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  1. Like many of you here I've watched for years as THEY try to move towards a future where WE can't say anything about THEM without a lawyer All I've heard about in the last few days is those previous cases ... the ones that lead to today, when his name is protected. THEY talk about libel, and money. In the past couple of decades WE have allowed ourselves to be pulled into the trial by media theatre, but I bloody knew at the time that it was just one part of the build up to protecting themselves, even if it looked like quite the opposite at the time.
  2. Thanks for a great reply LastOneLeftInTheCounty Sorry I realise now that I didn't explain properly. I'm not hearing a whistle as such, but 'dog whistle' seems to be one of the new buzz terms. P.s. I don't think this is off topic, as the original posts were about fear mongering / symptoms etc.
  3. As you mention that; I have been meaning to share that I've noticed 'dog whistle' being used a lot these last few months, especially when the media discuss politics. It always sounds like one of their in jokes. Somebody somewhere knows that they're pulling on our strings, and also that sounds / frequencies are used to manipulate us.
  4. Yes it appears so. Earlier Nicky Campbell said we don’t know the ‘gender’. But then I saw today’s Metro and this is a quote from the front page. “ The youngster’s mother said she saw an image of him on her son’s phone ‘from some kind of video call’ looking like he was getting ready for my child to perform for him’. “
  5. Hurled into the mix of the Twitter sphere. We don’t know much. Anyone is a published writer but not trained, open themselves up to libel. it’s going to make life harder for people at the BBC. Against the background of other very famous cases. Duty of care. Have the BBC been slow? 7 weeks. We will know before too long who the presenter is, but the story doesn’t wait for that. People who are gunning for the BBC … In the Express, ‘he’ accused the BBC of being a haven for perverts. (A journalist)
  6. News on several channels … “ The school was kept locked down for hours. Miles was one of the children. We were kept locked up safe, some people were scared, I was one of them then I was ok, some had panic attacks, it’s very sad “ …. There is no suggestion that it is terrorism related … our thoughts are with … local people will see more police.
  7. Talk TV - little bits overheard / quotes ... Guest repeating that you can't just say what you want without thinking that someone will come for you Ian Collins asks: Are people really that stupid that they don't know that? And then in a few moments says "Simple question do you trust the BBC? Also there is a lot of legal talk, legal training! This again is one big fat ... lessons will be learned ram in down our throats ... Policing social media Potentially defamatory Government is calling for social media to police themselves Its been a very difficult weekend for other BBC presenters who have been caught up in this We will not be naming this person for legal reasons Gary Lineker was taken off air in a matter of hours but this presenter was allowed to stay for 60 days I keep hearing Who knew what when ... How it was dealt with ... McAlpine was innocent In the past they have put the institution before the individual i don't think they've done that here What they knew when they knew it and what they're going to do about it? The problem will come back again and again and it relates to social media - the publics' right to know and the individuals right to privacy Your primary duty is to the young person involved Referring to Frank Bough ... "we're all human and we all do stupid things" It's been a cheap opportunity to kick the beeb People like Pritti Patel and Nadine Dories "I don't think this will be one of the big scandals, that is the ones where the BBC have kept information from the public" ( He means in the past - maybe i would say what like in the 'pandemic' era ....?! ) Roger Bolton - Former BBC Presenter ian Collins; I disagree. These allegations are shocking and because of the individual, because I know who it is ... more so End quote
  8. Conversation on children being denied the use of toilets during lessons The following are quotes, some slightly paraphrased - really interesting call from a headteacher ... "During the pandemic kids were out of a secure place" (School) "Children don't have social skills after the pandemic" - not having family days out and getting used to using the toilet. "They arrive for class and I say does anyone want to use the toilet" and several of them go off at once "The vaping is mad" (in the toilets) "12 years of age" "You can't smell the vapes" "Every lesson I was clearing them out of the toilets" "We need social skills development" We've got to say to the child you went to the toilet at the same time every day, is anything wrong, "their human rights." "We all know what its like when you need the toilet." Dennis O'Sullivan headteacher in Hertfordshire Presenter Naga Munchetty says "I'm amazed that you say its the most spoken about subject nationally" The previous caller also said it's worse since the pandemic but didn't perhaps didn't get to speak for long after mentioning that word. Now they are asking if the feminism pendulum has swung too far the other way and men's place in society - What about Men? Caitlin Moran and her book tour. More on that in another section I hope. Famous last words
