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  1. I saw this on Natural News after doc shared a good article from there in the politics section. Also saw this statement - 'This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author'. Typical sign of the bloody times, eh. " Budweiser commits corporate SUICIDE by trying to shove TRANS perversion down the throats of beer drinkers Since everyone knows that all-American beer drinkers just love the Cult of LGBT – that was sarcasm – the great minds at Anheuser-Busch decided to partner with Mulvaney to expose the American public to even more perversion during basketball season. "
  2. Thanks for the laugh, it really was out loud And to EW for refreshing a good thread
  3. Thanks for sharing as you flew out the door and yeah, good description. Also they never miss a chance to show an advert for 'one of the boys', I saw this photo on talkradio and sky so far ...
  4. Just noticed Charles pink tie, I find that intriguing. It is pink isn't it? The Blair pink tie?
  5. March 21st The environment Food and Rural Affairs committee is holding an evidence session on the work of Defra - full information and transcript available at the link below https://committees.parliament.uk/event/17189/formal-meeting-oral-evidence-session/ When i started listening they were talking about the Species Reintroduction Taskforce, and that lynx and wolves would not be reintroduced in England, as Therese had announced last month. Sir Robert Goodwill ( chair ) The committee is actually doing a report on species reintroduction, which I'm sure you'll find interesting. Therese; Yes, Mr Harrison is planning to give evidence. Sir Robert Goodwill ( chair ) Yes and indeed we recently returned from Bavaria, where they've got 25,000 beavers now, what surprised me, was the budget they needed for compensation to farmers for vital engineering work to protect waterways, to the drainage channels, etc. Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, Therese Coffey; We've been very careful with the beavers that have been allowed to come into the country I think with the bavarian one there's a risk of certain disease it can carry, which if transmited to humans can have serious impact, so that's what the introductions so far have supposed to have been, principally, from beavers from Scotland or Norway, so I think that's an important element of consideration of the types of species being brought into the country.
  6. Neil Oliver Vaccines in pregnancy What are the side effects of the vaccines? Dr Thorpe ; We have certain data from Pzifers internal papers Straight from the company Fraudulent manipulative data Military industrial complex Owned by the pharmaceutical companies
  7. Neil Oliver 'The peasants are revolting' The revolution in France is the continuing war of the yellow vests * Here the cost of lockdown crisis led by Sunak, a man whos father in law ... Infosys ... CBDC .... Biden - dodgy dealings in Ukraine and China and everywhere else Remember the truckers protest ... the truckers are still there A.I Chat GPT, job losses * I was blind to what was going on for most of my life If you're wondering too, you're not going mad You know the difference between right and wrong The rich and powerful ... It's a big club and you ain't in it ? They are few in number and we are many And they know it
  8. This Mick Wallace fella is quite interesting!? Haven't heard of him before. I was reading his shares on all the wars, then I saw this clever little quote about not supporting governments anywhere
  9. Anti Facts Sir found quite a good share of various info, and speakers ...
  10. Thanks, so many good tweets there on Ukraine, and also vaccines ... and masks and ... I've shared one on the mega thread ...
