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  1. Sky is doing a lot on this tonight. And Peter Falding was just on GB saying all of this is very strange that info was held back as normally he would be privy to info. He said he helps with 10 drownings a year. He says has Nicola wandered off somewhere else? Why do you think it has taken so long to come out? He says the public can usually help by checking their sheds. And ... the family didn't tell him. He says they are in pieces. Hopefully Nicola has just wandered off. Let's all just work together (end quote) Nicola's children are 6 and 9, the presenter's final words
  2. Seeing yellow ribbons reminds me that the last one I saw was tied to a tree for Julian Assange. It's interesting how 'global' certain things have become. I saw a programme on Japan and they had the padlocks on a bridge. We all yearn for differences and the variety of other cultures, and 'they' want everything and everyone the same, and then call us racist. I don't mean to derail, mainly just throwing more yellow into the mix!
  3. The menopause BS was constant about a couple of months ago, couldn't turn the channel without hearing it, and women would randomly drop it into interviews. The thing about the above headline is even without clicking it I can see that it's another one of those well used 'take away' sales techniques ... also used in 'the vax' and cancer treatment, etc ... making you feel lucky to get it. Making you beg for more. Hoping you will be picked next. As always it's completely one sided, forever highlighting the bad, and of course the only solution is medication!
  4. 30 seconds " In this area there's only two possibilities, she's either eloped or she's been abducted " 1 minute 32 " What do I think? I think there's a possibility she's gone off with somebody " ❤
  5. Why should these people have rights over everyone else. They offend me. If we had equal 'rights', fine ... but no. It's a perversion. We might as well come up with a list of who they can promote next? Hhmm ... Rock and Roll fans / dancers. Yeah, let's try that. FFS.
  6. The Guardian TV - I am Elena - Trans actors Quotes; "Why do you have to represent me as my gender, why can't you just represent me as a person?" "It was only 2 years ago that 'Zee' was introduced to the idea of non binary." ( I personally enjoy being represented as a gender - as they put it - and I'm proud of that. Absolutely sick of this constant and obvious promotion. Imagine if they promoted intellect, culture, music, writers, healers, anything ... They are sick. )
  7. Only 3 banners on GB news on repeat, repeat; interested to see that it genuinely is the only 3 things they talk about, the only 3 things things in the world. It's easy to see how reality is created, how versions of reality are created. 1) A British person has died in Ukraine as president Zelensky urges allies to send more military help, following NATO meeting in Brussels 2) Lancashire police say they have arrested two people on suspicion of sending malicious messages to Wyre Council over disappearance of mum nicola Bulley 3) Number of people killed following Turkey Syria earthquakes passes more than 41,000 I notice it's a person, not a man or woman. And I gather there will be a minute's silence which is always a bit of a red flag. Oh no, someone sent a hurty message. Oh, look, that also says people, not man / woman.
  8. I only saw it once but the father, he had that look that can bring a lump to your throat. That was at the 'start' of the news coverage.
  9. Mr H shared a twitter thread on shedding and Chris Sky was in the thread, saying he had sex with his ex wife's girlfriends ?? I thought is this THAT Chris?! Seem so. Anyway. Turns out Chris is running for mayor, or something? And he shared a lot on 15 minute cities and carbon reduction 'stuff / info ( Introducing a scheme and then moving the goal posts / upping the cost is so frequent now isn't it, so this is a quite a good tweet in my opinion. I didn't play the clip. Yet. ) ( Is he really running for Mayor? I must say if there's anything worse than being run by politicians, it's surely being run by loud mouthed conspiracy theorists. Haha. I don't mean you. I'm just messing about. Sort of. But it's given me good for thought. )
  10. I read last night that it was death by suicide, and that she was apparently abandoned by the school and council, etc. It's in the mail, and most other papers now. I always felt sorry when the discipline in schools was sabotaged. Children need firm guidance. That was another major deliberate mess. They also started promoting children telling adults what go do ... in movies and such ... and telling kids to teach adults about the climate. The ladies husband is a church minister or something.
  11. Thanks Damn. They can run this on their own. Funding both sides of any war. Even if there was no genuine tit for tat, they'll keep faking it till someone takes the 'baton'. I saw it with the Greeks and Turks. This hate crime nonsense is getting right on my nerves.
