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  1. Adam Price to quit as leader of plaid cymru days after review finds the Welsh party has a culture of harassment, misogyny and bullying. Sounds like my kinda party (These people are determined to change us, dehumanise us, grind us down, and keep us focused on a fake version of reality)
  2. GB News; Is there any reigning the archbishop in? "There is no way of making these people accountable .. (the woke, etc) "So just turn your back on them" Dr Gavin Ashenden
  3. Thanks Taylorgan, the first time i took an interest in this sort of thing was when I realised the lemons were waxed, and I couldn't look at lemons in pubs the same. I noticed you can buy unwaxed lemons. I don't like the coating on apples. So much fruit has that fake shine. I looked into apeel, I think it's Gates and Branson. I heard Sunak today mention food and how not being in the EU, we can make our own rules, etc. I get the impression when I read up on these things that EU rules were protecting us from some genetic modification and tampering? I'm not sure if that is true. I keep wondering about that.
  4. I saw a little 'feature' on the news, first time since Feb Here are a few separate quotes that caught my ear .. Turkey's authoritan leader I want to see his dead body (Erdoğan) Our souls have been ripped away There was a lack of preparedness No-one came to help us Were we in a different universe or was he? They ( a family) have already buried 23 relatives Builders will not be punished, or words to that effect A man says it was destiny; it was not Erdoğan's fault Shortly after I also heard a woman in a 'war zone' in another country crying and saying it was destiny
  5. Radio 4 Online safety bill - I missed loads of this, but here is a few snippets ... Guest; There is a resistance from tech companies ... We need more consistency. It should be built in to tech companies, it's what we expect from other companies (already) The bill requires WhatsApp to give information, but not the encrypted messages ... as they don't have access to that but maybe what websites you visited before and after sending a message, and ... Presenter; ... A higher regulation world? ... I think people expected something else from the internet and it seems to be more regulation, not less. In Europe and the world there's a move to more regulation. The tech companies might not like having to comply but ...
  6. Campion, you reminded me of something I often think of when I hear the word sanctions. I saw a documentary a few years ago about the Russian cheese industry. I had heard that the sanctions didn't hurt the Russian's, although this article mentions that prices were higher (perhaps) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-sanctions-cheese-idUSKBN1AN1U1 Three years ago Russia’s government banned some Western foodstuffs, including most dairy, in response to Western sanctions imposed on Moscow for its role in the Ukraine crisis. " At a cheese fair ... 65 km outside Moscow ... Russian versions of cheddar and feta ... brie, camembert and mature blue cheeses ... “We are very proud that we not only make cheese, but we make it using Russian equipment and machinery,” The cheese festival, in a nod of gratitude to the positive impact of the Russian food embargo, was entitled “Three years of sanctions!”
  7. ... At the weekend a message from Charles and Camilla was played on the trains. Makes a change from 'please report suspicious packages', I suppose? The bit that I remember, naturally, is that it ended with 'mind the gap'. I don't know it that is a double meaning. Oh, and when God save the King was sung before Sunday's football matches, one commentator still referred to Camilla as the Queen Consort. Oops? Orf with his head
  8. Yes absolutely fascinating. They spoke of it on the radio at the time. One lady would have preferred a more Conservative design, and the presenter said everybody loves nature though. Very carefully done. It was harder to appreciate the design, knowing that it was chosen because 'they' want to save the planet from 'us lot'. We're just taking up space and making the place look a mess. I was going to say keep off the grass, but now I remember the 'mind the gap' quote ...
  9. It would make some sense, with how incredibly charming and eloquent he is. I saw his little 'speech' at the concert, and heard after that it was good that it was brief, and that he is able to speak as if he is just speaking, rather than making a speech as such. He really is very good at it. Sadly It was always the case that he generated a lot of love and sympathy from 'our' generation, and his children are very popular too? His daughter both looks like a real princess and is allowed to look like a real princess! Which some kids still love to see.
  10. I heard this on two radio news headlines, so I imagine it's been covered all day. It gave them an opportunity to say the words alcohol, and peri menopausal. Almost everything now feels like an advert for pharmaceuticals / problems / mental health etc.
  11. The Big Help Out " Millions of Britons invited to volunteer for coronation’s Big Help Out Volunteering drive on bank holiday Monday billed as lasting legacy of the crowning of Charles III " Rishi Sunak; It's great to be a part of it today and help myself Fantastic double meaning. Or is that one of those hidden in sight's ??!
  12. I didn't see much of the procession, but I saw the sign, just as they mentioned the 'famous theatre', and I just thought of the West End (and also a great tribute to the Four Seasons that I saw recently, but that's another story ) I was also taken with the clip I saw of the 'bolting' horse.
