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  1. Listening to the commentary on several radio stations it's easy to hear this being whipped up. I also noticed one reporter after saying about the child; it's devastating. I thought thry weren't meant to use this sort of emotion, although it's common now. Seem to want to stir everyone up again, but that won't put food on people's table.
  2. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/happy-healthy-little-girl-dies-29320731?int_source=mantis_rec&int_medium=web&int_campaign=more_like_this This little girl died suddenly 12 hours after feeling a tummy ache. On Saturday there will be a clap for her at the football as she was a Man City fan. There is much to say about this I'm sure, starting with this ridiculous mask picture that was part of the article. The continuous normalisation of the abnormal.
  3. The government, if they'd listened quicky they would have put this through in the beginning and not had the nonsence of the secretary of state coming over and absolutely threatening people that there would be an election and going back on it as we know he would What other country in the world would actually now be in the middle of signing off a deal with a foreign body, the European union, to talk about getting some part of their control over a part of their own country, back from the EU? portunitity now to change that and to make it last If the deal is not satisfactory, there will be no devolution. We will be back discussing this time and time again And any deal that the PM thinks he's sighed off today will not last Baroness Hoey
  4. Rishi Sunak is such a tiny weird little fella, and he crosses his legs like a girl
  5. I notice Kate and William supporting mental health gardens. Sounds like if you want something you better say you're vulnerable, or suffering with mental health problems. Almost reminds me of ... you can only get funding / treatment in Africa if you call poverty and starvation AIDS
  6. Did a double take today at yet another daily mirror 'news' headline mentioning hell
  7. The 'logic' of it all is absolutely infuriating. The tax payer cannot afford to feed the whole world, and the bulk of the reason anyone would even choose to come to this country is because 'our lot' have destroyed their home land. It wouldn't surprise me at all if that was one of the reasons for going to war. And one day if the same happens here we may be rocking up in a boat somewhere, if 'they' have their way. I think the migrants coming here is also part of the plan to destroy the idea of human rights. That old trick of getting you to give up your rights cause the new rules only apply to 'the dark people over there' I'm astonished that places like Syria, for example, were perfectly wonderful places, just like this country?! .... but these rich people do sick things for fun. All's fair perhaps? It's all a good distraction too. I didn't much like seeing the English 'ghettos' built on the beach front in Cyprus, especially after Cyprus joined the EU and it was a mass descent, British cafes British pubs, British property management ... prior to that every business had to be 50 % Cypriot owned. Once the dam broke it was all change, but people are still surviving.
  8. I just saw he called Sam Smith a fucking idiot in tomorrow's headlines. I often wonder if these people are genuinely on side or just playing the in the role of being on one side of the battle.
  9. "David we'll have to brcing it to an end there. I can see .... vehemently shaking his head." Pathetic isn't it, only one side to a story. The rich layers of life, the intricacies, the complications ... the bad merging into good, the good descending into bad. These bastards. They have to kill every last spark.
  10. HAHA, a media wanker Nip Although, one thing I will say off the top of my head is he was very anti lockdown, and for a presenter he's pretty ok. Who the f**k is Alice Nip?
  11. Mike Graham says staff absences in the NHS are running at 25% He then says that staff are suffering anxiety and goes on to say ... ( I didn't catch it all ) "You might even see some people dying I'm sorry if that gives you anxiety and stress But that's your job It's to look after people who are ill Give people comfort You shouldn't be going on strike - Paramedics and doctors Do your job that's all I ask"
  12. "Serco charging the government billions of pounds a year" Mike Graham Talk Radio Conversation mostly related to the cost of housing migrants, and also asking who is coming in the country, with no checks on criminals etc
