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  1. As 'we've all' been investigating the climate agenda for so long, and had a 'break' from hearing the words in the media during Convid, isn't it so eye rolling to hear it slipped into every programme, and the weather reports 'today'. Why was it so important to put the weather on every half hour, at the expense of everything else? OK we know why
  2. Thanks for making this point Campion. Something niggles me every time I see the post office scandal lately. Something else aside from the original 'outrage'. At first I had to try and look into it myself, many years ago. When was that? Now it's all over the news. Rishi Sunak is also on the news moving his hands and shoulders in that weird way, as he talks 'passionately' about it. On the one hand I'm pleased to see a drama / documentary, it looks good. On the other hand I'm almost wondering why now? And who arranged that? And who was the "one journalist" that started the investigation. And is it also about creating more compensation culture. And who ultimately pays for that in the end? And in general what has happened to the post office? First it was being destroyed. Now it's providing bank services while the high street banks are deleted. I really was so sorry to see what happened to the post masters. What a stitch up. It's been building for such a long time that there's a lot to look into. I caught some of the ITV drama and heard a line about being up against the g'ment, or words to that effect. I'll have to get round to watching it all. So many questions. I notice the director was was BAFTA-nominated for Best Director Fiction 2015 By the way, I also notice that even what appears to be justice seems to be used to screw us over in other ways, nowadays! Some things feel tainted / off balance and smell of rats
  3. Money doesn’t make me envy that peasant Is that real, is he an actor or what?
  4. This belongs in several sections on the forum, but I had to put it somewhere for starters ... there's some 'interesting' quotes. I haven't searched for other articles on this yet. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/white-supremacists-jailed-terrorism-prince-harry-meghan-markle-neo-nazi-podcast/ Two white supremacists jailed for terrorism offences after targeting Harry and Meghan's son in neo-Nazi podcast 4 January 2024, 19:57 ( Jack121, you'll 'like' this one ?! :-)
  5. Thank you for listening, she says! You couldn’t make this shit up. If it was a film plot you wouldn’t believe it. It is sickening witnessing all of this unfold. I notice the girls are white. First bloody clip of an advert, lately, that isn’t mixed race!?
  6. Thanks numnuts. I didn't realise that. At one point I heard her fawning over one of the 'scientists', and thanking him. Could've been JVT, or a similar conman. That was absolutely sickening to witness.
  7. Excellent Robin! That’s a great ‘quote’ too, if I may say so Brings a smile, and food for thought. All the best to you, and thanks for all the heads up! Ups? Merry Christmas.
  8. David Milliband on crisis around the world in 2023 - BBC News President of International Rescue Committee ? ( That little prick )
  9. Man who died on Bibby Stockholm named as 27-year-old Albanian 18 December 2023 · 15:21 " An asylum seeker who died on the Bibby Stockholm barge has been identified as a 27-year-old man from Albania, the PA news agency understands. Dorset Police confirmed last Tuesday that a man had died aboard the accommodation vessel based at Portland Port. Home Secretary James Cleverly said that the man's sudden death would be "fully" investigated. His sister Jola Dushku, 33, who lives in Lombardy in Italy, told the newspaper: "When I spoke with him last time, he told me that the conditions in that boat were not bad but they were treated by the guards like animals. According to our relatives who are in touch with the police, Leonard that night at 11pm in the evening had some problems and was calmed down by the security guard. "At 3am he was found dead. "
  10. Did it use quite a lot? That’s a pity. I often wonder how much ‘all these’ things use. It’s like a full time job keeping on top of it all.
  11. Scrolling news banner, one of three on GB News tonight. "Michael Gove may face questions over PPE firm Medpro after Baroness Michelle Mone admitted she wasn't clear about her links to her husbands company." There's that word again.
  12. The article ends with this ... There are four other human coronaviruses, related to Covid, that cause common cold symptoms. One of the reasons they are thought to be mild is we catch them in childhood and then throughout our lives. Prof Openshaw is clear "we are not there yet" with Covid, but "with repeated infection we should build up natural immunity". In the meantime will some of us have to suck up a grotty winter? "I fear so," says Prof Riley.
