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  1. Hancock and Sunak just doing a double act in parliament to condemn Bridgen and mention anti semitism ... !
  2. Sunak; "It's the same old Labour, they always run out of other people's money." (Divide and rule) Sorry to post this, don't mean to distract from more important issues, but what a joke, as always ...
  3. A few snippets heard on BBC today. Sorry if it's a bit hard to decipher now Talk about order out of chaos!! Rail strikes Transport Committee BBC live from Westminster Rail has recovered to 80% of pre pandemic 2 bn gap in funding ASLEF; "The parties are further apart than ever; On a scale of 1 to 10 we are at 0" Tim Shoveller - Chief Negotiator Network Rail ... "For some of our members who are on less than £30,000 this deal would be worth more like 10% rather than 9%" "We recognise the cost of living and we want to make this an attractive deal as well as an affordable deal." "There needs to be a clearer explanation of what is being offered." RMT; current proposals would end ticket offices and guards. ___________ Also ... Secondary school teachers in Scotland are on strike today, following primary schools yesterday. Teacher "I've taught for 32 years and this is the first time I've been on strike." Parent "I think that the kids education was ruined enough with covid I don't think the teachers should strike, they should find another way." " I blame the government" Two thirds of ambulance workers are striking over pay today. Call handlers are also striking. Interesting interview with Tony Stein; CEO Healthcare Management Solutions Ltd ___________ The police federation surveyed 37,000 1 in 5 police officers in England and Wales plan to quit the force In next 2 years. Steve hartshawn - Chair of the Police Federation ... Low moral, high fatigue, working conditions, pay, treatment from Government "There's other things that make the job worse, we have no negotiating rights." Do you agree with the government statement? "No, you always hear (the words) record amounts, even if it's £1 more" 'In effect to get 20,000 more you need to recruit 50,000 because of the retention rate." ____________ Physiotherapists to strike on Jan 26th and Feb 9th over pay and staffing. ____________ Various political comments ... MP who was criticised over a Prince Harry tweet said he also tweeted about "the genocide of Amenians." "People can't get an appointment but GP's are working flat out 6 days a week." "I long for the day that politics is boring again." "GP's were getting cross that they were being nationalised by the tories" (Following proposals by Sajid Javid for doctors to become self employed.) Rishi Sunak during PMQ's ... "Cancer referrals were down 2/3 during covid ... if it was up to him we'd still be in lockdown." "Patients should be able to rely on a basic level of care." "The Concervatives are on the side of their patients. Labour are on the side of their union paymasters."
  4. I watched a clip of Peter Hitchens and Mike Graham on YT, and read this in the comments ... VALLANCEGAMING 11 months ago "To put it into perspective, our current response is basically mass hysteria over a bee" I like this thought a lot! It immediately brought to mind watching people in the past; swipe at a wasp or bee, wildly flapping their arms, saying things like "get it away from me." I've taught myself over the years to love them, appreciate them, and their part in the circle of life, and to simly let them be! Thinking I'd rather take my chances than live in fear, so much so that I'll let a wasp land on my wrist, and just watch and see what happens. It's so similar to the reactions to a a cold, or any other 'threat? And as a point of interest, I thought the clip was from this Monday but it's a year old. Look how far we've come?! Or not, in many ways. So much food for thought.
  5. I tend to keep in the back of my mind that surely this would be the ultimate 'green sale' for them? You are what you eat and it keeps the place tidy, with bonus points for recycling How they would laugh at us for eating each other. During the horse meat scandal I used to wonder about this 'subject'. You just can't help but think what next, when you know how sick and twisted 'they' are. Interesting website. Thanks for sharing that TC, I'll have a proper look later.
  6. Bloody hell. That's interesting. A different take. You know, that have not stopped talking about the menopause lately. I've heard no end of famous women mentioning it in interviews. I kept thinking here we go again. I found it quite grating. They were really pushing HRT at the same time.
  7. I find that the conversations on talk sport and radio 5 are generally well worth listening to, and there was some incredibly moving tributes to Vialli. When I hear the things that people say about those that we've lost, it always reminds me what a massive difference one individual can make to other peoples lives. Thanks for the memories Vialli, you meant a lot to us.
  8. This gives me the opportunity to ask if this is perhaps what was meant in the headline; Pince Harry says he wants his father and brother back. That really sparked my imagination.
  9. They will tell us and show us that everyone is going along with it ...and demanding more..., but that will be an illusion, to create the self fulfilling prophecy. Again. At least this time people have had the opportunity to talk amongst themselves, find allies, and speak about the destruction of the OCD policies. It's hard to stand up to the tidal wave, but the main place that the illusion exists is on the screen. The role of the controlled opposition will be 'interesting' to witness. We're not allowed to celebrate life and creativity, but we're allowed to focus on death and illness! To hell with them. There are still some places and feelings left that they cannot touch.
  10. 6th Jan - GB News Headliners Lot's of LGBTQ mentions in the stories and commentary tonight ... Including drag queen tickets for 8 yr olds ... _____ Josh; "It's a kink isn't it." Nick Dixon; "You're right, and it's advocated by the state. I find it creepy, and part of the decline of the West." Next story ... "Sexually aroused by fire?" Nick; "I think Josh picked all the stories tonight ..." Josh; "I'm just trying to make a little point about what's going on in our society."
