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  1. Yes. It's infuriating watching them set the traps. Make it so that people can only survive with credits, vouchers, benefits, then criticise them and demoralise them. It's so sneaky how they pretend it wasn't their aim. Also the areas of work that are suffering due to this sabotage; they blame the people, saying they don't want to work anymore. Standing on any main road you see so many small business vans. Somehow all of these people are still going, yet they've been set up. They are completely ignored in the daily discussions that instead, constantly try to make out that everyone has gone mad. 'They' can only survive on lies and manipulation.
  2. There is also a separate thread on the latest Midazolam Matt Hancock tube saga
  3. Thanks northern, I agree that we have to ask these questions. On the one hand almost everything feels scripted, on the other 'they' want us to believe in nothing, and I detest that we see the evidence of this, increasingly. Even A Bridgen? I don't really want to hear that he is suing Hancock funded by Laurence Fox. Even bloody 'comeback Jordan', said at the weekend that the only winners are the lawyers who get everything. Whatever happens the real power lies with thise who are keeping quiet for fear of offending someone who doesn't exist except in a script? Can you believe that I talked to a lady who thought she was alone in being unvaccinated. She was so glad to know that she's not alone. Were all luckier than we realise, in knowing that so much is an illusion. But! We must think straight in how to use and share what we know. We have seen truths become common knowledge before. What is one or two good next steps? ( We are SO deliberately distracted atm ) Like THAT nurse, set around the johnathan Ross and Russell Brand soap opera? They never use nurses who are already in-house and when they do, one dies. But I digress. Yes it's very interesting. And yet they think they would don't they?! My friend who is in a wheelchair, un jabbed and un locked down ... said he wished he was there. I do hope that we can use this as an incentive to speak up. Maybe we should wait for our chance, or at least be ready with what to say If the chance arises. I think the man who challenged him was kind of stalking him to get an opportunity? He said he wants to go to court, maybe for the publicity? HOW can this be called abuse. I detest Hancock, and I rarely hate anyone.
  4. https://c2cjournal.ca/2022/03/who-killed-granny-pandemic-death-protocols-in-canadas-long-term-care-facilities/ Brief copy of start of article; Anna Farrow March 7, 2022 That elderly nursing home residents represent a large proportion of Covid-19 fatalities is a familiar if sad fact to most Canadians. Even sadder and more disturbing would be if many of those deaths were avoidable. And if some were deliberate, it would be shocking and outrageous. In this investigative piece, Anna Farrow explores the widespread use of “population triage” in several jurisdictions during the pandemic’s early months. While healthcare establishments seemed woefully unprepared in nearly all respects, Farrow found they were lightning-quick to adopt what amounted to killer protocols on thousands of elderly and vulnerable citizens. This included not merely the withholding of advanced care but end-of-life measures using fatal drug cocktails.
