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  1. Sorry I'm finding I have some time to write today, and I've got a lot / too much, that I've witnessed lately ! Ben Elton did a routine on 'PC' last week, but what the hell was that excuse for a show that I used to love? Humans spent thousands of years sculpting their creativity, culture and comedy. It cannot be destroyed in 20 years. Separate overheard on the news ... The BBC just now; "We're living in scary times and even the PM agrees." "The biggest task will be uniting the country" ... "The biggest cost is childcare" "The joy of having a family has meant giving up a job that she loves." "Currently there is no funding for under 2 year olds" Just piss off you sneaky treaterous bastards. They are promoting fear, and yet anytime people were struggling financially it was ignored for years. Now the media creates even more of a self fulfilling prophecy. "To Ukraine now" ...
  2. Would you believe that. What a strange world. Good people have to think straight, be strong, confident, vigilant. Etc. I must say, I reminded myself today of the fantastic people in this country. The ignored. Those standing up against ridiculous restrictions, and natural born rights. Those who build small businesses, the self employed who keep themselves in work. The NHS staff and carers who make an effort to maintain some sanity. The ones who genuinely love and care and support the elderly, the sick, and the less well off. The entrepreneurs. The historians. Even the members of the house of Lords, who despite say, wealth and privilege, know the difference between right and wrong and (I notice) stand up for those less well off, who are not able to defend themselves. Those Lords who are only ever mentioned in the media when threatened with their removal. The quirky people, the jesters, the comdians, the entertainers, the musicians, the chefs, the tradesmen. The healers, the givers, the lovers, the inventors, the dancers. Just bouncing some out of the top of my head. How many people are doing what they do best, completely ignored, while the saboteurs work every day to distract and destroy, to convince us that what we love is already lost. F*ck these self serving gangsters. Let us take a moment to stop, to breathe, to smile, and to remember what we still have and to find a way to put some of our energy into maintaining it, and enjoying it. There are some real freaks about, but then there always were.
  3. Just stop oil / state sponsored t*rrorists, throw paint over cars?. Yet you're not 'allowed' to use the 'wrong'... words. I'm already sick of hearing covid supporting media luvvys, saying it's such an important cause that you can't criticise it. Someone added the certain death quotes for added effect. On Al Jazeera today something called the climate optimism show, or what was it ... and a guest from the UN... clean air ... lungs ... Repetition Repetition Repetition
  4. Ian Collins; Does a politicians wealth matter? I don't think it does? ( Same old soundbite, repetitive and shallow media questions - creating more X factor style reality tv politics ) He married well, let's say, to a very successful and charming wife. His ability to be right about the details perhaps more than anyone in politics - Mike Wood MP In my opinion, and I have spoken to many about this over the years ... as a comparable example ... the introduction of white collar workers, fresh out if uni ... in business and industry, instead of those that worked their way up, has been a disaster for all of those on the 'ground'.
  5. Thanks Tinfoil, enjoyed your reply, and isn't it bloody refreshing to not have to tell you I was kidding about. If I don't laugh I'll cry and so on. Great point about erasing memories. Is someone keeping track of all this
  6. A mix of separate soundbites in PMQ's Something about welcoming a Southampton? football supporter into the house Rishi Sunak ; "Cracking down on criminals" "Unlimited immigration" "15,000 police officers" "Climate lunatics" (protestors, not the net zero fanatics) We did it during covid and we will do it again" "We won't take any lectures on national security" Starmer ; Said separately something about the word "Terrorists" "The tories have crashed the economy" Mp's question / comment about justice for Harry Dunn Sunak "My thoughts are obviously with the family." (There's that NWO catchphrase yet again) Remember when it was said that Trump invited both families to the white house, and surprised the Dunn's by announcing that the other family were in the next room? Very strange, bizarre, and intriguing situation? ... "Law breaking was the order of the day during the pandemic" ... (true) ... There were "parties" ... oh dear lord here we go again. The prime minister was "very clear" ... another popular and overused term?
