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  1. Interesting, thanks Mac. I tried researching Kissinger, including with his connection to the 'manipulation' / 'sabotage' in Cyprus in that era too. All seems part of the process; decades of various sized steps ...
  2. On GB News Headliners - yes I know , but I particularly the 3 presenters tonight. And it's a bit of a laugh in places. As much as you can laugh in amongst some of these 'crazy' 'sick' headlines lately. ANYWAY Klaus has been head of WEF since.?. Was it 1980. No 1971. He doesn't have a successor, and Tony Bleurgh might take his place? They laughed as they said he's going to be like a cross between Branson and Stringfellow, especially when he has long hair. Interesting.
  3. A thread with 77 points and 21 comments. Some say the content is more important than the poster. I would initially agree if, as it seems, the posts contain a lot of truth. I'm very curious about who this person is, in case it's a, you know, bizarre set up or something? My instinct is a bit rattled at the moment, I think because some things seem to be coming out in order to, I don't know, add to the despair and destruction, with everything being broken, everybody panic theme ... One person in the comments has got the right hump with Sai, the twitter poster. Is that due to frustration, I'll have another look. I pulled this bit out of the end of the thread you shared Mac, for now, untill I read the rest. We know this type of situation is true. Just like the ... sorry, not at all sorry; you can't come to the doctors or go to work or buy food incase you might be ill. _______ ☆ Post No 77 The reason why I left the NHS in 2021 56-year-old male, admitted into A&E with end stage kidney failure, has a previous history of regular dialysis treatment for this. No respiratory symptoms on admission and no temperature. However, when tested with a PCR Test… He, unfortunately, tests positive. This stays on his record throughout his admission. Our hospital is relatively small in comparison to others I have worked at, we have no dialysis machine as a result. We urgently need to transfer this patient to another hospital otherwise this patient will die. Our treating doctor calls up larger hospitals with a dialysis machine to organise his transfer. All doctors pick up the phone and request the covid-19 status of the patient. A transfer is declined due to a covid-19 infection protocol. Our doctors again reiterate the point that this patient will die without dialysis. We are told there is nothing that can be done and that the patient cannot be accepted for transfer. This gentleman ended up dying without dialysis. Now please tell me what goes on the MCCD … 1a) covid-19 2) End Stage Kidney Failure. Not written by the treating doctor who disagreed with this cause of death but by a medical examiner, put in place by the government and the hospital. When innocent people are being killed by a corrupt organisation and system, for pure monetary gain, I can’t stand by and be part of this anymore. My conscious was clear and I no longer wanted to be a part of this anymore.
  4. Good vids, with clips I haven't seen before. Shared by many including Truth Justice. 1) 20 minutes 2) 8 minutes
  5. You all speak of some incredible things; with great imagination and an open mind, power, possibilities and what if's. During the last 3 years especially, I'm sickened with the narrow minded attitudes and people conforming to the training and parrot programme. The stupidity that comes with accepting ludicrous contradictory thoughts and orders and the 'brain fog' that comes from going along with a boring, shallow, limited and repetitive existence. It's all connected. It started to increase when people were taught to say; I can't make that decision I'll have to ask someone else. We have been abused, bullied, tortured. Everything that they accuse others of. We all know that the idea that everyone is going along with this is an illusion to silence people. When you coincidentally meet people who know, it's a good reminder.
  6. Havent seen Pierre Kory lately, or rather haven't looked him up. I thought he looked familiar
  7. Local blackout Wolves vs Liverpool Couple of minutes in the floodlights went out for a few seconds. Wolves appeared to say to the referee that they had been in posession when it happened. Commentator said that's not covered in your average referee training. Back to some sort of normality now. Lord knows what else we might have to get used to in the new normal VAR screens were also off till about 16 minutes in.
