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  1. JrM - Michael Cole had the feeling that the danger to us is not much particularly We were back on air for 6 or 7 minutes and then we were evacuated again We were evacuated after the explosion. it was a whole hour before we were asked to move. Why was that? They have to take precautions, or they would be criticised and and they have done It's not unpleasant It's like at work, when you have a ... it's been like a bomb drill or a fire drill JRM and MC, some paraphrasing here, not a lot
  2. Reporting from a caravan / temporary studio at Buckingham Palace "No-one allowed in or out" "Total lockdown" Jacob Rhys Mogg - they detained a man at 7 and evacuated us at 8 so I don't know what they were doing for that hour .. ... A few shotgun cartridges doesn't seem to me to be a reason for evacuation ... ... I've got Michael Cole next to me who didn't like being told what to do by men in orange tabards ... When I saw all this fuss I thought the king had arrived to inspect, as the Queen used to do The police are at the door. We're being asked to evacuate right now. I heard a controlled explosion. Why do we need to leave of the explosion is over? Michael Cole; "I'm not leaving unless I have a direct order, we are not coming off air unless we have the order, I need police officer here to tell me. I've been in wars all over the world. What is the ofer? Are you ordering us to come off air? Is that the order?" ---- Military police in red berets have increased in the last hour
  3. NHS pay deal for one million (wink) staff Elaine - Live from Chesterfield; "This is a lesson that we would ask government to learn and to reflect on" "This was a majority decision, not a unanimous decision"
  4. Norman Brennan former police officer on talk radio He talked about everything that's going on in the police force including that people are leaving, they are unfulfilled and frustrated with what they've been made to do. I don't judge the police by the idiots who wear rainbow flags etc, but by the ones who I have the utmost respect for - those who have been sabotaged like many of the rest of us. Norman said we destroyed one of the best police forces in the world. I know they have been chipped away at for what, 20 years? Now it's a sledgehammer. Anyway he ended by saying why can't the politicians do what they did during covid and work together. Jesus wept. What a plonker. These are like the people in the old horror films who escaped from the house of horrors only to jump in the first passing car, turned to look at the driver ... and ... This Norman, he will just carry on banging his poor gullible brain washed head against the wall. Last night on GB News Lewis Schaffer said the nurses called for lockdown, paid for with printed money, and now it's caused the inflation ... and they're on strike. Or words to that effect. He certainly knows that lockdown was the bulldozer ... not Liz and Ukraine, etc. I'm tempted to listen to his podcast if I get a sec.
  5. A couple of lines 'off the TV'.. Sharon Gaffka; Ex civil servant and reality star; "I enjoyed working in the civil service because there was a variety of people" (There should be a variety everywhere, not everyone the same, IMO) "I was out after lockdown, enjoying the old world that we used to" Her drink was spiked with "the consensus was that it was GHB" "I lost 60,000 followers overnight, which is frightening when that is how you earn your living" (This also reminded me how Alex Jones used to say how followers numbers were manipulated, up or down, but people tend to believe these numbers) What is the secret to success on I'm a celebrity? Christopher Biggins; "Just be yourself" Nadine Dorries MP and now a TV presenter "That's what I was told when I started work here, but myself had never interviewed people or read an autocue before!" Christopher; "Well you're doing a good job" (When are we ever encouraged to just be ourselves now?! I personally enjoy individuals, characters, mavericks, eccentrics, 'extreme' opinions that make you think, and make life more interesting and challenging, etc. We all used to be very natural at this, what, before 10 ish years ago? ) Mike Graham; "This working from home nonsense. It's a middle class thing, it's not aimed at workers who drive a bus, or plaster someone's home, is it?! David Bull; They're actually installing software to check that people are working at home." Interesting how many MP's earn a living as presenters and guests on the TV. How many chat shows have panels of 4 to 6 people chewing the fat. How on GB news they always have two people representing opposite views "for balance", and one might say "I know I'm supposed to say the opposite, but I agree with your point"
  6. Al Jazeera - 30 minute show Wild Recovery: Protecting nature and preventing the next pandemic Earthrise looks at protecting wildlife and preventing pandemics through stories of two endangered mammals which have been investigated for links to Covid-19 I listened long enough to hear that "we were brought to our knees by the pandemic" - remember that one?! "We are destroying nature" ... "Green recovery" "Ebola and Sars, Covid ... can all come from bats?" Or something like that. "A new disease comes every 4 months." "Give the land time to heal and it will bounce back." (Eugenics ?) (Patronising brain washing?) ( Fear of animals?) https://www.aljazeera.com/program/earthrise/2021/4/21/wild-recovery-protecting-nature-and-preventing-the-next-pandemic
  7. thanks for that, so true. Humour is definitely he best medicine
  8. Thanks I feel better after seeing George Carlin again. Two excellent clips. Look at how much he says in 3 minutes 14 seconds. What a man. I wish he was still here, naturally.
