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  1. I've been thinking of something helpful i could share with you. In the meanwhile one lady i know in her mid 70's having faithfully rushed off to get her 3rd jab as soon as she was invited, has now told me quite independently that she's not having any more. She basucally said we've gone OTT with it all, and in America they're still wearing masks. For some people whether it is a scam or not, they can still work out whether they need or want something, or whether they're being used or taken advantage of. For this particular lady I think she's just sick to death of hearing about it all the time.
  2. I noticed some unusual clouds, perhaps trails, on the footage of the athletics in Oregon. I also notice as others have, that the images used on the weather forecasts often have trails, perhaps to normalise them in 'our' minds eye.
  3. The sky has been dreary for days, it's so dark and miserable. I call it blanket cloud. Even during the few days of (panic panic) summer heat, the trails spread out to create that disgusting pale haze, denying us the glory (and energy and healing) of a true blue sky.
  4. I saw an excellent documentary. I wonder now if its was on RT? It showed a farmer in USA when his land was poisoned and the cattle were dying, because of toxic waste from DuPont. I looked a lot into 3M and DuPont in my mask research, as I've been aware of them over the years.
  5. It's very interesting to read the reply to the freedom of information request in the clip you shared, including the part that says "We have carefully considered the balance in this case" I respect people who make the effort to write these letters, trying to come up with the right words to get a helpful reply. I've read more of these in the last few years than ever before. One thing I have noticed, generally, is what appears to me to be the human element in the replies. Perhaps not this time though. Even so, in the case of this particular reply, this is still surely another significant part of the jigsaw puzzle in the continuing effort to reveal the truth. I'm glad to see Maajid Nawaz, I enjoy his presenting and his tone. I wasn't always sure of course, but I mostly felt he was asking the questions that I was asking myself, and I was sorry when he was pushed from LBC, but that was probably for the best in the long run.
  6. As with pretty much all videos I questioned whether some of the mask clips were meant to antagonise us, or to reveal a truth? Anyway, I read somewhere that masks are treated with a 'disinfectant', and when I warn people about masks I try to gently tell them that they don't know what chemicals and plastic fibre particles they're breathing in, so they have to balance the risks for themselves. One young shop assistant genuinely thanked me for my concern.
  7. One of the 'unvaxxed' (sorry) who was interviewed on Dan Wooton's show said she was treated like a child.
  8. I heard part of an interview with two of the 'unvaxxed' on Dan Wooton's GB News show last night just before 10pm. I'm hoping to listen again, as they gave an insiders view of the programme which interested me. They sounded genuine enough to hear them out. Possibly
  9. On Wednesday on Al Jazeera I saw an item on a country that has fuel rations to the extent that shops have restricted opening hours. 'A la lockdown'. I find this sickeningly fascinating, if you know what I mean. We predicted climate lockdowns, inflation, energy rations, cut backs, limited movement, curfews and all the rest, and we see it unfolding thick and fast. Bastards! Where's the laugh or I'll cry emoji ?
  10. Unvaccinated is the eye-opening BBC documentary asking why so many people refuse the Covid-19 vaccine https://www.stylist.co.uk/entertainment/tv/unvaccinated-bbc-documentary-covid-19-vaccine/685279 Quotes from the article; Tom Coveney, BBC commissioning editor, science, said: “With Covid infections on the rise again, there couldn’t be a more important time to examine the reasons why so many adults are still not getting the vaccine. It’s an issue that has torn families and workplaces apart, arguing over the science, the misinformation and the many different ways we’ve all been affected by the pandemic. It’s an explosive debate that goes to the heart of modern life and growing mistrust in the establishment.” Craig Hunter, creative director of factual at STV Studios, said: “This documentary explores a range of viewpoints in an open and sensitive way. Moving beyond the often misrepresented debate, this programme reveals why some people remain vaccine hesitant and, equally, what advocates of the vaccine can learn from those who’ve rejected it.” I heard tonight on GB News just before 10pm, Dan Wooton interviewing two of the unvaccinated ladies from the programme. They described the bias, selective information, and the way that their views were edited. They didn't regret being part of it, and I guess it's yet another insight.
  11. Talkradio; James Whale who I almost never listen to anymore since the outrageously disrespectful way he spoke to people who were against taking the vaccine, appears to be against the mainstream view of climate change. I like to listen to views for and against things, so I flick around presenters and listen in briefly, even if it's through gritted teeth! James mentioned the rubbish that gets thrown in the ocean.
