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  1. Neil Oliver discussing farmers protests in the Netherlands at 18:30 today (Saturday). Unrest and clashes with the police Farmers are protesting over changes to environmental rules Speaking to Simone Kerseboom, a Dutch politician, who said the politicians are focusing on a so called nitrogen crisis, and not the covid hysteria. She said we've got 8 years to fight agenda 2030, and that we need to make sure food production stays in the hands of the farmers.
  2. A caller on Talkradio. "It's about holding these people accountable. You can hold your MP to account" Mike: 'I blame Tony Blair, he made people disinterested in politics because he made everything so bland. But there you go ..." "So many people are so cheesed off they don't care who's in charge." "Up untill a month ago he was never anywhere near getting removed." Untill Chris Pincher" Kevin O'Sullivan " He didn't get it right with all the lockdowns ... it was crazy" (Kevin has been against restrictions for as long as I can remember)
  3. Jenny, a caller on Talkradio. "Boris was in intensive care, I mean he could have died. Weve been through so much ... and the war in Ukraine. It's going to be expensive, and they could spend our money more wisely." Mike: "Jenny who is dismayed, not angry" I thought evidence had come to light that Boris' covid and near death experience had been completely disproven? I'll have to search later.
  4. Thursday night on GB News 'papers' review. The headline ... American monument, some see as satanic bombed ... Mystery bombers gave got rid of it. The commentary ... a) It's a granite monument. It's only 42 years old - how can they compare it to stonehenge? b) Yes but everything in America is newer. a) If you set the same bomb off at stonehenge nothing would happen. This thing's made out of MDF?
  5. Yesterday morning one MP stood up in parliament and said that Boris Johnson should make a speech in the house first, not the media, and he felt the speaker would agree. On previous occasions during 'covid', I listened as the speaker scolded Boris (absently) for going straight to the media with those high drama press conferences. Boris went directly to the press so many times, completely bypassing parliamentary process, and any opportunity for debate. I thought this was disgraceful, and yet another sign of an end to any respect to procedures, rules and traditions. The British way? At least as far as Boris was concerned. This has been an important point for me for so long. He got away with destroying a part of our system? Because covid was so important, above all else? It also allowed the resulting media storm to drown out any rational commentary and healthy balance, which would have, perhaps, helped to create some resistance. I'm trying to think what to compare it to for the sake of discussion. Perhaps going straight to the press, before the judge and jury in court?
  6. Yes, I was thinking about the money. You know when I was there it was so good to finally see a bit of normality. It's awful seeing people wearing masks but especially in such hot climates. Talk about torture. It was a relief to see that no-one was wearing masks when they had a choice. There were very very few.
  7. I also posted a simillar link in everything to do with masks. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/holidaymakers-heading-cyprus-warned-new-24428767#comments-wrapper Holidaymakers heading to Cyprus warned about new face mask rules "Cyprus is reintroducing mandatory face mask rules as a new wave of Covid sweeps the country. The rules will come into effect tomorrow across the whole island as the Cypriot government attempts to tackle rising infection numbers. It comes after rules were relaxed over a month ago, however, the country recorded 10,879 new Covid cases in the week ending July 1." Bastards. I was there last week. Hardly anyone was wearing masks, thankfully (no wonder they have covid surges ) I despair of these people, destroying the tourist industry and everything else.
  8. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/cyprus/coronavirus As of 8 July 2022, the use of a face mask is compulsory in all indoor venues and on all public transport for everyone aged 12 and above. Failure to comply with restrictions may result in a €300 fine https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/cyprus-face-masks-travel-rules-b2118195.html Cyprus to bring back face masks one month after dropping them The new ruling follows a spike in Covid-related hospital cases on the island Tourists travelling to Cyprus will now have to wear face masks indoors just a month after the nation dropped the rule, the health ministry announced on Wednesday. Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela announced the new ruling after a cabinet meeting. The reintroduction of face masks in Cyprus comes after a surge of Covid cases. The island reported 10,879 new cases for the week ending 1 July, just as the summer tourist rush began https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/cyprus-brings-back-indoor-mask-wearing-amid-covid-86315859 Cyprus brings back indoor mask wearing amid COVID-19 surge Cyprus has brought back compulsory mask-wearing in all indoor areas for everyone age 12 and over amid a surge of COVID-19 infections The measures take effect on Friday. The government said mask wearing isn't compulsory at home, for family members inside a vehicle, during meals, athletes, cooks during grilling and for people with ailments and deformities that make it difficult for them to wear a face mask.
  9. It is astonishing isn't it, the level of apparent emotion and 'principles' shown for something that doesn't, as usual, matter at all, and yet when 'you' look back to the bills that were voted through without resignations, let alone resistance and representation of the constituents. In a few instances I did believe, or at least wanted to believe, some of the MP's who at least appeared to try to stand against 'it'. I thought it was possible that the weight of the system against them was too great, especially with the warnings of so called avoidable deaths, if they were wrong. They were told it wasn't their area, as they weren't experts! I say this even while being aware that most MP's who do stand up are doing so as actors, to give us a false sence of security, that someone is doing something so that we don't have to. I watched, with urgency, the debates in parliament in 2020, and heard some encouraging statements from the back benchers, and wondered what would happen if the public got behind even one of those voices? These speeches were usually 3 minutes long maximum. They didn't get in the news, except perhaps Desmond Swayne, who appeared to be genuine, and even if he wasn't it was comforting to hear him put our concerns into words of reason. I enjoy listening to the debates in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, in complete contrast to Prime Ministers Questions, and find them very respectable, and not the argumentative time wasting of the senior ministers that are highlighted in the headlines. I wrote down several MP's names during 2020 / 21, as they're almost completey unknown in the mainstream. We were overwhelmed, and their voices got lost in the mix. I heard on the news this morning "There are Tory MP's so angry that they don't think Boris can hang on for a few more months." What does it take to make them angry? Trivial things. Modern things. Certainly not the same things that make us angry. Is this the result of everything being deliberately turned upside down?