  13. The Guardian TV " Is this inclusive? Why only 4 % of children's book heroes are BAME ... More than 33 % 9f students at UK schools are from black minority ethnic backgrounds, but only 4 % of the protagonists in children's books in the UK are BAME. The publishing industry has made claims about its push for inclusively both on and off the page, but some believe that progress has been painfully slow. Grace Shutti investigates what's taking UK publishing so long and meets some of the creators who are championing change including the authors of hit books Amazing Grace and Look Up! Ànd the owners of inclusive publisher Round Table books. "
  14. " It comes after bailed former lumberjack Walter Renwick declared his innocence as he returned home to a farm where police found a large chainsaw. Mr Renwick, who was due to be evicted the day the felled tree was found, was seen back at Plankey Mill Farm last week after being taken into custody, with pictures and video showing him standing topless outside a caravan on the property. Officers spent three days scouring an adjoining property that Walter Renwick was evicted from last week. And minutes before the former lumberjack turned up they confiscated a 3ft chainsaw and other possible evidence. He was bailed on Sunday afternoon and was driven back to his campervan where he declared his innocence, shouting: 'I know I'm f****** innocent, right, and that's all I need to know.' "
  15. You might be interested in glancing over this article Danny, to see any loaded comments / numbers perhaps ( I copied for me, perhaps the most interesting parts ) Is Die Hard a Christmas film? The nation speaks 11 December 2023, 13:10 https://www.radiox.co.uk/news/tv-film/is-die-hard-a-christmas-film/ The seasonal debate over the Bruce Willis classic continues, with the nation's film buffs being asked for their opinion. Which side are you on? (My bold) According to a new YouGov poll conducted this year, 39% of people who had seen Die Hard say it is NOT a Christmas movie, while 38% of people insisted it is! The remaining people polled didn't want to be drawn into the argument. Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie? Yes: 38% No: 39% Don't Know: 23% " ... However, during his Comedy Central roast in July 2018, Willis himself announced: “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It’s a god damn Bruce Willis movie!”
  16. Steve N Allen; This is part 2 of 17, they’ve got decades yet. Pandemic every 100 years? By that time we might have some answers. People say they haven’t asked the right questions yet. They will eventually. Nick Dixon; “Do you think so ‘cause I don’t think that’s their intention”
  17. GB News Headliners Carey Marx says he thinks “Rwanda is a distraction” from the things we should be discussing, and Nick Dixon adds that he thinks ‘small boats’ is the real distraction as “legal immigration” is the problem as “the numbers are so high.” This is a common mention on the show and I keep meaning to share it for the record.
  18. Thanks for the reminder Mr Crabtree Seems to me it's also part of the ongoing destruction of our heritage / established businesses. At the time I saw a local businessman on the news expressing how much hospitality business would be lost ... and so on As a point of interest, I also saw two separate features on the news about mice / rats, hairy plug holes spider webs etc in holiday camps. Anything to put people off I suppose, and to discuss shortages of staff, etc.
  19. Glenys Kinnock: Former minister and wife of Neil Kinnock dies aged 79 Former PM Sir Tony Blair said her death would be "mourned in many countries and corners of the Earth". In a statement, he called her a "huge figure in progressive politics for decades: incredibly smart, brave, determined and resolute in standing up for what she believed was right." He said: "Whether in fighting the cause of development, and the eradication of global poverty, social justice in Britain, equality for women or making the case for a European Union of weight and influence in the world, Glenys was passionate and persuasive. "She was of course an enormous support to Neil but she was a leader in her own right."In her last years, as Stephen and Rachel have written, she took her illness with the same steadfastness which had governed her life." The charity Dementia UK said that by publicly discussing their experiences of Alzheimer's, the Kinnock family had helped raise awareness and "the challenge that a diagnosis can bring". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67606751
  20. https://www.nme.com/news/tv/sean-lock-said-hates-russell-brand-resurfaced-clip-3500347 " ... Speaking in the clip from the Channel 4 show 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Lock said: “The main problem now is that people get the politicians they deserve, because they don’t take any interest in politics. And [Brand] saying to people who are disaffected already, and aren’t engaged with the political process, ‘Don’t vote’, is the most moronic, self-serving, pathetic bit of attention-seeking wank.” He added: “Probably the reason I hate him so much is because I’m a dad, and I’ve got this fear that one day my daughters will bring somebody like that home.” ... "
