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  1. https://www.itv.com/news/2024-03-10/man-arrested-after-buckingham-palace-gate-crash Man arrested and bailed after Buckingham Palace gate crash “ … The man was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and has since been released on bail, the force said. It added the incident was not being treated as terror-related … “
  2. GB News banner; “ BREAKING: A photo released of the Princess of Wales has come under major scrutiny, following claims it may have been manipulated - Kensington Palace has declined to comment “
  3. Daily Mail The businessman and film producer also said that he and the Princess of Wales' mother, Carole, was a multi-millionaire by the age of 30. On Wednesday's episode, Gary was chatting about his family with TV presenter Fern Britton when the topic of his family came up. Although they had a humble upbringing, he said: 'We were both multi's [millionaires] by 30,' referring to him and his sister Carole. 'Really?' Fern said, sounding shocked. He nodded and said they earned their wealth from a variety of sources. He then added: 'I get a bit narky when they say Kate’s a commoner. There's nothing common about their family. 'Look at all those posh people who are skint,' Fern said. 'With big houses,' Gary added. The candid revelation was a shift from comments to MailOnline in 2022, when Mr Goldsmith said, on meeting William: 'Kate was a commoner, so certainly didn't fit the royal mould. 'Her maternal grandfather, my father, was a painter and decorator and her grandmother was an accounts clerk, and what they gave her was a huge work ethic.'
  4. Just quickly sharing this as I found it interesting, as an example of the casual references nowadays to the disaster of lockdown. You know what I mean. Also perhaps for the green and crypto mentions; I thought I might as well leave those in the copy FORBESMONEY TAXES The Essential Tax Guide For Last Minute Filers ILLUSTRATION BY FORBES; PHOTOS BY SKODONNELL/GETTY IMAGES, DIANE39/GETTY IMAGES Mar 9, 2024,06:30am EST Tax forms, changes, deadlines and refunds. Whether you’re starting or finishing your 2023 1040, we’ve got tips to see you through the 2024 tax filing season. By Kelly Phillips Erb, Forbes Staff Compared to the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, when Congress was shoveling out stimulus checks while the Internal Revenue Service was buried in unopened letters and paper tax returns, this year’s filing season is running smoothly. But as always, there are new and last minute twists, on top of the already complicated tax code, to confound taxpayers. One biggie this year: A bill that would retroactively boost the 2023 child tax credit has passed the House, but has stalled in the Senate–and is likely the reason more families than usual are waiting to file their 1040s. Other current sources of confusion include crypto reporting rules; a bumper crop of new tax credits for electric vehicles and other green purchases; expanded 1099-K reports (those have been mercifully delayed); and changing start dates for required distributions from retirement accounts.
  5. There’s a lot of talk about William, Kate, Charles, Camilla, Harry in the media. But what about Anne, Edward, Sophie? It’s like they don’t exist. Strange times. And since when has Camilla gone on holiday on her own?
  6. I notice it’s Getty images, as always?! Charlie and Hunt had trousers that ride up to the knee. Money can’t buy you … ?!
  7. I saw this on the independent newspaper site, and noticed the woman who suffered a medical incident, collapsed behind the wheel and drove into a swimming pool was also wearing a yellow mask ! And driving alone ? Ok, we’ve seen it all before !
  8. " Whatever the chancellor does on Wesnesday the tax burden is historically high. It's pretty much impossible to impossible to imagine that he can do anything to prevent households from paying more tax than in 2019, and that may come with a political price. " Hannah Miller, BBC News
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13151041/amp/Covid-Lockdown-critics-support-stayed-silent-amid-fears-damage-careers.html Headline on GB News Sunday night at 23:40 Did scientists self-censor during Covid? Lockdown critics 'had considerable tacit support but many stayed silent amid fears it could damage their careers', expert says
  10. ... "The Princess of Wales appreciates the interest this statement will generate. She hopes that the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible; and her wish that her personal medical information remains private," the palace continued. "The Princess of Wales wishes to apologize to all those concerned for the fact that she has to postpone her upcoming engagements ...
  11. BBC Breakfast 7.50 am Marianna Spring BBC’s disinformation and social media correspondent “ Football’s troll busters “ “ People think it’s not real, but it is real “ “ You can hear more on this by listening to the podcast “ ( Apparently 80% of trolling comes from outside the country )
  12. Prince William calls for an end to fighting in Gaza 'as soon as possible' Prince William: 'Too many killed' in Israel-Gaza war Why is the 'Prince of Wales' saying this ...