  10. I didn't realise that was the reason. Thank you very much for your wonderful reply, it's so informative, I'm going to read it again.
  11. Nice webtrekker; you haven't lost your sence of humour. We might have to beat it out of you cheers
  12. Bloody hell, we knew this was coming sooner or later
  13. Excellent news, good on them. A peaceful protest? Ha ha, no a pissfull protest
  14. It's at 33 Credibility Street? Pull the other one it's got hearts on. Bleedin' hearts. Again. Thanks for sharing DrFrankSmart, that photo rings a bell, not sure when I first saw it.
  15. Thank you JCP I'm particularly interested in salt, the hysteria against salt reminded me very much of covid and germ fear, and every other fear through the ages. The fear of salt only ever refers to table salt with it's corrosive chemical, and the discussion of other salts like sea and rock salt is completely ignored. Everyone knows salt is bad for your health ... oh yes, who started that theory ...?! How does the sole make you feel? Do you gargle and snort salt water like they do in the med? Someone recommended I drink water out of a blue bottle. I haven't forgotten, although I haven't tried it yet.
  16. Yes we look at resignations in a different light. It's all part of the process. On the radio I heard them compare Sunak and Javid to the Blair and Brown collaboration, also said they would be very surprised if they hadn't made a deal together on who does what ( I would call it in cahoots as I love that expression )
  17. A few words from Sajid Javid's resignation speech ... I only caught some, but I wonder how much is hidden there in plain sight. There is nothing more important than the heath of the people Honesty and integrity Great democracies Bring the country together Loyalty I'm a team player Treading the tight rope between loyalty and integrity I continued to give the benefit of the doubt Enough is enough Matters could have been handled better I appreciated his kind and humble words and the letter he has sent to me (Johnson) The reset button can only be pressed so many times The problem starts at the top and I believe that is not going to change So the people who have the responsibility need to make this change It is a choice and I know how difficult that choice is Our reputation depends on gaining the public trust We believe in decency, freedom and democracy Trust has been undermined The one thing we can control is our decency and standards I got into politics to do something not to be somebody (said something about being a husband and father and that being enough) Mike Graham; "Making a few slip ups there. First he said it doesn't start from the top and then he said it does?" Caller; It's just madness, Boris hasn't got a plan. (Yeah sure, not much !!)
  18. I'm interested in Zahawi's swift journey, having first noticed him with his role in the vaccines, related to Handcock's fake departure etc. I've edited a section of Wikipedia to check on his 'appointments' in parliament. Zahawi was co-founder of international Internet-based market research firm YouGov of which he was chief executive until 2010 and was until 2018, chief strategy officer for Gulf Keystone Petroleum. After the retirement of previous Conservative MP John Maples, he was elected for Stratford-upon-Avon in 2010. Zahawi joined May's government as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families in the 2018 cabinet reshuffle. Following Boris Johnson's appointment as PM, he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business and Industry, and in 2020, was given additional responsibility for the COVID-19 vaccination programme as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment. In the 2021 cabinet reshuffle he was promoted to Johnson's cabinet as Secretary of State for Education. In the July 2022 cabinet reshuffle, he became the Chancellor of the Exchequer after the resignation of Rishi Sunak.
  19. I respect Jon Rappoport, and have been lucky to listen to him on and off for nearly 20 years. As we're being bombarded, I haven't checked in with him for a month or so, but I enjoy his writing style, experience and insights. Once I start reading it's quite hard to stop. Jon's a great age now, with a vast wealth of knowledge. I appreciate him more than I can say. Thanks HAARPING_On, for sharing this which I've taken the liberty of editing to perhaps encourage some who are not familiar with Jon, or are short of time to read it all. Like us all now It also helps me to absorb it a bit more, which is a pleasure for want of a better description
  20. Wonderful, really interesting letter signed from Bo-Nut to Rishi. Also mentions 6 million. Says a lot in a short space. Lying F××Kers. None of this would stand up to genuine scrutiny and independent media's questions. And ours, of course. Once you know you know eh. Fascinating, disturbing, sickening to watch the theft of the country. They give only so they can take away. I still think it's better to know than not know.
  21. Are Fetal Cells Used to Make Vaccines? Paul A. Offit, MD, discusses the use of fetal cells to make vaccines and the Catholic Church’s interpretation of the use of vaccines made in this manner. https://www.chop.edu/centers-programs/vaccine-education-center/video/are-fetal-cells-used-make-vaccines 2 minute video with transcript, also available on YouTube. ... "But the answer to the question, "Is there a residual or very small, small, small quantities of trace DNA from those original abortions in the vaccines that I just mentioned?" The answer is yes" ... I don't know why all of this is not common knowledge, when there is so much information available.
  22. Talk Radio - Ian Collins - phone in on the reintroduction of masks. Started with five minutes debate between Prof David Livermore and Dr Bharat Pankhania. I must say the comments are much more balanced than they used to be? I'll post some of the commentary later ...
  23. On the news the mayor of Philadelphia said he doesn't look forward to these events like July 4th, as he said "I'm waiting for something bad to happen all the time". That's how we're meant to feel about everything in life now, isn't it?! I'll get ill, I'll get hurt, I'll die. No, I don't think so.
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