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  1. I think that sounds like a 'good' idea. At the same time they could highlight the failings off the NHS, and make parents, and everyone else, scared of hospitals. I recall reading about A.I. marking school work, and scanning job applications. As someone who values human contact and decision making, I hate the thought of the computer says no!
  2. Before I forget to add this; it occurred to me that before Convid things were moving towards almost getting rid of trial by jury, and then during Convid it looked like that aim was one step closer? Regarding the trial of Lucy Letby something felt off for a lot of us. That gut feeling, especially after a whiff of the media coverage. Lucy not appearing for sentencing dominated the news headlines and the conversations on radio chat shows, which felt like a deliberate distraction. The basis for an appeal getting immediate attention in the Mail makes we wonder if this is leading to a pre planned problem, reaction, solution ... but what the goal might be I don't know yet.
  3. Al Jazeera People and Power How a battle over mineral resources in Argentina could determine the fight against global warming The local community who say they haven't been consulted. They are concerned over precious water supllies, and salt. " They say to us if you want to protect your environment why don't you care about global warming but in the meanwhile they're talking away our rights " " During the pandemic when protests were forbidden an underground pipe was built. For the activists it poses a threat to the river and a wildlife. " " We're hoping that the multi naionals will, realise the damage that is done by mining lithium. " " Economic estimates for Argentina are exaggerated " " For example we have a hospital that will open in two months " In two or three months we will have full employment " " People who have lived here for thousands of years will have to become climate migrants " " Mining could cause the loss of some of the world's special places "
  4. The majority of the 30 or so comments I read show support for an appeal ... Fergus Sira-Lexon, England, 3 days ago Once more and more people start looking into how the CPS really built their "case" against her and see how their medical expert came to work for them (and what a judge at another trial said about him), more and more people will realise that this is the biggest miscarriage of justice ever! Please search the following two things Richard Gill Statistics Lucy Letby case and Bid to exclude evidence of Dewi Evans
  5. I love your comment. I know one lady who was, and I guess still is, looking for an unvaccinated man so they're definitely out there. Love is a wonderful thing. I aways believed there was someone for everyone
  6. Thanks bamboozooka, although I gather now that it's quoted from a 'Minister'. https://greekcitytimes.com/2023/08/26/greece-climate-crisis-arsonist-scum/ Greece's Climate Crisis Minister slams "arsonist scum" "The Greek Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, described those who stated blazes as "arsonist scum" as firefighters battle wildfires raging across swathes of Greece that have killed at least 20 people. Greece's climate crisis and civil protection minister described the situation as "unprecedented." There's that word unprecedented; we hear that how many times a day, especially since Convid? Also, after referring to the name Vassilis Kikilias, the article mostly refers to him by his dramatic sounding title?
  7. I've seen a few good maps / diagrams with tonnes of names and links on them but I'm not sure where. I'll have a think. In the meanwhile I would post your question in say, general politics, or maybe ask Enigmatic World or Macnamara, then post it back here if you can.
  8. That's an odd term for a Greek to use. Reminds me of plebgate and biggot ( UK politics. ) Strange; these media campaigns and their use of particular words.
  9. THEY would love it if people stopped touching and interacting with each other, and of course stopped having sex. I keep thinking of the movie Demolition Man. Also; touching and communicating is a danger or a crime, but bombarding people with 'health', pharma, charity and funeral adverts, repetitive news, and fear of death is completely normal?!
  10. A man I know innocently mentioned to me that Pakistan had landed on the moon I found that so funny. The thought police wouldn't like it though?
  11. This article dated 27th June, came up on another unconnected article that I was reading today, in the same way of adverts and triva .... Also, I notice that the video shows the 'presenter' who looks like Nicola https://www.manchesterworld.uk/read-this/nicola-bulley-fitbit-gave-heart-rate-reading-for-8-days-after-mum-of-two-drowned-inquest-hears-4198260 Nicola Bulley: Fitbit gave heart rate reading for 8 days after mum-of-two drowned, inquest hears An inquest into Nicola Bulley’s death is being held in Preston this week and will seek to tackle mysteries surrounding the mum-of-two’s tragic death "DC Keith Greenhalgh told the first day of the hearing on Monday (June 26): “A possible explanation for Nicola’s Fitbit continuing to provide [heart rate] output sporadically until February 4 could be a result of the movement of water passing between the device and Nicola’s wrist."
