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  1. Al Jazeera The listening Post 15:30 - 16:00 Sunday 19th February Reporter Flo Phillips explores how a century of struggle with the British state has shaped, and changed, the influential broadcaster One well known journalist says the broadcaster is independent of the government, until it isn't
  2. Thanks Nip, Velma, Macnamara, Bombadil and all you lot that strive to join the dots I love how one comment leads to another. No wonder someone needs to break down communication and connections. So, it was good to have a look back at this, and a lot has happened since that rescue. Seems long ago, but then that was BC ?! ( You know I'm not really laughing; well not in the joyful light hearted way, more in the f*ck them way? ) Even these four articles said a lot ... https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/elon-musks-court-case-hero-23797545 Elon Musk's court case with hero Thai cave rescue diver he dubbed a 'pedo' Vernon Unsworth sued Elon Musk in September 2018, two months after playing a leading role in the rescue of the 12 boys and their soccer coach from the flooded Tham Luang Nang Non cave https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6792661/who-vernon-unsworth-thai-cave-paedo-guy-elon-musk/ Who is Vernon Unsworth? Thailand cave diver dubbed ‘paedo guy’ by Elon Musk https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/08/tesla-ceo-elon-musk-pressured-thai-officials-for-positive-pr.html Elon Musk pressured Thai officials to say nice things about his mini-subs in the midst of a deadly rescue mission https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/elon-musk-trial-thai-cave-diver-vernon-unsworth-pedo-guy-a9233596.html Thai cave dive hero fights back tears as he tells court ‘life sentence with no parole’ inflicted by Elon Musk Sixty-three-year-old diver from Hertfordshire chokes up as he describes pain felt in ‘what should have been one of the proudest moments of his life’ ___________ Somehow at this moment it feels to me as if this is along the lines of ... " I wanted to destroy everything beautiful I'd never have. Burn the Amazon rain forests." " I felt like destroying something beautiful." ... deliberate destruction of loving intentions? Perhaps Perhaps not ___________ Coincidentally I saw this message alexa, just after reading briefly that Ron Howard made a film about the rescue called 13. I'd forgotten that, of course. I've always admired Ron Howard, but that's besides the point ATM
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/feb/18/florida-abortion-law-couple-birth
  4. Having looked at an article, underneath there is a link to an article on a missing father. CCTV footage is shown, police appeal for dash cam footage and the public are urged to check their sheds and outbuildings to look for this man, who has Huntington's disease. Mackenzie's sister in law is described as vulnerable, and he asks that the public check their back gardens. This reminds me more of lost cat posters?! Is this related to problems in the NHS, and social care. https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2023-02-08/we-need-answers-son-of-missing-man-says-he-just-wants-his-dad-home
  5. The first 1 minute 20 seconds is particularly good. That's the first time I've heard that type of tech mentioned in a video. I read once in a newspaper that the police had spoken to a man who had cycled past someones house, ( a victim ) and they found that via his mobile phone signal. I found that fascinating, and thought then, they know exactly who is doing what. I think 'old skool' policing is just for 'us lot' down here to go though the motions, keep us busy. Or is this information being released via talkradio just to let us know that is how they were so sure there was no third party involved, and to get back to bloody work
  6. The Guardian has an interesting article; Opinion - Pollution Ohio is facing a chemical disaster. Biden must declare a state of emergency by Steven Donziger A train derailed and flooded a town with cancer-causing chemicals. But something larger, and more troubling, is at work ‘East Palestine residents are reporting headaches, sore throats, and burning eyes; dead pets and chickens; and thousands of fish corpses in nearby waterways.’ Sat 18 Feb 2023 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/feb/18/ohio-train-derailment-biden-east-palestine ______________ There are 174 comments under the article, one of which shares two links to the corporation. This one regarding political contributions, and the other an update on the 'derailment'. http://www.nscorp.com/content/nscorp/en/about-ns/government-relations/political-activity-and-political-contributions.html Political Activity and Political Contributions http://www.nscorp.com/content/nscorp/en/service-alerts/derailment-in-east-palestine--oh.html Update - East Palestine Derailment, OH - February 13
  7. Yes Velma, I also heard them swiftly slip the mental illness card in there, while sneakily appearing to be sympathetic, it's absolutely outrageous. Or is it. It's just normal for this lot. They play so dirty. Everything is mental health now isn't it? We've seen a lot of conditioning in that chapter lately.