  12. GB News: Egypt lifts ban on photos in the street, except those that damage country's reputation. I checked the Guardian and saw; Egyptian nationals tourists alike have complained that authorities have requested permits for shooting in public areas, and at times seized cameras. It is completely forbidden to take or share photographs of scenes that can, in one way or another, damage the country’s image.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jul/21/revealed-oil-sectors-staggering-profits-last-50-years Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years Vast sums provide power to ‘buy every politician’ and delay action on climate crisis, says expert Damian Carrington Environment editor Thu 21 Jul 2022 11.30 BST Typical; you see a headline like this, and it has to refer to climate change
  14. BBC - The Papers 22:47 TO 22:49 approx With Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The Guardian: Revealed: oil sector’s ‘staggering’ $3bn-a-day profits for last 50 years. Vast sums provide power to ‘buy every politician’ and delay action on climate crisis, says expert Yasmin: "We really are owned by this conglomerates, I wonder of any democracy exists." (Seeing things like this reminds me it was said, several years ago, that in the future 'they' would be so confident there was nothing we could do, that everything would be in the open)
  15. Yesterday I caught a few exchanges on TalkRadio with Julia Hartley Brewer, I didn't record who was who exactly, but this was what I did grab roughly ... ..." All of this protect the NHS nonsense ... Deaths (all causes I think they meant?) are above average. We don't get the figures every week now. (Harder to track?) They can't leave hospital cause of less care in the community ... 'cause they sacked the care workers when they wouldn't have the vaccine. "... Julia; The hysteria over a heatwave; cold kills far more than heat No-one seems to care. It could be due to the vaccine? Reply; We do need a thorough look at it Julia. Last month it was heart deaths. Caller; We're being indoctrinated by doom and gloom, we haven't heard of thousands of deaths (Covid?) Julia; No, and I tell you what, they're gutted about that ...
  16. BBC 1; The real Mo Farah Mo Farah reveals the truth about his journey to the UK and his Olympic successes. Contains some scenes that viewers may find upsetting. Mo: "I've been hiding this for over 20 years ... I want to know why I was brought to the UK ... Do you think she brought me to help with the housework?" Reply: "I don't know, but she didn't bring you as a human being ... This name was a gift to you from God, Mohammad, but it's also good to have your real name ..." ... She goes on to mention Facebook and WhatsApp in one quick sentence. (Possibly a paid advert?) Mo to his namesake: "Are you allowed to travel to the UK? Reply: "I don't think so, I would love to travel to the UK." Mo: "I'll try to make it happen as I would love to meet you." Mo: "Why was I brought over here, I still don't know? I feel as if something has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm starting to understand me." Voiceover: More information on modern day slavery and victims of crime are available by going to the BBC website
  17. Astonishing; even with what we know. People are incredibly trusting that someone, somewhere is checking these ingredients. We're being slowly poisoned. I often look to America for information. Thanks.
  18. Baroness Kate Hoey: Always comes out with something decent ... "Common srnce has gone out of the window" "I heard find the coolest place in your house" Maybe it's to do with .. since covid .. and telling people what to do. She heard the meteorological society asking people how does the weather make you feel, and said "What's it to do with them?"
  19. I heard Jamie Jenkins will be on talkradio this morning. I'll keep an ear open if poss. He's the stats guy and ex Office National Statistics. He used to give a lot of balance when we were bombarded with figures. Haven't checked him for quite a while.
  20. I can be a bit of a twat but I like to read some on Twitter. I'm not signed up, honest lol, but I try to note their names for 'later'. I found a way round it when they changed the system. Click to sign up, then close (X) the pop up. You're in. Don't tell anyone
  21. That's a brilliant GiF EnigmaticWorld Just sit back and enjoy the show
  22. I know part of the plan is to aggravate, but some of the quotes in the article work too well. Wouldn't it be good if just for once there was a demand for culture and real education, instead of this constant one track minded nonsense. "While Muslims in Sweden remain largely conservative in their views on homosexuality, Sweden’s national church, the Church of Sweden, has largely embraced the LGBT movement, although there has been some division on same-sex marriage ... Last August, the church was split on a proposed policy to force all priests in the church to conduct same-sex unions even if the individual priests were against the practice and wished to abstain." Anything that's forced ... Everything that's forced ... I'm already tired of hearing people say; it's diversity, it's inclusivity. Bloody parrots. Where are your own thoughts?
  23. Twitter on TalkRadio - some paraphrasing here. Ladona Harvey: This is effecting the shareholders ... "If this goes to court Twitter has to tell them how many bots there are." Mike: "Do you think they've thought about that?" ... LH: You see the most horrendous insults on Twitter. Does Twitter care how many are bots, or do they just care that it's stirring things up out there?
  24. I like the sound of that, thanks. And for the clip above, all new to me. I didn't know about Sadiq Khan's height .. I always think of Tom Cruise .. the Queen .. Today I saw 3 policemen walking together, all extremely short, one was roughly 5 foot, it was worse than ever.
  25. I don't know him so I had a quick look at 9 things you don't know about Andy Street and saw in the comments ... 10) Despite being a multimillionaire, Andy Street charged taxpayers for the Remembrance Sunday wreath he laid
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