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  1. I caught a minute of Tony Smith former head of UK border force on talk radio More people in his position are saying something, I dont know what difference it will make, but I'll look him up anyway! He mentioned the amount of visas that are given out and the students who stay on here.
  2. That was a good read, thanks. Very interesting to see what Russia hasn't done. I thought of that when I caught this on talkradio Russia launches intense air strike overnight In Kyiv 3 people were injured ( I think I heard that right )
  3. TalkRadio Russia launches intense air strike Overnight in Kyiv 3 people were injured
  4. That crossed my mind. That would be funny. Almost. Would we put it past them? I also thought what IF she was behind 'it' all. ! If it was a 'movie', maybe ... Anything's possible ...
  5. Then Camilla walks in, and the barman says 'Why the long face, horse?'
  6. Study suggests 1 in 10 children want to change gender? Suggests?! Yeah. Course. I recognise that nudge word from Convid. Child Psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer on the Vanessa Feltz show AG; We need to, through play, let children try different genders on AG; We try and see the whole person AG; See the whole child, all the different talents that make up who they are VF; 1 in 4 children felt the need to hide their feelings VF; Maybe they think they'll feel overwhelmed? AG; The number of children who think they don't have anyone to tell ... AG; We want them to grow up .. to thrive .. and be resilient To think these sick freaks could encourage children to play sports, musical instruments, paint pictures, visit the elderly, explore the garden, sit quietly and just be, enjoy youth, don't over think, but no ... there is no excuse for these sick bastards. They are relentless, an absolute disgrace.
  7. Newsnight, besides a Ukraine discussion, asked has the Met overstepped the mark on policing protests? This conversation was being pushed 24/7 on all the channels and stations that I 'flicked' through, after the coronation. Why? Other protests and any heavy handed 'measures', have often been completely ignored. Also some 'roadblocks' to freedom of movement / expression / choice, have been wildly exaggerated complete with 'Hollywood' 'theatrical' TikTok / YouTube videos in order to demoralise protesters. Regarding XR, I notice that their exposure is great, yet during the covid / lockdown protests we didn't see sports events and politicians being 'photo bombed' etc. All exposure, and analysis is so carefully delivered to the public.
  8. I've been suspicious of Sweden ever since the constant mention of their Covid policy. Surely no country gets that much 'publicity' accidentally? I felt it had something to do with their 'chips in hands' advancement, etc, and that at some point in the future their use of advanced tech would be held up as a good example of 'safety', or 'health and safety', because their country had not 'committed suicide' like so many others. It irritated me that no other country was held up as an example? Not to that extent, or maybe not at all? Hearing Sweden won the Eurovision caught my attention based on that, essentially.
  9. Although I've known of him for many years, since his connection to the goldsmiths etc, I don't know much about him, but I thought these words about being enslaved by these assortment of crooks rang a bell and the last bit ... " If we bow to the idol of fear there will only be humiliation and dismemberment for our future generations. Countries where there is injustice and law of jungle prevails, don't survive for long. "
  10. Cyclone ( Myanmar ) on sky news 133 mile an hour gusts " 6 million people have been ...(?) for a long time ... " " ... Conflict, poverty, uncertainty ... "
  11. Hey Truthblast, it's not that I disagree as such, but I've often wondered, what if the condoms are making people ill? Would we know? Would anyone know? I went to post this, this morning - then I thought I better have a quick search first; meant to do that for 'years' ... Anyway there's lots of interesting articles regarding talc (on condoms) and cerviacal cancer. I haven't got any further yet. I used to ponder this sort of thing when Branson brought out Mates condoms.
  12. Divide as usual no matter the generation I know some things never change … there is always similar or identical feelings found however much time passes. I also noticed the attempt to show the apparent criticism of the older people by the younger generation. No attempt to unite or show common bonds between anyone. I observe old and young musicians looking at and appreciating each other, teaching helping supporting and enjoying time together. Just one example.
  13. I am seeing 23 a lot this week, I don’t understand it, or if there Is a significance but I do notice it. Naturally I allow for coincidence, but sometimes it seems remarkable.
  14. Further to previous discussions on this site, I would suggest checking the World council for Health website where Dr Tess Laurie and others offer advice and understanding. You could also write to them or phone them in Bath, UK. All the best Wazaaap, we’re here to help as much as possible. Read through the main thread that I have shared too.
  15. Piss taking sneaky bastards. The cloud in the sky is so flat and thick, and it's so cold in the evenings and the mornings. Today was one of the first really nice days but it was a late starter. It's these chemical smells that are helping to kill people a big quicker? People are trained to believe that is the smell of clean. And it's so strong, and lasts forever. Some items hold that scent and it doesn't evaporate / wear off. Absolutely sick. I can't stand it.
  16. Not a mention of the extra time it takes to check the ID. The lady says 99% of young people have iD. Yeah, so?! And the reason they have ID is cause the age for buying alcohol went higher and higher to get people trained in showing ID. In America they were even checking pensioners as far as I heard. When I've voted it's felt nice and local, no aggravation, no security. These bloody rules and standing in line to be checked, and all without a sign of debate, or asking us what we think about it. Always nice to see clips of someone in the house asking sensible questions.
  17. Musk tweeted that Linda Yaccarino would start in 6 weeks time
  18. Just sharing on this thread, a little something I posted in todays news. I haven't heard that said about the sea before, to explain the clouds this spring. The presenters gave percentages of how much more cloud there has been. I know the good weather is very late this year. Unlike at the start of the lockdown. How bloody convenient. Oh what a strange coincidence I was lucky to catch the comment about how it would be possible to clear the cloud, although they had not chosen to do that. The last time I heard that sort of thing was on the BBC at the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  19. The ladies on times radio yesterday afternoon said that the reason the sky is so cloudy this year is the sea is too warm, creating cloud. I have to write it quickly here before I forget - before I miss the boat i'll write it in the chemtrail section as soon as I get a chance, famous last words ... ... which reminds me that on the radio on the day of the coronation, or the day before - someone said that it's possible to clear the cloud for the ceremony, except for the environmental concerns - I can't remember which station that was, but the presenter completely ignored it
  20. Yesterday on times radio at about 3.30? The two female presenters discussed that many / most Prime Ministers had a traumatic experience when they were young (children) one of the PM's said it made them stronger. Probably Blair. He can acknowledge becoming stronger through tragedy, while we are pushed to weakness? The list of PM's was good to hear. I think there is a book out. No it was an article in the Times. I forgot to add that on Nicky Campbell radio 5 today, a guest said he had a traumatic experience when he was a child. It was all discussing suicide and men's mental heath etc
  21. As far as I'm concerned music is life. I caught an interesting interview with Razorlight's Johnny Borrell ... JB; Some people don't even know that what they're listening to is pre-recorded ... Kirsty Wark; Yes. Nick Cave has warned and talked about this ... JB; I can only talk about Rock bands as that's what I do. It would be like going to a football match and knowing the score (listening to music that isn't live) KW; Particularly post pandemic people were so glad to get out, get back to ... JB; If 20% carry on ... (playing live) JB: The audience ... They take it in and give you back some energy ... They're playing it for real ... AI can't replace a guitar KW; Are you suggesting there should be a ... ? JB; Yes we should all get together and form a guild ...
  22. Thank you Unity8, this was good to read, some new advice for me.
  23. Hannah Muldavin - former spokesperson- January 6th committee We support Ukraine, we want Ukraine to win the war Bryan Lanza - Director of communications (Trump) We didn't care 4 ..6 yrs ago when they took Crimea why are we now so invested in the Donbas region ... Ukraine is a corrupt country ... Why are we spending billions ...
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