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  1. One that I recall was watching Mavis fawn over a gay couple, face glowing in approval ... that was the threshold ... of the older generation not being allowed to have their own opinions, and like and dislike what they wanted to, and encourage behaviour; cut from their own cloth. Even men had to be shown to go along with many things, completely one sided. Not a mirror of real life. More behaviour psychology, before social media. It's all so blatant. One of the worst parts is they ignore the wonderful quirks in human nature. Writing this reminds me of my urge to see programmes and films made in other countries, where they still believe in telling a story, sharing a story. Something with subtitles; how very grown up
  2. Family says keep an open mind ? Police say we're keeping an open mind ? Repetition
  3. Sorry this was not meant to be a long one, and I don't have time to trim it. Some of it might be helpful / useful Just some things overheard, and the past repeating itself. As much as I enjoy GB News and Talkradio, I can just about keep an eye out for how it is used to advance the 'agenda', and gee us up, bait us, direct us ... fill in your own words; your own experience and observation. I have listened to American radio, interviews, shock jock, shouting, warning, fury, worry, misery for too many years. It taught me enough to see that, for me, post millennium - the news 'there', was not on the news 'here'. Instead ... during the 'boom' years of say Blair and Brown, for starters, most people 'here', appeared to be satisfied with their lot. Enough to ignore the wars of the Bush eras, enough to appear to ignore NHS staff on street corners handing out flyers ( Re: the increasing privatisation etc ), the increasing food banks, the increased debt, GM ... and many other 'concerns' that have all been put on the back burner during Convid. There were 'terrifying' things, in the 'alternative' media that were not in the media 'here'. Frightening, despicable predictions, that were not in the media 'here'. Seeing the vast difference in the reports, and what I could see happening, and unfolding, and coming to pass, with my own eyes and ears ... proof on top of proof that this was damn well happening. For instance the alternative news in America warning that the tax payer would bail out the banks. Hearing that with increased volume and frequency during 2005 / 2006 ... Then in 2007, the days of feeling the heat and intensity rise; and then finally standing and looking at the front pages ... thinking ... Bloody hell - they really did it - how can they possibly sell it to the people - Shock shock horror - "no one could've seen it coming" - "the bankers were irresponsible" - "it must never be allowed to happen again" - "we need regulations" We saw this. It hurt. It was infuriating to watch the theatre, the control, the soothing, the directed 'noise and fallout', the stage management. I couldn't talk to many about it, especially as many were too busy looking in other directions. Enjoying their lives. Building their businesses. Working long hours. It's hard to be the doom monger. Over time I realise that finding the words, just a few words, is crucial, and comes with experience. Now LBC, GB, TalkRadio, mention things like IMF, Ofcom, Excess deaths, etc. It's a release valve. A test of where listeners are at. Also a way to give us a presenter, and then just as easily take them away. Fantastic control. Sadly. The excuses are now increased, and petty, compared to what they were in the past. Trial by media. This morning I heard Patrick on GB, a soundbite played on repeat - the Bank of England are saying the recession won't last as long as thought - The recession will last one year, not two as previously thought - Last night on LBC - no wonder the IMF are warning ... Also last night on GB, Laurence Fox and Neil Oliver - I would like to watch it properly - discussing Ofcom, and reading out the rules that Ofcom is meant to adhere to. That protection that we needed during Convid, all of the groups and rights and organisations that almost totally disappeared - it is sickening to hear the 'rules' that they are meant to abide by. The standards. And to hear them raise their heads now like they never went away. And use those 'standards' as an excuse to delete any real free speech, etc. The words that Neil Oliver spoke last night really do need to be looked at as he said a lot about the last 3 years and now. Also Bob Moran, Claire Craig and many others shared videos of a meeting in a London that would be good to see.
  4. GB News 11pm headlines Merseyside protest against refugees Misiles hurled at police "He criticised misinformation" God This is getting so repetitive
  5. Imagine if all the focus was on that. Very powerful
  6. Tim Robbin's has said a lot. He mentions that he's not worried (about speaking up) at his stage in his career "We start demonising people who don't agree ... We look after people ... It turned into you should f"cking die because you did not comply "
  7. Daily Mail front page on Wednesday It's appalling that Nicola's family nightmare is being turned into a ghoulish carnival of cynics, gossips, know-alls and arm chair sleuths ... by Bel Mooney
  8. Tonight on the radio the police had to disperse a group of men who had decided to search a derelict house. The police had already searched it. I thought the term disperse was interesting. Also if they do search they may be responsible for criminal damage.
