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  1. 12.07 today Hunt said something along the lines of "6.6 ... followed by 6" What a clever chap ?
  2. I just heard "Gareth Southgate will not be shy of raising political issues, with his arm band". BBC And that Wales are going to speak up about political issues. Look at this rubbish. How do they have the nerve to bring this into sport? The gate is wide open now isn't it.
  3. These people are taking kids natural born power and twisting it into something else. That incredible (enviable ) energy, creativity, enthusiasm, belief. They teach them There is something wrong with them The world is over so there's no point in bothering There is nowhere that they belong They force them to think about the future .. job .. climate. to keep their opinions to theirselves instead of giving them courage to apeak up. They don't allow them to be a part of something to be proud of
  4. Just taking the opportunity to say that I haven't felt the same about David Jason since he promoted social distancing, using Trigger's broom as a measurement of 6 ft. I thought you traitor. You sick f**k. 'His' programme united people and gave us shared memories, warmth and laughter, but of course Sir David is just another 'good' actor. I won't forget what he did.
  5. These are all news quotes in one section ... "There was some hope today that the pain might ease from the man charged with controlling inflation" You would be forgiven for thinking that the bank had lost control of inflation It would be even worse without the government subsidies Partly because of covid and partly because of Ukraine It's been widely accepted tonight that a missile strike was not ... appears to have been a cruel accident instead.?. The investigation is ongoing.?. We have no indication that ... the evidence suggests ... Zelensky ... Now would be an unlikely time for him to pick a fight with NATO There is a lesson from this Mary ...
  6. The anxiety in children advert has been on three times now. Today I saw a bus promoting the paying of everyone's winter fuel bill. The news about Quatar keeps saying fans are staying away. What a load of shit. I've heard that all before. Usually they go on about ... the stadium's not going to be ready in time ... Same old. Once the football starts it will mostly be forgotten. They just don't want anyone to be happy, and look toward to anything.
  7. ITV Evening News Rishi Sunak ... "As the chancellor said"... "It's Insidious, it makes people poorer, that's what inflation does. It's the enemy that we need to face down, and I want to make sure that we do that as quickly as possible" Followed by The pets cash strapped families can no longer afford Autistic children who are locked up, followed by the presenter's comment "Unthinkable in 21st century Britain" (I say that's what happened in Covid) Followed by You can talk to me, I'm here ... Anxiety advert for children "Almost half of young children suffer with anxiety" Followed by Advert for international men's day and 'Loose men', a tv show ... "as we open up about subjects closest to our hearts" Followed by Gove has accused landlords of a terrible dereliction of duty Followed by "Asda and Lidl have rationed eggs which are in short supply" "Asda being a little more generous and allowing you to have two" "We're going to have to crack down" (really?!) Presenter "Now, we all know there's a financial criss ..." (Said in very grave tones) Food banks for pets "Not through their lack of love but a lack of money" "People fear the financial commitment" "We have 35 million pets in the UK, not just sharing our lives but our financial problems" A crying man (another one!) says his dog is his baby Followed by One man "Tears came to my eyes I had to admit it" The artemis missions ... Return to the moon ... The first woman and the first person of colour ... I also heard earlier that the cost of energy effects the elderly and vulnerable more Presenter "Their plight is quite simply heartbreaking" "It's unbelievable" "Jacee Thomas whose son, age 10, has autism. Haydn was locked away with no toys, no crayons, when he was sectioned for assessment and sedated - children are locked away indefinitely. Parents say they are threatened" ... "We regret ever asking for help" "The institutionalisation ... children are left languishing in institutions" "She looks ahead with only fear" "Once you're in the system it's hard to ever find a way out" "A lack of investment" Finally one nice thing ... A shot of the trees at Bumbles Green, Essex 6 to 8 million Christmas trees are sold in England every year