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8514081/Number-prescriptions-drug-midazolam-doubled-height-pandemic.html ____________________________________________________ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4458160/Witnesses-effects-execution-drug.html America's 'botched' executions: Gasping for air, snorting and even inmates SITTING UP - witnesses describe the effects of 'problem drug' as Arkansas dismisses calls for probe Midazolam tries to prevent condemned prisoners from suffering while they die The sedative has been used in Florida, Alabama, Arizona, Ohio and Oklahoma It was also used in an execution Thursday in Arkansas and raised new concerns Opponents say problematic executions show the drug doesn't work consistently By ASSOCIATED PRESS and JORDAN GASS-POORE FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 13:45, 29 April 2017 | UPDATED: 23:44, 29 April 2017
  6. These people who work for us, never have to ask an unscripted question, and too much of politics is about setting up a scripted scandal every Tues / Weds so that PMQ's is dominated with BS that leaves no room for 'traditional politics' These types of video are very few are far between, unfortunately? There was one of Van Tam with a few questions, one of Whitty that was just putting arms round him for a photo? Could've been more a warning to others not to try it? Now, this one of Hancock has a lot of interesting parts to it. OK, maybe the fella could have squeezed some other things in rather than repeating? But fair play to him for trying. Cant be easy. It gets better after a few watches somehow. Also 'cause I was able to ignore the whining, nagging member of staff, and hear more of what he said. If it wasn't for her a lot more would have been said. Talk about an accessory. He says stop for a minute and have a conversation ... This is a public space ... You were on I'm a celebrity ... The rail assistant was infuriating; telling him over and over, please don't do this sir, and even apologising to the little 'cock'. His brief responses were so wet and pathetic. "Don't push me", and "talk to the lady". Once he was on the train he took the opportunity to pretend to converse with other passengers, anything to 'save' himself. You don't know who he is. You don't know what you're doing. Do you stop journalists? Cock; "Please stop shouting, talk to the staff" This man murdered British people and you're defending him Let's sit down and have a debate Staff; I'm sorry you have to hear this (!?!?) Cock; I appreciate what you're doing Appreciate what? You murdering bastard This is Matt Hancock, murder, you lying son of a bitch You locked down everyone in this country A bystander says stop being rude This man is bring defended by this lady who doesn't even know what's going on This is the murderer who locked people in their own homes Hydroxychloriquine ... Ivermectin ... If we've got treatment we didn't need ... This guy and Chris Whitty murdered people Doing your gormless look there Matt I want to be arrested, I want to be in court, he's a fraud and a murderer, let's get this in court you lying murderous son of a bitch Let's see if he gets me into court for harrasment We know he harassed everybody in this country with his lies and his deceit Get this out to everybody who was locked down ... murdered ... our children will be free
  7. @BristolAirport 54m Our runway lights suffered a failure this evening, which means flights are currently unable to land or take-off. Our engineers are working urgently to fix the fault. Further updates will follow. Please contact your airline for the latest information. Daily Express; Twitter user @ColinGould2 retorted: "Have you ever tried contacting an airline? Nearly as bad as trying to contact Bristol Airport!"
  8. Text came today Covid 19 1st, 2nd and booster doses and annual flu vaccinations The media is pretty regular with it all too
  9. Thanks writer, I hope I get to watch this 2hrs 20 mins conference, dated October 2022 I had meant to follow Anna De Buisseret when I came across her in the recent past Web text copied; A presentation by Anna De Buisseret. Senior Lawyer. The History of our Freedom - How they plan to take it away and what we can do about it! Here Anna presents us with factual stories from history regarding our law's and Freedoms, the importance of them and how some came to be. She explains about the importance of finding and understanding these current laws, which are within our history - Anna also details how they plan to take our freedoms away and what we can do about it. Anna is a beacon of light in the darkness, as a Senior Lawyer she also has experience as a TA Military Officer and once worked for Pfizer as a management consultant, she now talks of partitioning the King in an effort for us, we the people,to remain free. You can find Anna on Twitter here https://twitter.com/AnnadeBuisseret Brought to you by NWA. New World Alliance. Freedom Alliance Conference 2. October 2022. Totnes, Devon www.newworldalliance.co.uk
  10. * And yet you still like him, and his music I saw a little joke to share with you there, then I realised you reminded me of one of my old favourite quotes from George Burns; “The key to success is sincerity. If you can fake that you've got it made.” Thanks Fluke and Athenry04, look forward to hearing a few of your inspirations. I don't know anything about Morrissey except that I love a few of his songs and never get tired of hearing them. I like the sound of his attitude, and want to read a bit more about him.
  11. I realise increasingly that we should hope that we continue to have a vast variety of voices and influences around us, and the choice of what to believe, and what to be. One quote on Morrissey's website that I particulatly enjoyed, shared recently by Not Thoth; I've been offended all of my life, and it has strengthened me, and I am glad. I wouldn't have the journey any other way. Only by hearing the opinions of others can we form truly rational views, and therefore we must never accept a beehive society that refuses to reflect a variety of views.
