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  1. Thanks Freaky Dragonfly. A couple of quotes from the article you shared; —————————— The following link from April 2023 is found half way through the article; https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/apr/07/covid-vaccines-golden-era-pandemic-techology-diseases
  2. I noticed that ‘they’ said she took it, but I only just clocked the little inset shot of Kate with a camera on the front page of the Sun. I actually find ‘all this’ disturbing. It’s bizarre. How long are they going to keep this going, and where’s it heading. I see Camilla is getting all the attention which could be part of it.
  3. It’s all about the so called Queen in the new (women’s) world?!
  4. https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2024/apr/10/complaints-police-scotland-hate-crime-law Only 3.8% of hate crime law complaints authentic so far, says Police Scotland Official data for first week shows 7,152 reports received though nearly half of those were made on 1 April
  5. Thanks webtrekker, I really appreciate you sharing the comments. I enjoyed them all, and some are very informative. I feel the urge to say that at times I’ve searched a persons name in a comments section; which has been part of some good / interesting research.
  6. I wasn’t sure whether to share this as it’s not uncommon to hear this sort of thing now. Not like ‘before’, when it was almost an immense relief to catch a comment against the narrative, but still, it’s of interest … GB News Headliners “ Mail cuts pose risks to patient safety, say NHS chiefs “ Josh Howie; I think they’re deliberately sending them late … I get texts from my GP Nick Dixon; Yeah, it’s mainly take the vaccine isn’t it …That’s the only time you hear from the NHS when it’s time for you to take a vaccine. Cressida Wetton; They’re still texting you? Nick; They’re still trying. They haven’t realised I’m a pure blood till I die. Except I won’t die, ‘cause I’m a pure blood.
  7. BBC tonight; “ 33,000 Gazan’s killed since …”
  8. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/04/03/destroying-hamas-uk-interest-back-israel/ Destroying Hamas is in Britain’s interest. We should be backing Israel to achieve it Demands from the foreign policy elite for a ceasefire before the job is done give succour to our enemies 3 April 2024
  9. This article was discussed on GB News Headliners tonight, at 23:26 - it’s only 2 minutes if you’d like to watch it on YouTube Josh Howie “ruining children’s future and proud of it” Scott Capurro “for a virus that didn’t exist” … “the guardian last week; the average kid is half a year behind, some kids many kids will never catch up, ruined their lives, social distancing didn’t work … if you had said that even a year ago you were some crazy conspiratorial person, and now they’re admitting it” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/04/03/teachers-brag-lives-saved-by-forcing-covid-school-closures/ We saved lives by prolonging school closures in pandemic, say teachers National Education Union submits conference motion saying it forced Government to change policy during Covid crisis 3 April 2024
  10. All the headlines have different numbers. This one stood out from the guardian Taiwan 7.7 magnitude earthquake: seven dead and hundreds injured
  11. This series is on the BBC now. I searched ‘Theranos’ on the DIF, and I’m sharing the links. It was good to re-read the posts around those threads too!
  12. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/royal-family/2024/03/28/queen-camilla-royal-maundy-service-worcester-cathedral/ Queen wears Elizabeth II’s brooch as she steps in for King at Maundy service Her Majesty becomes the first consort to take on the monarch’s role of presenting ceremonial coins to retired local pensioners 28 March 2024 interesting article, reading between the lines, including the history of the brooches for those of you who know a bit more about this sort of thing?
  13. https://news.sky.com/story/king-charles-doing-very-well-after-starting-cancer-treatment-queen-camilla-says-13099263 The Queen chatted to well-wishers in Belfast, telling them the monarch was "disappointed he couldn't come". 21 March 2024
  14. Thanks, yes I found it all really strange. It was reported almost to attract as little attention as possible. One day I thought I’d look and see how he died, see if it was an heart attack or, you know … and if I hadn’t I still might not have known. Granted there was a brief bit on the news ‘later’, which was just about long enough to mention the word catastrophic. The funeral was also quite hush hush wasn’t it?
  15. Camilla was on BBC news, which showed scenes of her filling in for Charles. Yesterday in Shrewsbury, today in Worcester. Two girls gave her ‘kind’ get well posters / cards for Kate and Charles. Now we’ve got a PM and a ‘Queen’ that no-one wanted. What a great scam. I expect this is a big part of it, as well as normalising illness. Sky News; Saturday 23 March 2024 “As King Charles undergoes cancer treatment, Queen Camilla continues to step in for him at public events.”
  16. Can you think up a U and an N to slip in there, just for fun?
  17. What a con. So obvious ... I mean yes of course it's true ... The script is funny. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13232575/Kate-Charles-heart-heart-hours-Princess-revealed-cancer-diagnosis-world-King-left-feeling-emotional-private-lunch-daughter-law-sources-say-shared-health-battle-cemented-special-bond.html Kate and Charles' heart-to-heart hours before Princess revealed cancer diagnosis to the world: King was left 'feeling very emotional' after private lunch with daughter-in-law - as sources say shared health battle has 'cemented' special bond Months earlier, Charles had donned his dressing robe and 'toddled' over to comfort Princess Kate as they both recovered from surgery at the London Clinic.
  18. These ideas are much more interesting than the ones on the news and soap operas. Thomas died and barely a word was said about it. Anyone else; they'd be making a documentary. If it was a celebrity they'd be gossiping and speculating on the reasons why.
  19. I clicked on a twitter link, 6 posts back which was shared by EnigmaticWorld on March 12th, and saw this which I thought I'd share. I'm still quite new to understanding these labels! Everything is a bloody label now, huh. But anyway, just yesterday I was questioning once again, the sabotage, which is daily now, and who is behind it? Within 20 -27 years I've seen countries that I recognise have the foundations eaten away. The people I see around me are completely innocent and are just being stitched up. Aren't they entitled / allowed to have a normal family life.
  20. https://www.upday.com/uk/man-becomes-first-to-be-jailed-in-england-for-cyber-flashing?utm_source=upday&utm_medium=referral Man becomes first to be jailed in England for cyber-flashing teenage girl The first person in England and Wales to be convicted of a cyber-flashing offence has been jailed for 66 weeks. " Nicholas Hawkes was convicted under the Online Safety Act after cyber-flashing became an offence on January 31 this year. " The offence carries a maximum two-year sentence. Despite his previous offending, Hawkes has reportedly not received any treatment. Though he was offered 12 appointments with a psychiatrist he did not receive them as the waiting list was too long, the court was told.
  21. I read a story about Salisbury, USA where they spent nearly 500 grand on sand for sea defences, and this was in the article " Climate change is forecast to bring more bad weather, such as hurricanes, to the north east of the United States as waters warm, some scientists say. Worldwide, sea levels have risen faster since 1900, putting hundreds of millions of people at risk, the United Nations has said. And erosion from the changing conditions jeopardises beaches the world over, according to European Union researchers.
  22. I see old horseface is at Cheltenham, poor thing.
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