  8. Your comments intrigued me. Thanks Saved, I quite agree, and thanks LastOneLeftInTheCounty, that's so bloody true, very funny, yeah you made me laugh, even though it's all enough to make me shake my fist! I always think of this sort of situation when I see those ridiculously controlling signs that say abuse will not be tolerated. How pathetically naive anyone could be to go along with that, the notices are so clearly agenda driven. Anyway, thank you very much for sharing Frankieboy. I found where it's from, so here is that part of the script https://grist.org/article/2010-05-10-health-risks-of-potassium-bromate-maybe-not-so-fringe/ The sci-fi TV show Fringe had a surreally satisfying sequence in the May 6 episode, in which supposedly mad scientist Walter Bishop goes shopping. Walter, who spends a lot of time in alternate universes, is holding a box of snacks when he suddenly glimpses the unpleasant parallel reality of the U.S. food system: Walter, muttering: “Corn starch, soy lecithin, potassium bromate … potassium bromate?! This supermarket is trying to kill us! You - potassium bromate, do you know what that is?” Supermarket worker: “Are you OK, sir?” Walter: “It is known to induce renal cell tumors and mesotheliomas of the peritoneum! Do you know what you are putting into our bodies? Death! Delicious, strawberry-flavored death!” Supermarket worker: “OK, I’m calling security.” This may seem off topic, and I know there are other detailed threads on this, but we must all remember that people were 'quietly' sick and dying from poisoning long before Convid deaths and sickness.
  9. GB News "Covid Vaccine News" 19 mins - heart attacks 39 mins - "Dr Aseem Malhotra joins Neil to give his opinion on the vaccine" Plus a lot more opinion / comment in between.
  10. I've listened to Piers Morgan and the despicable things he said when he manipulated people and shouted over them in 2020 / 21 / 22. He's not a man, he's an absolute c**t, and always has been.
  11. Matt Le Tissier, Laurence Fox and The Freds are all talking and sharing info about this, naturally. It does feel as if certain things are moving a bit faster, and although some people are controlled, perhaps enough of the 'right people at the right time' may just throw a bit of a spanner in the works. Yes a lot of it is stage managed, I suspect, but maybe just maybe ... who knows who else may get amongst this ... ? Is it wrong to feel a glimmer of hope / anticipation. Perhaps we just haven't made the right move. I'm sure there's something we could do that we just haven't thought of yet. I don't think it's so much about the 'sheep'. Damn it, if all of us who know differently had the faith to try something else? What? I don't bloody know. I'll sleep on it I should delete this but maybe I won't This is all I meant to share ... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jan/13/bbc-cardiologist-aseem-malhotra-links-covid-jabs-to-heart-disease-deaths BBC criticised for letting cardiologist ‘hijack’ interview with false Covid jab claim Aseem Malhotra’s ‘misguided’ views linking some Covid vaccines to excess heart disease deaths should not have aired, say experts
  12. Thanks Bombadil, as it happens the article you shared is full of heart broken tributes. What on earth is going on with all of these sickening heart references all the time now. If someone had a heart attack would you use that word? I clicked the article because I saw the names Hanks and Travolta. How very convenient that they should be in on this so soon. Particularly Hanks.
  13. Piers Morgan; "The bottom line is you should not be able to spew lies that put other people's lives in danger." I share this here as another example of hidden in plain sight. Lately they say so many things that apply to what we know to be true, but they use it to point the finger of blame at someone else. They tell constant lies, for money, and yet they call for others to be silenced. They call for an end to natural human contact and communication. Piers the piss taker, as always.
  14. Alex Jones on Piers Morgan show Piers, the hypocrite; you made loads of money ... Alex; I'm glad you had to move back to England ... Then he cut him off. Alex was talking so fast of course, but he got a lot of words in. You would only really know what he meant if you had heard it before. A few quotes from his other journalist guests; His millions of followers don't accept it and that concerns me. People say I shouldn't have him on my show and give him a platform. Yes, but it's holding him to account. Piers; I don't like bbc money being used to promote shamima begum. When Alex heard the account of one of the Mothers of a victim of Sandy Hook ... There was no humanity there at all. What these families had to go through. ME; Yeah? What about the humanity for people in these recent years? Piers; "The bottom line is you should not be able to spew lies that put other people's lives in danger."
  15. “You’re going to stand at Nuremberg 2. Did you get money from big pharma? Did you get money for pushing Prozac? You’re going down.” Alex Jones on Piers Morgan show He tried to speak about COVID and Epstein and all sorts. Let’s see what the last 15 minutes brings.
