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  1. Almost reminds me of "I'm not going to let the arrival of the son of God spoil my Christmas" from the classic 'old' show; Bottom. ( ... I can never be sure whether that is a wonderful irony, or what is the other word?! ) Apologies EW, I'm just 'riding' on your post, for any excuse to remember Ade Edmonson and Rik Mayall, who I love and cherish ... ah the days of childish, silly humour and 'banter' ! It's not a comment on your post today, just my usual attempt to find the humour if at all possible ...
  2. There was a 'joke' from one presenter how Anne's 'feather' would block Harry's face. I think the reply was 'good job', or 'just as well', perhaps? Anyway, I noticed Harry wasn't singing God save the King with the rest of them, at least it didn't look like it? But you couldn't see his face for long. At that point. I wonder if that really was deliberate?
  3. I caught Times radio mentioning the police / Royal 'protesters' story thats been running all day on all channels (thought crime?) "They had to ensure the smooth running of a once in a generational event." I immediately thought of Covid being constantly referred to as once in a generation, and that the quote above applies just as well to that con as well.
  4. On the radio 'they' were discussing that protesters ... might throw rape alarms at the horses ... according to intelligence ... although they don't know anymore about it, or where the intelligence came from, etc. They disgust me with their perpetual wars. Creating problems and finding solutions. _____ I heard yesterday that all the guests went through airport style security. Except the likes of Ant and Dec I suppose ...
  5. I find Penny Mordaunt interesting. There's been a lot of talk of her, she was one of the names up for PM, was part of the rituals after the Queens death was announced, as Head of the privy Council that (so called) advises the King. And now there's the carrying of the sword, and her carefully designed and hand embroidered outfit. Naturally she was interviewed by Lorraine Kelly. ("The Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP was appointed as Lord President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons in September 2022. ") Last autumn I read about the devilish connections to her name, and now some celebrity calls her outfit damn fine. They can openly call yesterdays service a ritual and you won't notice unless you notice. Then once you do; it's one thing after another, eh?
  6. That's Bath Royal Crescent. Quite a good example perhaps, of how 'we' shit on our own doorstep. Kids eh?! I'll give it a half laugh so as not to be too serious!
  7. The coronation chair ... "Beneath the seat we have the stone of destiny" "Edward the 1st nicked it basically" "The anointing will be behind a screen" "Why is that shielded from the public?" "That is between the king and God" - The archbishop
  8. ( Charles has been speaking for years about the environment ) ... which was pilloried at the time, but is now seen as mainstream ( this is the tone of the spin of late) He's the leader of a great nation so he carries a lot of weight, that a lot of people don't. The king cares about children, and teaching them ... and the environment isn't political it's about his own grandchidren's future ______ He's well briefed, well not well briefed, it's a passion - Jamie Oliver When the king lends his name to something does it give it more support? It can do. He's in it for the long game. I consider him my boss. He has to be careful, right? Even though he's an advocate of organic farming, he supports all farming. I've always found him an incredible ally ... I'm not sure the Queen has time for cooking, but I was the first one to christen their kitchen ... (Oliver) ______ Most of the military personnel have been up since 3.30 ... you can feel the anticipation. ______ She will watch the procession, or her statue will watch the procession. (Queen Victoria)
  9. He has a deep love of the arts and comedy ... ... Which gives me great great hope for his reign ahead - Michael Palin
  10. It is the only object of the regalia that survived the English revolution. Conversation on the BBC about Queen Mary's Crown that will be worn by Camilla today.
  11. In early October 1984, Kelly joined TV-am as Scotland Correspondent. On the back of her coverage of the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster in Lockerbie. (She's been a sort of gatekeeper for 40 years. Piers Morgan once called her a godess, is that some ceremonial title and an in joke or something?
  12. During the CBC interview, Princess Anne discussed how the coronavirus regulations had affected her father. "COVID stole from my father, who lost a lot of the people who would have gone to see him and come and talk to him and have those conversations that would have kept him interested. He lost all of that," she said. "I'm sure that there are lots of families who will tell you the same thing. For the older generation, losing those contacts - online didn't do that for everybody.
  13. On BBC election live feature the reporter said they don't really care about Andrew Bridgen; they look at him as a pantomime dame, but that he did a lot of things for his constituents, to do with HS2, etc. I saw earlier that Andrew is on GB on Sunday.
