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  1. Thanks. This is well said. We see these financial incentives and punishments all the time now. It doesn't take much imagination to see the next levels ... especially when THEY take away the mainstream ability to afford to make a stand. The I'm alright Jack's are sometimes too busy to think it will affect them, or simply too busy keeping hold of what they have.
  2. Thanks. This is well said. We see these financial incentives and punishments all the time now. It doesn't take much imagination to see the next levels ... especially when THEY take away the mainstream ability to afford to make a stand. The I'm alright Jack's are sometimes too busy to think it will affect them, or simply too busy keeping hold of what they have.
  3. Thanks. This is well said. We see these financial incentives and punishments all the time now. It doesn't take much imagination to see the next levels ... especially when THEY take away the mainstream ability to afford to make a stand. The I'm alright Jack's are sometimes too busy to think it will affect them, or simply too busy keeping hold of what they have.
  4. Mike Graham said none of us knew that peoples accounts were being closed. That's just a ridiculous thing for a topical presenter to say. I mean what about Canada for starters? Also there seems to be an agenda to get shot of the CEO of Coutts? What have they got planned for her?
  5. This is part of what I sence about this. It does seem strange that this is such huge news, anything that dominates the headlines is suspicious. 'We' just don't normally get huge campaigns about our rights. Tonight David Davis said that 'we can't function without a bank account'. He also said "it's a commodity like water." He always crops up to spin the latest narrative? I have heard of peoples building society accounts being closed when they've got a few pounds and haven't used the account for a long time. I think they just send you a cheque? A few days ago a lady mentioned to me about pensioners having to have their pension paid into a bank account, and so they miss out on going to collect their money. I've noticed that myself.
  6. Yes, it's typical how most of the headlines scream Greece; small print Rhodes. How convenient. There's so much power; spreading fear, swaying where and when people choose to go on holiday, and also how people feel about so called 'climate change'. I feel that same head shaking disappointment when I hear someone who I like for other reasons parrot out the money / control climate BS. "We must do something", "it's already too late." I heard a musician on the radio say "you like food don't you?!" "This will effect our ability to grow food?! How about a discussion on the manipulation of rain and drought. Can't 'we' talk about that for a change seeing how everyone's so keen to talk about the weather in a one sided manner. (I don't mean us ) It's not easy to swallow when you can just clearly see one obsessive hysteria swapped for another. The climate conversation is dominating just like Brexit, Covid, BLM had their turn, and now gender identity ... and as the agenda pushes ahead there's a bit of the old two steps forward one back? ... Michael Gove warned on Sunday against making tackling climate change "a religious crusade" I despise how certain MP's in the club can play the common sence hero, pretending to add common sence to yet another specially created problem, leaving very little time for anything productive.
  7. That's ok, why don't you just lock yourself indoors They asked on Talkradio if people would go along with climate lockdowns
  8. Thanks Bombadil, I know a little bit about that and find it interesting. That's the trouble with these one sided stories, they just don't give people a chance to take an interest and learn something new. I met two Australian ladies at the time of one of the big stories on the fires and I was so pleased when they told me their opinion / experience, which was far too logical I think that was Dec / Jan 2020. One more voice of reason. Every 'little' voice of reason adds up. I got chatting to a fella in the chippy, and he said early in the conversation; I blame the media.
  9. I saw a fire in Rhodes. It was a bit dramatic and exciting, as well as daunting and of course sad because of the damage to the ground, and the sheer time and energy in their dealing with it. Many people helped to put it out, and the locals were mostly not too phased because it's so common. As usual if there is no truth, balance, reassurance or historical / natural context in the news then how are we going to bother listening to them. Not we, but WE The 'terrified' tourists on tv had their camera phones out as they fled The Australian fires during Convid were partly due to the lack of maintenance on the land, but that was part of the start / push of the recent era of fire hysteria linked to the words climate change and climate crisis ... but not climate tax. It's all bloody crisis and limited subjects on repeat repeat on the news. A caller on the radio asked is the government deliberately trying to destroy the country?
  10. Thank you very much for this. I saw it in a documentary so long ago, and it completely changed the way I felt about banks and the control system, and it sure paved the way for my initial suspicions about Convid, which was about 15 years of experience later.
  11. Corporations? It's no wonder some people prefer to support small businesses, at least they don't stab you in the back, or ignore the things that really matter? These people use your own money ... that you blindly spend with them ... to manipulate you and take the piss out of you. Oh, blindly spend is not an optician's joke but it could be
  12. https://www.technocracy.news/ “We Will Bring You Down”: German MP Vows To Dismantle WHO’s Grip On Governments sorry, I'm posting this here quickly evev though it's not minor !
  13. Hey Crabby maybe you're just trying to slip a sneaky advert into the news, like they do on TV?
  14. I agree. I often see 2 + 2 = 5 cropping up in different places. I really like it.
  15. I recall reading that Bromide was used in Camps, and Prisons? Having read the last couple of posts I found an interesting article? https://www.timesofisrael.com/study-suggests-nazis-attempted-to-sterilize-jewish-women-in-camps-with-food-additive/ Lately I've noticed the handing out of water in Europe and Africa regarding the heat waves and it reminds me of the batman script with something in the water.. in a way?
