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  1. I've come to see over time the, you know control side ... of 'the church' and I felt that I could see 'the church' being phased put as awful new religions and control ... are ushered in. I despised how all but a few churches abandoned people, despite having God on their side and supposedly being without fear !! You know. However one church I know of was having secret services during lockdown. I was so pleased to hear that. Despite everything I resent the agenda against 'the church', and how 'it' has been infiltrated, and how good people are ignored and pressured into change. I love the side of the church that provides support, community, music, culture, history, events, services, beauty, and so on, there is so much good! It is completely ignored. And even after the census it was spun that Christianity was on the wane.
  2. I wasn't sure where to share this, it's quite an intriguing headline, I did a search for Neil Oliver to see where to put it and thought you might be interested to see it Mac, dating back to 2020
  3. These strange people will not be happy until everyone is talking about things that don't matter, wasting time on disagreements and arguing the toss, creating distraction, losing faith in all institutions and representatives. As Lewis Schaffer says; it's the war on love. Fortunately when we look the other way there is still plenty of love, and laughter to be found. I bet THEY hate that it still exists, even in its purest form. F*ck these shit stirring freaks, they have nothing solid and strong. But they are very good, increasingly good at breeding misery and frustration. Love is felt in the heart, which I guess is why the heart is mentioned in the media in most deaths and tragedy? When did that even start?!
  4. That is such a good question, and the website Grumpy Grapes shared is just 'crazy' Another good one I ábsolutey agree. I watched your share as I find he's worth keeping an eye on. I also found it interesting listening to Dale Vince at 8 minutes, not because I agree with him, but because of how he responded to 'the slime' Excellent, we can all learn from each other. I really like this statement
  5. One of my favourite examples is when Elton John said he had offset Harry's carbon footprint and at the time I thought this is a bit too early for this ...before Brexit and Covid broke the memories and habits of the people. We knew didn't we that it would be pushed in the future onto the main stage, but I was never capable of picturing how that would actually feel, well not until the 24/7 of covid when I realised what good training it was for behaviour change to save others, and so on. Now today it is so tiresome hearing climate crisis, and all the buzz words. It's so negative, controlling and draining. I can understand how prayer, meditation, focus on other words, and on the things that spread satisfaction, and genuine creativity, must help to balance the bombardment and hypocrisy. I should listen to myself. When will I ever learn !?
  6. The Royal brand has been used to promote racism, mental health, and new terms like 'my truth'. Oh and what was that other one? Oh bloody hell the training isn't working ... oh yes it's unconscious bias The whole Harry episode is just one long marketing campaign that will probably end up with a chapter on the return of the prodigal son. That can be another long marketing campaign when the time is right.
  7. Having heard some of the horror stories on the radio on the Windrush scandal I couldn't help but think that he wasn't aware enough to 'influence' that, or attempt to defend them in any way that he was able. It almost feels to me as if he might mean 'immeasurable' in terms of chaos In terms of using people to further an agenda. On another note ... certain countrie's people are given respect and attention which I do not begrudge as such, but can't help but notice that I don't hear much about say the Irish, italians, Greeks, Turks etc etc, who have helped to develop trades and industries here ... engineering, catering, tailoring etc. As usual much about the world is ignored when it suits. Also I know that Greeks experienced what would be labelled as 'racism', or hostility, for instance in schools, ( I don't actually believe in 'racism', as it's a type of political agenda and a completely inhuman measure, that simply breeds weakness, division and resentment ... this constant focus on black / white is absolutely pathetic ... anyone who supports it has been hypnotised to the many other directions the world could take. It denies the opportunity to focus on warmth, love and human togetherness. THEY cannot focus on the real good in the world as it wouldn't work in their favour.
  8. I would be ashamed to even drop a hanky there, let alone disrupt everything like that. I read one of the articles and the hysterical justification for it, going on about their grandchildren and all the world's grandchildren. These people are blind to the real injustices. Just imagine if they had stood up for the plight of the elderly and the sick. It riles me that they are just tools of the agenda. 'Funny' how no-one with a genuine protest seems to get any of this attention. I often used to hear on the radio how the governments were ignoring the climate crisis ( as in; it was up to the people) .... and it always seemed like such an old and typical sneaky trick to me.
  9. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/salisbury-hanging-baskets-scrapped-environment/ What a basket case! row breaks out as Salisbury City Council votes to scrap hanging baskets in historic market square. 5 July 2023, 14:02 | Updated: 5 July 2023, 14:26
  10. I haven't watched them, but I glanced on a video with a 'woe is me' version of Phillip Schofield. Oh poor me.
  11. Royal religious / Church ceremony in Scotland crowns King and also promotes climate agenda.
  12. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/belarusian-minister-responsible-for-diverting-plane-to-arrest-opposition-journal/ Belarusian minister behind plane diversion to arrest opposition journalist mysteriously dies aged 47 5 July 2023, 13:52 | Updated: 5 July 2023, 14:03
  13. https://www.theepochtimes.com/exposing-the-dark-underbelly-of-transgender-surgery-gender-transformation-director-facts-matter_5340979.html Exposing the Dark Underbelly of ‘Transgender Surgery’: Gender Transformation Director | Facts Matter - ROMAN BALMAKOV " While the mainstream media ignores it, and social media censors it, the topic of people who regret undergoing Transgender Surgery is incredibly important today (given the societal push to get young people to transition). And so, today we sat down with Tobias Elvhage, the director/producer of a phenomenal new documentary, ‘Gender Transformation, the Untold Realities.’ We discussed the profit motive of hospitals, the laws which prevent therapists from trying to help solve teens’ underlying problems, as well as some possible solutions for young parents today. " Video available in link shared above. I went on the site via another video & text link, called Very bad news for the super unvaccinated, which was kindly shared by Macnamara on page ten of the thread; Disease X / Covid-19: a review
  14. I saw a bit of a feature on Al Jazeera dating back to march, exploring section 230, i'll catch it on repeat sometime. This image is taken from the department of justice website ...