  12. That's no way to talk about Camilla? Queen of Convid, Queen Consort Camilla tests positive for something. Cor blimey governor, hope she's better by May. Cold symptoms apparently. What do say Nip?
  13. You reminded me Waldo, that the video below shared by SuperstarNeilC, says on screen "the same expression in all". I would say that it sure looks like nearly all. And one looked superimposed perhaps.
  14. Great shot Velma The layers are fascinating, years and years ... and years ... Ha ha, I want to believe, but they're just so bad at bullshitting ... Sneaky ...
  15. Yep Talkradio discussing UFO sightings and asking if you believe, by the sounds of it. Drip, drip You gotta admit, a them and us UFO crisis would be something else mwah ha ha ....
  16. Found this comment on a shorter Musk thread while looking for this particular thread, so just sharing this here too.
  17. I shared a Time Magazine article in the Turkey earthquake thread, with good information on the use of Twitter in rescue efforts, including tracking survivors ... and Musks changes to who can access the data, etc ... and the loss of staff / engineers who were dismissed from the company ... and last but not least, apparently the President restricted access to Twitter on Wednesday during the height of the rescue effort, and then 'the platform experimented with allowing longer posts for paid users'. QUOTE; 'Twitter’s critical role in disaster relief was underlined Wednesday when the Turkish government restricted access to the platform for roughly 12 hours. The move by President Tayyip Erdogan’s government throttled aid coordination and rescue operations, according to opposition activists and aid groups. “Blocking Twitter at a time like this is murder,” tweeted Sera Kadigil, a member of the Turkish Labour Party. The issue was further exacerbated when Twitter itself experienced widespread outages Wednesday, which reportedly came as the platform experimented with allowing longer posts for paid users.' https://time.com/6254500/turkey-earthquake-twitter-musk-rescue/?utm_source=roundup&utm_campaign=20230202 Twitter's Internal Chaos Is Slowing Turkey Earthquake Relief Efforts, Volunteers Say
  18. Twitter's Internal Chaos Is Slowing Turkey Earthquake Relief Efforts, Volunteers Say Feb 7th, Time Magazine Fascinating article on the use of Twitter data in 'disaster relief, and the knock on effect of the recent changes by Musk https://time.com/6254500/turkey-earthquake-twitter-musk-rescue/?utm_source=roundup&utm_campaign=20230202 But the tools Twitter uses to provide public access to its data have been breaking down since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last fall, and the mass exodus of engineers who regularly updated them has exacerbated existing issues, data scientists and people involved with the earthquake relief effort say. The timing of Twitter’s data-sharing changes and the end of the free API are further complicating a difficult and time-sensitive rescue operation, says Ugur Kursuncu, a computer scientist at Georgia State University whose lab has been participating in the joint effort. Thousands of academics, researchers and analysts have signed a letter to Musk urging him to reconsider imposing restrictions on free access to Twitter’s public data. “The social consequences of the business decisions being made by these platforms have to be accounted for,” says Kursuncu. “Because any kind of restrictions or limitations are going to have very serious consequences that are going to impact millions of people’s lives.” (The following excerpt about the President needs further investigation...?) Twitter’s critical role in disaster relief was underlined Wednesday when the Turkish government restricted access to the platform for roughly 12 hours. The move by President Tayyip Erdogan’s government throttled aid coordination and rescue operations, according to opposition activists and aid groups. “Blocking Twitter at a time like this is murder,” tweeted Sera Kadigil, a member of the Turkish Labour Party. The issue was further exacerbated when Twitter itself experienced widespread outages Wednesday, which reportedly came as the platform experimented with allowing longer posts for paid users.
  19. i know what you mean ... Rep. Nancy Mace grilled ex-Twitter official Vijaya Gadde: 'Where did you go to medical school?' https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-gop-rips-former-twitter-exec-censoring-vaccine-data-doctors-cdc-not-just-about-laptop I'm going to grab a few quotes from this article ...