  8. Yes, he even wrote a book on it. He is a 'marvellous' gatekeeper, as some people think he is a hero of the working class, when really he is leading them up the garden path, or rather the dead end. Then he can fly off to the sunshine, while telling folks to stay home. I'm almost glad he's in the limelight as he's a perfect example of a wolf in sheep's clothing, and listening to him (painful as it is ) shows me more of what they're up to ...
  9. Every channel is on this story Jeremy Vine Nicola Bulley story compete with billboards and diagrams Cut to advert Menopause medication Back to the show, asking is criticism of police fair? And on, and on. The new maddie. The new Convid. The new story that can be dragged on and on.
  10. It grates on me to witness the deliberate destruction of the people. For so long now, especially since George Flloyd, harping on about the police, trying to destroy the collective respect. I will not go along with it as my own experience of the police has been good. It is so wrong to force rules and regulations from the top down and then blame the workforce. I blame myself for not speaking up more when they started chipping away years ago. Now it's like a sledge hammer. I imagine if we asked the Americans they might say that the destruction there also started with similar sabotage. How to force the humans to f*ck each other over.
  11. This is on BBC news Pets are ill Dead fish 5000 residents Worried about drinking water People will remember where they are when it happened A 9/11 or Pearl Harbour moment Residents are upset that trains are still going through carrying substances unknown. Linda Murphy says its more important than people. A meeting was set up but the company didn't come, stating security concerns.
  12. I can't help but be suspicious about these high profile resignations. Regarding Sturgeon for example, there is no bloody way it's about trans etc, no more than BoJo was about party's ?
  13. Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s chief executive and one of the most prominent women in Silicon Valley, said on Thursday that she was stepping down from her longtime role leading the internet’s most popular video service. Ms. Wojcicki’s departure ... adds to a lengthening list of women who have left senior roles at big Silicon Valley companies in recent years. “Today, after nearly 25 years, I’ve decided to step back from my role and start a new chapter focused on my family, health and personal projects I’m passionate about,” Ms. Wojcicki wrote in a letter to employees, which was published on YouTube’s official blog. Neal Mohan, the company’s chief product officer, will take over as chief executive.
  14. I absolutely agree, and felt that when I heard them criticising the police, and using it as an opportunity to say that faith in policing is at an all time low across the country ... etc. I've been aware of this particular sabotage for a good ten years, especially since I heard a wonderful retired policeman on American radio who gave some talks on the type of people who were being recruited 'over there', and the cutting of ties with old style ways. He spoke of aggressive training and so on. At the time it gave me a good heads up as I was able to notice the same being introduced here. Snuck in, rather. One thing they succeeded in doing was stopping the police from doing the rounds, stopping for coffee, being friends with local business owners, keeping an ear to the ground, and being on first name terms. I appreciate that this hasn't been completely eradicated but its not for the want of trying. Create a world of strangers Ship in outside forces, outside security for events ... The American retired cop that I refer to also pointed out how they started ridiculing police in films. I know here that employing very short officers, for example, is an absolute nonsense. No disrespect but these are not the people you would employ if you looked after your own village!? Presumably once they say the force is broken enough they can bring is Serco? And yes, those robot dogs that they promoted on GMTV during Convid.
  15. I saw a DEC or equivalent ... fundraising advertising board at the bottom of the hill on the skiing
  16. In one local article I saw Unprecedented U turn Victim blaming Lessons learned Hope Our thoughts are with I notice that Nicola suffered with headaches from the menopause meds, which is why she stopped them? That's a fairly interesting turn. Thou shalt not diss the medication?!
