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  1. I heard a bit of analysis on football focus and the presenter asked "is that the difference a good manager can make .. to make you feel loved, and special?" Then a comment on Arsenal "all pulling in the same direction, which is half the battle." "They'll be going into this game thinking; we can do something." An Arsenal player was explaining how he now has his own song, that he hears from the fans while he's playing, and one presenter said "what a difference it makes, having your own song." To me that is part of the fans showing love, appreciation, sharing, fun, immagination, camaraderie ... I often hear commentators mention the exchange of energy between the crowd and the players. I've heard that in snooker, tennis, football. To me it's a 'spiritual feeling', showing the root of our humanity, but delivered in a passing comment (you know) As I write a female footballer mentioned "good exercise, positive energy ... good vibes ... it's beyond football." Presenter; "How much enjoyment those women get." I enjoy the human observations and reactions in sports commentary, and it often gives me food for thought, and comparisons to other areas in our society. Earlier I was thinking that it's been such a long time since we've had energy and vitality and role models in the 'mainstream', and that many have probably forgotten what it's like to have togetherness, strong leaders, a sence of pride, connections, trust and so on. In this era, I find people have lost their sence of community, instead worrying about their health, jobs and finances, confused about what is 'allowed', what is legal, what is mandatory, what does it all even mean, or ... what around them actually belongs to them. I think it takes open discussions and reinforcement to remember what 'normal' joyful, simple life is, as 'we' have been sort of institutionalised, and 'they' are banking on us forgetting who and what we really are. Anyone who has love, laughter, stability and confidence in their life, whether it's with relationships, family, work, pets or hobbies ... can rise easier above the stresses and strains? The lawn lad One footballer, Henry Landsbury said "I enjoy cutting a lawn more than winning a match ... The manager is after some of my fertiliser ... I'm loving the grass." Presenter; "He's made me feel guilty for having astro turf." ... "I'm glad that he's found something ... which is great for his mental health." (Bloody hell, why do they always have to use that term now, it's so programmed, and so limited.) Despite the incessant divide and rule, life goes on, and humans still think and feel the same as they always have. Sorry for another long post. I'm just trying to remind us of what we are capable of, no matter where it is overheard
  2. I heard the craziest show on LBC today. Sangita actually said that Truss crashed the economy in ten days, and at the same time discussing Johnson and Sunak as if it wasn't they who were so called in charge of making the decisions. When a caller said Sunak created the debt with furlough she wouldn't have it, and was more interested in calling him racist because he dared to mention race / Nationality. You can imagine that Liz will be blamed eternally for the financial situation, and Johnson can be painted as the saviour. The blatant distortions are just astonishing. I would appreciate it if someone can share some snippets from the show if I share the time slots. It was painful to listen to. I'll try to share some of the bits I heard the first chance I get.
  3. This happened not long after she'd even photographed alone and apart from her own family at Phillip's funeral and the picture used to promote partygate and social distancing.
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Tony Blair is one man who is universally despised, and the evil is written all over his face, funny how they care so much about health, but not enough to stop stealing the workers hard earned money.
  5. Yes he did, and look how strong they were before joining the EU, when they were forced into debt to control and destroy them. It's what is happening here now.
  6. That is debatable. When a Liverpudlian robs a grandmother it's called a crime, but when a government robs their pension and locks them in their home it's called protecting the elderly? Time and again the media targets particular groups for distraction and political gain. What do they say about loan sharks; a bunch of c*nts who get people into debt so that they can own / control them for the rest of their lives?