  9. I saw on GB News a discussion about racism and anti semitism etc. One man said why do some on the right refuse to accept that there is racism? Or something like that. Then Leo Kerse said he sees anti semitism all the time. And I thought as I always do, who the hell do these people think they are? I never agreed to being told who I can and cannot like, or discuss, or joke about. And so on. These disgusting pigs do nothing to spread cheer, all they do is moan about insert ' key chosen word '. I have seen in the UK, and on holidays, people from all nationalities and classes getting on, sharing stories, having fun, finding common bonds. They weren't weighed down with politics either. (That won't do, will it. We will hear their shit night and day ) These whining assholes are anti human. We were told for the best part of 20 years that Muslims were dangerous, they would kill for eternal life and 40 virgins, wasn't it? They were spreading hate on street corners, political/ religious speechs, they hated our freedom. On and on repeat. You were encouraged to be suspicious of these people. Till suddenly, covid, and the narrative was gone. Now it was the turn of ... you could discriminate as much as you wanted against those who just wanted a normal life without germ, sanitiser and mask OCD. And yet we're the racist, prejudiced ones? I've got to hand it to them though, it's all been a great distraction and has taught people to say stupid things like "oh you're not allowed to say that." Or I'm not racist, but" and that was truly the beginning of the end as far as I can see. Oh yes, it was don't offend the Muslims by putting up a flag or some Christmas decorations, wasn't it. The rest of the ism's came after. Drip drip, then full pelt. I'm disappointed in the black people who are going along with this, but I'm pleased that some can see the scam and don't mind speaking up. Just like the gay / trans, and others who can see that they're being used. I don't know why I've written this as its nothing new, nothing we don't all know. I must be in the mood for a rant and a moan myself. One thing I do know though, is that there is a way to stop the madness. No-one I know is going along with this. I think the idea that so many people are, is just an illusion like all the other scams. A sneaky tried and tested way to get good people to give up easily.
  10. Neil Oliver says in some way he’s moved on from Covid as he sees it as the thin edge of the wedge Andrew says 15 minute cities, climate and such are being brought in, in lock step around the world. Build back better. A guest says it’s divide and rule, almost like a civil war. Vaccine and anti vax. Andrew says he has been asking for a debate on the WHO pandemic preparedness. He says if we thought brexit was losing sovereignty… the treaties are binding, comply with the regulations… an unaccountable world government… they’ll decide when it’s over … If we agree to these treaty changes … in the next 6 months, the UN … one emergency after another … funded by private enterprise … He says I will stand again He is wearing a pin of the Children’s health defence … they told him he is a member of the resistance… ( I caught the beginning and the end of the interview ) Andrew us saying everything that we know, but still, what are the answers?
  11. Andrew Bridgen is live with Neil Oliver now ( Saturday night ) discussing project fear, and says he could have spoken out 12 months earlier but it was when they wanted to inject babies. He says there are 4000 real people working in parliament cooks cleaners etc who have been very supportive of him. “We’re meant to speak without fear or favour?” He says “there is a lot of fear” He says he was told there was no public appetite for his opinion on vaccines now but there may be in 20 years time. He says he was told he was going up against the most powerful interests in the world. The holocaust quote … “Obviously Andrew you were quoting someone else.” Yes I retweeted, they were using the holocaust as a timeline. He says he has been held up as an example for others. Somebody else will be standing in his constituency.
  12. I received an email from smile free. org So I'm sharing their website as they're doing a lot of work on mask mandates, and they're trying to get the use of them stopped in hospitals as they feel that would make it harder for other places to use them. I should write and tell them about specsavers where I see they are still very much in use. Disgraceful. Shameless. https://smilefree.org/
  13. I keep thinking that. The spin, the level and intensity continues to 'grab' me. Irritate me. The effort that is put into destruction, well, if that was put into buikding, and the genuine greater good. Not even to build perhaps, but to just let people be. I often think of Blair's university push, and 'putting a spanner in the works' of the natural routes to apprenticeship, for instance, and then MP's and think tanks having the nerve, a couple of times recently, to mention apprenticeships as if it were their bright idea. Another is the constant attempt to belittle the worth / satisfaction in raising a child, then introducing the idea of training young boys to respect. Bloody cheek and an absolute con. I heard a radio discussion on 15 minute cities and they say typically scripted things like I can't understand the fuss, this is a good thing, who wouldn't want to live near facilities. At least one person said I can't even get the health services I need by travelling ATM, how on earth am I going to get it all in my local area. Or words to that effect.
