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  1. Bob Moran - 3rd Nov We are now called 'deniers' if we point out that the proposed solution to a problem is completely insane. What people using this label fail to understand is that the truth of the problem's existence does not make any difference to the lunacy of their solution I agree. Also some spent a lot of time debating with each other over whether 'it' exists, when one of the most important points was ... we can't afford this. The solutions were unsustainable, and inhumane. This applies to covid and climate. And workery. And ... Course everyone agrees on covid policy and climate policy don't they? That's why the media said Charles can speak on the climate ... " he's not taking sides is he, because everyone is in agreement. " Yeah, sure. We've seen where that gets us.
  2. The article says; In 2017, he appeared on a US talk show called The Doctors where he tested positive for prescription drugs which he said he took for anxiety and sleep. He entered a rehab facility after his appearance on the show. In 2019, his brother Nick filed a restraining order against him, alleging he threatened to kill his pregnant wife and unborn child. Carter acknowledged the restraining order on Twitter at the time, but denied the allegations of threatening behaviour.
  3. Noticed a coincidence earlier today. The number 642 stuck out, so I played with it briefly and saw the 66. This is part of the advert on the radio; Do you know how much people lose on average through fraud? It's £642 How to stay safe ... Lloyd's Bank ... By your side ... Statistics quoted are from the UK finance fraud report
  4. I'm sharing this daily sceptic link from HAARPING_On not least because the comments are really good, and also because it lead me to the following excellent article, also with really good comments, I felt almost every one of them deserved a screen shot. https://dailysceptic.org/2022/11/04/debunking-the-myth-that-lockdown-was-justified-because-we-didnt-know/ Debunking the Myth That Lockdown Was Justified Because ‘We Didn’t Know’ BY WILL JONES 4 NOVEMBER 2022 Thank you to Will, and everyone else who has put into words what we have witnessed. I spent those early days of the New Year of 2020 screaming inside; no please no, don't do this. Watching it unfold, excruciatingly, seeing and hearing every minute detail of the con, day by day, as they trapped more and more people in a prison, shutting off the escape routes. Knowing that the destruction of independent businesses was part of the plan, and to silence the kind and independent voices in healthcare, as well as taking families support out of the hospitals and care homes. Plans were constantly released in the media, which was an insult to the parliamentary process, and it deliberately deceived people that each act had already been decided, I was also painfully aware of the callous intrusion on evenings and weekends where announcements, meetings, deadlines, debates and votes, were set at times to cause the most panic and to interfere most in any possible relaxation time. Sunday nights, Christmas, Easter. It astonishes me that if the media machine actually put all that happened into words, with their blow by blow accounts, and all of the twists and turns of the criminal manipulations, every detail would be a ... I can't find a word that expresses it ... but instead we see something this huge trivialised and dismissed, and the increasingly trivial, spun into beliefs of the utmost importance ... This was going to be short for once ...
  5. A comment from MN11 in The Conservative Woman It sickened me. Didnt comply and still wont comply - my choice my body. When I think of those who fought for our freedoms in the 2nd World war to prevent us showing papers and god knows what else, yet some (or many) readily give this away without a second thought. We cancelled concerts etc that were asking for vaccine passports and negative tests - what a load of bullshit. They are now using the same techniques of coercion and mind behaviour on climate change - more scaremongering but not for the elitists where this will not affect them as they are driving the situation. After all it was the WM government who removed the cap on energy so that you would be unable to afford to pay for basic standards of living - mmm I wonder who is whispering in the ears of our politicians???? Oh and Valance and Whitty are now on the new committee for behavioural change regarding the supposed Climate Crisis. What committee were they on before??? Question everything, anything that is forced, coerced, msm driven is guaranteed not to be in your best interests. (I wondered what those two were up to lately. Stomach churning)
  6. I enjoyed reading this very much, thank you saved. I've been so disappointed in the solid grown ups. I've looked at people and thought to myself; I had no idea that you were like this. That you were so gullible. I don't know. Perhaps it had to happen? Sadly these people had no 'previous' knowledge and awareness of the crimes of the past, even in the last 20 years alone, to give them the heads up on the long con of covid. I was disturbed to see churches abandoning people, but some churches stayed strong, continued to worship, albeit secretly, and some vicars gave speeches. I like how you mention 'loving truth'. This means a lot to me as I noticed a long time ago that I love hearing truth. It feels like it touches my heart, my soul, it makes me feel content and happy. I don't like the thought of people following lies, or being forced to lie to fit in with the latest propaganda. It feels so evil.
