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  1. Must keep the Royal family and Megan in the news. No such thing as bad publicity. In time any scandals will be almost forgotten as the machine churns on. It's happened before. It's always forgotten in the glitter of the next parade. The royal soap opera; giving the masses something to relate to. How else would they stay in the news if Liam and Noel, I mean William and Harry weren't arguing? Maybe they could get Lloyd Webber to write a musical about the return of the prodigal son?
  2. Jeremy Clarkson's daughter spoke out online against his article about Meghan Markle. Pic: Instagram ( ... paid advert ) (And the 'yoof' know better. Has she any tips for him cutting emissions, or anything else ) " Jeremy Clarkson's column about Meghan becomes most complained about ever It comes as a letter was signed by a total of 64 MPs after the former Top Gear presenter's "hateful" remarks about the Duchess of Sussex sparked backlash. " " The regulator (IPSO) said the piece ... had received more than 20,800 complaints as of 5pm on Tuesday. " " The number also surpassed the total number of complaints the media regulator received in 2021, which was 14,355. " " This sort of language has no place in our country, and it is unacceptable that it was allowed to be published in a mainstream newspaper. " " "Hateful articles like the one written by Mr Clarkson do not exist in a vacuum, and directly contribute to this unacceptable climate of hatred and violence. " "You will no doubt know how violence against women and girls has surged across Britain in recent years. We must do better. Enough is enough. We cannot allow this type of behaviour to go unchecked any longer." ( BEHAVIOUR ) Ms Nokes said she and the other MPs "demand action is taken against Mr Clarkson and an unreserved apology is issued to Ms Markle immediately", and that definitive action is taken to ensure "no article like this is ever published again." The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) said it had received more than 12,000 complaints over the article as of 5pm on Monday. Clarkson's daughter played the role of embarrassed sibling of the ( caveman / dinosaur / old fashioned ) misogynistic father, using the words " I've always been clear. " ( How many times have we heard Prime Ministers and Presidents say " let's be clear " ... in Elite bingo? ) " I'm horrified to have caused so much hurt ... " " ... he pleaded to be more careful in the future. " However, this has been criticised for not including an apology. ( Apology has been used in the UK for over a decade, to destroy the word apology. The demand for any apology ever now, is always part of a deeper agenda ) ( Notice how Monday there were 12,000 complaints ... Tuesday 20,800 complaints ... by Wednesday behavioural scientists predict; how many more complaints!? ) Quotes from Sky 'woke drama episode / article ... https://news.sky.com/story/more-than-60-mps-urge-the-sun-to-act-against-jeremy-clarkson-over-hateful-meghan-remarks-12771857
  3. I find that these type of 'scandals', are nothing more than modern behavioural science, nudges, to male an example of someone, in this case Jeremy Clarkson. His role is the paid actor, scripted to make the rest of us watch our language. It's one big advert. In 2015 JC 'punched' his producer in a corridor at work, as a massive advert for Top Gear, to bring unlimited attention to his show leaving the BBC for Amazon Prime. Why Amazon? “They’ll give us the freedom to make the programs we want — and you know how we love that freedom — there’s a budget to produce programs of the quality we want, and this is the future. So it’s exhilarating to be part of that future,” Wilman told RadioTimes Friday. ( This was back in 2015 )
  4. All GB News quotes ... Someone tweeted him and said only blue ticks should be allowed to vote. Musk tweeted back good idea, we'll make that change. It was probably Musk that tweeted that to himself. Only people that agree with me are allowed to vote. I think a small subscription charge would help to eliminate timewasters and bots, even £8 a year. ( Funny that some think bots are real )
  5. Front page of the Mirror Mone staying in holiday accommodation for ... dadada ... £6000 a night. I remember when she built her business from scratch. Well that's what I always believd, and had no reason not to believe it. Now I find 'they' 'gave' us the lamb far too quickly and easily?
  6. GB News - Here are 2 of the 3 banners running at the bottom of the screen ... Health Secretary Steve Barclay urges public to " take extra care " as ambulance workers walkout. Ambulance services declare critical incidents following " unprecedented " pressure ahead of Wednesday's strikes. Common words and slang heard again today ... Unprecedented 100 %
  7. I feel that they serve a higher power, and there is their loyalty to the firm and the wider family? Rishi Sunak; "All I can say is that I am not daunted. I know the high office I have accepted and I hope to live up to its demands. But when the opportunity to serve comes along, you cannot question the moment, only your willingness."
  8. Excellent 10 minute interview with Andrew Bridgen Richard Tice show on Talkradio 11.30 am approx - Sunday 18/12/22 The things he said out loud. Look I know it's all ... y'know ..., but many crucial things were actually said today ... end the vaccines ... why are they still on emergency, when we are not in an emergency ... and many many more points ... I can't wait to hear it again on YouTube or ... ( I've found it harder to get catchup since they changed from talkradio to talktv )
  9. GB News Quotes on Thursday; " Telegraph leading with the NHS are on high alert for flu outbreak " " One of the worst outbreaks of the virus in recent years At the moment flu hospitalisations have actually overtaken covid So this is pretty big news ... data shows ... " Q) " Is this a success story for covid? " A) Leo .. " Covid was always just a bit of a flu really wasn't it? " " There's not a huge amount in it The data shows there are now 6.76 per 100,000 people in England, compared to 6.61 per 100,000 for Covid It's um neck and neck but yeah in the past week we've gone from 966 to 1377 flu patients " Q) Isn't this going to be the worst time Leo, since 2018? A) Leo .. " yeah 'cause everybody's getting older and fatter And less healthy so they can't fight off the flu ... So, we've had 2 winters of lockdown so people weren't out and about mingling and spreading the flu virus and also our immune systems became weak ... we've become weak little jelly fish people, in our living rooms watching Netflix, when we should've been out there licking handrails and fornicating. " " When you add this to another story today ... " Leo continues; " There's been 10,000 more cancer deaths than would normally be expected this year so that's another price of Covid. Then you've got the strep A thing going on. Yep. We've also got delayed cognition in children cause they couldn't see peoples faces, so not learning to talk. There's so many, so many really negative impacts of lockdown. " Now we're being told the figures of 911 calls, it's now got to the point where half of all calls are being abandoned cause people just can't wait any longer "
  10. What other numbers are relevant? Thanks
  11. We knew it was coming but all through Covid it was one track mind, besides BLM, and then they had COP 26, and now from the merge into Climate, it's 24/7. When a friend told me to "just have the vaccine, why don't you just have it, its not going to do any harm" ... I said what about when they introduce the same policies for the climate? He said what's the climate got to do with it?