  11. Thanks rebornsteve, I enjoyed reading the article and some of the twitter replies. Just sharing a few edits from the article ... The two fake doctors, whose accounts urged extreme caution about Covid-19, were part of a network of at least four fake accounts that touted their ties to the LGBTQ+ community, vocally advocated for mask-wearing and social distancing, and dished out criticism to those they felt were not taking the pandemic seriously. It is unclear who created the two doctors, but their bios and personas signpost identities meant to appeal to a certain type of Twitter denizen: liberal, pro-diversity and concerned about Covid. Both doctors present themselves as members of the LGBTQ+ community. Robert displayed the trans and Ukrainian flags in their Twitter name. Patrick had a rainbow flag in his bio. A fourth account, Dr. Steve “Ste” Ville, who claimed an affiliation with the University of Antwerp, described himself as an “LGBTQ+ Ally” and a “Proud Mask Wearer.” All four accounts urged caution about Covid. They also amplified the voices of other Twitter users calling on the public to mask, vaccinate and socially distance. At times, they criticized policies that they felt undermined pandemic safety and individuals who they believed did not take Covid seriously enough. But as Twitter users responded to Gutterman Tranen’s thread on the Honeymans, they also discovered the accounts expressing views that appeared implausible. “Come on china! Stop protesting, I wish we had similar lockdown measures here,” Robert Honeyman wrote in a Nov. 27 tweet.
  12. I always feel that there are so many 'parts' to these situations that one would not necessarily empathise with, unless they have experienced it themselves, or taken the time to listen to others. I've been in an ambulance several times with a 'heart attack patient' and found it educational to say the least. It changes the way 'you' look at the health service, A&E, the staff, the questions, the procedures, the wards, the being admitted or discharged, and so on. Thanks for sharing some of your experience on Tuesday, it's really important to know these things. I'm genuinely sorry that your husband was cold, and waited over 8 hours.
  13. Thanks Mr H And Mikhail for the thead I'm interested in statins. I had a little look and saw an interview with Dr Malhotra, and also this article/ ongoing nvestigation in the BMJ. https://www.bmj.com/campaign/statins-open-data The BMJ invites us to ... Find out more about the statin open data campaign.
  14. During lockdown, especially, I noticed ambulance sirens and suspected that some of them were just deliberately spreading fear, or as they would perhaps see it, spreading a signal to protect people, but ultimately following orders! Over time, I was reliably informed by two separate NHS workers, that this was actually happening. I was not even surprised enough to grill them on the details, and besides, there was so much to discuss, and not enough time to cover everything! Of course. Recently I was told by an ex-carer, that they had seen a 'menber of the army' driving an ambulance. I've seen pictures in the media, but either way, this was no secret. Naturally I had wondered which uniform they would be wearing. I just saw an ambulance and a police car, driving in tandem, sirens blazing. Two days ago, I saw 4 ambulances outside the hospital, presumably waiting for their turn to go inside. I don't like to hear the rhetoric that only serious cases should call an ambulance, as all cases could be serious, for example. Ambulances are an extension of the hospital, where treatment can commence. For instance, a spray that is used in cases of heart attacks, without which heart scarring can occur, so I've been informed in the past.
  15. Weds, Tues, Mon ... 33 Also on Mon Jan 2nd, Triple New Year Headache
  16. Rishi Sunak; "We are making numeracy ..." "Imagine what numeracy will unlock for people" "Mortgage, Wages, Confidence ..." One guest on the news said this is a not a new idea in politics, and that it reminded him of Tony Blair. He also mentioned Adrian Smith ... There are many sites with the 'Report of Professor Sir Adrian Smith's review of post-16 mathematics, July 2017' I also saw this text on a link; ... Announcement: Shrinivas Honap and Sir Adrian Smith have been extended for 6 months to the Board of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. _____________________ Below is the speech made by Tony Blair, PM, at the Maths 2000 Conference, on 16th March 1999. https://www.ukpol.co.uk/tony-blair-1999-speech-at-maths-2000-conference/ He said "without change, we will never achieve our goals". (Yes, but whose goals?) Accidentally came across Blair's website; Executive Chairman of the Institute for Global Change https://institute.global/policy/time-world-education-service-focused-free-and-all Time for a World Education Service: Focused, Free and for All, July 2022 _____________________ i saw the enthusiastic Bobby Seagull on BBC News today, so i looked him up and saw this article, also from 2017; https://www.nationalnumeracy.org.uk/news/bobby-seagull-changing-student-attitudes-towards-maths-and-he-wants-stormzys-help Bobby Seagull; "Previously I worked in finance, both as a trader at the investment bank Lehman Brothers and an accountant at PwC. So you won’t be surprised to hear that numbers are an important part of my life, and indeed strongly tied to my identity."