  7. I've heard a couple of good interviews on the radio regarding smart motorways. It's tragic. I feel as i always do that those who are fighting this are kept busy from fighting something else. I'm already tired of how streets are turned into bus lanes. I feel frustrated and sad that streets that belonged to us are taken away. It's interesting how much of that happened during lockdown, taking advantage of people being off the streets. Can they legally just take a street like that? I take some comfort that more people are aware of the climate con than they were of covid. But again and again I resent the training exercise of covid to bring on these other schemes that have been on the back burner for so long. They have broken some of the bonds between politicians and constituents, and peoples habits and memories of actually speaking up?
  8. Claire Mercer - Founder of Smart Motorways Kill Grieving families slam PM's U-turn to axe smart motorways A few snippets that I caught They say whatever they think the public want to hear ... There is no public support, but ... It has large private contract support ... "They're over a barrel" .. It's ... You support us and we support you ... It's legalised backhanders .. Private companies calling the shots, not ministers ... Ian; ... surely nobody can support a road where there is no emergency exit ... ?
  9. Banner on talkradio news Pfizer begins trial on combined covid / flu vaccine
  10. Live in London at 1.35pm Rory Challands for Al Jazeera Mining guant ordered to pay $310 M ... Glencore pleads guilty ... (And says "this doesn't happen any more")
  11. Thanks DannyUK, we need to be reminded of this. I would like it if he could be stopped from going in. I don't like that it would take effort to do this, and could be part of the aim anyway? But still ... The show goes on. Must go on?
  12. Mike Graham said Hancock's fee is £400,000? I always feel torn for getting a bit sucked into these things. I don't want to give it attention and energy. I don't want to feel the elastic band pull on my emotions, which is at this moment is a physical feeling in my heart! I know that this is what they want. To take our attention away from love, happiness, focus ... every other thing that matters. One answer is to be aware of this and to deliberately put attention into other things. To find and remember the balance. This applies to every other area of this shit show. That has been the case before we were born, and will be so long after we are gone. During the 'pandemic", this was all very apparent! Do we put our efforts into trying to fight it and raise awareness, spread the knowledge? Or alternatively, put our efforts into building and creating what really truly matters. We know the answer. When they have our attention they win. None of this will really matter, as life goes on, and there is so much to win, and so much to lose.
  13. Thanks DannyUK, I was aware that they would move onto war and climate after covid, but what started as a few words is now an avalanche of constant noise, and the words are slipped into every 'article'. I notice that pretending people are asking for something they're going to get anyway is also used for end of life protests / petitions. It appears that Charles environmental concerns were set up a long time ago just to prepare us for the later trap .. and how useful for the media to use that all the time. Charles enjoying his gardens, and hedges, is not the same area as the climate change dictatorship, using that to 'imprison' the public. It's rather cleverly done, as just like you can't say black lives don't matter, you can't be against the environment. Even though the organisations themselves don't care about lives or the planet, but instead poison minds, bodies and the air, soil and water.
  14. Andrew Pierce; The Daily Mail and Kevin Maguire; The Mirror doing their nightly commentary on tomorrow's news headlines ... discussing the so called "Migrant crisis", when Andrew said we're coming out of a pandemic, and that was the cause of the financial crisis, or words to that effect. Kevin said you can't keep blaming everything on the pandemic. The usual mix of truth and fiction, but it's always interesting to hear someone refer to the cost; he said how much was it? And then added the figure in trillions.
  15. "He was in charge when we had the PPE shortage", someone on the radio said ... again! Yeah let's get distracted with that. At least we learnt how to say PPE, PPE, PPE, like parrots? Look at that face. No don't. Came across your shared image from August sickofallthebollocks.