  20. Neil Oliver is talking about right wing, anti semite, racist, misogynists Face masks, climate ... He says our language is what makes us human. We must reclaim it He quotes sticks and stones ... Guest Tom Bewick; Plato said no-one likes the man who speaks the truth ... I don't agree with everything you say, it's quite doom and gloom. I'm quite optimistic. As an ordinary citizen I want to listen to hope. Sometimes rhetoric does come without consequences. And on a platform like GB news ... Neil; Yes but language has been ... Andrew Eborn; The name calling is lazy ... Neil; Anti semetism is a step too far ... ( I'm intrigued to see what they say )
  21. Yeah! Absolutely, let's be clear .... It ain't really funny, but ...
  22. One that I recall was watching Mavis fawn over a gay couple, face glowing in approval ... that was the threshold ... of the older generation not being allowed to have their own opinions, and like and dislike what they wanted to, and encourage behaviour; cut from their own cloth. Even men had to be shown to go along with many things, completely one sided. Not a mirror of real life. More behaviour psychology, before social media. It's all so blatant. One of the worst parts is they ignore the wonderful quirks in human nature. Writing this reminds me of my urge to see programmes and films made in other countries, where they still believe in telling a story, sharing a story. Something with subtitles; how very grown up
  23. Family says keep an open mind ? Police say we're keeping an open mind ? Repetition
  24. Sorry this was not meant to be a long one, and I don't have time to trim it. Some of it might be helpful / useful Just some things overheard, and the past repeating itself. As much as I enjoy GB News and Talkradio, I can just about keep an eye out for how it is used to advance the 'agenda', and gee us up, bait us, direct us ... fill in your own words; your own experience and observation. I have listened to American radio, interviews, shock jock, shouting, warning, fury, worry, misery for too many years. It taught me enough to see that, for me, post millennium - the news 'there', was not on the news 'here'. Instead ... during the 'boom' years of say Blair and Brown, for starters, most people 'here', appeared to be satisfied with their lot. Enough to ignore the wars of the Bush eras, enough to appear to ignore NHS staff on street corners handing out flyers ( Re: the increasing privatisation etc ), the increasing food banks, the increased debt, GM ... and many other 'concerns' that have all been put on the back burner during Convid. There were 'terrifying' things, in the 'alternative' media that were not in the media 'here'. Frightening, despicable predictions, that were not in the media 'here'. Seeing the vast difference in the reports, and what I could see happening, and unfolding, and coming to pass, with my own eyes and ears ... proof on top of proof that this was damn well happening. For instance the alternative news in America warning that the tax payer would bail out the banks. Hearing that with increased volume and frequency during 2005 / 2006 ... Then in 2007, the days of feeling the heat and intensity rise; and then finally standing and looking at the front pages ... thinking ... Bloody hell - they really did it - how can they possibly sell it to the people - Shock shock horror - "no one could've seen it coming" - "the bankers were irresponsible" - "it must never be allowed to happen again" - "we need regulations" We saw this. It hurt. It was infuriating to watch the theatre, the control, the soothing, the directed 'noise and fallout', the stage management. I couldn't talk to many about it, especially as many were too busy looking in other directions. Enjoying their lives. Building their businesses. Working long hours. It's hard to be the doom monger. Over time I realise that finding the words, just a few words, is crucial, and comes with experience. Now LBC, GB, TalkRadio, mention things like IMF, Ofcom, Excess deaths, etc. It's a release valve. A test of where listeners are at. Also a way to give us a presenter, and then just as easily take them away. Fantastic control. Sadly. The excuses are now increased, and petty, compared to what they were in the past. Trial by media. This morning I heard Patrick on GB, a soundbite played on repeat - the Bank of England are saying the recession won't last as long as thought - The recession will last one year, not two as previously thought - Last night on LBC - no wonder the IMF are warning ... Also last night on GB, Laurence Fox and Neil Oliver - I would like to watch it properly - discussing Ofcom, and reading out the rules that Ofcom is meant to adhere to. That protection that we needed during Convid, all of the groups and rights and organisations that almost totally disappeared - it is sickening to hear the 'rules' that they are meant to abide by. The standards. And to hear them raise their heads now like they never went away. And use those 'standards' as an excuse to delete any real free speech, etc. The words that Neil Oliver spoke last night really do need to be looked at as he said a lot about the last 3 years and now. Also Bob Moran, Claire Craig and many others shared videos of a meeting in a London that would be good to see.
  25. GB News 11pm headlines Merseyside protest against refugees Misiles hurled at police "He criticised misinformation" God This is getting so repetitive
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