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  1. What an odd little man. So many of 'them' are short, which often makes me suspicious somehow. On a side note; I also keep noticing the world's shortest police officers, and yet the world's tallest security guards.
  2. AlJazeera showed footage of the 5th day of protests in Budapest Hungary, and mentioned austerity while showing a brief clip of a teacher
  3. The white filthy rich sneakily fund a movement to highlight white privilege in order to further their agenda and who suffers? The white middle working class. They use 'philanthropy' to fund and introduce their controls, siphoning off money to other movements including the increasing alphabet, ADHD, vitamins in cereals ... I saw an African government on the news, not one white face. I go to a Cypriot Hotel, a Cypriot restaurant; predominantly all Cypriots. Why? Because that preserves their culture that other nationalities can enjoy. Is there a minority of other nationalities? Yes. A minority. Not a take over. The Cypriots hate the Turks. Why? Because they invaded in '74. Do we say you're not allowed to be bitter about that? Do we label it racism? No. You're not allowed fancy dress? You're not allowed to joke and tease and play and laugh? You're not allowed to love and hate and feel and think and speak? You're not allowed to rejoice in your traditions? You're allowed to encourage your son to be feminine but not allowed to encourage strength and hardness and fighting and defending yourself and your community? Who says? They teach weakness and dilution in all areas where we have defeated them in the past. English cricket boards, farmers, football fans, commentators ... and anyone else who refused to bow and kneel and worship false idols because they already knew who they were and they had faith in themselves. Send them off for retraining in the re-education camps.
  4. Lol, good one Made me watch the clip Had a look having thought oh this thread's still going ...
  5. Such a shame, it's so stressful to have a procedure cancelled, and for what?! If he's tested positive doesn't that mean he won't have the vaccine, at least yet?
  6. Thank you for sharing the clip of Noel. I don't know where I first heard about this, but the last time I saw him interviewed was on RT, just before they went off air here. They had some good documentaries. It goes to show how much info we've dealt with 'lately' that I haven't checked back in to see how he's getting on.
  7. Musk's involvement with Twitter seems like a perfect opportunity to control share prices, while promoting American style suing culture, and the bot accounts narrative. These 'accounts' are supposedly created by humans, rather than the AI used to bait and manipulate society. People discuss twitter spats, insults and offence, in the same way they discuss reality TV and soap operas.
  8. I love that, languages and the origin of words intrigue me. And sharing the knowledge of local roots. Thanks again, and for the website - it's really good, and has a translator to find new words; would you Adam and Eve it? We know we're being diluted, and force fed the absolute opposite of love and pride and strength, but every little thing that we enjoy of our traditions and culture surely helps to keep it alive and kicking.
  9. We're Holborn Viaduct I'm off up the Apples to Bedfordshire Goodnight me old China's
  10. Talkradio (Sorry, it's my only vice ) Lord Winstone; On Johnson; "He wanted to be a dictator" (I think that was his words) "Astonishing for someone who is a Conservative, who should be conserving ..." On Elon Musk; saying the world is underpopulated ... "The world could support a lot more people if the food supply was sorted out"
  11. Fascinating; I had no idea about that; such food for thought, thank you. So, if you touched someone's knee before the millennium when it was par for the course, and part of a thriving society, that's not ok now, but in her instance it's understandable? Oh, I see How I wish there was room in this understanding for everybody. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jun/19/kelly-holmes-comes-out-gay-lesbian-army "Office for National Statistics figures released last month showed that far fewer people from Holmes’ generation were willing to identify as homosexual than younger adults. In 2020, only 2% of 50- to 64-year-old people said they were gay, lesbian or bisexual, compared with 4.5% among 25- to 34-year-olds."
  12. Absolutely. And I've had experience of immigration in Greece and Cyprus too, so I know it's not just a UK problem. We are being lead in an awful direction. None of it makes sence, and there are so many contradictions. It feels as if order out of chaos is the perfect description. Maybe flood the borders so you can close the borders. I took an interest in the Windrush scandal. At first I thought it was hot air, but I completely sympathised when I realised that people of my parents generation who had grown up here and lived full lives were actually deported. Amd yet those who have just arrived are in hotels. That's another story, we know all about that in a way. So, I only scratched the surface but here is an article; https://www.jcwi.org.uk/windrush-scandal-explained "Because many of the Windrush generation arrived as children on their parents’ passports, and the Home Office destroyed thousands of landing cards and other records, many lacked the documentation to prove their right to remain in the UK'.
