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  1. I noticed this last night, which reminded me that the inquiry was live on BBC, haven't heard Whitty's name for a while, I remember how bad it was to see him every day. That alone should have been enough to end lockdown and the daily broadcasts! That also reminds me how Boris and 'all that lot', tried to destroy weekends, evenings, and any other 'traditional family time', with announcements and votes, or anything else they could think of ... because it was of such vast importance. It's infuriating to hear that Boris didn't want to go along with it all, or that he was scared because he was ill. Talk about theatre. That man is part of the people who are part of the problem, and he must feel very proud of his huge achievements and his target to paralyse the country for the best part of 7+ years. These bastards, the worst things that they do to chip away at the spirit don't even get a mention in the main. The news is so trivial.
  2. This video is very good, and I like what George says about the politicians and private companies, and of course the filth in our water. I hadn't heard of DD News, although I have heard a little of George Monbiot.
  3. Last night on GB news or Talk radio, someone mentioned that 400 refugees died on a boat, but the presenter said that this story was unusual, and with the interest in the Titanic. I'm sorry for the loss when I read of what these men achieved, and what their interests were, it's such a waste. (I still hope though, that we don't have another minutes silence for the public, that has become so common lately!
  4. BBC Copyright - Posted at 23:53 22nd June Amazon is moderating bad taste reviews of game controller used in Titan sub Joe Tidy - Cyber-security reporter Amazon has begun moderating the reviews section of the now infamous games controller used to control the missing Titan sub. As news of the missing sub spread earlier this week, bad taste reviews began to appear on the shopping giant’s page for the Logitech F710 controller. Users posted about the controller "not being good at steering a submarine" and "losing signal in the ocean". Before the fate of the crew aboard the sub became clear, the posts received hundreds of approvals from other shoppers and some were made into viral TikTok videos. Amazon has started deleting the reviews as it’s understood they do not comply with community guidelines. The Logitech F710 controller is a popular games console accessory which wirelessly connects to gaming consoles and PCs. The relatively cheap £33 ($42) controller has become a focal point of the technology on the Titan since videos of the company CEO using it were posted online.
  5. Thanks bamboozooka, I was also interested in Cameron's comments. 'Entire week has been prolonged and nightmarish charade' - Director James Cameron BBC Copyright: BBC - 23:21 on June 22nd Director James Cameron, who has completed 33 dives to the Titanic, has told BBC News that he predicted this deadly outcome days earlier. The director of the blockbuster film Titanic said he was on a ship on Sunday when the sub first went missing, and he did not hear about its disappearance until Monday. When he learned that the sub had lost both its navigation and communication at the same time, he said he immediately suspected a disaster had taken place. "I felt in my bones what had happened. For the sub’s electronics to fail and its communication system to fail, and its tracking transponder to fail simultaneously - sub's gone." Cameron told BBC News the past week has "felt like a prolonged and nightmarish charade where people are running around talking about banging noises and talking about oxygen and all this other stuff". He added that once a remotely controlled underwater vehicle was deployed on Thursday, searchers "found it within hours, probably within minutes".
  6. Posted at 4:57 on BBC Website - where there is a long list of updates More on the US Navy's pick-up of 'implosion' sound The US Navy detected “an acoustic anomaly consistent with an implosion” just hours after the Titan began its dive on Sunday. The information was immediately shared with the US Coast Guard, which used it to narrow the scope of its search, an official told CBS News. But it's not clear why this information was not made public earlier. It's believed the implosion sound was picked by the Navy's secretive long-range sonar listening system which has its origins in the Cold War. The Sound Surveillance System was created in the 1950s to listen for Soviet submarines in the remote depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Precise details of current operations are classified, but a US Navy website describes them as performing “detection, localisation and tracking of submarines and the collection of acoustic and hydrographic information.” ........ Part of the reason I share this is because it appears that it was known very early that there had been an implosion and that the media led people to believe that there was a chance, for 3 whole days? Also that the submarine was, perhaps, found in a more obvious location than the vast search area implied in the media? Below its last known location? In common with Anti Facts Sir, I can't help but be interested in the numbers used. For example 40 hours of oxygen left? When it appears that it was known that the sub had already imploded? Perhaps it was just a way to hold the publics attention, where it has been headline news with the economy second. In the BBC thread I see some well used / over used 'media' words ... hope, heartbreak, our thoughts, lessons learned, unprecedented.
