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  1. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/belarusian-minister-responsible-for-diverting-plane-to-arrest-opposition-journal/ Belarusian minister behind plane diversion to arrest opposition journalist mysteriously dies aged 47 5 July 2023, 13:52 | Updated: 5 July 2023, 14:03
  2. https://www.theepochtimes.com/exposing-the-dark-underbelly-of-transgender-surgery-gender-transformation-director-facts-matter_5340979.html Exposing the Dark Underbelly of ‘Transgender Surgery’: Gender Transformation Director | Facts Matter - ROMAN BALMAKOV " While the mainstream media ignores it, and social media censors it, the topic of people who regret undergoing Transgender Surgery is incredibly important today (given the societal push to get young people to transition). And so, today we sat down with Tobias Elvhage, the director/producer of a phenomenal new documentary, ‘Gender Transformation, the Untold Realities.’ We discussed the profit motive of hospitals, the laws which prevent therapists from trying to help solve teens’ underlying problems, as well as some possible solutions for young parents today. " Video available in link shared above. I went on the site via another video & text link, called Very bad news for the super unvaccinated, which was kindly shared by Macnamara on page ten of the thread; Disease X / Covid-19: a review
  3. I saw a bit of a feature on Al Jazeera dating back to march, exploring section 230, i'll catch it on repeat sometime. This image is taken from the department of justice website ...
  4. Interesting share thanks Fb, more food for thought.
  5. Bristol Pride fortnight runs until 14 July, culminating in Bristol Pride day on Saturday 13 July. St Peter’s Hospice is an official Pride Partner and will be taking part in the Pride Parade as well as having a marquee on the festival site offering information and advice, glitter, face painting and freebies. https://www.stpetershospice.org/latest-news/patient-care-stories/st-peter-s-hospice-raises-flag-to-launch-bristol-pride-celebrations/# St Peter's Hospice raises flag to launch Bristol Pride celebrations 01 Jul 2019 - Patient Care Stories - We marked the start of Bristol Pride fortnight with a special flag-raising at Brentry on Monday. ( website has many articles like this. Interesting to see the 2019 date. It was introduced before covid, and since then has gone 100 mph. Shop windows are just full of rainbows and all throughout the shops )
  6. What a sick cult, ugly sick freaks indoctrinating the children. Damaged goods. Had role models. You hear that it's happening but hope it's exaggerated, but no, you see it with your own eyes. I gather it's not in the village schools yet? This is part of people being too afraid to have an opinion, bring told what to like and dislike, and stupidly believing that everyone is going along with it all. Last night on GB one of the presenters said they call it inclusive, but part of that involves excluding people. Or words to that effect, I think. I saw a sticker on a lamppost that said feminists supporting trans rights ( or transgender? ) The shop windows are full of rainbow posters, and promoting the growing list of words ... ... they, them, etc. I really understand what it must have been like to speak against Christianity 'back in the day', and that sort of 'force'. Where is the same sort of support for families, fathers, the elderly, the soldiers? It's so one sided, it stinks, it's bound to cause fury and resentment. Which is simply win / win, isn't it?
  7. Silence citizen! It is not possible to watch YouTube too much ! (apologies for the really stupid humour ... but just keep your head staring down or straight ahead)
  8. I'm always curious about the jet stream and how 'things' are supposed to be able to be sent around the world in it, to targeted locations? Weapons etc. Was it something to do with Japan, I'm not sure? I remember reading how Richard Branson felt the jet stream when he was going up in his balloon, and it's possible to get dragged with it, sort of, and the danger of the top of the balloon hitting it, etc. I'm writing in a hurry so I'm being vague. The JS is mentioned loads on the weather forecast. One things for sure, the climate crisis is on all the media lips, but none of them in the MS want go talk about weather experiments and weather manipulation. No, instead crisis is the new favourite word. And the constant narrative that you are personally responsible for change. Will they have a countdown clock to the crisis on the TV screens. If we don't act right now it will be too late, so I heard the other day. The end of the world is nigh.
  9. Thanks for saying it, so good to see it written down, yeah I feel that most of us can see right through this part of the ‘show’. There is no finesse it’s all so fast and far too obvious. It’s a real case of problem reaction solution.