  11. https://www.bundestag.de/en/parliament/symbols/eagle
  12. Not everyone is so thrilled about that One of the leaders of the far right party, far left party sorry, here, has expressed their disappointment at the decision to allow him to address the parliament saying its not right for a Mynach to be standing and talking in what they describe as the highest arena of democracy. I think that's a fairly minority feeling thought, there's a great sence of excitement here, a lot of excitement to hear what he's got to say We've been saying for the last couple of days now it's quite clear that this visit is very mush about insuring that the osot becit relationship between Britain and mainland Europe and of course Germany is the most powerful county in the EU is to an extent rebuilt and the ties which perhaps felt that they were being loosed are strengthen again King Charles III is very well placed to exercise some really significant soft power He knows gently really well he's visited over 40 time sover the course of his life he's willing and able to speak some German, which is going down very well with people here, as i think too what is clearly his own deep personal affection for the country, his enthusiasm seems to be really shining though too. The state banquet last night was a very jolly affair, you saw footage of him, makimga speech, speaking in German cracking jokes, adnat kne point cracking a joke which only really germans, or people who know this country very well, would understand. You know, the room collapsed in laughter. He's gone down very well. But it works both ways. Germany wants this relationship to work too, and its in its interests that it has a good relationship with a post Brexit Britain And i think thats why we saw last night a really personal touch from the President who at that banquet presented Charles with a photograph that showed him as a young teenager 13 / 14 years old standing next to his father, on his first trip to Germany. I think it illustrates the depth of the willingness of both sides to really make this visit a success. As he continues to step into this role, that he's been preparing for so long, that this first state visit for him is seen back at home in the UK as going so well. ... I think the British parliament who obviously wanted him to come and make this his first state visit will be pretty pleased at how it's going as will Buckingham Palace, You know what struck me, over the last 24 hours is the energy with which the king appears to be going about this tour Camera cuts to the large Eagle towering above the room ... Jam packed schedule ... Then he's off to meet some Ukrainian refugees followed by some soldiers from a British German military unit then he's off to an organic farm and an eco village ... It's also very clear that he wants to meet the real people of Germany, which has charmed ... ... strengthened n the last year because of Ukraine and its very interesting that of course these visits are choreographed and designed by the government not by Buckingham Palace ... a diplomatic need to have this visit .. Rishi Sunak was a Brexiteer
  13. BBC Three day tour comes after a planned visit to France was postponed (All part of the theatre, no doubt?) Above the room in parliament is a huge Eagle? Like the Barclays logo? Earlier they went to a major square, presumably the mention of a fruit and veg market there is just circumstantial, or? "And we saw last night at the dinner, the German President's commented that it was exactly 6 years previous to that, that the UK began its' exit from the European Union and the president said; We are turning over a new leaf We look ahead under changed conditions but still together He said, whatever lies ahead I know that our British German friendship remains important and it remains strong And that is very visibly demonstrated by what is happening here today at the German parliament where KC will become the first British monarch to address MP's We discussed yesterday at the start of this state visit, the visit was supposed to begin in France you may remember but that was postponed, or delayed for a period at least, because of the protest over pension reforms there. So this first state visit that now, pause .. slight throat noise ... that honour goes to Germany, and we've heard how this soft power Royal visit like this is hugely important. Our correspondent has been telling us how the Royal couple have been recieved wih great enthusiasm by the German public, a huge amount of interest in this visit. We understand that he will begin his speech in German."
  14. King Charles will be the first British monarch to address German parliament, as part of his first state visit ... Could it all be any more blatant?
  15. Al Jazeera 101 East investigates N Korea's most powerful woman, kim Yo Jong, the sister of the supreme leader. Part of a speech in the programme she says; "North Korea has declared victory over Covid 19" ... " We cried hot tears" ... "Our hearts were burning, but our leader led the way with a heavy heart."
  16. Al Jazeera Isolation wards and quarantine / hospital facility, built at speed during the pandemic is being used for fashion show in Shanghai The voice over mentions tourism and says "Once again packed with people" but one man says it's only half as busy as it was. The voice ends with "It's a sign that the city is back in business."
  17. Funny? Talk tv asks 'Are prison sentences to lenient?' Would you use the wrong too? Or should I say the wrong to?
  18. Stramgely I was almost glad of the chance to listen to the chief of police in Nashville, on the news today. He seemed so human, so easy going and natural in his tone? Made a change from the dull robots I've heard speaking lately who hold a similar role to him.
  19. Thanks Anti Facts Sir, I remember Mo's namd and face but didn't know anything about her really. I just quickly looked at a Sky History page ( sorry ), and saw that she had fallen and banged her head and didn't want to be resuscitated ... water withdrawn ... ? Interesting that she was anti Blair, anti Iraq etc? Also that she was eventually bored by her role? The PTB love building boredom and frustration. " Mowlam will be remembered for her toughness and courage, as well as her persistence and good humour. She was affable and straightforward and able to talk to anyone. She gained an enormous amount of public popularity and support for her work in Northern Ireland, by handling what was arguably one of the most dangerous and challenging jobs in government. She was unafraid and willing to talk face-to-face with terrorists, her modus operandi being to try to bring two sides together, not by imposing solutions made by others, but by listening to what the people involved actually wanted. In terms of Irish politics, this standpoint was rather refreshing and went a long way towards the building of a peace process that has endured for more than a decade. " One thing that stood out was the part where they said she asked people what they wanted. Imagine that?! Instead of being told what we want, what we are, and lectured to. Sounds good. Sounds bloody rare. God I despise all of these other lecturous self important do gooders.
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