  12. Thanks 'Interesting' graffiti with the 'global' heart hand sign ..
  13. Examples of media conditioning and propaganda The media were paid a small fortune - must look up the amount ... Under the Love Island article there are click links to so many Track and Trace articles ; More about Love Island Iain Stirling Track And Trace Leading to this little 'beauty' ... Lockdown will be a letdown if we do not overhaul the test and trace system - it is time for a local approach Reckoning for the failures can await another day. The imperative is to improve the system, so the current personal sacrifices from both restrictions and the virus itself are not wasted. by Dr John Oldham Tuesday 03 November 2020 ______________________________ In that article titled Lockdown will be a letdown if we do not overhaul the test and trace system - - There is also a handy video clip titled Second lockdown extension inevitable unless failing test-and-trace system fixed, says Starmer https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/test-track-trace-lockdown-government-local-hubs-deloitte-amazon-g4s-b1533550.html (Starmer voices his support - the support that kept us in restrictions, lockdown and unsustainable debt) (He scathingly uses the term 'world beating', and a link next to that also conveniently uses the term 'world beating'.) (Conditioning with repetition of words and phrases) (Incidentally the term world beating allowed the opposition and media to create endless distraction and time wasting debates to keep us from discussing real issues) ______________________________ Headline; It isn’t too late to turn test & trace into a ‘world-beating’ system Headline; Uber launches new service to help authorities trace coronavirus cases Headline; VOICES Josiah MortimerCovid-19 cases are rising – and people are entering the UK untracked Headline; It would be unforgivable for Johnson to lift the lockdown too soon Headline; The test and trace system won’t protect us from a second wave Headline; How to become a contact tracer Headline; The test and trace system won’t protect us from a second wave Headline; Coronavirus news you may have missed overnight Headline; Serco shares email addresses of contact tracers in ‘privacy breach’ Headline; Alexis Paton - We need ethics to guide us out of lockdown – not just science Headline; Would you risk your privacy to relax lockdown sooner? __________________________________ Headline; It would be unforgivable for Boris Johnson to lift the lockdown too soon Editorial: The point is that the weaker the test and trace system, and the less the public cooperate with it, the riskier the exit from lockdown becomes Thursday 11 June 2020 For all its grievous failings, not least on coronavirus testing and tracking, the government cannot be entirely blamed for the shortcomings revealed in the first figures published on the new testing regime. Fully one third of people who tested positive for Covid-19 refused or otherwise failed to identify their contacts and help in telling them to self-isolate for 14 days ... ... Lives would be lost and it would be unforgivable if, having imposed lockdown too late, the government was to lift it too early. _______________________
  14. One thing that I find helps is the awareness that products and ideas are sold to us through celebrities, reality TV, soaps, movies, website comments sections, twitter Facebook, radio phone in shows ... and so on. All to fake it till they make it, and persuade us that an endorsement is wide spread and naturally evolved. Paying someone to say that they think something is another version of paying someone to say that they use something. A lot of articles, interviews and reviews are littered with blatantly obvious bias, and follow / lay the path of an agenda, where someone gains more money or control. Take this example from just one search for ' love Island track and trace ' ... Independent Newspaper; Love Island fans very much enjoyed narrator Iain Stirling’s Track and Trace joke at Hugo’s expense during Monday night’s show Hugo has not had much luck in love on the reality series, and Sunday’s episode saw the woman he’s coupled up with, Chloe, gently shut him down Stirling had no qualms about teasing Hugo for his singleness, nicknaming him Track and Trace “because as soon as you spend time in his company you have to go home alone”. The joke went down very well with fans, with one person tweeting: “Iain’s track and trace joke abt hugo has me DEAD.” Another added: “Iain calling Hugo track and trace is already the highlight from this episode.” Social conditioning, nudging, behavioural 'science', we saw so many 'great' examples in the last few years. Lately we see headlines and articles about viewers / the public apparently outraged over some comment from a politician or public figure .. pick a word ... racism, mysogyny, sexism, prejudice, anti trans ... It's all bullshit. Furious about someone not socially distancing, not queuing, not wearing a mask? ... It's all fake and exaggerated marketing.