  13. I hate all that stalling, and they have nothing interesting or thought provoking to say. I often think of the quotes from Babe "Fly decided to speak very slowly, for it was a cold fact of nature that sheep were stupid, and there was nothing that could convince her otherwise." "The sheep decided to speak very slowly, for it was a cold fact of nature that wolves were ignorant, and there was nothing that could convince them otherwise"
  14. Today I heard a couple of people on the radio say that Sunak sounds like Blair. I notuce that every time I hear him. And because of that I find his voice quite sickening. He speaks very slowly, but today during his press conference he speeded up a bit, trying to sound a bit more normal.
  15. I heard Laura Dodsworth on Talkradio. She said bills are going through while we're looking the other way. Also that parliament, especially the opposition are calling for restrictions and mask mandates. And that Tom Tugenghat is the only one who voted against vaccine passports. This is the third summer that I've thought we have to find a way to get ready for the winter / autumn bombardment, and I'm still no closer to realising what to do to make a difference in the lull before the bloody storm.
  16. A caller to Talkradio asked if he would have his Sir taken away for giving the Queen a false name. I also heard an immigration lawyer say there will be no repercussions as it happened a long time ago when he was a child. A name is just a label given to you. It was given to him by an adult. Names are changed all the time. This has nothing to do with his status, he would say that applies to anyone else. No trouble at all. Also saw a video of his Mother this morning, sending him a happy message.
  17. Very clever headline Mikhail Liebestein, and I love to think of Cockney rhyming slang anytime, it always cheers me up and God knows we could do with that I'm interested in this story, and naturally wondering about the timing of it. It's intriguing to guess and then hear the media reaction, particularly while assuming that there will be no outrage, whether there should be or not is perhaps debatable. In my opinion small scandals are inflated, and big scandals are swept aside now anyway.
  18. Try to find a soft drink that doesn't contain sweeteners. They are slipped into everything. I can taste it, the bitterness, and then you check the ingredients and there is. The people lap it up. Spraying tables and near food, anti bacterial sprays, breathing it in like its fresh air. Rubbing chemicals on their skin. Licking their fingers. Pumping out time relased air fresheners. I can't stand the OCD behaviour. Transporting fresh food half way round the world, completely contrary to concerns about the planet, and spraying preservatives to keep it looking fresh. Waxy chemicals on the apples, that you can't wash off. Try scraping it with a knife. Sometimes you can see it. If people were really concerned about the planet, health and wellbeing, they would support their local farmers, suppliers, and independent businesses, bringing security to their local towns and villages. Their country. One of the worst things about covid hysteria is filling peoples brains and thoughts with useless information, leaving even less time to learn what really matters. All of these artificial smells and flavours take us further away from being human. We are meant to smell each other; it's our human instinct and institution. We are meant to see each others faces. We are meant to touch each others hands. I saw an advert on the back of a bus; blue gloved hands holding the hand of an elderly patient. I despair at the nature of the beast, and the willingness of the people.
  19. Thanks Macnamara, Excellent thread with so much information
  20. https://www.nme.com/news/music/crosby-stills-nashs-music-returns-to-spotify-3261128 Crosby, Stills & Nash’s music returns to Spotify Of the news, David Crosby said: “I don’t own it now and the people who do are in business to make money" 4th July 2022 Posting this here, as it was discussed on this thread. I heard this earlier on GB News, where the headline said; Aging rockers quietly crawl back to Spotify after short-lived Joe roman protest. My gut feeling now, and back then, is that this is one big advert for Spotify, rather than a protest against Rogan. But then I enjoy being cynical
  21. I'm reading the Brain That Changes Itself https://www.normandoidge.com/?page_id=1259 I'm glad you asked. I'm extremely interested in this area, and having searched for a link for you I came to Norman Doidge's website which I haven't seen before. It looks good, with helpful information, and an extensive FAQ section. This is a snippet from the home page; Norman Doidge, MD, a psychiatrist and researcher, set out to investigate neuroplasticity and met both the brilliant scientists championing it and the people whose lives they’ve transformed. The result is this book, a riveting collection of case histories detailing the astonishing progress of people whose conditions had long been dismissed as hopeless. I must add that it's been very encouraging to read of others experiences in the book. I've got a lot to learn, always, but I believe that anything is possible. Certainly the belief in something makes it stronger. Life experiences can make this very difficult. Granted. When it's hardest to believe is when you need to believe the most. Damn it !
  22. At the time I just had this dreadful feeling that it was their way of saying they were going to save the world for themselves, without us pesky pests in it right in front of our faces, as usual. All of those lovely green spaces preserved just for them. I wondered how long 4 minutes was. It was 2008? So 12 years before 2020. I was aware of agenda 2020 / 2030, and the plans behind the scenes. I didn't think people would go along with it back then. I heard about that but I haven't seen it, I'll have to have a look, thanks sock muppet.
  23. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and just on one point to be brief for now ... and with all due respect to you, I believe the cameras know you even with a mask. But yes, we do stand out in a crowd.
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