  9. Radio 5 Parents are requested not to go to the school, for their safety and the safety of the children. Other schools nearby have been advised ( to close? ) An adult has been stabbed and taken to hospital ? Presenter says it's very sad news ( Bloody hell is nowhere safe - Tewkesbury?! ) ( Struck by the use of the word lockdown, of course. )
  10. These are a few more comments that i heard just after the show Quote Nicky Campbell spoke about his distressing weekend, and said he will be speaking to lawyers Jeremy Vine said social media is a massive fountain of sewage and somebody needs to put a cap on it The media are waiting on the 'doorstep' to 'grab an interview' with the BBC which they will get on Tuesday? What has been alleged? The story broke late Friday night. The BBC said they had been notified in May. The family say they are upset as no-one from the BBC contacted them. There are differences between what the BBC and the family are saying. The presenter has tried to contact the teenager twice to say what are you doing, can you get your family to stop. The law- 1976 - you cannot take, make or share indecent images of someone under the age of 18 The teenager cannot give their consent. End quote
  11. BBC radio 5 from 9 till 11 spent, I believe, the whole two hours discussing this - in the second section centering the phone in around trial by media. It is clear to me that this is partly a training exercise for the people, that allegations cannot be made without evidence to back it up. Allegations can be extremely costly, as even re-tweets are publications. I got the impression while listening that the teenager might be a boy, the media are calling this a 'person', and a couple of callers referred to the boys' mother, and the presenter Nicky Campbell said we don't know the gender. (We used to call that the sex) I heard a lot of calls mentioning mental health, connected to social media comments. I heard a lot of repetition, repetition, repetition to ensure that people get the message. The opinion was that there will be some huge payouts over this. Which will serve as an example. Right or wrong ... Rather Patronisingly perhaps, we are told this is not the village square or the garden fence.
  12. I'm not sure but the BBC 'photo' news has taken up about two days front pages now, and there's a hate related incident in Ireland, a flag on bonfire, that's being investigated to see if a crime has been committed. Oh, and the word Father is problematic !!? I don't really like seeing the banner on the fence that says in the heart of... I don't know what the banner is?
  13. I heard this ten minute 'talk' on radio 4 and was very glad I caught it. A nice insight into Michael's relationship with older people when he was young, and younger people now he's older. How people teach and influence each other. And a brief mention of lockdown / care homes. This is just my sort of programme as most people have little gems to share like Michael does. He touches on writing War Horse after his chat with an elderly gentleman who told him about his friendship with a horse. (I knew it was based on a true story, but haven't heard about that in a while ) I was pondering how I've heard about 'adopt a grandparent' schemes and what a great idea that is. I'd forgotten this but yes; I saw an adopted grandmother and child on the evening news last year (perhaps?) And it was such an incredible relationship. The mutual love and support was so beautifully apparent.
  14. Yes. The part that the church played in all of it, that was so hard to witness for me, on top of everything else of course. There are still some people that I can forgive, in the 'they know not what they do' way.
  15. This morning I see this is on every front page. Another part of the destruction of the BBC. Even if that is deserved in some ways, I feel for the decent people and programmes that get ignored during the onslaught. I've listened to the talk against the BBC for a few years now, and yet every day I also have praise for the BBC- mostly the radio. I've meant to say it for a while. This morning on the BBC they said... "Another crisis at the BBC We need greater clarity And what they're doing to put it right?" They also said that every email that is sent between the BBC will be looked at later so they have to be careful what they say. It'll all be buzz words and sly agenda for a few days.
  16. I've come to see over time the, you know control side ... of 'the church' and I felt that I could see 'the church' being phased put as awful new religions and control ... are ushered in. I despised how all but a few churches abandoned people, despite having God on their side and supposedly being without fear !! You know. However one church I know of was having secret services during lockdown. I was so pleased to hear that. Despite everything I resent the agenda against 'the church', and how 'it' has been infiltrated, and how good people are ignored and pressured into change. I love the side of the church that provides support, community, music, culture, history, events, services, beauty, and so on, there is so much good! It is completely ignored. And even after the census it was spun that Christianity was on the wane.