  7. What a strange picture of Charles at Royal Ascot, just after his horse won. I've only just seen the Chris Whitty column, I didn't get to see / hear his part in the 'inquiry' today.
  8. THEY have money, but want power. Stop freedom of movement. Stop freedom of speech. Stop freedom of thought.
  9. I think there is a need to stop people exploring, underwater. And also to stop people's joy and enthusiasm and sense of adventure - independent spirit As usual
  10. Al Jazeera There's less than half a days worth of oxygen left ... Q - Are there lessons that can be learned? Q - In hindsight ... would you have gone down on this vessel? "Pressure loves flat edges, round edges it can't get around" "He is the man that would be giving everyone hope" "Because she (the titanic) is so iconic Whether it's treasure hunting or salvage" "If there is a way to do it people will do it" "There was a wedding on the titanic in a submersible" If there is an element of danger ... People like to do something different ( paraphrased ) There will be a big inquiry Dick Martin The following was another expert "What are the emergency health instructions - to do with breathing or ... " ..? Mentions medical treatment etc ... "In 1973, there was a vessel in 1500 feet of water, after 3 days, (they had) dehydration and mild hypothermia".
  11. 11am Flick the news channels ... It's headline news and constant coverage everywhere BBC More vessels join the search for the submersible, missing on a trip to the wreck of the titanic ... the search area has expanded as the coastguard says it's in a race against time to find the vessel - ( Headline 2 Global Financial Crisis- Also this hour the Bank of England decides whether to increase interest rates again to help control inflation - ) Well we begin our coverage in the North Atlantic ... has entered a crucial phase The US coastguard says the oxygen supply may run out in hours More underwater noises can be heard but it rains unclear what they are ... cut to the North American correspondent complicated International hunt unfolding in the Atlantic ocean, more than 400 miles from the coast There is some hope, more noises have been heard Captain Jamie Frederick - US coastguard- When you're in the middle of a search and rescue case you always have hope, that's why were doing what we do. With respect to the noises specifically, we don't know what they are, to be frank with you, the good news is, what I can tell you is, we are searching in the area where the noises were detected and will continue to do so Former colleague and friend of Shahzada Dalwood - He is someone who's got an uncommon zest for life, he has a real sense of adventure, a passion for exploration. Also on board is a French veteran diver Paul Henri, and Stockon Rush the head of the exploration to the bottom of the same There are fears this could turn from rescue to recovery AS one expert put it, it's like trying to find a missing space ship on the far side of the moon.
  12. I was reading an article on The Conservative Woman and always enjoy the comments there. One contributer shared an anonymous letter written by a Doctor in July 2020, which I felt was worth reading, even though we have read similar letters over all of 'this time'. So, as one thing thankfully leads to another ... ... A link was also shared to an independent website that has an extensive 'catalogue' of Covid history and current information. https://paulspradbery.blogspot.com/ " To date, government politicians are squirming to avoid this monumental issue. They are terrified of the truth being presented before the people for fear of mass civil unrest, pitchforks and makeshift gallows. I am not exaggerating here. The issue of the deadly ‘vaccines’, however, which was understood prior to their worldwide use, will not go away. The perps and their corrupt minions have been forced into a corner by the brave persistence of a small portion of humanity, of which I am proud to be a small, solitary unit." - Paul Spradbery, copied from his excellent website
  13. Thanks I enjoyed this by Daniel Hannan, I haven't read him before. 'Back then' I was trying to find journalists who felt the way he did, and there were very few, but I hope they are remembered, they need to be.