  21. Thanks SimonTV, I found this by the same author. Whether its true or not it seems to follow the theme of fear mongering. This could be a way to keep people in terror whenever it suits the agenda. I notice a lot of 'laymen' I speak to believe easily in the lab leak stories. Can't help but feel it's a set up to spread more fear and dispair, but the deaths would still be real, eh. The Stunning Case of a Rogue Biolab: How Many More Exist, and at What Risk? Published By Marc Siegel MD https://themessenger.com/opinion/chinese-biolab-reedley-fresno-california-infectious-disease-national-security " The CDC later confirmed the presence of at least 20 different agents, including SARS COV 2. " " The CDC’s select agents and toxins list includes anthrax, botulinum toxins, Ebola, Ricin, Lassa fever, SARS COV and SARS COV 2 that have been deliberately manipulated. According to CDC, none of these dangerous agents were found in the lab. " ( Contradiction?! ) " And it is somewhat reassuring that the agents which were discovered were dealt with promptly. Still, several troubling questions remain. It is deeply disturbing that an allegedly rogue biolab like this could exist at all. What was its purpose, if it was not to pose a potential threat to Americans? After all, it is just a small step away from acquiring these pathogens to deliberately manipulating them to more easily infect and endanger humans. "
  22. Thanks SimonTV I looked up the author and will link in a separate post I copied the first part of the article you shared; " we don’t have the public health infrastructure here to absorb them all, not to mention the burdens on our local and state economies. At the same time, deadly fentanyl is pouring across our porous border, posing a huge medical risk of overdoses all across the country. From a public health point of view, we are hardly prepared to handle such huge numbers of migrants, many of whom have chronic health issues or other acute problems. There is no system in place to screen them, beyond care at local hospitals for medical emergencies, and there’s no way to track them after they leave. " There was also a link to this https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/the-covid-vaccine-windfall-turns-for-pfizer-and-moderna/ar-AA1kbYCc?cvid=c1fec4ce169749d5abd1d8e78acac8a9&ei=39 Covid Vaccine Windfall Turns for Pfizer and Moderna Opinion by Allysia Finley The U.S. was in a fit of Covid panic during Thanksgiving week two years ago. The Omicron variant had emerged like a creature from the Black Lagoon. Public-health officials indicated we’d need another updated booster. Share prices in Pfizer and Moderna surged. By month’s end, Pfizer’s stock-market value had surpassed $300 billion, up 50% from the start of the pandemic. Moderna’s shares had soared by more than 1,000% over the same period. In 2022 Pfizer became the first pharmaceutical company to book more than $100 billion in annual sales owing to government purchases of its vaccines and antiviral pill. Fast-forward to today. The pandemic is over. Demand for Covid vaccines and treatments has plunged. Pfizer’s total revenue has fallen more than 40% since last year. Earlier this month the company took a $5.5 billion write-off on its Covid products owing to “lower-than-expected demand.” Only 14% of American adults have received the latest updated booster shots.
  23. Inquiry looking at government decisions during the pandemic Chief Scientific advisor from 2018 to 2023 BBC Banners: Described week long covid delay Eat out to help out increased risk It 'completely reversed' public messaging Sunak's scheme was not shown to Sage advisors Lockdown measures not in place soon enough Johnson clearly 'bamboozled' by Covid science PM Boris Johnson struggled to concentrate after Covid illness PM 'distressed' by social distancing and masks A few other lines partly overheard; Vallance; " It's not practical think of sending a group of modellers in to speak to the PM " Chair; " If one imagines another pandemic ..." Vallance; " During ... 'peace time' " Vallance; " Reservists who could be brought in " ----------- Presenter; David Cameron returns to frontline politics introduced to the house of lord today meanwhile the Covid Inquiry continues ...
  24. Live stream; warning: possible offensive language Ha. The truest words spoken, especially as everything 'they' said and did caused us offence And harm, ill health, poverty ... And caused so many to abandon loved ones, love, security, confidence and all sense of reason, in favour of torture and fear ...
  25. “A big week in the Covid Inquiry” ( Apparently ) This week we will also hear from Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van Tam Former chief scientific adviser giving evidence today; Sir Patrick Vallance; Response to Covid “not very effective” ( He never expected his private diary to be made public? Said Julia Hartley Brewer, who finds that hard to believe, when “ he knew there would one day be a public inquiry “ Carl Heneghan - Proof of evidence based medicine, Oxford - on TalkRadio this lunchtime said; “ They don’t like criticism, or different views “ “ That was something Margaret Thatcher believed in … road test it with different views “ I would like us to share some quotes from the inquiry and the media
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