  17. Talk Radio - Talk to Vanessa Did you hear the 5 pledges? Is this a fairy tale or real life? Ukraine, Covid, Brexit ... Maybe you think no-one can get us out of it, or maybe you think a different PM can. Give me a call ... They are treating us like mushrooms He's so weak He has no compassion You can't trust a word he says We've got worse and worse And now they're trying to con us that they're going to do something He can't do it, or he won't do it He's not a normal human being I feel desperately sorry for people That elderly lady that just called in They were the stalwarts of the country Tell me your biggest fear My biggest fear is civil unrest You can only push people so far Blood out of a stone You've got Hunt who is a smirking puppet and he's going to push people more and more
  18. Because I posted Sunak's comments before I read yours ... I just want to hang on to what you said for a few minutes ... I apprecaiate that exchange ... and a bit of a laugh. A smile at least. F*ck them all, and their miserable droning grind. Yeah, come on LastOneLeftInTheCounty and Nip .. It's the thought that counts.
  19. Sunak on education ... and love ... ❤ Once we've ... the damage of Covid The love of my family The sacrifices The community Went above and beyond what they were expected to do Family teaches us values Family runs right through our vision of a better future A better future for our children and grandchildren. Undiagnosed blood pressure ... cardiac ... absolute priority for me ... the country should hold me to account for it ... I think he's talking to his medical global satanic mafia family. As usual.
  20. Thanks BeeThrive That's a really good article and comments. I don't want to believe in the shedding, but I started to read, and the evidence is there ... that this is not a new idea. In the comments one man spoke with great enthusiastim about high levels of vitamin D in preventing colds. So much to learn, so little time. Oh no I hear Sunak's voice ... it makes me sick, and even the sight of him ... any vaccines for that?! Jesus, he says ... "During Covid we protected millions of people's jobs and businesses and I'm really proud of it." Little freak.
  21. I gather some people have put it on their profiles. I personally know two ladies who have no respect for the vaccinated, before they even think about the other traits. They would never find a mask wearer who carries their own sanitiser attractive or manly ..
  22. Thanks zArk, a couple of people have said "everyone" has been ill over Christmas. One 20 something told me that her and her brother and parents were all ill ... throat, head, sinus, fatigue, hot, cold, feverish, but no temperature. One of her young friends had hallucinations, another heard voices. She told me she had the flu vaccine, but it was still bad. Of course she thought it would have been worse without it! One friend told me he and his wife were sick with a chest infection ... she tested positive, he tested negative. I guess they took the test out of habit and conditioning. Me and you ... and one of my disabled friends ... and one pensioner ... no vaccines ... no Beechams ... no flu or sickness ... thank god there's still a control group. Everyone got ill? No they bloody didn't ... I tell myself my immune system is strong, and most of the time it is. One man I know was near a sneeze and told himself he would be ill. He said if they wore a mask, he "wouldn't have got it". I can see how it all spreads judgement, and resentment. I would rather people told a joke, or shared a good story, or smiled at each other, rather than reach for the OCD ... but that's just the little hippy in me ...
  23. Austin Williams, founder of Future cities project Mike Graham, presenter Talk Radio "There are all of these people who can't wait for tests and masks to come back." MG; People say wear them, what harm can it do, it protects the NHS, it stops the spread ... All this nonsense that is rattled off as fact, when it isn't ... These people who believe it's better to be safe than sorry. Well it isn't AW; Over the course of lockdown people die, and commit suicide ... There will be an untold story told one day ... 10 million people die every year in China anyway ... MG; Similar when we were doing our daily death count ... MK; That's why I find it incredible that anyone would go back to hiding at home, wearing a mask, when none of it made any difference ... AW; Died with / of ... In China now, if you fall and die it's not classed as a Covid death ... The SAGE types are saying how dare China change the data, when in some respects they're giving us better / truer data than we had over here.
  24. Gavin Mortimer Writer, The Spectator Mike Graham Presenter, Talk Radio GM; We have weighed up the risks for ourselves as we did all along. MK; They say wear a mask, but they never discuss the downsides, the psychology. GM; Three years ago they discussed this at the very beginning, and yet we were still told to wear masks. One thing I found so hard in France is you had to wear them outside. That was what so depressing. It was a comfort blanket to people. MG; Then we were told the German's got it right and it turned out that it didn't make any difference. GM; You and I are a minority that didn't go along with it.
  25. Of course they expect sales to go up due to the intense marketing campaign? https://www.medgadget.com/2023/01/global-surgical-masks-market-share-estimated-to-reach-usd-5065-58-million-by-2030-expecting-5-6-cagr-growth-polaris-market-research.html Global Surgical Masks Market Share Estimated to Reach USD 5,065.58 Million By 2030, Expecting 5.6% CAGR Growth: Polaris Market Research Overview A surgical mask is a loose-fitting disposable device that generates a physical barrier between the mouth and the nose of the wearer and probable impurities in the immediate environment. The rapid rise in the demand for surgical masks market can be attributed to helping block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter that may contain germs keeping them from reaching the mouth and nose. The number of surgeries has been directly proportional to an escalation in the usage of surgical masks. For instance, marginally invasive surgeries have ignited the demand for the distribution of surgical and anesthesia masks amongst different end users, such as ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals, and specialty clinics during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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