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  1. That gave me a laugh. Yeah you might have a point there. We could have darts, pool or snooker instead. Or skittles? No, shove ha'penny for our meagre rations. The other countries will say those bastard brits, we're peddling our arses off here, and they're just having a laugh.
  2. A few good nuggets in this thread thanks
  3. The lengths you'll go to getting out of your round Andy
  4. At least they'll keep us alive long enough to quench their apparent desire to keep us busy in misery soulless shisters Pretty much the first time I saw charity exercise bike events, I thought that's what they'll do with us, get us peddling for our energy rations, and we can stay warm at the same time. Brucie bonus. Especially the more I thought about energy wars, climate change, carbon off setting, and all that rhetoric. It made perfect sense, but you still can't believe it when you see it out in the open ... Tonight I flicked on Al Jazeera, and the first item I saw was; Poland Pedal Power - Bikes power cinema as energy prices soar Quick search - 2 links, one in Watford, UK - last May https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/poles-pedal-power-outdoor-cinema-energy-prices-soar-2022-09-03/ Poles pedal to power outdoor cinema as energy prices soar https://www.watfordbigevents.co.uk/pedal-powered-cinema Pedal Powered Cinema
  5. I read about the older mice that were rejuvenated with young blood. I haven't looked at it the same since, you know, blood donations and the like.
  6. The ones who pretend to save the planet made it such a disposable society. And they stopped making sizes universal. Yes, just whack the side I thought you meant he left cuts in the bread board
  7. Why? Were they too lazy? Lucky you having such good cook So many places would be nothing without the good will of thoughful volunteers.
  8. Saw an article showing private care home takeover relating to increase in death, because it's all about profit. I met a carehome owner. He had started with good intentions. I was sorry during covid to see those small caring homes restricted and threatened with American takeover. Etc. I will never forget the volunteers who were stopped from going in to entertain, and hold hands. Fuel costs ... the sea side coach trips of my childhood have become increasingly unaffordable, as more of peoples money goes off in the wrong direction! That used to bring old and young together under the same roof ... incredibly healthy.
  9. I just heard a nice part of an interview. "Everybody's life is extraordinary ... People are the same everywhere ... Looking at those tiny moments in life ... The people in Hollywood a lot of them live ordinary lives worrying about whether the job will last and if technology will replace them. They work in a factory called Hollywood and everything is about profit of the brand. He sounds philosophical which is always of interest to me. Gabriel Byrne He mentioned civil war at the end, I think he meant America
  10. Everything was done in the name of health and protecting the elderly. I read the community care buses were stopped last week. Unaffordable. Why didn't anyone talk about the health threat of obscene profit the same way they talked about 'novel' respiratory illness? Hypocrites. I can see ... your neighbour is using too much energy so you must suffer now. It's their fault. All the prison punishment of one suffers all suffer. Report someone for having their lights on. RIght bleeding bastards (Laugh or cry yeah)
  11. On times radio they are discussing the programme the capture, and how people are set up or let off with the use of technology. Live interviews changed. Etc. A quick search found this; "Escalating from the CCTV thriller of series one, the six-part run features ‘invisible’ assassins, the terrifying rise of deepfake technology, the ever-growing tension between government and Big Tech, and corruption at the heart of the British media.” Interesting. On a side note, I find the more this all becomes mainstream, the more distrusting people become? Rather than seeing what is being done to them? Damn!
  12. Whenever there were surprise blackouts over the years, one elderly gent told me this is a test for the future. It became obvious that we would have blackouts for whatever 'convenient' reason. The plan for chaos, energy and water wars, was a long time coming. As always it's not what they say it's what they don't say. And regarding Ukraine and Russia etc, an easy well known media 'enemy' hides a multitude of sins, and the method is 'as old as the hills'. What happened to the war on terror? Every generation ... The shareholders have invested 'everything' in net zero and fake climate care. Banks will not fund 'non green' projects. It's extortion. It's not dissimilar to when Cyprus joined Europe and all the businesses had to install stainless steel kitchens, and threated that clay ovens and Mother's kitchen were a health and safety risk. Create an idea and force someone else to pay. Nice work if you can get it.