  13. Interesting to see that Camilla has been given the 'our saviour' role?
  14. Thanks EnigmaticWorld, it doesn't do justice to quote so little of your post, however these words here really speak to me. I'm sorry to hear the constant spin. It's all the same whichever war; weapons, spiritual, economic. It's very much ... one step at a time ... seize another town, another tradition, another communication and bond between people ... who could just as easily be laughing or deeply debating, or dancing, making music, swapping tips and tricks, sharing stories from the past and common bonds and ridiculous passions and hobbies, memories of childhood, or the origin of our words and phrases. I love the Scottish, Welsh, Irish. I would want to make friends over a drink and tease them with 'racist' jokes if that's what the rich freaks call it. I like banter. F*ck the criminal war mongers. Thieves. We will never be allowed to unite with each other as the media is a tool, but go in any pub or social club and we see a world, a reality that still exists. Go in a music club or jam session and we will see something that still, even now, 'they' cannot touch. A place where there's no time, or desire, for wars. Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon ... what a dirty con. What else will they do with the weapons. I saw another Russian opera singer on tv. What a tragic waste.
  15. Need a bit of help 'studying ' ... BBC Country file programme that was on this morning For anyone who still tolerates BBC The whole programme was good But specifically Farmers auction markets that have pharmaceutical sections for the farmers jabs etc And a campaign to stop the green energy drive that will churn up our countryside completely bypassing local planning The man said it was would be carnage for anyone stood in the way Out of time for now Over and out
  16. The above was too long so I'm separating it Question everything they say ... I agree, but I also feel that part of the power lies in turning away from all of their constant crap, and feeding their evil obsession. A little time focusing away from them is very powerful, and helpful for the greater good. The greater good Someone told me that Ricky Gervais said something like .. you find it offensive, I find it funny which is why I'm happier. While we're doing 'all this', I like reading Crabtrees jokes for instance. And remembering that there are other versions of reality than the one we are often force fed. As others have kindly shared on this forum. I wish you all find a few moments of joy today, looking at listening to or being amongst something that satisfies your soul. Remember the tiny little things that make you happy. I saw a man last night who has allowed himself to be locked up in fear for nearly 3 years, and he told me now, finally, that "life is too short". I'm glad that it's not too late for him to be amongst the people he loves, in the places he loves. Another bloody long one, I only came in for a pint of milk
  17. BBC " Our disinformation correspondent; "My social media feeds have been awash with videos. Sinsiter conspiracy theorists denying the reality of what's happened." The video asks "What reality is that?" Ex policeman says " The government need to get a grip on these people" BLAIR; ... Everything could be reshaped ... HAGUE; ...New World ... Dan Wooton, Adam Brooks, Dawn Neesom, Lesley James; offer a mixture of concern and conditioning, fear, and consolation, empathy and soothing and ...!!?? They say ... " What's Blairs obsession with this He's been at it for decades Is it him or someone pushing him If he says ... I want to do the opposite Isn't the biggest worry that this could be the introduction to the Chinese credit system ... Do we recycle. Do you have to have proof of that on your app I can kind of see the benefits but I don't like it Especially with what we witnessed during lockdown, and the control ... we've all read 1984 I'd be interested in what Blair was up to during the Iraq war Would they cut off our bank cards We saw it with the Canadian truckers The state ... " Video ends with ... Do you feel like we're being mocked Question everything
  18. Lloyd: "I'll bet you $20 I can get you gambling before the day is out!" ChatGPT was a talking point briefly today, the presenter's said that companies including JP Morgan have asked their staff not to use it in the office to enter confidential information, as they don't know how secure it is. I also heard one presenter say " we were worried about it but actually it's not that good. " Re; the books, there will be a film out soon no doubt, and all the drama on the public detectives on social media. Boy, what a stitch up that was. Layers, layers, layers of the new reality.
  19. Bbc banners Omagh; Off duty police officer shot at sports centre Teacher stabbed to death by pupil in France Eleven Palestinians killed during israeli raid in Nablus
  20. Thanks Human10, I really like reading BMJ. The articles, the references. The responses often read like letters, and you can look up the names of some of the contributors and see other things they've said. You can see who is talking about the articles and where, on twitter for example. I think it's an excellent resource. It was very helpful these last few years, and was involved in some pretty 'big' 'stories'.