  17. Will Moy the Chief Executive of Full Fact said ... We have 2500 people giving us money every month in funding ... from FTSE 100 companies to individuals ... I didn't catch it all. What a talker! If it wasn't for the 'fact' that he's with Full Fact, I might have even quite liked some of what he said, or at least wondered if he had good intentions when pointing out the dishonesty in parliament. Anyway, I generally find these sort of things worth listening to for a few minutes, 'you' usually always catch a nugget. Someone's got to listen to these people, as they are hoping to delete our version of reality. Phase out ...
  18. These people are so arrogant and yet so human. Bow to our teachers ... the new God perhaps
  19. Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee session from Tuesday 24th January BBC Parliament Select Committee The sub committee is holding an evidence session on misinformation The words below are a few grabbed from the TV is real time, so there is a lot missing and it hasn't been tidied up. Yet. Heard a lot of interesting debate, comments and questions. It goes on for hours of course. ---- All quotes below, sorry it's too much, I'll share and tidy it later famous last words That's why the public trust scientists, because they don't get political ... not with a political argument. I'm going to tell you what I know, but not go any further Misinformation Could stop people taking the vaccines Disinformation editor, BBC I run the Disinformation which is slightly different from Fact Checking How do the public know they can trust fact checkers? They should believe what we say, I would suggest, because Everything we do is pillars of accuracy, we are transparent, people can ask questions and understand how we have done to the conclusions we have The public can fact check us theirselves, linked to all of the relevant sources Channel 4 is governed by OFCOM Will Moy, Chief Executive, Full Fact We are seeing a new breed of fact checker Lower quality Full fact have supported the emergence of the European ... We have 2500 people giving us money every month, funding ... FTSE ... individuals Full Fact was set up by a group of serious journalists You don't have to be untrustworthy 9/10 to be untrustworthy, you only have to be ... 1/10 MPs owe us the truth You are running a campaign The implication of what you're saying is Repeatedly misleading the house of commons Boris said at least 10 times employment was going ... MPs had a responsibility, that was your job, you failed to do it Not committed to honesty in public life That's an incredible statement Are you saying nobody challenged those figures Honesty is not being upheld in parliament The government has a majority You keep slipping in to it, a generalised Creating systems for honesty in public life We can't just leave it to 650 MPs Repeatedly misleading the house and not doing anything about it Failed to create the system Its easier to get a correction in a paper, than the house We do not see any urgency That may well be the case What you have done is attack the entire house and tar them al, with the same brush As if its all corrupt What are you seeking to achieve Adequately and effectively challenged We are suggesting minor changes The house of commons has to uphold I believe the vast majority of MPs to tell the truth You know they abuse the rules The government set the rules I object to the way that you going about it I do not want to be sitting here saying this I look at this in 30 years of seeing nothing happening People quote the original error I've heard the speaker ... Damien Green, Acting Chair DCMS Comittee The rules are not effective Can you tell me the difference between misinformation and disinformation So if they go to the pub and say my friend tells me the vaccine doesn't work ... that is misinformation ... If they ...? ?.. that is disinformation I'm thinking of climate change.?. A rational scientist who is discussing the facts, The BBC got that wrong. What is the scientific consensus? People purporting to be from a scientific community and presenting it as facts If people don't get information from us ... they will ... go down the rabbit hole of Social media algorithms ?.. Why don't people trust the BBC? The BBC acknowledges that they are not trusted in Scotland I would have to check that, I don't have the data Rebecca Skippage Disinformation Editor, BBC People are exhausted, pandemic.?. Climate .. it's very depressing People want angry news ... they go to GB News ... others want happy news People are attracted to things where they are given an explanation What do you think attracts people to misinformation I'm not sure that there is an inherent trait, that would make them fall for information Georgina Lee, Channel 4 It just takes practice In theory anyone can practice and develop skill Trump; Low level of trust because people would stop believing anything They just brassneck it out Do you think it's