  15. I've read advice on the forum, but you can also find the latest information from the World Council for Health based in Bath, UK, where there are also countless videos, online meetings / talks, downloads, and contacts with like minded people / professionals / experienced 'investigators', and many of those who are observing and asking questions. Spike Protein detox guide https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/spike-protein-detox-guide/ Dr. Edmund Fordham: Scientific Misconduct Uncovered in the TOGETHER Ivermectin Trial - Video and transcript ... https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/edmund-fordham-together-trial/ Findings From the Largest Ivermectin Trial in The World with Dr Lucy Kerr and Dr Flavio Cadegiani https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/largest-ivermectin-trial-in-the-world-lucy-kerr/
  16. I heard on tv, someone in the crowd call Djokovic Novaxx. I think the umpire told them "that is not necessary", or something, and the commentator picked up on the name calling, and said it's 'cheap digs' and that he had his rights not to ... etc. I suppose we would call it a compliment. Depends how you look at it. I 'quick searched', and saw a couple of those awful articles like this one ; Novak Djokovic and why the world is turning on anti-vaxxers 10 Jan 2022
  17. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-11661645/Will-plan-5-million-black-person-San-Francisco-redress-years-suffering.html Will a plan to give $5 million to every black person in San Francisco be redress for years of suffering...or woke posturing that stokes race hate and bankrupts the US? San Francisco's reparation committee said eligible black citizens get £4 million That is if they can prove that they are descended from a 19th century black slave
  18. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11664757/Over-half-households-State-pay-tax.html " MPs said the huge government support provided during the Covid pandemic 'changed the psyche' of the country and made people think they can 'get something for nothing'. "
  19. https://www.clashmusic.com/news/morrissey-talks-covid-cancel-culture-and-grief-in-new-interview/ Morrissey Talks COVID, Cancel Culture, And Grief ... July 2021
  20. Morrissey comes across as gentle, rational, observant, undemanding. I haven't heard words like his spoken often enough. It feels like something of a gift. There are some of his interviews on the forum, but I hope we can share some more here. Not Thoth posted a recent article that I've shared again below.
  21. I remember this, I think it was perhaps front page news? Seems strange, but then it was during the time when the bravado and arrogance about being 'right', and 'doing it' to 'save lives', and counter 'dangerous misinformation', seemed to be escalating daily. It was almost like ... yes we're doing this, and you know it's wrong, but you can't stop us ...
  22. Wrote this on Thursday? But didn't post. Various snippets heard on GB News; Jacinda Ardern ... "Look, as she says, she's human" ( Dear oh dear. How often do they use this expression? ... Maybe she is human, maybe not? ) Ardern said on Thursday that her family had made the biggest sacrifices of all (The Guardian) .... "And I know that hand on heart" ( I always jump on any heart reference lately, I knew I had heard it during the first news broadcast of the resignation ) Comment; "We've started to class what were once ( just ) eccentricities as a mental illness ..." Reply; "Or just being a bit sad?" Reply; "Very unfortunate ..." " Leads us into a blind alley ..." Comment; "The best thing for kids is to have two parents in the same house, together." Headline; GM bacteria could combat antibiotic resistance, study suggests. GB Comment "Immunity has evolved" Another comment; "If you use the bar code scanner machine; and make a few more people unemployed ...!"
  23. Great to see Trump turn it around to such a close finish after being 7-2 down, and despite being written off by almost everyone "backstage" this afternoon. The psychology, belief, and mind games in snooker make it all the more fascinating. Certainly the path towards 'levelling up' made it a very watchable and tense final I enjoyed hearing Rob Walker say "never give up".
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