  14. Excellent post Mr Crabtree, good to have the balance of good and bad, and the bonus of the statue artist in Poole, and especially your dog thanks
  15. GB news headliners Wednesday 26th April 2023 I watched a heated conversation / argument / disagreement between two presenters; Lewis Schaffer and Josh Howie, who happen to be Jewish. Sparked by the Andrew Bridgen situation/ debate. Lewis said stop calling people anti semite, which is all the more interesting to me as he is Jewish, so qualified to have an opinion? He sort of said some anti vaxxers are (perhaps) anti semite, but then so are some pro vaxxers. I think he must be fed up of all the name calling, constant BS and stirring. Now when I check on catch up, GB are not showing the repeat. Typical. It would have been good to share it, and get an opinion on it.
  16. Cont ... "In the USA they are using the term bio engineered. They are also going to use a QR code without a label. Maybe GM is cheaper, or better for the environment, or the animals." ... "Do you have an appetite for GM food? Let us know"
  17. I searched GMO and picked your post, as there is a programme on the world service called the food chain, discussing governments in India and Kenya want their citizens to eat genetically modified food. Over 90% of corn, soy in USA is GM apparently.
  18. I read something he said; I'll share it in a bit. I found that interesting too.
  19. I was listening briefly to the Times radio today when the presenter gave an update on Andrew Bridgen, and said that Matt Chorley would probably be disappointed as he's a fan of Andrew. I really like Times radio, and hear some interesting comments, often said with good humour. Not on this occasion, I might add! I know Andrew has been increasingly outspoken about the vaccine, however I just bloody wish he hadn't mentioned the holocaust as it was completely unnecessary at this stage in the battle, and just made a rod for our backs. Do they do this sort of shit on purpose of what? It makes it so much harder for me to trust him.
  20. Yes, I wonder if it's something that we know nothing about at all, perhaps, or if there is an explanation? I haven't heard a hum, THE hum, yet. I read through all the YT comments, and the original poster of the sound clip seems like an inquisitive fella, who works in sound, and he generated some good comments from around Bristol, and as far away as Switzerland and Serbia, discussing frequencies and how to capture / record these sounds, that are heard indoors and / or outdoors.
  21. Feel compelled to share this intriguing comment on the YT clip above; KozmykJ - 1 year ago Interesting to stumble upon this once again. I recorded some of 'The Hum' back in 2011/2012 as heard from a location in Swansea, close to the shore approx 500m, elev 150m. In the still of the night it would regularly be audible, sounding like a distant diesel railway train. I did a quick spectrum analysis and there were prominant peaks at 71Hz and 79Hz. On another occasion there was a prominant 108Hz peak. Then I set a signal generator to produce these two frequencies and lo and behold, it gave an almost identical sounding result. The actual observed Hum also modulates in amplitude very slowly but the 71Hz+79Hz gives the characteristic distant engine throb from the beat frequency produced between them. As to the cause/source of this phenomenon ... your guess is as good as mine. HAARP. Oceanic Resonance. Submarine ELF. Atmospheric Resonance. Lunar gravitational waves. ?? Shared from YT comments
  22. I've heard of the 'famous Bristol hum', so I did a quick search and quickly came to a YT clip, interestingly captured during lockdown. I'll share two of the comments; The Bristol Hum, captured during coronavirus lockdown 14,829 views · 3 years ago BRISTOL B-Sound - 3 years ago Good capture! I just recorded few days ago a hum in Valencia, Spain and I was thinking of the famous Bristol Hum. I have never heard it but it's very interesting hearing it now with all those harmonics. Mine was on 50 Hz band and it was like a rumble. Jeff Powell - 1 year ago I used to live in Downend, Bristol, and one day I heard a strange continuous sound, like a horn. I thought at first it was coming from the central heating pipe sticking out of the outside wall, but realised it was not that. Other people in the area could also hear the sound. I drove around to try to find where it was coming from, but couldn't find the source, it was everywhere?! A friend later told me of the The Famous Bristol Hum, that was heard back in the 1960s. The strange sound was never explained, and apparently still lives on to this day!
  23. - Cancellation - balance of power - "Nobody on your side of the debate is afraid to speak out" Stephanie Davies-Arai (It takes a village to raise a child) https://stephaniedaviesarai.com/
  24. Rich Tea biscuits contain sugar and glucose fructose syrup. Rich Tea biscuits - the light one - 30% less sugar - contain sugar and Polydextrose glucose fructose syrup. When I used to research these things I gathered that GFS is GM corn? I avoid dextrose as it feels like it 'turns my stomach'. What on earth is Polydextrose glucose fructose syrup? Something else on the list to look up.
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