  12. Thanks Saved. Over the years, watching the reel out ... don't talk to strangers, don't trust your neighbours, and every Muslim is a suicidal jealous murdering maniac, stay in to live, watch what you say, the constant dividing narratives ... it was all the same to me ... anything to instill fear, keep us out of peacefulness, into agitation ... and preventing us from seeing beauty and wonder in other people. I was never afraid of others, and if I had been I would have missed out on so much. I'd sooner take my chances. And it takes a village to raise a child, sort of thing ... so some risks have to be worth taking. So many decent and wise older men have been scared into not talking to children, and what bloody good is that? I'm so sorry for what is lost. Astonishing to see / notice ... all of these words; in song lyrics and the media. Once you know you can't help but 'take note of it'.
  13. GB News Headliners. Leo; "these are grown adults talking about bullying. I could understand if they were 8 years old. People are under pressure. They're going to shout to let off steam ... You and me were shouting at each other 15 minutes ago."
  14. Thanks Morpheus, and also for sharing James Freeman; I saw him at the World Council for Health in Bath, at The Better Way Conference in May 2022, where he did a lot of interviews. I see he's got so many excellent video clips. One bonus of the screenshot of the BBC on Twitter - is that I can see VACCINE DEBATE in the right hand corner. To me, that is good can often come from bad.
  15. Judge rules care home staff ... On GB News, Simon Evans said "we have learnt, though it wasn't clear at the time, that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission". In response to one guest saying he would be "worried" about his parents "being cared for by someone who wasn't vaccinated". Leo had said that taking away one carer and replacing them with another could be more traumatic for the elderly. I noticed this myself, as one carer I know was forced to leave a care home ... and her 'patients' missed her desperately. It was a terrible loss of people who loved their jobs, and actually had some principles. By the way; they called and invited her back afterwards. But by then she had gone to work for a disabled man who didn't believe in the need for vaccinations ... and who had of course, missed out on a lot of genuine care during the pandemic. He was dumped by the healtcare system, as 'everyone' had to follow the hypocritical and contradictory rules.
  16. In William and Kate's Christmas card she looks very boy ish, with no hips at all, no attempt to hide it, and possibly even accentuating it? I notuce a lot of women on TV could easily be men. 'They' only want us to see a few types of people?
  17. CNN; the streets are empty, these people seem to be self quaranteening out of fear. Magic medicine; A northern superstition that most wouldn't understand ... has lead to people eating tinned peaches to cure covid ...
  18. I went to the dental hospital and counted 28 people in the waiting room, 4 of whom were wearing masks. I found that the best ratio I've seen? For so long many have worn masks in this type of environment, even if they didn't want to? Unfortunately I saw about 100 students all wearing masks, which is like something out of a horror movie. Amongst them I noticed one 'character', an older bearded 'maverick looking type', and it was so good to see his face! I can't stand to see faces covered. It's obscene. Seeing a face, a smile, even a wrinkle ... is part of health. Outside I heard someone call to a man in a pointed mask; "hey beaky", and he actually laughed, which I thought was quite a nice thing to witness.
  19. I saw a snippet on GB News, so I searched for a bit more. The Telegraph Employment judge throws out claims of unfair dismissal saying home fired the unvaccinated workers to protect clinically vulnerable lives https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11532589/Five-care-home-workers-lost-jobs-refusing-Covid-jab-fairly-sacked.html Judge rules five care home workers who lost their jobs after refusing to have the Covid jab were fairly sacked I might have a look at the comments ...
  20. Biden, same sex marriage speech. "Today is a good day, equality, liberty, justice for all. Where dignity and love are protected." For all?
  21. BBC interview with an ex president. I didn't quite catch where! "We are one of the few countries in the world that hasn't borrowed money from China."
  22. "Zero Covid may be over but this virus continues to wreak havoc in China". End of BBC report from Beijing, that was on twice in 35 minutes, so they've probably been playing it every half an hour all day? I saw the moped delivery drivers; they hold so very many carrier bags! ( Followed by fusion news "When it comes to climate change, sustainable etc etc ... we need to maintain our efforts for net zero" )
  23. BBC News The Papers When one guest criticised the strikes the presenter appeared to offer some defence, mentioning ... Their right to withdraw their labour? And ... How else are they going to make their point?
  24. Robert Kennedy Jr is on GB News now. Sorry it was very quick, just ten minutes. Nice to catch him. I suppose it shows that so much is coming to the front, now the damage is done? Robert has been doing a lot on vaccines for so long.
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