  8. 6 o'clock news The cost of Christmas South West More people are putting it on credit It does come with a warning Borrowing money Can lead to significant interest penalties After Christmas Trying to clear those debts On top of all thise other expenses Financial tips ... I've raided all my loyalty cards Boots, Tesco ... I switched bank accounts and had money credited to my account "Excellent ideas" The following is paraphrased ... Concerns have reached more middle class areas, and they are also asking for gift donations
  9. We watch the destruction, every single thing that was forewarned, mixed with the distractions to keep everyone occupied, including me as I can't help seeing every symbol, word, tactic. It's bloody hard to witness everyone being conned. Seeing every move they made to steal our government, our local councils, our buildings, our leisure activities, our kids education and culture, our words, our confidence. Our foundations, our glue. Every week the Wednesday questions in the house are headlined with absolute triva, with cheap tart illiterate chavs like Angela, and set up villans like Gavin, while the real villians are completely invisible. I heard Sunak quote the IMF today, and thought how the ones who tricked us into a mess, and offered the solution, are the ones who reap the rewards and own us like slaves. I went to a funeral and they mentioned in the eulogy how the gentleman was isolating in 2020, and I thought of that poor dear man, just one of all of us who were absolutely imprisoned, tortured, and non essential, in the calculated plan of the ruthless dictators. They took the last years of a good man who had been in the services, built a business, and stayed active, sociable and generous to his peers, bringing people together and spreading happiness. Despite everything we are up against I will not let them steal 'our soul.' We have to maintain the things that they cannot touch. I smile at everyone I can, I talk, share a joke, laugh, learn, enjoy ... I try to keep faith in the layers of our lives that remain, those that never die. And I think of those that came before us and how we will always keep their spirit alive. So many of our people lost their lives surrounded by absolute misery and fear. And nagging! What a waste.
  10. It's so good to 'hear' you say that. Everything that nurtures the environment, the planet, the human spirit ... they do the opposite. Divide, torture, destroy. If anything they say or do made any sense? It's all hypocritical, contraditory nonsense.
  11. Rainbow shoes ... rainbow's everywhere. Richard Branson.
  12. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/england-world-cup-gay-pride-rain-bow-plane-qatar/ England's challenge to Qatar intolerance - Southgate's squad fly to World Cup in Gay Pride plane Heard this on the radio earlier. I've chosen LBC as I found the headline and article sickeningly interesting ... As follows ... "Southgate has said it is very unlikely the England team will follow FIFA's orders to just focus on the football. He said: We’re very strong on inclusivity. We understand the challenges that this tournament brings . . . the human rights challenges." Other nations have unveiled similar gestures as they make the trip to Qatar. Germany's jet has a 'diversity wins' message branded on the side, while the US side have a rainbow logo at their training ground. The flight is not the only pro-LGBT gesture associated with the England squad at the World Cup. The players and manager Gareth Southgate will wear rainbow armbands saying 'One Love'. Players also took photos in front of rainbow-coloured Nike 'swoosh' logos before leaving for the tournament.
  13. I didn't like the sound of that quote on the radio. Obviously reminds me of George Bush era, when that word was reinvented ... and then used on front page headlines. First it was 9/11 ? Then the front page would use it / this it in there for almost anything ? For example, a quick search of burglary and terror which are often used together comes to the following headline. AND as a point of interest, on a side note; I doubt an 83 year old referred to her safe space but that's another story.
  14. Internet Quote; Peter Mark Robinson is an American author, research fellow, tv host and former speechwriter for then-Vice President George H. W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan. He is currently the host of Uncommon Knowledge, an interview show by Stanford's Hoover Institution.
  15. Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, a superb interview and interviewer.
  16. I heard part of an interview interview with Jordan Peterson on the Piers Morgan Show on Thursday Evening that really caught my interest and then I saw a link to a separate Jordan Peterson interview, which was quite a good and timely coincidence. I hadn't come across him before, but I found him absolutely fascinating. Unlike the despicable and historically and presently morally corrupt gate keeper; Piers Morgan.