  15. Interesting share thanks Fb, more food for thought.
  16. Bristol Pride fortnight runs until 14 July, culminating in Bristol Pride day on Saturday 13 July. St Peter’s Hospice is an official Pride Partner and will be taking part in the Pride Parade as well as having a marquee on the festival site offering information and advice, glitter, face painting and freebies. https://www.stpetershospice.org/latest-news/patient-care-stories/st-peter-s-hospice-raises-flag-to-launch-bristol-pride-celebrations/# St Peter's Hospice raises flag to launch Bristol Pride celebrations 01 Jul 2019 - Patient Care Stories - We marked the start of Bristol Pride fortnight with a special flag-raising at Brentry on Monday. ( website has many articles like this. Interesting to see the 2019 date. It was introduced before covid, and since then has gone 100 mph. Shop windows are just full of rainbows and all throughout the shops )
  17. What a sick cult, ugly sick freaks indoctrinating the children. Damaged goods. Had role models. You hear that it's happening but hope it's exaggerated, but no, you see it with your own eyes. I gather it's not in the village schools yet? This is part of people being too afraid to have an opinion, bring told what to like and dislike, and stupidly believing that everyone is going along with it all. Last night on GB one of the presenters said they call it inclusive, but part of that involves excluding people. Or words to that effect, I think. I saw a sticker on a lamppost that said feminists supporting trans rights ( or transgender? ) The shop windows are full of rainbow posters, and promoting the growing list of words ... ... they, them, etc. I really understand what it must have been like to speak against Christianity 'back in the day', and that sort of 'force'. Where is the same sort of support for families, fathers, the elderly, the soldiers? It's so one sided, it stinks, it's bound to cause fury and resentment. Which is simply win / win, isn't it?
  18. Silence citizen! It is not possible to watch YouTube too much ! (apologies for the really stupid humour ... but just keep your head staring down or straight ahead)
  19. I'm always curious about the jet stream and how 'things' are supposed to be able to be sent around the world in it, to targeted locations? Weapons etc. Was it something to do with Japan, I'm not sure? I remember reading how Richard Branson felt the jet stream when he was going up in his balloon, and it's possible to get dragged with it, sort of, and the danger of the top of the balloon hitting it, etc. I'm writing in a hurry so I'm being vague. The JS is mentioned loads on the weather forecast. One things for sure, the climate crisis is on all the media lips, but none of them in the MS want go talk about weather experiments and weather manipulation. No, instead crisis is the new favourite word. And the constant narrative that you are personally responsible for change. Will they have a countdown clock to the crisis on the TV screens. If we don't act right now it will be too late, so I heard the other day. The end of the world is nigh.
  20. Thanks for saying it, so good to see it written down, yeah I feel that most of us can see right through this part of the ‘show’. There is no finesse it’s all so fast and far too obvious. It’s a real case of problem reaction solution.
  21. Thanks deca I consider myself fairly aware of what is thrown at us, and the obstacles/ hurdles ... and the bombardments to our health, and the psychological mind games, and even one-upmanship ... and so on. However I believe where there is a will there is a way. I know people who are very physically challenged, and they are also an inspiration of how to rise above. If they do not think well their bodies respond even worse than usual. So, they are already struggling, but if they dwell on that they find their bodies are heavier and less responsive. It leaves an impossible situation. They must think well, and believe against all odds. Otherwise there is no chance to get their limbs to act, to perform. It's a long story, and I didn't mean for it to come out now, but I'm going on instinct. I know for a fact, and in experience, that there is always a way.
  22. This is brilliant, and laughter is still one of the best medicines. That and sarcasm, or piss taking
  23. Yes, that's right thanks Chris P. I just had that problem too, so I searched tower instead, because I knew there were a lot of 5G threads. I don't know why it doesn't find the 5 or the 5G.
  24. A part quote of your post They've got such a cheek Very interesting, thanks AFS Or I could just say; silence citizen!
  25. It's interesting joining the dots and questioning what else it interferes with, and so on ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-66072552 5G deadline and bad weather threaten to disrupt US holiday weekend A few quotes from the article ... " A messy effort to equip planes with updated technology is threatening to upend possibly the busiest weekend for post-pandemic air travel in the US. Airlines have been racing to retrofit their fleets with new gear before Saturday, when US wireless carriers will begin to boost their 5G signals. " " The surge of passengers comes as hundreds of planes will fail to meet the deadline for government-mandated updates to their landing systems. " " Starting on Saturday, AT&T, Verizon and other wireless network operators will be free to increase the power of their 5G signals, a change that may lead to better wi-fi performance in and around airports. But airline industry officials have warned the changes could interfere with the radio frequency filters planes use to help pilots determine altitude. Known as radio altimeters or radar altimeters, the equipment is particularly important for landing safely in inclement or low-visibility conditions. "
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