  13. GB News Headliners The Metro headline Feeling frazzled? This is the UK’s most stressful industry to work in Simon Evans; "It's like gallows humour ... WhatsApp groups ... Then someone leaks it to the press ... People should be able to tell jokes amongst their peers. It's stressful not being able to do this." Or words to that effect.
  14. GB News Headliners Telegraph headline Sunak faces backlash after saying farmers work for love, not money Lewis Schaffer - American comedian; "They want to re-wild 20% of Wales ... They're planning to starve us. Team World want you dead." "Why are you laughing? It's not funny."
  15. Ian Price? Interesting quote! 'They' are not even trying.
  16. Who said when it comes out of nowhere and is everywhere ... bloody hell, there's news banners ... like nothing else is happening in the world. What a distraction. What an advert. And look at the messages that are promoted from the 'world leaders'; swift, speedy recovery ... on repeat I've been thinking of 'you lot' on and off all evening. What a load of shit eh.
  17. There is a big marketing campaign on prostate cancer in the UK, including radio adverts and features on chat shows. This ‘episode’ is surely just another part of making this something that effects everyone even the King?Talk about behavioural manipulation, and they’re not even hiding it; “ King Charles is delighted to learn that his diagnosis is having an effect on public awareness “ Sickness is not normal or inevitable, but they sure want to make it ‘appear’ so.
  18. Quote from the news today; “It’s clear local government is under pressure and it could be communities that pay the price“ Councils in England are said to receive half a billion pounds in emergency funding. A growing number of local authorities have been warning they are on the brink of effective bankruptcy. Theatres, public toilets and even CCTV are just a few of the services that could be cut. Research revealed councils in the UK are facing a combined debt of nearly £100 billion. Our political correspondent Alex Forsyth has been to Somerset where a “financial emergency” was declared in November. It’s early on a freezing morning and protesters are gathered outside Somerset councils offices They’re hoping to save their recreation centre which is threatened with closure Student “ I don’t really understand it, like why would they want to get rid of something that’s so important to everyone “ Outside they met the council leader who said with funding so tight they’re looking at every option to avoid going bust and that does mean cuts Anything that we can do we will do it, but it’s tough times ahead Bill Revans Liberal Democrat Leader of Somerset council The council allowed us to film as they discussed the budget which will kick in from April They say they have to save £100 million and it’s not just here Right now councils around the country are going through a similar process “ These are not things that we would ever wish to be considering “ Here they’re asking the government to let them put up council tax by 10% And they’ve been upfront about what might go including funding for the local recreation centre which has caused such concern Public speaker; “‘It would be another nail in the coffin of the area of south Somerset which is recognised as one of the most deprived areas in the south west “ Later on we went to Yeovil to see the sports facility Student “ This is the only sports facilities we have round here where everyone can play “ What did you think when you heard it might lose its funding and would be at risk? Student; “ I wanted to cry I can’t lie, this is where I get to relax escape reality for a bit. “ When you come along here the strength of feeling is obvious These are just the hockey players, but there’s also the athletics club and the football club as well They’ve mounted a huge campaign to try and save this but this isn’t the only thing that’s at risk. The council is also looking at turning off all CCTV cameras, closing public toilets, removing funding for some support services like citizens advice, and there are some people who are really worried about the impact on the local community In Taunton I met a local resident of 55 years, Sue. She has MS which effects her mobility and she’s concerned about feeling safe without CCTV in the town. “ It would make me and others feel vulnerable, you know if you’ve got any disability. I walk with a stick and yes I do feel unsafe. I think the first thing they should look at is in-house savings. Where are the savings we can make in-house before hitting the public? “ It isn’t just here in Somerset; Councils around the country are trying to balance their budgets. The government is increasing the amount of funding they’ll get from April with a total of £64 billion for councils in England, but many are still facing shortfalls. Back at the council offices, they’re looking at all the options before final decisions are made but the leader says their choices are limited. There might be some people that go; you know what? Councils have just made bad decisions? “ The reality is the vast majority of councils are well managed, they’re run by people who care desperately about their local community. We need to have a national debate about what councils are for and how they are funded. It’s clear local government is under pressure and it could be communities that pay the price “ It’s clear local government is under pressure and it could be communities that pay the price. Cut to Alex Forsyth Political correspondent ( Live in Birmingham ) So that’s the situation in Somerset but as you heard councils around the country are going through this process and with those warning of cuts there’s been growing pressure on the PM. Now back in December the government said it would make £64 billion available to councils in England from April. But earlier this week 40 Conservative MPs wrote to the pm saying you’re going to need to increase that and we understand that ministers are now going to make an extra £500 million available emergency funding. Now that is less than council leaders wanted but it will be welcomed by the sector, it will go some way to easing some of those pressures that you were hearing about. But it is still likely that Council tax will go up in many places and what this extra funding won’t do is help solve some of the long-term challenges of funding the services like social care.