  13. I'm glad to read your thoughts on Tim Martin. I like reading his magazine, full of his opinions on covid restrictions, and taxation levels on food and beer. One edition was entirely about lockdown, which i was very grateful of. To me he's a devil and an angel.
  14. I love people and places like this. The things that people do to make fun and entertainment. What a sight for sore eyes, and an inspiration of what we truly are, and what we can be Joy and laughter is infectious. No wonder it has to be stopped. I mean reined in. It'll never be stopped? Some of us are distracted and diverted by those who are making us fearful of the future, and intentionally and tactically agitating our thoughts. Others are unaware, or ignoring the situation, but we are all being controlled and dampened down in one way or another. This pub and others like it are implanted with memories, strength and energy that belongs to us and to future generations. It is priceless and should not be up for sale, ever. Reminds me of a quote from the native Americans.
  15. Ovrheard; "it was only £3.87 Considering we made a stop on the way that's not too bad". I looked around to see them looking down at their phone at how much was charged. This is the system now, UBER drivers competing against each other to offer the lowest possible charge for a cab ride, in pennies.
  16. 6 mins A remarkable man. So very lucky to have him, his art, his dedication, his insight and opinion. When I need inspiration I'll look through more of Bob's interviews.
  17. This is the second time recently I've read the word 'act', as if they are openly bragging that this is all make-believe Fake concern for children who were abused and tortured during lockdown, masked and separated from their grandparents and friends, deprived of exercise, routine and stimulation, locked in a prison of flicking blue screens. Depriving their families and communities of pride, independent thought, and the ability to make a living in the job and location of their choice, or to take care of their own businesses. Forcing them into untold debt. Forcing them to take tests without symptoms, to take more time off school, in isolation for fear that they would be responsible for infecting and killing their family, and anyone else who came within feet of them, and scared that they themselves were lucky if they didn't die. Teaching them that unquestionable fear, paranoia, and suspicion, is the only sensible and considerate choice. Except it clearly isn't, is it? It's perhaps the 'highest' on our level of the game Yes, your paymasters, the ones who own you, and believe they own us? Appearing ... Performing ... The world's a stage The part where they blatantly state that Liz Truss has been elected. Interesting. It would be dull if she wins? Surely they could get at least a day of headlines if it was a surprise win for Sunak? The greatest show on earth. OK, not the greatest, especially looking up from the cheap seats.
  18. Nice. At least I got a laugh out of that. Which is more than we'll get out of those two. Yeah, I suppose that's the point of them seeing as the country is in deliberate decline. Watching Johnson and Starmer throughout Lockdown, while knowing they're on the same team; acting out their script so poorly was just excruciating.
  19. It's all such a time wasting / cyclical game isn't it. Do you mean make themselves unvotable sort-of-thing, to build up back to labour winning?
  20. I keep thinking about the so called shock of brexit and trump and there was another one too, it would be quite fitting if we get to hear from now on about the shock of Sunak winning, just seems like the sort of theatrical theme they enjoy?
  21. Yes, would be good to share our experience on a thread. I enjoy the chemtrails thread. It is infuriating ... the British especially, who are world famous for discussing the weather; should know all about the weather experiments, known 'achievements', future and history. Last time I checked the Chinese had 50,000 people working on weather modification, and had upped their rain / snowfall by 5% if I remember rightly?
  22. In Greece I met a lifeguard who spoke of refusing to wear a mask in the mineral rich sea air. What torture. He was late 50's I would guess, and was threatened with the monthly fine for not having the V. He is us. He is every human. Thanks Golden Retriever for sharing Kevin's comments. You cannot respect these sorry excuse for men. They will change their opinion to suit the mood or the money.
  23. UN; Let's stop sleep walking. Tomorrow it could be your country. I keep thinking of the agreement signed to not use weather warfare. Who would police that? Also, if there is an agreement, why doesn't that prove the existence of weather modification and cloud seeding to the non-believers? If it wasn't possible, they wouldn't have to agree not to use it. Also bad land / drainage management, and cutting down trees creates problems with flooding here.
  24. BBC; Megan, in a 6000 word article, says that just by existing they are upsetting the royal hierarchy. I thought that was us lot?
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