  16. An autopsy carried out by the Southern Minnesota regional medical examiner's office found “toxic effects of chloroethane” as well as “suffocation” as contributing factors. His death was also ruled an accident by the examiner.10 Sept 2022 May have been using it for a neck injury according to google? I don't know about that. Just posting this as an update ...
  17. PM Questions today Q) He did not help ordinary working people Tax the non doms ... 70,000 of them Will he bring in windfall tax on energy? A) I'm very proud of my time as chancellor Maybe he'd like to speak to the 10 million on furlough whose jobs we saved Those on universal credit ... Extra £20 This will always be a fair and compassionate government With the low paid interests at heart Mostly word for word, a little paraphrasing. I notice this is repeated non stop. Furlough furlough furlough. And help the poor, but not the businesses?
  18. MP today at 12.25 ish on PM questions "I witnessed climate change drought in Ethiopia, and I'm glad the PM is going to Sharm El Sheikh." Another penny for mentioning climate? Again. Again. Again. And ... It's more likely to be cloud seeding drought?
  19. My first thought was how wretched ... he should be in prison ... he murdered people and now it has been trivialised to this. What has become of this country. On BBC he was shown in that older clip with his save the NHS mask. And touching elbows. Sick.
  20. I share this to show the typical mix of truth and fiction, even while appearing to 'defend us' (for want of a better word) Trevor Kavannagh He locked down the country without evidence. The public will not forgive. They were locked down and couldn't see their own family. They witnessed the Queen sitting on her own. Vanessa Feltz One of the things I remember was him snivelling, and pretending to cry ... Even though we were all petrified, and hanging on his every word, 'cause we didn't want to die and all that.
  21. There is a debate on tv where one man said; being an ethnic minority, living in Britain is one of the best places to be. And a lady agrees that we are not a racist country. What the hell is 'racism', anyway, and why shouldn't we speak, have an opinion, like and dislike. It was part of the agenda and training long before the covid conformity. Anyway, what strikes me constantly is the limited amount of nationalities and countries that they even talk about in the mainstream. No mention. We don't discuss the insightful political opinions of some Black people? I went to a pub party once where a black man stood up on the microphone and gave a very powerful and rousing speech. I was all ears. It reminded me a little of the 'churches', where you can hear the most wonderful speeches, and guidance / analysis / advice. When the Muslim leaders do this they are called extremists. We heard a lot of this in the last two decades. That all got put on the back burner when the Muslims went on ... um ... furlough ... or something? I know, that was also part of our training in limited thinking. If you have a memory longer than 3 seconds, or an interest in human nature, or an appreciation of the individual cultures, and a yearning for our differences to unite us, as they really do in real life ... you get quite sick of the simplification of life as portrayed in the 'mainstream'.
  22. Thanks zArk. I'll have a look at that. I detest front bench politics, and I just can't stand these boring politicians. Deliberately boring. Their robotic voices remind me of those now founc in lifts, or on trains and busses. They want to separate us from enthusiastic / passionate human voices. I watch a bit of the parliament channel, and find ... that real questions are asked, and debates found ... on the back benches. At least to some extent. Today I listened to some questions on Avian flu, and heard Covid and vaccines mentioned a few times, which was quite interesting. But that's another story ...
  23. Two examples of today's banners that run under the news. TalkTV Charles sends message of condolence to South Korea following crowd surge deaths GB News King and Queen Consort say they are 'deeply shocked and saddened' by crush which killed more than 150 people during Halloween festivities in South Korea If you look out for this type of message, to me they always appear following 'suspect events', and contain certain words / language. I'm surprised they're not heart broken. P.s. Checked BBC and they announced verbally at the start of the 1 o'clock news that "King Charles sends his condolences ..."
  24. I saw a rainbow t-shirt, and a child's bag. I saw several of those trucks that still have thank you NHS stickers, and even one on the window of a shop that has had to close down! I hate seeing rainbow's now, even though I usually love them. I hate the symbolism.
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