  19. Quote from the BBC news; “It’s clear local government is under pressure and it could be communities that pay the price.” I’ve shared the entire ‘article’ below and will also share in the general politics thread.
  20. There were lots of trails last week on 15th January in the south west, uk
  21. There are companies that collect used oil from cafes and restaurants.
  22. June 2022 ?! Has it really been so long? I think of adding something most tournaments, but you know what thought did … I glanced at these viewing figures and found it interesting. It’s not just us who like snooker then https://www.planetsport.com/snooker/news/masters-viewing-figures-revealed-millions-tuned-across-all-platforms#:~:text=The event had a cumulative,average audience was up 21%. Masters viewing figures revealed as millions tuned in across all platforms Planet Sport writer 1 day ago This year's edition of the Masters drew a huge television audience, with viewing figures on both BBC and Eurosport UK significantly up on last year. Ronnie O’Sullivan won the tournament at Alexandra Palace in London for a record-extending eighth time, beating Ali Carter 10-7 in the final. The event had a cumulative audience across BBC and Eurosport UK of 16.2 million, an increase of 20% on the 2023 Masters. On BBC, the live average audience was 962,000, up 7% on last year. And on Eurosport UK the live average audience was up 21%. On BBC, the evening session of the final peaked at 2.9 million, up 17% on last year, while the average for that session was 2.2 million, an increase of 23%. Across Eurosport UK and BBC, the final session achieved a 14.8% share. BBC also smashed records with their online audience, with a record 5.1 million viewing requests for the final on BBC iPlayer, the BBC Sport website or through the BBC Sport app, compared to 4.4 million the previous year. Eurosport saw a 171% increase in streaming audience viewership and a 127% rise in minutes streamed. And Eurosport.co.uk saw 10% growth in unique visitors, 26% rise in page views and 63% increase in video views. Ticket sales for the event were also higher than ever, with all standard seats for the 2,000-capacity arena sold out well in advance. Tickets for the 2025 event went on sale over the weekend and seats for the final sold out in six minutes, and 65% of all tickets were snapped up within two days. WST’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Tom Rowell said: “The Masters has grown massively in recent years and this outstanding event continues to go from strength to strength. "It was a sensational week on the table, with many exciting matches, and for the first time in the 50-year history of the tournament we saw two 147s. Television figures and attendances were strong for all sessions across the week highlighting the depth of talent on the tour and interest of the fans. “The atmosphere throughout the week was electric at the magnificent Alexandra Palace. The fact that next year’s final sold out in six minutes shows the strength of the demand for tickets and the fact that fans now must book a year in advance. “We look forward to building on snooker’s momentum and continuing to build our audiences in the coming weeks.”
  23. https://www.upday.com/uk/british-man-dies-on-ryanair-flight-from-malaga-to-manchester?utm_source=upday&utm_medium=referral British man dies on Ryanair flight from Málaga to Manchester James King 14 January 2024 · 08:39 A British man has died on a Ryanair flight travelling from Málaga, Spain, to Manchester after falling ill. The airline said the passenger "became ill" tens of thousands of feet in the air, with cabin crew calling for medical assistance. Another passenger on the flight "fainted" due to the stress of the situation, a witness told Manchester Evening News. "They asked if anyone was medically trained on board. We had to do an emergency landing in Bordeaux and a passenger next to us performed CPR the whole time that we were landing," she said. The passenger added: "People became stressed and needed water and air but there was not enough water for everyone. A woman then fainted due to the stress of the situation." An emergency landing was made in Bordeaux, France, where medical personnel rushed to the passenger's aid – "but he, unfortunately, didn’t make it," the witness said.
  24. GB News Headliners “ In this country you have betters. We don’t have that in America, but here you have betters? The fact is the betters in this country have screwed the working people. “ Lewis Schaffer
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