  12. https://news.sky.com/story/luis-rubiales-spanish-football-chief-accuses-jenni-hermoso-of-lying-over-kiss-at-womens-world-cup-final-12947722 In this article is a photo of Rubiales feet lifted off the ground while hugging hermoso
  13. Not a day goes by ... Slightly more interesting story about Luis Rubiales than the other daily bs, but still recognisable as the modern OTT reaction. Another training and marketing campaign. When I compare this to the real tragedy, injustice, murder and destruction of peoples wealth health and peace of mind ... it's head shakingly ridiculous. What a sick thing to teach our sons and daughters. An increasingly upside down world of absolute opposites. They want to get rid of him? Why? Imagine if our footballers had protested like this about taking the knee, or our elderly being abused and murdered, or even our elderly being robbed and enforced into loneliness. You'd need a bloody good imagination. I'm sick of these weak and whiny 'me too' freaks. A human touched you? Big deal. Sky News; "Luis Rubiales insists he won't step down after he grabbed player Jennifer Hermoso and kissed her on the lips during the trophy presentation ceremony. The head of Spain's Sports Council is seeking Rubiales' removal and says "we want this to be a 'Me Too' of Spanish soccer ".
  14. GB News TV / Radio Exclusive; " .... people smuggling adverts ... videos of drunk and scantily clad women used in social media posts ... " TalkTV / Radio; " Migrant crisis - What can be done? " Whenever you flick on these channels now, it's likely they'll be focusing on the "boats".
  15. BBC Presenter travelling to the world athletic championships by train rather than plane, "as sustainability is becoming part of all of our lives."... "What is Budapest doing to ensure this is the most sustainable championships ever?"
  16. I've seen lots of trails these last few days, especially on Weds, in the South West. (UK)
  17. Here is an interesting little article from his 2018 tour https://www.cardiff-times.co.uk/conspiracy-theorist-david-icke-is-coming-to-cardiff/ " World famous conspiracy theorist David Icke is coming to Cardiff this November as part of his 11 date UK Tour. 4 Hours of life-changing information that you won’t see or hear anywhere else in the World. The man who predicted 9/11, the 2008 Banking Crash, microchipping, The Cashless Society, The War on Terror and much more is delivering his shows all over the world in the coming months ahead of April’s release of ‘Renegade’, a film about the life and work of David Icke. 2018 has been a big year as more and more of what David has written is becoming widely accepted and his reach and following is growing by the day. This is the most unique man and show in the world today. "
  18. Lucy Letby "33 years old" "Experts" "Always denied involvement, but the evidence" "11 families" "It's been hell" "Lessons will be learnt" "In our hearts" Also "It's horrific to think of it 'cause you wouldn't think anyone would be capable of that"
  19. Francis Foster of Triggernometary was on GB News Headliners last night and he said that some comedians are endorsing other comedians being cancelled like this, and he said comedy is finished in this country. Andrew Doyle was the presenter on that episode. As usual I notice that someone has apparently complained about Graham Linehan? Conveniently.
  20. I've bolded the last part of your post Macnamara. I just wanted to mention that I've played the game of flicking on any news channel at any time, and all I see (of course) is boat crossings, boat people. migrant crisis ... So the "orchestrated" "migration" is also being used to dominate the news 24/7 at the moment. It's absolutely insane. Absolutely sick. Calling for the resignation of the Home secretary over the barge issue? This damn theatre is crackers. A great job of destroying any resemblance of 'normal'.
  21. The Guardian has learned that the new buyer was a property firm called ATE Farms Ltd, owned by Carly Taylor, 34, a director of multiple companies. ATE Farms is registered to the same address as Himley Environmental Ltd, which runs the 15-hectare (37-acre) quarry and landfill site next to the pub. The Guardian was unable to reach ATE Farms for comment. A spokesperson for the brewery Marston’s, which previously owned the pub and put it up for sale in January, said the sale was completed on 27 July.
  22. Thanks sock muppet. I love Dr Tess Lawrie. I was very lucky to meet her and thank her personally, and she's such a genuine, hard working and determined lady. While there are such remarkable people like her on our side, all is definitely not lost.
  23. Thanks, that's ok, yes when I see the Starbucks logo it always 'gets' me a bit!
  24. I don't know what their logo represents. Yes, on the one hand I'm sick and angry too, on the other I'm frustrated at the blatant attempt to try to make us sick and angry, and distracted. It confuses me too; when I see how bad all this is already, I wonder where on earth it will be as time marches on? There will almost be no opportunity to focus on what THEY are doing, and to challenge it ... as in doing so we may well go 'round the bend'. In the meanwhile some of the massive changes going on like the 'war on the motorist', and bank accounts being closed (which is an odd one anyway as it's almost protesting to be let back into the system?! ... are kindly challenged by Rishi and Nigel. Is that to make it look like someone with a bit of clout is on our side, so we take our eye off it all. I think that's part of how IT works isnt it. Hey, imagine if Costa had decided to create a logo for breast or penis enlargements. Or for ex soldiers with one leg. It is increasingly ridiculous, and of course it's keeping Talk radio and GB News in business, with just 5 or 10 conversation points.
  25. I'm so sick of these corporations, I wish people would stop funding them. Costa is everywhere now, in the hospitals and the other chain stores.
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