  9. Popped up on Euro News as I was flicking ... I saw that fella, from the UN I think? The world is not sleep walking into a war, they are going into it with their eyes open
  10. BBC Question Time Conservative MP; ... " Brings us to the online harms bill ... Young people ... Fiona Bruce: But he wasn't young ... Yes but ... Cultural harms online bring out behaviour in people like Carrick ( or words to that effect ) Audience member; Get rid of the wokery A lady was praying What was she thinking The thought police It's completely potty ________ BBC News " Pandemic ... And just as things were getting back to normal the war in Ukraine .. crisis ... inflation ... cost of fuel " Hunt; Putting money into the economy makes prices rise higher ... very difficult decisions Various commentary; Working conditions in the public sector are worsening Reduce people pensions The unions need to accept that if the workers are going to get more money then the industry needs to change and modernise. Barristers won one of the largest pay rises. They cannot be replaced with another worker
  11. Yes Macnamara, thank you. So much to add but for now ... I know enough people who thought it would be over in 3 weeks, and one especially, who I told in March that we might be locked up till September, fair play to him, he said "you were right". It didn't feel great to hear it, but was perhaps an encouragement to speak up properly. I think it all cut him, well I know it cut him. That ... listen to Boris attitude. Then that feeling that you've been conned. This gent has seen a lot of the cons over many years. I know it cuts your pride to be hoodwinked. But the man's strong. He won't let it drag him down. He can't let it drag him down. He's been through too many battles. He's had much more than 9 lives? Near misses ... Hes still here. Yeah, in the beginning he heard them out. But not anymore. No masks at any point. No vax. No flu jab for many years. The sickening thing about that lockdown, was the baiting of the people. Just a bit longer. We've come so far. Sick. They do not care about the people They do not care about the connections lost We are here Step back from the distraction, protect ourselves from the distraction ( thanks DaleP, I haven't forgotten ) The answer is right in front of us? I know it can't be that hard if we can focus on one or two things I always wished I had stuck to We can't afford this debt That's a language that people understand? It was true and obvious all along, plain right from the start, but I wasted a lot of time on the balls they kept throwing! I feel that I would like to concentrate on freedom of speech, as without that ... and I love free speech, I love words, I love the way that people bring so much out in each other. Sometimes Often Usually !
  12. Thanks DaleP, very well said and very encouraging. Great guidance, much needed.
  13. From another thread I like this very much, thanks as always Mac Speak and keep speaking; one of my most valuable lessons in life. It encourages others who are keeping their head down, saying 'anything for a quiet life"
  14. These media discussions are coming thick and fast now. They are shameless, and determined to stop us being ourselves. Look at the insurance industry? They've been chipping away at us for years. Oh you're not allowed to do that, but it's not our fault. I'm disgusted to hear politicians introduce the word hate as if hate is a bad thing Delete hate? What a ridiculous direction. Give them an inch?! We need to remember who we are.
  15. That is interesting. We all noticed the marketing in this case, to help towards controling the internet, and to change our behaviour. Keep an open mind they say on repeat? What so they can fill it with what they want? Everything is one long tiresome ad campaign. There is always something to see and hear on the Vine show. It's mostly infuriating, but you see the agenda plainly there. And on any morning tv? Including fake calls at times? ( How I yearn for something like the Big Breakfast show. How did they manage to fill those couple of hours?! Silly fun to start the day. It made no sence to get rid of it? Except to usher in the new era with the focus on misery and repetition, and the end of light humour. Sneaky f*cks )
  16. Repetitive Key Words; keep an open mind, online abuse is unacceptable, hope
  17. Thanks DaleP, I appreciate the way you've said that, and it's important to have that reminder.
  18. Yeah, we're being manipulated constantly, practically forced to admire war and division, and this little prick is clapped like some weird celebrity / hero. Camera pans to the front bench politicians; their faces glowing n the light of the sun, streaming through the stained glass window, beaming smiles of admiration. Sorry, I guess the sick bag is overflowing now
  19. I've met two separate Muslims who have explained to me the reasons why they won't cut down a tree. It was rather touching. But we will never focus on the good in man while these war mongers are at the top of the tree. Oh I hadn't planned to say tree Stop laughing at your own jokes citizen
  20. As you mention minority report and vaccines and war. Today Zelensky mentioned prevention, and that was also a big part of the pandemic narrative, and that movie of course.
  21. I've seen 3 short men today; Sunak, Zelensky, and now Charles
  22. These people and the ongoing narrative; all completely barmy, encouraging fear, instability, and mass insanity. But it's ok to crown a King? Shouldn't his title be gender neutral too ? Where is the love? I think it's found in nature, and the heart of humans.
  23. Someone should donate him some clothes, sponsored by ...? The green outfit is irritating and insulting in a way They mentioned that he can get safely back into his country Interesting that he's gone to see Charlie boy ?
  24. Sexual complaints McDonalds mentions that buzz word Unacceptable behaviour While promoting Unacceptable behavior Bbc showed a clip of a trans video made by Mcdonalds We've got a long way to go with all this Every minute of every day this must be the subject of conversation War and sickness
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