  14. Thanks for the reminder. I actually heard this on BBC radio news a couple of days ago ( BBC funnily enough ? ! )
  15. A comment on The Conservative Woman website " So here's the latest CoE insanity : The Church of England has appointed its first transgender Archdeacon in a move hailed by LGBT+ campaigners as “a beacon of light and hope”. Revd Canon Dr Rachel Mann has been appointed Archdeacon of Bolton and Salford, and is now believed to be the most senior trans member of the clergy within the Church. "She" [sic] said that "she" [sic] is “humbled and excited” to take on the new role and asked for prayers as "she" [sic] takes on this “demanding and hope-filled role”.
  16. Always glad to catch a clip of Dr Tess Laurie, she's so genuine, and very much appreciated for all of her efforts. Comments section; Calum Mackenzie - 10 months ago - Neil, like you, l am not a scientist but am blessed with a certain amount of intelligence and common sense, and for some reason saw right through the whole BS from the get go. Saw figures that made absolutely no sense. When number of cases were low & there was a small increase then the Government would use percentages (ie from 10 to 15 cases an INCREASE OF 50% they would scream. But when case numbers went from, say 10000 to 10500 (a 5 % increase) then they would scream NUMBERS HAVE EXPLODED BY 500 NEW CASES. So glad that my wife & l have declined the shot and have no intention of ever having It.
  17. ITV have been in a 2 hour committee meeting in Parliament today, it followed on from a replay of the meeting with the Bank of England
  18. Itv were invited to speak in Parliament to a committee and it's been on from 10 am till 12. Where this is all going ...
  19. At nearly 2.40 pm BBC news mentioned the following, so I just quickly copied a headline from reuters ... BioNTech faces first German lawsuit over alleged COVID vaccine side effects By Ludwig Burger and Patricia Weiss
  20. I mostly agree with you there Bombs. However, I can't help but feel, time and time again, that it is all part of the destruction of our previous system. Some MP's were forced through peer pressure to agree, even temporarily to the restrictions, and seemed to hope that something would change by the next bench mark/ vote. I watched the debates with sheer desperation and want, hoping that someone could stop it. That the voices of reason could help the balance. Now we have to hear that MP's were under different rules to us, regarding llockdown rules. Yet at the time, I wanted them to still be together and working, of course, even though there was not much sign of it, and the appearance at the time was that they were working from home mostly. I still can't make much sense of it, or to work out who, if any, MP's were really on side. I what to believe that some were just manipulated, but who bloody knows really. The length of the destruction is miserable. It reminds me of the scene in the Titanic, where the sinking was described in a few minutes, and then 'Kate Winslet's' version was shown in the rest of the movie. The death and corrosion of our society does not happen im a few minutes, it's years and years of chipping away. And forcing us down dead ends. The illusion of choice. The breaking of decades of relationships and tradition and security. In some directions there is a better way, and in the other there is complete sabotage. I can understand why some people want nothing to do with the debate. Being dragged into it is often a large part of the enforced headache.
  21. BbC Question Time Will the Covid inquiry result in anything substantial? Jonathan Ashworth MP - "Why was my home town of Leicester locked down for longer?" Lord Sumption is on the panel tonight. I appreciated his input during 2020 / 2021
  22. World Council for Health co-founder Dr Tess Lawrie has this to say of the report’s revelations, “Most concerningly, these regulatory failings are common to regulatory agencies around the world that, having serious conflicts of interest, have taken on the role of drug industry enablers instead of public watchdogs. There is no doubt about it, they have put millions of people in harm’s way.”
  23. https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/statements/perseus-report-safe-and-effective/ Damning Perseus Report Reveals How UK Agency Failed to Regulate C19 Vaccines By World Council for Health April 20, 2023 I have copied the first paragraphs, but there are more quotes that should be shared, especially from Dr Tess Laurie .... The World Council for Health (WCH) endorses Safe and Effective?, a new report released on 19 April 2023 produced by Perseus, a multidisciplinary team of experts from various fields including medicine, pharmaceutical regulation, and safety management. The 36-page report is intended to widen the visibility of the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) regulatory failures to Parliamentarians, the media, and the public, and details numerous systematic ongoing failures by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) in its responsibility to ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines in the UK. Specifically, the report highlights how failures by the regulator resulted in the public being exposed to serious side effects such as myocarditis, clotting problems, neurological problems, and immunosuppression as a result of the Covid-19 vaccines.
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