  14. Peter Hitchins mentioned the government's Covid response, directing it towards Mark Harper on Question Time, during the discussion of - 'should we be worried about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence.' I can't quote what he said yet, but it's perhaps a sign of what is being allowed to come out now, as they would surely have edited it not so long ago. Billy Brag mentioned rabbit hole. God I'm almost sick of that phrase. Aren't there other words? He says people who tell lies should be held to account. I assume he means us and not the real liars.
  15. I didn't press submit again yesterday * Bolsanaro home raided, denies he faked covid records ... * 32 year old athlete has died ... * Trump says wind turbines are expensive, subsidised, they rust and rot, and are bird graveyards because they kill a lot of birds ... * Schools have made up their own coronation song, that incudes the word pizza
  16. When asking the public if they accept Camilla as Queen one text said "she's done a lot of work supporting victims of domestic violence". These freaks are obsessed with promoting the idea of 'domestic violence'. Even during lockdown the only people they worried about locking down was those who were victims of 'domestic violence'. What a load of fake concern. If any couples are at each others throats it's likely to be because of the constant and deliberate torture from above. These lot never promote anything truly beautiful. They just love to roll around in misery, strife and illness.
  17. A few scattered quotes from the Royal conversation as the y wait for the arrival of Will and Kate " They want to be seen It shows what can happen (shotgun cartridges) We wouldn't want the police to enforce a lockdown My friends in America say they never get as close to politicians as we do to Charles Yes when the president visits Whole cities are put into lockdown Whole roads are cleared A ring of steel The Royals are here by consent - they like to press the flesh "
  18. Coronation Fever Caller says the Royal family are just human but they are extraordinarily privileged Caller says anyone would think London was the centre of the universe
  19. Will and Kate to visit pub in Central London I thought why that pub? The presenter asks I don't suppose you can tell us this, but why that pub in particular? The 'reporter' replies I don't know, I know ... it's a chain .. etc ... Caller texts in that it was one of George Orwell's favourite pubs? Jaw drop. These sneaky f*ckers. It really is fun and games for them thinking up all of this. The Dog and Duck pub, Soho ATTRACTING FAMOUS FACES SINCE 1897 Our Grade II listed building in Soho has a fascinating history. Although the pub was originally built in 1734 on the site of the Duke of Monmouth’s home, the building that houses us today was built in 1897 by the architect Francis Cannon. We’ve attracted our fair share of famous faces over the years. George Orwell celebrated with a glass of absinthe when his book Animal Farm was selected for the American Book of the Month Club, John Constable and Dante Gabriel Rossetti both visited, and pop icon Madonna once popped in for a pint!
  20. Sue Gray was still working on Partygate while in secret job talks. (Political reality TV for the masses.) The presenter said this will keep this going for a bit longer. "Why hasn't Keir told us when they met" "She pleaded the fifth" "This should negate the partygate report" Yesterday on a debate someone said this situation has happened many times before without any fuss. Eventually you hear some truth or common sense between the hysteria and petty distraction. The psychology / indoctrination around partygate is, and has always been sickening. Tricking people into demanding the rules of (unnecessary and viscious) lockdown. When anyone mentions partygate to me I've usally got something else to say about it, given half a chance.
  21. David Starkey feels that there should not be local representation at the coronation, as it's a national event. He was referring to a man who had recovered from cancer and been invited to the coronation. He says love drives you. He mentions a quote;To love your country your country must be worthy of love.
  22. David Starkey - I like to hear him as he gives me food for thought. He says "it reminds me of the tower of babel" ... then later ... "this tower of babel aspect of the coronation." Also he's not happy that traditional parts of the ceremony have been deleted and he asks by whom? And why? He sort of said about the hierarchy and the presenter asked if there should be a hierarchy at all. Typical. Sounds like one reason it's dumbed down to create even more illusions, like the one that the King is not that well off, as they've been telling us all week. Oh, they said he owns nothing, or next to nothing. Bloody hell, just realised where I've heard that before! Maybe they didn't use THAT word exactly? Interesting. They said it's all owned by the dutchy and the trusts. He owns a house, but they even mentioned he doesn't own the one in Romania. 'd heard he spends a lot of time in Romania.
  23. Alzheimers breakthrough Nearly a million people are living with Alzheimers First we need to check if it's safe and effective You will need regular full body MRI scan, so we need the NHS to be ready for this. (Paraphrased) David Thomas Head of policy at the Alzheimers Society ( I heard Alzheimers causes dementia, or leads to dementia? Is that what they say? )
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