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  1. Thank you both for trying to help. I'm sorry for not seeing these messages, I don't know how I missed them. I hope to message you both as soon as possible.
  2. Thanks bamboozooka, the clips above are good to see Nothing againt the journalist as I heard him speaking on the radio and he seemed excited and 'human', but none of these 'lot' can find the words to defend this modern, narrow minded way of thinking. He says he's noticed more hateful content, but can't name one example, except to try to mutter the words, something that's racist or sexist. At one stage he says this isn't an interview about the BBC. I don't particularly like Musk, but he kept asking the questions with a respectable and yet persistent tone. If it could always be like this, we wouldn't be in quite so much of a mess.
  3. Only 2 comments so far in the daily mail article above One is maybe real, the other is so clearly fake, but a prime example of how fake comments are used to make it look like the world has gone mad. I see this all the time in comments sections. JAYNE1963, SOUTH DEVON SOMEWHERE, UK, about 6 hours ago - Or those that thought the question was so ridiculous and decided to lie for what they thought would be a laugh!! Compassion is key, Manchester, UK, about 6 hours ago - It doesn't matter how many there are. We need to respect people no matter what they are and how they identify. I'm teaching my kids about gender identity and they may chose a different identity path, good on them for being brave. ------- These type of comments are automatically sent by AI algothyms etc, in response to normal human comments.
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11963923/Census-bungle-inflated-numbers-trans-people.html Census bungle 'could have inflated numbers of trans people': Experts warn 260,000 estimate is 'significantly' too high because people with poor English were confused by question The figures in the census were used to push the trans and diversity bulkshit. I doubled it as much as I doubled the Covid threat, the test figures ... what else? Almost everything that is pushed in the media. Even this story, this headline, is all over the news. I heard it on the radio hourly news. Anything that is so easily available is suspicious, considering how many other important things rarely come to the surface? Anyway, I note that they use it to highlight people with poor language. Is that immigrants, or just people who have come through the schools system? I wonder. This is also breaking another part of our faith in what we see and hear. All of these people are game playing, agenda setting, torture loving sick £uckers
  5. Thanks you lot. I like the expanded analysis some have shared in this thread, rather than the knee jerk reactions that it seems we are led to feel. I didn't want to believe this gesture was made with ill intentions, but at the same time I understand that we almost have to lose faith in everything and everyone. I find it sad that on the radio I mostly only hear the 'im sickened let's not dwell on this subject' camp of speakers. Humans are much more deep and complicated than we are being allowed to be?! So much for diverse. We are being increasingly limited in words and thoughts. It's a great tragedy. I came across a good video that keeps rolling past the 'tongue' part, which shows more tenderness perhaps, and also shows the DL telling the boy not to follow the killers in the world, and to stay away from them. Can't imagine that 'they' would want many people to hear that part. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-10/dalai-lama-apologises-after-video-asks-boy-suck-my-tongue/102206438 The short video is in the link above.
  6. As ian McKellen is in Theatre this week, I found out today that he was a co founder of Stnewall, and has shared a lot of information over time. I also heard on the news about the recent census and the trans question, which I will also share.
  7. I often wish that everyone knew that these accounts aren't real, then on the other hand the more the truth comes out the madder things seem to get! I know that is also part of the illusion. What a strange era to witness. I think you have to be strong to rise above it and to remember the layers of deceit And to remember that not everyone is going along with it. Not everyone is fooled all of the time?
  8. Talk Radio TV Cost of Living Public outcry as millions demand banks remain open 8 million adults would struggle to go completely digital Banks are cutting costs Maybe the banks speak about their more profitable customers when they say this is what customers want, even though there are a lot of customers who don't want it The government has to ensure the vulnerable are accounted for
  9. Sky News - FYI investigates kids who vape Weekly news show for young people investigates why there has been a sharp rise in children who vape and what impact it's having on their health The WHO made a video on vaping dangers The presenter reports, "The UK Vaping Association says the WHO is wrong" Specialist from the Royal Brompton Hospital; "God didn't give us lungs to inhale chemicals into them and expect to get away with it" The Advertising Standards Authority deny that there is evidence the packaging is aimed at young people The specialist says they must have their eyes closed and believe the earth's flat. ( Why do they frequently use this expression ) Blackburn Rovers Football Club has a vape sponsor, and the Club say's we have seen no evidence that our role has increased the use E-cigarettes in children Some vapes have illegally high levels of nicotine The UK Vaping Association says they can be bought in pizza shops, barbers ... there is probably a 1 in 2 chance that you would be injured from smoking cigarettes, and that vaping is less harmful, and talks about their use for giving up smoking. Kids at the end say ... I will try and cut down More people should breathe fresh air I do worry a little bit that I might end up in hospital I might regret it one day but it's a part of growing up
  10. Kevin O'Sullivan and Peter Hitchens on talk radio discuss the coronation invitation with the green man at the bottom, and whether it is pagan, or just 'green', and that it's not Christian, etc. KO - "Charles seems to be turning into a human version of the guardian." PH - "He's preoccupied with the green 'issue' " KO - "Yes and he's woke" PH - "For thise of us who question these things" - "We don't really have an impartial monarch anymore" KO - "Yes both he and William are ..."
  11. I find he is a real person with a lot of love and care in his heart, as are most of the country musicians, IMO " The perfect slave "
  12. Thanks Freaky Dragonfly, I was glad to hear this account of William Spruance. He said at the end that he works with the Brownstone Institute, where I've read some interesting articles over some time. William looks like he's got many articles there that I hope to get round to looking through, especially his Covid era analysis. https://brownstone.org/articles/what-happened-at-georgetown-law-with-covid/ Excellent article. Hard to take a quote out from this articulate and thoughtful young man. " The speech ended in an anti-climatic silence. I asked the crowd what I had been missing, but there was no response. There were no answers to my questions or acknowledgements of the policies’ absurd contradictions. I thanked them for their time and walked out of the small auditorium. I figured I might get a follow-up email about the speech, perhaps something from the administration, but it all seemed settled. It appeared to be quintessential DC: a speech with zero effect. But the calmness ended two days later when Dean of Students Mitch Bailin informed me that I was indefinitely suspended from campus. "
  13. Happy Good Friday my friends. We lived to see another Easter and I always think back to how Chris Evans started to call this Great Friday when he used to do the Big Breakfast, and the days started with a laugh and a lark. Making fun out of thin air. Whatever happens, whatever 'they' say and do, smile at a stranger, enjoy the moment, and don't let the bastards grind us down. There are places they can't touch, there has to be!
  14. I saw this on Natural News after doc shared a good article from there in the politics section. Also saw this statement - 'This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author'. Typical sign of the bloody times, eh. " Budweiser commits corporate SUICIDE by trying to shove TRANS perversion down the throats of beer drinkers Since everyone knows that all-American beer drinkers just love the Cult of LGBT – that was sarcasm – the great minds at Anheuser-Busch decided to partner with Mulvaney to expose the American public to even more perversion during basketball season. "
  15. Thanks for the laugh, it really was out loud And to EW for refreshing a good thread
  16. Thanks for sharing as you flew out the door and yeah, good description. Also they never miss a chance to show an advert for 'one of the boys', I saw this photo on talkradio and sky so far ...
  17. Just noticed Charles pink tie, I find that intriguing. It is pink isn't it? The Blair pink tie?
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