  7. Thank you; and I'm so glad you included that info, I've meant to ask several times how it works, it's a great helpful feature. I don't think I've ever felt such a sence of shared 'experience' than these recent years. Ok, there have been lies before, but the relentless day after day after month after year, and for it to permeate into every area of life, and for the walls to be increasingly built around us, every sticker, poster, advert and conformist. I've never felt so determined, or so right. So convinced in my instincts, insights and interpretations. I kept saying at what cost? They throw around the word sustainable, but it was completely unsustainable. And inhumane. The suffering was ignored. Deleted from 'our' attention. Remember the sinister and slow voice in those radio adverts, on every single channel. One thing I've learnt more than ever, is to not allow someone to do something on the promise of it being temporary. Now (the moment) is what matters, and where our strength is found. No one knows how long their life is, or the quality of their life. At the start of lockdown I felt it would go on for at least 6 months. By the time winter approached it was much easier for them to keep us locked away from each other. In the cold and darkness. Once they had the momentum they threw in all sorts of hurdles and complications. I thought if we don't get out of this now, it won't be till spring; after the 'usual' colds season. Then they still didn't want to let up in July, and spent the rest of the summer and autumn trying to keep us tied up so they could torment us through another winter. Now I've been almost dreading winter, and what they will try to test us with, meanwhile I'm seeing the masks increase a little, and all of the posters, especially in doctors and hospitals. Incidentally, most of the masks I see are worn by the Chinese. It's a pity as that helps to normalise it. Perhaps? I spoke to a nurse recently who said they don't ask me to wear a mask at work as they know I won't. I realise increasingly how the power of the individual makes a massive difference to others. Every small act can encourage or discourage another. I still avoid one bakery for their ridiculous rules and refusal to take cash, even the correct change one day, I had to push for that. Why should I give them my business? I always had respect for the Liverpudlians who boycotted the Sun Newspaper. They never forgot how they'd been treated. I had seen the headlines in 1989, accusing people of stealing from the pockets of the dead. I didn't believe it. I thought it was sensationalism. Although I think now it was another part of destroying the spirit and unity of Liverpool; and not for the first or last time? They even tried to take you'll never walk alone for Captain Tom. I despised those campaigns. Walking around in circles in your garden to raise money for the NHS? Ask the nurses what they thought of that, and the pots and pans. What a devilish theatre.
  8. sockmuppet, youknownothingbutyou, legion, thanks for the debate and comments. I can understand and empathise with all sides of this, it's bloody hard at times, but if we lose our belief, our faith, our calm, then we have lost everything. It's no wonder that people are overwhelmed, and feel they cannot stay strong, but we are here to support each other (and talk some sence into each other) when the fear starts to eat away at us and take over, as it was meant to !
  9. Cory shared the coke advert. It's food for thought. Bloody coke. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/art/artists/robin-monotti-anti-lockdown-architect-helped-eric-clapton-find/ Robin Monotti, the anti-lockdown architect who helped Eric Clapton find his voice. The architect’s views have had him suspended from Twitter. Now he’s made headlines for his controversial friendship with the great guitarist. By Ella Whelan 28 July 2021 ........... One of the things I like most about our sharing is the tiny threads, the pieces of the jigsaw, there's no way of knowing where they will lead I looked up Cory Morningstar and Robin Monotti, and found the links above. I know of these names, but not over familiar with them. Mike Yeadon - always so much respect for him. So much respect for Eric Claoton, I think of him often. Next I'll look up the politicians who were there, I really like to hear Desmond Swayne. Im interested that he was there. OK some might say that's part of the act. I want to believe that he means what he says, everytime he speaks up, (I gather he is in a safe seat for instance) but anyway, who bloody knows? He defended the vaccine, but I liked his speeches in parliament very much during the 2 years ish.
  10. We should see the video soon then. I've watched some of these meetings before on the parliament channel and they can be excellent. To me it's more grown up questions. Anyway, its interesting to see who was there, rather than who was not there, you know what I mean. Thanks for the updates webtrekker ... and you lot
  11. I can't help but take this chance to share quotes from a movie I think of 'all the time', especially in this 'convid era' For me, the films essence touchs on 'today'. Finding a way to maintain hope, over decades ... there's something inside that's yours that they can't touch. If we refuse to believe in hope, if we refuse to enjoy this moment for fear of what tomorrow might bring, or 2025, or 2030, or 2050 ... well, we know this is part of the torture, and part of 'their' satisfaction? Self torture is very real, we are doing the work for them, tok often. We should be laughing at them and their rules. It's bloody hard, we know, but this has all been going on forever, and will go on long after we are gone. Yes we are in times of immense change, but not all of their plans will come true. I try deliberately to resist the self fulfilling prophecy. And I believe in the power of placebo, for instance. We have the power to talk ourselves into or out of things. It's frightening times, and yet fear itself is an absolute killer. I'm trying to smile, I'm trying to talk about the up and the down with people, to discuss the serious, and to also play with the laughter. I don't believe we can maintain the strength we need unless we maintain the balance. Somehow! Now drop to the floor and give me 20
  12. One would think that it would be the most natural assumption for people, that money rules the world. It's nowhere near the same as say, believing in aliens or ghosts is it? Those who control the money would rather squander the money than see it go to a pensioner or to activities for children and families. I'm sad to see how hard it is for kids to find genuine learning, stimulation, and something to be proud of. Sponsors use their money to control voices and opinions. Money is used to force focus on boring nonsense, and to create distraction from the wonderful people and businesses and groups that are a massive part of the backbone of this country, and to make us believe that everyone is onside, which is absolutely not true. I'm still quite wide eyed at the now open bragging of schemes that we've been quietly reading and researching for so long. For me personally I would always watch the 'two version world', with disturbed fascination, knowing how much was missing every day, every month, everh year, from the news. Knowing that the corruption must be true, as the important things were never on the tv. Which made the news itself such a petty novelty, and a waste of time. Sure, I watch it now to almost study the propaganda, and to witness the choice / delivery of spin. The only time I saw subjects I was interested in, was when they were slipped into movies and soaps, with viewers completely oblivious at what was being shown and what was to come. And I'd think; they're actually doing this, it's creeping in. Flooding in. I used to wonder what the world was like in the past, and how many times reality had been swayed and altered. I would imagine 2000 years ago, and wonder at the layers of lies. How many 'resets'? So I was almost ready for it, but it's still been crazy to watch it happen in real time, and to watch and listen to the people responding to the training. Incredibly disturbing to stand in front of someone and hear them repeat word for word what was on the news. To hear they couldn't even put their own words / interpretation / additions / imagination to it. Sorry, bit of reeling here
  13. Wasting another few months while they lead us further down the garden path. Wonder why they didn't leave her a bit longer? Anyway, notice that it gave them the chance to mention another leader by .... October 31st. Every year there's been something on this particular date; last year and year before it was Boris' Covid benchmarks ...