happening here It's a hugely corrosive area Kick up a lot of dust Put out lots of different stories Of the sort we saw during the pandemic People talk with envy about the BBC It's extraordinarily valuable People have a distorted view of the truth Take immigration The Express ... constant propaganda.?. That is disinformation as the journalists know it is false There is a problem with the press distorting ... but we've had that for years ... We should hold everybody in public debate to account The quality of data on immigration in this country was wildly wrong for years Journalism is a good thing You only have to be untrustworthy 1/10 for people not to trust you Don't tell people its true when it suppresses them Gm, MMR, a miserable time, generally tge journalists didn't trust tge scientists There was a mutual respects To get this fight The relationship is so much better They accept that they got MMR wrong Are they looking at credentials Fiona Fox Chief Executive, Science Media Centre Things like vaping, coming from the states, giving the public the wrong impression that vaping is as harmful as smoking, it isn't ... (Lost the thread) ... The good scientists that I respect didn't like that ... I think that's a good way for the public to access the science ... The highlight of my career was ... newsround ... if you can explain it to a 12 year old ... Do you encourage more critical thinking? We try and help people get the tools When you read another false claim somewhere else We're hoping to set people up to be able to ... Assumptions ... Evidence ... we provide training ... Schools Maybe the while of society can learn from scientists, debate, rather than shouting, reading, evidence, let's have this discussion... It's very black and white Creates more problems Do you think political language should change? I'm not suggesting there's a lovely world the other side of the rainbow, with unicorns
  20. Thanks Grumpy I took your advice and noticed that online harms and disinformation is being discussed at the select Committee, on the parliament channel Martin Lewis financial journalist and broadcaster is being 'interviewed' He says " gov . UK. Is a trusted source, it is not without error .".. " it took me a while to get that changed "... " I support mainstream media, once you get into opinion it's tricky " " One area that I've campaigned on is scammers " ( I can't listen to this now, but I've shared ... ) ( Oh, just in time ...!! ) " I want to take you back to the pandemic, it was a scary time. Who did you listen to? Sorry to bring back any traumatic experiences ... " ( Crikey )
  21. GB at 12.20 pm - all quotes ... The police can't win She was graded high risk At first they said it was private Seems like yesterday they changed their minds Sadly, it's clear Bingo! that Nicola ... menopause ... Bingo! ... issues ... Police attended a report for welfare in January ... Why has this info not been revealed earlier? What do we know about the searches? There's been a lot of criticism of the resources used, one side saying they haven't spent enough and the other saying it's not enough ... ... seems to be the main working hypothesis ... Bingo!
  22. Martin Underhill, ex police? ... on Sky news says its unprecedented ... Bingo ... to have this level of private information ... at this stage ... and had it been released at the beginning ... and why trash her reputation, I hear the words privacy ... blame the police ... lack of confidence ... I also heard if they were trying to stop speculation it's had the opposite effect They're not trying to stop it. It's more like listen to me me me !! It really feels as if the 'media machine' is trying to kill some time by coming up with both stupid, and agenda changing stories. That is how lessons are learnt by us lot?
  23. Wednesday night; GB News, Poll finds 69% of Scots don't know who should replace Sturgeon. How much of the news is just a 'vehicle' to spread numbers?
  24. Some good comments there, and links to evidence too ... JaneFonda1942 CDC, FDA and W.H.O - three corporate agencies not one of us voted for. Saulgood So "cases" right? God, I wish I Cary Mullis was here to destroy these fiends about pcr.
  25. Went to the surgery today In one waiting room one out of the three wore a mask, in the other waiting room, one older couple walked in with homemade face masks, no-one else had one on. Both receptionists were behind the awful perspex, without masks. Went to the hospital afterwards; the majority wore masks, although some staff didn't which was a litle bit encouraging? I saw too many rainbows; pedestrian crossings labelled 'cross with pride', and a big poster advertising rainbow pin badges, describing how it shows the hospital is inclusive and welcomes everyone. Oh everyone except anti-vax, mask less, smiling homophobes?! It is a sickness. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Damn them.
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