  7. "The international community needs to find a way of stopping it." "I urge my former colleague not to go on strike and walk away from the border" Tony Smith former head of UK border force. (Imagine a strike, an open border, the army etc?) Apparant 'texter' to the show; Why don't we send them to the Falklands instead of Rwanda? It's British and will be further for them to come back. Mike Graham; Very true, we've got to do something. This ties in with what appears to be the long term agenda. Break the system, so that it can be 'fixed', then eventually send protestors, or the unvaccinated, or former home owners, or loaf of bread thieves ... away from the UK ... even those criminals sent to Australia, I gather that many of them were simply starving and hungry? But they were always summed up in one word 'criminals'? Even last night on GB News, one guest said "I think were all going to be sent to Rwanda one day." It was mentioned on TalkTV about the migrant problems in Greece, Italy, and of course the USA, with Mexico "shown in a lot of movies.: Mike Graham "The world of politics is becoming Americanised' We know that, even talk of Eddie Izzard joining, is that right, I don't know yet) Peter Cardwell; Theres a lot of wealthy politicians. Johnson, Starmer, could perhaps be on a beach (slight paraphrasing there) "Rishi Sunak is perhaps incorruptible" (financially) Jesus wept - or for the love of Pete, or whatever, the f'ing irony? Look how truth is mixed with fiction on these shows. I even heard the other day that wealthy people must be in it for the love of doing something for society, as they're clearly not in it for the money. Such training and theatre. Very interesting to see it played out though.
  8. News banners on TalkTV; Halloween fiscal statement delayed as Braverman reappointed backlash Heathrow passenger numbers will take years to return to "pre-pandemic levels" People looking to make extra cash as costs rise urged to "stay alert for fraud" ... (reminds me of stay safe, stay alert) (One of the reasons you're short of cash is 'cause of legalised fraud / convid fraud) October fiscal statements delayed to November 17th Barclays jumps ahead of forecasts with £2 billion profits Officer suspended over alleged rape at police college And a brief snippet of a climate conversation on the protestors ... Mike Graham; "People who say to me ... that it's a noble cause ... No. They are wasting police resources." Susan Hall; "Yes. 200 police officers ... People I speak to who work with the police locally say they're frustrated because they're never up to the numbers they should be because they're distracted into London."
  9. I used to think that, but 'everyone' said it was entirely Liz's fault and now I think, yes of course that makes perfect sense 23th March 2020 to 6th September 2022 897 days 6th September to 20th October 2022 44 days / 6 weeks Don't you know anything? Rishi actually saved busineses, by stopping them working and siphoning off the taxpayers money. What are you a conspiracy theorist? I bet you didn't even take the vaccine. Why can't you just do what you're told for once?
  10. Throughout Covid, 'they' heavily overused the term light at the end of the tunnel. It was almost like, I bet you I can squeeze it in this interview, even if it's out of context or sticks out a mile ...
  11. ... oh and not taxing the rich ... but allowing philanthropists to openly run the country.
  12. Preparing us for ... We can't do that the markets won't like it. What a nerve. And if you say the corps run the world you're a cracking pit, predictive text lol. You're a crack pot.
  13. Although I haven't done this yet! Especially as my scribbIes needed editing ... I see there is a lot of talk about it online, and an article in the Metro, plus others. Tonight "Sangita Myska wanting to ban the word globalists" was mentioned on GB News by Matt Le Tissier, who also took an opportunity to highlight Sir Christopher Chope speaking in parliament for the vaccine injured. https://metro.co.uk/2022/10/22/lbc-host-powerfully-shuts-down-racist-caller-saying-rishi-sunak-isnt-british-17617297/
  14. https://metro.co.uk/2022/10/22/lbc-host-powerfully-shuts-down-racist-caller-saying-rishi-sunak-isnt-british-17617297/ Wanted to share this quote from LBC Radio 'Sorry' about the picture. I thought I'd leave it in, but don't have nightmares Just before 11pm on GB News Matt Le Tissier mentioned ... Sir Christopher Chope highlighting the vaccine injured in parliament, ... and also Sangita Myska wanting to ban the word globalist on her show. (I heard that live and it was pretty jaw dropping.)
  15. I find myself torn between the potential to believe this to be true, especially on the basis that I always heard over the years of the experiments taking place to 'bring back' old virus', for instance ... and thinking what on earth are they doing? ... And on the other hand wondering if 'they' would want us to believe that it was created in a lab; to use that for yet another agenda? ... like a war with China, or compensation payouts to futher bankrupt countries that had jab mandates (this may happen anyway), or simply to scare people half to death with what they have taken. Or even to justify why the vaccine mandates were necessary in the first place (because 'they' knew it was man made and were just trying to 'protect' us. It's for our own good. Layers and layers of lies and manipulations. I like to believe that whatever 'they' might create ... the human body has the ability to fight / resist it. 'They' would hate that. which is a bonus. Just thinking out loud. I hadn't pressed submit and I want to post about Matt on GB ...
