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  1. It's been a while but from memory he always seemed like one of the good guys, there was something about him that immediately came across in that way. Tony Blair, God he is disgusting. It's written all over his face, hardness, evil.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I think about the energy transfer, the focus, the misdirection; every blooody 5 minutes there's a minute or twos silence and armbands and flowers and our thoughts are with you. It seems so blatant.
  3. Huzema Yusef mentioned John Smith’s name in a speech, something about his love for politics or what? Strange. Haven’t heard his name for a while but always thought he was ‘taken care of’
  4. Daily Mail tomorrow- sex offenders let off just by saying sorry. This caught my eye as everything is being done to destroy apologies and make them meaningless. Every 'political' drama now seems to promote the demand for an apology, which makes this headline a real double piss take. Going on relentlessly about sex offences. Making people believe that it's a bigger problem than it is, and destroying connections and potential relationships of all ages.
  5. This will have its own thread no doubt, just wanted to share the news about an oil spill at Poole Harbour, and a link with updates and comments https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/23413469.poole-harbour-major-incident-leak-oil-field/ It's sad to see everything being destroyed, and to think of the local people and businesses there. One comment referred to the sewage being pumped into the rivers as well.
  6. Yes. And one other thing I will never forget is seeing Charles' Christmas card promoting the mask, and the media reporting how he was tenderly adjusting Camilla's mask, and how sweet and cute that was! Absolutely sickening.
  7. Its some time since I read this, I must buy some oil and get my friend to give it a try! Thanks Edgewood
  8. https://www.pennybrohn.org.uk/sessions/healing-circle/ I've spent time at Penny Brohn UK. The place was obviously badly effected by the lockdown, but during that time many classes were offered on Zoom, and on the 11th April there is a self healing session with two wonderful and vastly experienced ladies there.
  9. Thanks for your advice DaleP, fortunately he's not vaccinated, but sadly he was forced to take many tests, in order to be able to work, so that is concerning regarding the swabs. In his country the tests were taken at the pharmacy. Thanks AndyTCM, he had a kidney removed 4 months ago and now they say they've found polyps in his bladder. He's had so many scans and tests and they insist that Chemo is the only answer. I'll ask him for some more details. I know he would like to try something else but he's rather lost and afraid at the moment.
  10. " I was misremembering ... " Boris Another post i accidentally didn't send _____ Neil Oliver show tonight; Never Again is a documentary by Vera - a Holocaust survivor ... One guest says " it's demeaning to compare the Holocaust to the pandemic " as " people were, in their heads at least, trying to do the right thing. " Vera ; I beg to differ- the Holocaust is relevant to today Without the medical establishment going along with it, it wouldn't have happened ... the experimental gene transfer, what sort of a society is it, children were being warned that if they see grandma they will cause her death? Another guest; I wasn't vaccinated, and I was vilified like the Jewish, they were segregated, you had to show papers, you had to wear a mask, ok not a germ mask, a paper mask, it's a different sort of war. In Romania you couldn't send your children to school if you were unvaccinated, you couldn't order shopping online. Neil Oliver ; " I feel an instinctive need to hear ten times the amount of your testimony as I have tonight ... " Vera; " Thank you for letting me speak my mind "
  11. It's hard to believe our eyes, these people have been brainwashed to the nth degree, what a sick society, what a waste of youthful energy
  12. Hello, and welcome. Do you have any recommendations for someone who is threatened with what doctors call an aggressive cancer, and they want him to have chemotherapy? This man needs fast advice to avoid agreeing to chemotherapy. Thank you
  13. Thanks for sharing this bamboozooka, I needed a friendly reminder as I only heard about this song once. Tom MacDonald joined together with John Rich who has been incredibly successful for many years, particularly in the country music world. Both of these men are outspoken, writing songs 'for us', and also pointing out that most other celebrities stay silent. John supported Carrie Underworld when she was criticised by the modern brigade for liking a tweet againt drag queen story hour? If I can I will share what I have read today in the woke thread. Thanks again bamboozooka, the above link opened up some fruitful curiosity. I wasn't aware of the song below. " Leave us alone we're doing just fine ... You can stick your progress where the sun don't shine "
  14. This group has been there through all of this shit show, I always say thanks to them …
  15. Sky News showed a Tik Tok clip of liittle Matty Cock during convd era ... outside Parliament with the writing on screen saying stay home protect the NHS save lives. Back then, when it was said that the 'restrictions ' would last till 2023, thought we might never get there. Excruciating. Mad to think where we ' were ' this time 3 years ago. P.s. I wonder who chose that clip and why, as it was 'just' an example of a TT video to show before the 'latest commentary' about TikTok and the government.
  16. Thanks Certified Green of Heart, I'll quote myself and share here some of the links I've shared on DI. I must spread the word more. Yes, it's a very impressive and extensive site, and it's so encouraging, and we're certainly not alone, thankfully. I'm really pleased to share it with you. When we don't know what to do next it's good to know that this group are already a force to be reckoned with, and doing the most sensational work.
  17. I think this thread is asking the same questions as you so there might be some answers together
  18. Hi JoeyT, to start I would suggest that you explore the website of the World Council for Health based in Bath, UK. There you will find support, advice, research and understanding from a growing family of caring professionals, individuals, groups from around the world, who are working together to find a better way forward with our current situation. There are videos of conferences and talks, including advice on the vaccines and the spike protein. The love and positivity of this group will surely help you to find some answers to your questions, along with others from all walks of life and many different areas of interest. Here is a link to all of the videos from last year's main conference, and on the website there are tonnes of other clips, news and articles. You will also find weekly medication classes available on zoom. https://betterwayconference.org/2022-video-library/ This is a hard and challenging time, but you are still here and you will find the strength to continue. I would perhaps advise you to find one thing at least once a week that brings you and reminds you of a feeling of joy and contentment and faith in your fellow man, so that you have some satisfaction, and the memory of what is right and natural in your heart and soul. We are stronger and more connected to something bigger, and to each other, than we sometimes realise.
  19. News banners on Al Jazeera; All of this is set to continue with the IMF noting that the UK is the worst performing country in the G7 Uk governments latest budget promises £115 billion pounds of help to families struggling with rise in cost of living UN nuclear watchdog says more than 2.2 tonnes of uranium missing in libya US says Russian jets collision with drone was a 'brazen violation' of international law by Russia Syrian president reiterates support for Russian War in Ukraine in meeting with President Putin Honduras says economic needs forced it to break with Taiwan ... and reunite (something)... with China ... Tens of Thousands of people march in cities across France agaimst pension reforms Investmemt banking company credit Swisse .. borrows more than 54 billion from Swiss central bank 50000 teachers strike in New Zealand after talks with government stall ?.... Tax hikes ... linked to governments IMF bailout bid Israel says none if its soldiers will be made to answer for killing of journalist Shireen .. ?.. Cyclone in Peru ... Israeli army says shot man carrying belt had suspected links to Hezbollah Explosion at Colombian coal mine kills at least 11 people NBA memphis grizzles guard banned for 8 games over video showing him with a gun A strong serge of autumn heat expected across Australia lifting temperatures close to 40 degrees At least 14 people killed in flash floods in southern region of Turkiye
  20. In the budget opening statements Sunak and Starmer both quote " the IMF said ... " ____ Starmer; Every country faced the pandemic and the war in Ukraine The war didn't stop our insulation scheme The war didn't stop ... The war didn't stop ... ... It's their sacrifice which is ... ... Clean energy, which will bring us lower bills ... ... Cost of living crisis ... ... unlike the car he won't have to borrow one of those ...
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