  17. I wasn't sure where to share this, it's quite an intriguing headline, I did a search for Neil Oliver to see where to put it and thought you might be interested to see it Mac, dating back to 2020
  18. These strange people will not be happy until everyone is talking about things that don't matter, wasting time on disagreements and arguing the toss, creating distraction, losing faith in all institutions and representatives. As Lewis Schaffer says; it's the war on love. Fortunately when we look the other way there is still plenty of love, and laughter to be found. I bet THEY hate that it still exists, even in its purest form. F*ck these shit stirring freaks, they have nothing solid and strong. But they are very good, increasingly good at breeding misery and frustration. Love is felt in the heart, which I guess is why the heart is mentioned in the media in most deaths and tragedy? When did that even start?!
  19. That is such a good question, and the website Grumpy Grapes shared is just 'crazy' Another good one I ábsolutey agree. I watched your share as I find he's worth keeping an eye on. I also found it interesting listening to Dale Vince at 8 minutes, not because I agree with him, but because of how he responded to 'the slime' Excellent, we can all learn from each other. I really like this statement
  20. One of my favourite examples is when Elton John said he had offset Harry's carbon footprint and at the time I thought this is a bit too early for this ...before Brexit and Covid broke the memories and habits of the people. We knew didn't we that it would be pushed in the future onto the main stage, but I was never capable of picturing how that would actually feel, well not until the 24/7 of covid when I realised what good training it was for behaviour change to save others, and so on. Now today it is so tiresome hearing climate crisis, and all the buzz words. It's so negative, controlling and draining. I can understand how prayer, meditation, focus on other words, and on the things that spread satisfaction, and genuine creativity, must help to balance the bombardment and hypocrisy. I should listen to myself. When will I ever learn !?
  21. The Royal brand has been used to promote racism, mental health, and new terms like 'my truth'. Oh and what was that other one? Oh bloody hell the training isn't working ... oh yes it's unconscious bias The whole Harry episode is just one long marketing campaign that will probably end up with a chapter on the return of the prodigal son. That can be another long marketing campaign when the time is right.
  22. Having heard some of the horror stories on the radio on the Windrush scandal I couldn't help but think that he wasn't aware enough to 'influence' that, or attempt to defend them in any way that he was able. It almost feels to me as if he might mean 'immeasurable' in terms of chaos In terms of using people to further an agenda. On another note ... certain countrie's people are given respect and attention which I do not begrudge as such, but can't help but notice that I don't hear much about say the Irish, italians, Greeks, Turks etc etc, who have helped to develop trades and industries here ... engineering, catering, tailoring etc. As usual much about the world is ignored when it suits. Also I know that Greeks experienced what would be labelled as 'racism', or hostility, for instance in schools, ( I don't actually believe in 'racism', as it's a type of political agenda and a completely inhuman measure, that simply breeds weakness, division and resentment ... this constant focus on black / white is absolutely pathetic ... anyone who supports it has been hypnotised to the many other directions the world could take. It denies the opportunity to focus on warmth, love and human togetherness. THEY cannot focus on the real good in the world as it wouldn't work in their favour.
  23. I would be ashamed to even drop a hanky there, let alone disrupt everything like that. I read one of the articles and the hysterical justification for it, going on about their grandchildren and all the world's grandchildren. These people are blind to the real injustices. Just imagine if they had stood up for the plight of the elderly and the sick. It riles me that they are just tools of the agenda. 'Funny' how no-one with a genuine protest seems to get any of this attention. I often used to hear on the radio how the governments were ignoring the climate crisis ( as in; it was up to the people) .... and it always seemed like such an old and typical sneaky trick to me.
  24. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/salisbury-hanging-baskets-scrapped-environment/ What a basket case! row breaks out as Salisbury City Council votes to scrap hanging baskets in historic market square. 5 July 2023, 14:02 | Updated: 5 July 2023, 14:26
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