents him making money" This is another part of the 'social credit score' that will control everybody. Guilty until proven innocent.
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