  13. Thanks bamboozooka, I've been pondering on this on and off today, for a few reasons. I watched a bit of the concert to see what I might see, and I noticed Camilla checking her 'watch', and thought she must be waiting for the end andchone time! Today I heard a commentator say she'd looked at her 'watch' twice, and the presenter replied oh, apparently it's in sync to the music. Bloody hell. I thought there's a good advert!? It also ties in with my ongoing curiosity about these body monitor devices, how to sell them to the kids, and the old story about Bill Gates patenting the 'under skin' watch for the future, which is something I've been waiting to see untold. Well, well, well ?! Crikey. Sneaky. Oh, they also said that Charlotte had one, and had asked her Mother to fix it / adjust it for her. Etc.
  14. Thanks DaleP, I noticed Lloyd's closing, the one I spoke to said that their branch is being taken over by an independent. I thought that makes a bloody change! Interesting if Boots is steaming in. I've got something else to add to this later, shall I write it here or in health?
  15. ... Quotes Continued; How did you sleep last night? Are you tired? There would have to be an algorithm designed I'm not sure it's actually going to achieve anything You will be charged with dangerous driving anyway A better test will be, if there is a suspicion you are tired there will be a response test Lorry drivers have to take a rest Im aware that every 1000 miles I would rest and stay hydrated I think a physical test rather than a blood test How can this be incorporated into law James Wilson - sleep behaviourist We are all different You can't make yourself sleep better Sleep support is very poor in this country Nick Freeman- Motoring Lawyer We don't know how we sleep. How do we know? ( Mandatory fit bit / watch / implant??! Perhaps ) It should be right that its an offence to drive when fatigued It is a significant problem ( Driverless cars??! )
  16. " Is driving tired as bad as driving over the limit? " " Police could soon use a test to check for tiredness "
  17. James McNally - Mr Dog Bite - Soliticter " Dog attacks are up 30% ( they never give the numbers!? ) Since the pandemic we've seen a sizable increase All of a sudden you had one or two million more dogs in the country There is no one breed that is causing the problems To drive you have to take tests As any dog can cause a problem Compulsory training and licensing It has to be as big a fix as that Longer sentences or higher fines is not the fix, it's greater education "
  18. The post office is back in the news Seema Misra: former post office master who was jailed for 18 months for fraud " The post office killed 59 people "
  19. 160 pharmacies close in England in the last two years Health Secretary pledges to end the 8am scramble for GP appointments with £240m funding, which will help surgeries replace old phone systems with modern technology and ensure patients are seen faster. But Labour says the struggle stems from government cuts. Ensures a patients call will be taken on the same day. ( Sounds like a call back system ) A GP on talk radio says some surgeries have already installed call waiting systems and have Chat bots and Ai to take patients calls. He says this is old news and "old money" (?) ( The continuation of breaking the system to make a new system. ) ( The quality of your health care still depends very much on where you live. That includes whether you can see a doctor that you actually know, and who knows you. This does still happen but it is not on the news. )
  20. Further to sock muppets comment, I'm wondering if you mean that they are not commercial flights as such. I saw a video some time ago where there were no seats in the plane, just tanks. I've used this to check flights sometimes, it's really good for curiosity
  21. I've only just heard that the BBC brutally cut the end of the concert as it was time for the 10 o'clock news. I didn't notice i thought that was it. So these 'digital' displays are putting an end to traditional fireworks aren't they. Thanks for the symbolism description DaleP.
  22. The protest pictures on the news are showing yellow Not my King banners Which reminds me - where are the Not my Queen banners
  23. Headline; Charles and Camilla make surprise virtual appearance on American Idol I saw the awkward exchange between Charles / Camilla and Lionel Richie / Katy Perry - pretty poor acting and very little comic timing. I saw Tom Cruise say "your majesty you can be my wingman anytime." ( eugh, sickening ) I saw the Royal family, and Rishi Sunak dancing at the concert ( cringe ) I wasn't a big fan of the Queen as such, but I will almost miss the British / Quiet / Reserved era ... looks like it'll be naff American style attention seeking rubbish, and climate and quarantine camps from now on - hopefully there will be no TV's there.
  24. Talk Radio quotes; " Protestors were arrested in the Soho area in the early hours " ( Soho is where William and Kate went to the pub that has the 'George Orwell' room ) " They say women safety volunteers were handing out rape alarms to vulnerable young women." ... "If they were going to throw alarms at the horses "
  25. Talk Radio quotes ... " Charles was championing the environment long before Just Stop Oil existed ". " They have to intervene before a protest could become disruptful " ... " I don't mind if they do it to Just Stop Oil when they glue themselves " ... " I see your point but I still wouldn't agree. This is not a British way of doing things." ( I believe the above was the plan all along. Appear to let XR and JSO off lightly, then the public demand a stop to disruptive protests. It's happened all through Covid. )
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