  10. Thanks deca I consider myself fairly aware of what is thrown at us, and the obstacles/ hurdles ... and the bombardments to our health, and the psychological mind games, and even one-upmanship ... and so on. However I believe where there is a will there is a way. I know people who are very physically challenged, and they are also an inspiration of how to rise above. If they do not think well their bodies respond even worse than usual. So, they are already struggling, but if they dwell on that they find their bodies are heavier and less responsive. It leaves an impossible situation. They must think well, and believe against all odds. Otherwise there is no chance to get their limbs to act, to perform. It's a long story, and I didn't mean for it to come out now, but I'm going on instinct. I know for a fact, and in experience, that there is always a way.
  11. This is brilliant, and laughter is still one of the best medicines. That and sarcasm, or piss taking
  12. Yes, that's right thanks Chris P. I just had that problem too, so I searched tower instead, because I knew there were a lot of 5G threads. I don't know why it doesn't find the 5 or the 5G.
  13. A part quote of your post They've got such a cheek Very interesting, thanks AFS Or I could just say; silence citizen!
  14. It's interesting joining the dots and questioning what else it interferes with, and so on ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-66072552 5G deadline and bad weather threaten to disrupt US holiday weekend A few quotes from the article ... " A messy effort to equip planes with updated technology is threatening to upend possibly the busiest weekend for post-pandemic air travel in the US. Airlines have been racing to retrofit their fleets with new gear before Saturday, when US wireless carriers will begin to boost their 5G signals. " " The surge of passengers comes as hundreds of planes will fail to meet the deadline for government-mandated updates to their landing systems. " " Starting on Saturday, AT&T, Verizon and other wireless network operators will be free to increase the power of their 5G signals, a change that may lead to better wi-fi performance in and around airports. But airline industry officials have warned the changes could interfere with the radio frequency filters planes use to help pilots determine altitude. Known as radio altimeters or radar altimeters, the equipment is particularly important for landing safely in inclement or low-visibility conditions. "
  15. Thank you both for the links and conversation on this. Also i don't catch the Corbett report enough, so it's always good to get a reminder of yourselves and the other people who are analysing all of these steps.
  16. I told an Algerian that a pack of cigarettes in Cyprus are about 4€, and he said that's still expensive in comparison to Algeria, where they're about half that? I still find it interesting to compare the narrative on vapes, and cigarettes over the years. Having noticed Doctors and the media recommending vapes, I can understand more now how Doctors / adverts used to push / encourage smoking. It's sort of off topic perhaps, but the psychology / training of it all does relate to Covid / Vax / Lockdown awareness, etc.
  17. Sure it's the way you tell 'em, Mr Crabtree. I like how you always mix humour and serious. I find a way to laugh at some of this tragedy / theatre. I love that you said slightly. Sounds like it could be a good / funny song lyric to me. I'm glad you mentioned the (gold) trousers as I found it 'almost human', that they kept slipping and he kept adjusting and pulling them up. There's no accounting for it? Anyway, back to business ...!
  18. GB News on the hour - ... "which they hope will put an end to speculation that has been so damaging to Nicola's family."
  19. I was reading Glastonbury Festival 'news', and saw this ... "During an interview with The Sun, the presenter presented a collection of "blisters and calluses" as he admitted: "I’ve been vaping, a lot." "I didn't realise until suddenly it hurt, but I've been sitting looking up at the sky or out of the window, just staring into space.
  20. Is that why they closed the coal mines?! Boom boom - sorry, silly humour
  21. On the news this morning I heard that the inquiry is hearing about the effects on children. When I did a little search I saw that someone at Save the Children said that no one under 18 had been asked how the lockdown had effected them.
  22. The media is full of ... "Elton has performed over 333 gigs on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour." But I also read ... "before closing the European run in Stockholm on 8 July with his 333rd show of the tour." Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll try to add it to a 'numbers' / 'dates' thread .
  23. From Yahoo " ... During an interview with the Radio Times this week (Elton John) labelled the media and public reaction to Phillip as "totally homophobic". "If it was a straight guy in a fling with a young woman, it wouldn't even make the papers," Elton told the publication ..." Yeah, funny that, if you're straight you're frowned upon for touching a knee, paying a compliment, or whistling at a girl on a Tuesday? And SarahJane has shared images of naked men at a Pride event, to show what is going on in the USA ... ... and now I see there are rainbows everywhere!
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