  16. I met Dr Ryan Cole in Bath at the Better Way Conference, and I will never forget him. He's the real deal. A true gentleman who has stood up for us all.
  17. I enjoy listening to one person paying tribute to another, so I thought I'd share this as you might like to hear it too.
  18. https://news.sky.com/story/mind-boggling-ignorance-holocaust-survivor-criticises-andrew-bridgens-vaccine-remarks-12784652 Mind-boggling ignorance': Holocaust survivor criticises Andrew Bridgen's vaccine remarks A retired immunologist who survived Nazi concentration camps has criticised a Tory MP who compared COVID vaccines with the Holocaust. Just sharing this article as it has some pretty 'good' quotes in it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to grab them out and share them tomorrow. P.S Ignorance is not an excuse
  19. Thanks numnuts. It's another one to add to the list of people speaking up. He says he has a list with names. I also saw a 'click bait' there with the number 33, just as a point of interest. "33 Rare Photos Of Meghan, Kate And More Before They Were Royal"
  20. Thanks for sharing that info bryan, and for the videos above which I look forward to watching. I'm often fascinated when a journalist says they haven't heard of something, or if they make a statement omitting what I believe are well known facts. I think; well I know that and I'm not 'in the business'. I'm glad if somebody corrects them, as I've never done that myself. I actually enjoy listening to people I disagree with, I like to hear their explanation, and how they sell it. In between I still get to hear a guest or callers take on it. Regarding talk radio I see it as middle of the road, and if I want more 'no nonsense' commentary, I find that with say, Richie Allen for example. Ian Collins said today that he doesn't agree with compulsory vaccinations. I still haven't made my mind up on how I feel about him, but I was interested to hear his opinion of Andrew Bridgen, mainly because I haven't worked Andrew out yet, so I'm keeping an open mind on his role in all of this. I have much more to add, but that will have to wait for now.
  21. A text on talk radio; said a group called doctors for paients are having a zoom meeting with Andrew Bridgen. I searched briefly but didn't get any further than finding a website of that name, and a twitter account with no tweets. It also gave me a chance to have a quick look at Bridgen's twitter account, where I saw considerably more than today's 'noise' in the media.
  22. Thanks Morpheus. I don't entirely disagree however... I'm disgusted with the system and the deliberate destruction of the health service, and ALL the services, and the working man's family ... and lifestyle, and so on ... but I do manage to get doctors, nurses, specialists appointments ... as hard as it is, and I believe the doctors are being forced into situations by government policy. World government. The determination to destroy. As we all are. They are intent on altering everything and everyone.
  23. Mike Graham Talk Radio and David Maddox Political Editor The Express DM; I think they need to be careful with this, they're already in danger of turning Andrew into a martyr. If you look at some of the social media on this, even the suspension that had nothing to so with this. His suspension from parliament has been linked to this by people who are asking questions about it. I mean the problem for Andrew is, as ever, he's kind of gone too far. He's made some good points and asked some difficult questions. He's just pushed it too far, and the holocaust comparison was certainly an example of that. MG; Yeah, I'm not sure why he suddenly adapted himself to this particular issue 'cause it wasn't something that he was doing even as recently as last year. You know he wasn't talking about covid vaccines at all, but suddenly he sort of became a bit of a convert to talking about that. Almost as though he thought he might get some credence from certain parts of the community. DM; Well to be fair on him I know some of the background to this, he'd just been approached by members of the medical profession and researchers who had concerns and you know he used his position as an MP to raise their concerns, and I thought at the time a very courageous thing in parliament, but the problem is ... MG; The problem is he's now kind of ... DM; There are levels ... MG; Well the point is, if you want to raise a controversial issue you have to be very careful not to do it a way that's likely to discredit you and your methods and the people that you're talking to and I'm afraid that's what's happened. DM; No absolutely Afterwards, as the next presenter Ian Collins starts his show, he calls Andrew Bridgen a fully paid up member of the tin foil hat wearing brigade, and says he'll come back to it later on. That's typical of Ian, he often says that sort of thing. I let it go as it's theatre, good cop bad cop. Got to 'sieve' between the lines.
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