  21. " What you are seeing now, is a series of tactical admissions, as the media and the political establishment work to contain the discussion. " Thanks Freaky Dragonfly, it's crucial to be aware of this tactic and to witness it happening in real time so as to learn the 'rules of the game.' It's not the first time and it won't be the last, but it gets easier to see why this 'part of the plan' works so very well. It is comforting to hear some discussion and admission after 3 whole years, and so it does act as a pacifier, a rather clever one. The constant marketing of ideas. The sales pitch. The catch phrases. I try to remind myself all of the time. I still 'enjoy' hearing a lot of the narrative and then siphoning / separating the different parts, but pschologically they know almost exactly what works, and how and when to pull back and when to drive forwards. I'm just thinking out loud here.
  22. Thanks screamingeagle, I always think this when I see Biden. They use constantly the idea that he is old and doddery. I find this offensive to the experienced and sharp minded elderly who are supposed to be respected and our connection to the past. The words of wisdom. The guidance. Their elderly are leading powerful organisations, and ours are isolated and cold? They should be a massive part of the community. I detest the normalising of neulogical illness, when it is just another part of the sabotage. Me? I see Biden stumble, or struggle with his coat and I think to myself it's probably acting. George Soros is an interesting character for me, with the parts of the puzzle that he's been involved in over the years, but I don't know if his name is as commonly known as the names of Musk and Schwab that are pushed on to the masses. The allocated devil boogeyman etc. I've wanted to learn more about Soros since the days when he bet the £1 would devalue and made a fortune. I'll have to refresh my memory on that one. Interesting over time to see the money spinning, whether it's back then, or now with WHO, or Ukraine, and Turkiye / Syria, and every DEC fund raiser or appeal for Africa. One big siphon of cash, funneled off to finance social engineering / change, minority rights, vitamins in the food, ADHD leaflets ... i used to notice that sort of thing quickly spread in every country that joined the EU ... Poison. I'm not looking back to edit this ... send ...
  23. Talk Radio - absolutely fascinating to see the knock on effects of lockdown, and the people who didn't really see it coming ... Charlie Mullins OBE, Pimlico Plumbers, talking to Ian Collins about the idea of a 4 day week. Last time I heard Mr Mullins he was going heavy handed on mandatory, or more like compulsory injections to keep your job at his firm? Interesting to hear him now saying that ( lockdown ) working from home ... made people feel as if they could do it all the time. He said once you give someone something it's hard to take it away. And that people, lazy people, don't even need to ring in sick now, they think they can take the day off. " Nobody employing loads of people will do this scheme. This is about lazy people. All these people, who want it are not running a business. " Ian; The weekend would go till Tues. Charlie; " The harder you work the more you put in the more you get out of it " " Look at manufacturing, we're already behind " " Honestly I'm finding it embarrassing to even talk about it " " The biggest survey ? She don't know what she's talking about ... 60 businesses they asked " Ian; " I think he's talking a whole lot of sence here. " Ian had said that in the beginning people thought ok, stay at home, this is different, but I don't think anybody thought that it would go on forever We did we just didn't know how to bloody express it in a believable way ... sigh ... we didn't have a marketing budget ... and a planned script!
  24. Putin addresses both houses of Russian parliament and military Putin updating Russians The west cynically cheated its people We'll decide tasks of special operation step by step Only USA has large number of bases globally Trillions of dollars are at stake for the west West seeks to change local conflict into global one Existence of our country is at stake It's impossible to defeat our country on the battlefield West completely responsible for escalation of conflict It is the West who started the war We are using force to stop the war Ukraine was waiting for Russia to come to their assistance The above were banners on BBC ♤ People of Russia are hostages of Ukraine regime and the West The West's aim is to make our people suffer Russia doesn't have to borrow money abroad Our banks work on a stable basis In the west cheap sources of manufacturing The west as a quiet haven was a fake I said to the Russian businesses you will get tired as your mouths fill with dust, running past the officials They were robbed there In 90s privatisation industries were sold for nothing They set foreign terrorists on us You are strong people Invest in Russia Help education culture and sport The state will certainly support you
  25. The 3 banners at the bottom of BBC News have been on rotation on NB for a good 3 hours. Absolute BS.
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