  14. Yesterday I heard on the radio a guest say that the Bank of England .. World Bank is in change of the country not the politicians ... and it's still strange to hear that on the .... "mainstream", oh yes it was GB news, so you do hear that type of content ... I appreciate that it's a way of getting us used to our planned future, fair enough.
  15. Politics and news is so childish and boring. I heard starmer saying the damage the tories have done to the economy / finances ... That conman who accused Boris of not locking down harder and sooner, the only time he opened his yap was to read his permitted lines. Such an irritating and transparent actor. And every day now; it's sack truss ... and still on Boris and partygate. As if partygate wasn't just a distraction from the real crimes. Why don't they just get Simon Cowell in. It's like one long episode of Big brother / X factor.
  16. Thanks Jack121. It's astonishing when you realise what 'we' are born into believing. I'm fascinated to see the tiny fractions of change, followed by a huge push, time and again, and how they get away with so much by telling the public the pain is only temporary. If we lived in small communities it would be easier for people to see how much of their work efforts are siphoned off to 'gangsters outside the village', and not used for the good of our own communities.
  17. Good share thanks, so many headlines are pure theatre and in jokes ('them') Fascinating, thanks JCP
  18. With all due respect my friend, I have followed Neil Oliver throughout and I enjoy his reasoned commentaries. This is one clip from Dec 2020, discussing with Mike Graham how we have readily accepted this, becoming institutionalised, and not wanting to wear masks or even to look at those wearing masks. Neil was one of the few voices at the time. I know that some are naturally skeptical of course, and I would not discourage maintaining an element of caution when following anyone in the public eye.
  19. With all due respect my friend, I have followed Neil Oliver throughout and I enjoy his reasoned commentaries. This is one clip from Dec 2020, discussing with Mike Graham how we have readily accepted this, becoming institutionalised, and not wanting to wear masks or look at those wearing masks.
  20. &https://www.politico.com/news/2022/10/18/biden-pandemic-biodefense-strategy-00062207 Biden admin unveils new pandemic preparedness and biodefense strategy The president will sign a national security memo directing his administration to implement a plan to prepare for future viral and biological threats. The strategy could take years to implement, since the U.S. needs time and resources to develop shots, drugs and tests for potentially dozens of pathogens. | Rogelio V. Solis 10/18/2022 But that kind of effort will need significant funding - tens of billions of dollars - and will likely require the federal government to partner with industry and philanthropic organizations. But Biden’s announcement comes at a time when the administration is in negotiations with lawmakers on Capitol Hill about additional funding for the domestic and global Covid and monkeypox fights. Many Republicans have pushed back on the requests, questioning why the administration wants more money for a fight the president has signaled is winding down. A large portion of the administration’s strategy focuses on detecting and preventing future biological and viral threats - efforts that will require the rebuilding of the health care system and workforce. Since the pandemic began in 2020, thousands of health care workers have left their jobs. (Link in article) The new U.S. plan prioritizes training and expanding a specialized health care workforce that can help contain the spread of potentially dangerous pathogens and “equitably protect the health of Americans and people around the world,” one of the senior administration officials said.
  21. Super little clip sickofallthebollocks I like it when real people share their experience and I love the American spirit, although I gather that makes me positively racist nowadays
  22. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/local-news/councils-hands-tied-over-baths-7696765#comments-wrapper Comments ....
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