  16. Absolute classic CarpeDiem, hell of a punchline. Many a true word spoken in jest.
  17. https://deadline.com/2022/10/robbie-coltrane-cause-of-death-revealed-harry-potter-star-died-1235152745/ As a point of interest ... Robbie Coltrane died at the age of 72 following multiple organ failure, according to multiple UK reports. The death certificate of the Harry Potter star also noted he had been suffering from sepsis, lower respiratory tract infection and heart block. Coltrane, who played Hagrid in the fantasy films, had also been diagnosed with obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
  18. Letter From a Care Home Whistleblower - Daily Sceptic ... 14 OCTOBER 2020 https://dailysceptic.org/archive/testimony-of-a-carer-during-covid-19/ I recommend reading this letter, especially if you have not read anything like it before, from so many of the whistleblowers / rightly concerned care home staff. With many years experience, they should have a say in the care of their patients. That is absolutely not a scientists area. It is a crime and a scandal. If you applied the treatment of patients, and staff to any other era, it would be a long series of front page news that would shock the nation. The movie industry would be making horror films. How anyone could justify this behaviour in early 2020 is beyond me. The cruelty and viciousness that people were forced to perform on each other, that continues to this day.. There are none so blind as those who cannot see. Those who care most are punished and silenced, but that does not stop them from finding the strength to stand up for what is right. I notice that in this time of pressuring staff to torture and murder, we see reports of bullying for using hurty words, even in parliament. Talk about taking the piss.
  19. I heard a bit of analysis on football focus and the presenter asked "is that the difference a good manager can make .. to make you feel loved, and special?" Then a comment on Arsenal "all pulling in the same direction, which is half the battle." "They'll be going into this game thinking; we can do something." An Arsenal player was explaining how he now has his own song, that he hears from the fans while he's playing, and one presenter said "what a difference it makes, having your own song." To me that is part of the fans showing love, appreciation, sharing, fun, immagination, camaraderie ... I often hear commentators mention the exchange of energy between the crowd and the players. I've heard that in snooker, tennis, football. To me it's a 'spiritual feeling', showing the root of our humanity, but delivered in a passing comment (you know) As I write a female footballer mentioned "good exercise, positive energy ... good vibes ... it's beyond football." Presenter; "How much enjoyment those women get." I enjoy the human observations and reactions in sports commentary, and it often gives me food for thought, and comparisons to other areas in our society. Earlier I was thinking that it's been such a long time since we've had energy and vitality and role models in the 'mainstream', and that many have probably forgotten what it's like to have togetherness, strong leaders, a sence of pride, connections, trust and so on. In this era, I find people have lost their sence of community, instead worrying about their health, jobs and finances, confused about what is 'allowed', what is legal, what is mandatory, what does it all even mean, or ... what around them actually belongs to them. I think it takes open discussions and reinforcement to remember what 'normal' joyful, simple life is, as 'we' have been sort of institutionalised, and 'they' are banking on us forgetting who and what we really are. Anyone who has love, laughter, stability and confidence in their life, whether it's with relationships, family, work, pets or hobbies ... can rise easier above the stresses and strains? The lawn lad One footballer, Henry Landsbury said "I enjoy cutting a lawn more than winning a match ... The manager is after some of my fertiliser ... I'm loving the grass." Presenter; "He's made me feel guilty for having astro turf." ... "I'm glad that he's found something ... which is great for his mental health." (Bloody hell, why do they always have to use that term now, it's so programmed, and so limited.) Despite the incessant divide and rule, life goes on, and humans still think and feel the same as they always have. Sorry for another long post. I'm just trying to remind us of what we are capable of, no matter where it is overheard
  20. I heard the craziest show on LBC today. Sangita actually said that Truss crashed the economy in ten days, and at the same time discussing Johnson and Sunak as if it wasn't they who were so called in charge of making the decisions. When a caller said Sunak created the debt with furlough she wouldn't have it, and was more interested in calling him racist because he dared to mention race / Nationality. You can imagine that Liz will be blamed eternally for the financial situation, and Johnson can be painted as the saviour. The blatant distortions are just astonishing. I would appreciate it if someone can share some snippets from the show if I share the time slots. It was painful to listen to. I'll try to share some of the bits I heard the first chance I get.
  21. This happened not long after she'd even photographed alone and apart from her own family at Phillip's funeral and the picture used to promote partygate and social distancing.
  22. Thanks for sharing this. Tony Blair is one man who is universally despised, and the evil is written all over his face, funny how they care so much about health, but not enough to stop stealing the workers hard earned money.
  23. Yes he did, and look how strong they were before joining the EU, when they were forced into debt to control and destroy them. It's what is happening here now.
  24. That is debatable. When a Liverpudlian robs a grandmother it's called a crime, but when a government robs their pension and locks them in their home it's called protecting the elderly? Time and again the media targets particular groups for distraction and political gain. What do they say about loan sharks; a bunch of c*nts who get people into debt so that they can own / control them for the rest of their lives?
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