  17. I saw a McDonald's tv advert with the word sacrifice at the beginning. Sick freaks.
  18. I notice every single mask. The sight often makes me feel like my lips 'purse', and I shall soon look like a chain smoker if I don't learn to control that I'm aware of every single advert and news clip that promotes the wearing of masks. I watch the Chinese who wear them almost constantly, or so it appears. I have wondered what would have happened if there were no Chinese people around, and whether they influence other nationalities into wearing them? I saw a lovely young group of Chinese chefs, waiters, and their friends in a little restaurant the other day. I hadn't thought of it till now, but usually the staff wear masks, and that evening after work, their faces were unmasked and smiling. They played music, and danced and sang to 'I like to move it move it'. I had to stop for a moment and watch as it was just such a happy and carefree sight. I always think of all our similarities, wherever we're from, and what it's like to be relaxed and in good company! I went to the hospital today, and the majority of the staff were wearing masks. The public and the outpatients; some did, some didn't. One lady put hers on as she went in to the appointment room. One gent asked reception if he needed to wear a mask, and I gather the lady said something like it's up to you, as he thanked her, and slipped his mask back in his pocket. Two ladies sat nearby chatted away to each other without masks, and filled the air with nice conversation and togetherness. You just can't get that with masks.
  19. 2 minutes silence tomorrow and Sunday. I always notice the word sacrifice now. This year we're asking the nation to pause, breathe and reflect on the service and sacrifices the Armed Forces make on our behalf.
  20. I don't doubt it; but who are her people? Not us that's for sure. When they make speeches and talk about 'us', we know they are talking to 'them', right in front of our faces. Hidden in plain sight as we say. Every day.
  21. Divide and rule will help us to help the agenda ... by taking part, even accidentally, in the destruction of society, each other ... and ourselves. I keep in mind the nurses who fought this agenda The nurses who tried to resist The nurses who were forced to mask up Those who were forced to shut up - like so many workers were ... since at least 1999 ... and way before that ... I've been in front of many Doctors, for example, who did not seem to notice that I didn't and don't wear a mask. I keep as much of myself as I can giving support, empathy and encouragement to all of our people. Remember who you are, who we are, who they are
  22. As planned ... news is full of cancer, strikes, food banks, slavery, smart meters .. On repeat they say ... " ... we / they ... are calling on the government's action" And there is the problem ... or rather, the Problem Reaction Solution as David Icke always said. And Alex Jones, despite his 'flaws', always reminded us Government is best which governs least. The parts of our society, culture, education - that is handed down to the next generation - from the older/wiser/experienced - are being dismantled, sabotaged, destroyed - and what good and great that still remains is strategically ignored, starved, under nourished, and even criticised, nit picked and even banned ... in the name of diversity, inclusivity, safety, harm, racism, sexism, prejudice, toxicity, misogyny, homophobia ... all words used deliberately in the training and dumbing down. Repetition Repetition Repetition Force us to react to their agenda Control our thoughts, conversation, work and freetime Destroy the teachers, nurses, farmers, pubs, ... and turn everything into one big food bank. The news sounds like one long third world charity appeal. Adverts are played on loop .... for death, funerals, illness, medicine, depression ... Today after years of co-operation between Conservative and Labour Prime Ministers trained in a common goal by the common purpose organisation, we are force-fed words of further destruction by the media - who repeat what we are going through to ensure the damage is as irreversible as possible. And why do 'we' 'only' use the words Klaus and WEF, when the machine is much more than just that.
  23. Were any of the 'nurses' Tik Tok videos ever shown to be real, 'cause I always assumed it was just another chapter in the 'Hollywood' style devil fear mongering theatre, and a way to discredit the nurses, especially those who are against the vaccine mandates, masks, pathetic clapping and ongoing restrictions.
  24. Heartbroken used repetitively now, anyone would think there is only one suitable word? If nothing else, it seems rude or callous to use heartbroken. They're having a laugh?
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