  16. ... And it's a great advert for Nigel Farage. ( Can I get a selfie with you!!? )
  17. Todays news is Nigel Farage The words are Djokovic, Brexit ... Mixed with boats, migrants, trans, just stop oil, heatwaves, inflation, ... on repeat, repeat ...and couldn't think for a sec - yeah terrorism!! Who would have thought that the odd 'one of them' might slip in on the boats? Terrorism - that old chestnut - the fear mongers friend, and I know that 10 and 20 years ago it was almost state sponsored curtain twitching ... for anyone who looked a bit like they could be 'one of them'. Back then it was deport 'them', human rights. Other times it's let 'them' in. Divide divide. Heard a man say send them to an island, it would be better than where they are. As it's OK to destroy a country and just re-home the people. This could happen to any one of us - war is never that far away unfortunately, kts just another part of the business plan isn't it, destroy, rebuild, repeat. Get that weapons order in on Amaz*n
  18. I can't help but be interested in the talking heads on the radio. Sucker for punishment! This is the new flavour of the week headline story. What was the last one? uh, anyway ... GB and Talk radio are talking about the social credit system and what happens of your bank sees you are buying something from somebody they don't like. Made me think that if you buy something from a company who hasn't ticked all the latest green boxes then .... exactly! Also interesting is that a few people have said things like The banks shouldn't be allowed The government should tell them / stop them / make them .... "Who are they to tell us what to do that's not their job" Dear oh dear !? Who do they think pulls all strings, and decides who can't get a loan because they're not green enough ... Yes the banks are in control When it was about Liz Truss they said "the markets don't like it" ... Meanwhile it's still a great advert for the bank.
  19. It might be very convenient and even exciting, dare I say, for the OCD medication window licking hypochondriac? This IS Amazon It reminds me a little of the large packs of PCR tests that were delivered, unordered, to the 'vulnerable', elderly, and those with 'low immunity. And just to add to the thread in general; Bill Gates is too well known a name to be responsible for everything, but I am interested in the messages he delivers, and have watched him for many years. Also I notice a lot of large packs of masks in the charity shops, and a lot of websites of corporations that still have covid restrictions and guidance in place.
  20. I'm glad you haven't lost your sence of humour as the old saying goes This reminds me of another advert, this time for Amazon and also, I don't know, maybe a destruction of the word thanks, a way to keep the narrative going, a way to steal the headlines, a way to take the piss out of the peasants who are funding this ... anything but what the article says he says?
  21. Wiki Farage's accounts were closed after an internal risk committee judged his "views were at odds with our position as an inclusive organisation"
  22. It's noticible to me that it's Coutts bank. This looks like an advert to me, along with everything else! It always used to be referred to as the Queen's bank. A few cuts off the net ... 1) Coutts had enjoyed a reputation as the country's most exclusive bank, promising unrivalled personal service. The institution has catered for the Royal Family since 1692 and in recent decades encouraged "new money". The Beatles, Sting, Queen and more recently the Spice Girls are understood to have opened accounts there.4 Feb 2001 2) We not only provide priority access and benefits at the world's best restaurants, our specialists can recommend local gems worth a visit in some of the world's most popular destinations. We can secure tickets to the best music, sporting and theatre events as well, and even offer access to our own suite at London's O2 3) Our parent company NatWest Group plans for its business operations, including here at Coutts, to be 'climate positive' by 2025. I just realised that if you're not climate positive (or happy and bright and gay) you might not have a bank account one day. Cash is King.
  23. Last night GB Headliners showed this story on one of the front pages, which was followed by the Nigel Farage show itself, where he talked about this banking story and said ... NF; "They're doing this to me, will they do it to you too?" NF; "They could do it to anyone if they don't like your political views" NF; "Very pleased to be joined here by Norman Lamont, ex chancellor of the exchequer" NL; "It seems to me that you have a right to a bank account" NL; "People have got different views, on Brexit, Djokovic and the anti vax ( he gave 3 different examples ) ... " ______ Old Nige sure seems to be preparing the people for the future, a bit like I think Tucker Carlson was doing? I've looked at Farage as controlled opposition ever since the Brexit vote and his sudden leaving. He is seen as, or should I say marketed as, a man of the people because he likes a pint. This is from wiki; After the vote to leave the EU, Farage resigned as leader of UKIP, triggering a leadership election, but remained as an MEP. In December 2018, Farage stood down from UKIP. He returned to frontline politics by launching the Brexit Party in 2019 (Which is now called Reform) I used to like him because he says some of the 'right' thing but of course that's the bloody job of controlled opposition. I also started to notice what he doesn't say. I was waiting for him to show some resistance to Convid for instance but I wasn't aware that he said anything much till what I would call fairly recently, or too late? I keep meaning to check on that to see what he did say in 2020, even 2021 perhaps. I dont know what he said but at the time I wasn't aware of anything at all? Almost like where is that loudmouth when we need him? Maybe I'm wrong on that because by then I'd made up my mind on him, so that can make a person a bit blind and deaf ... And just one more thing sometimes he has what sounds like a fake laugh? A laugh that's out of place in the conversation / interview. But anyway ...
  24. I had the BBC news on earlier and within an hour had heard about the jet stream about 4 times, and within those 4 sections they repeated it 3 times and showed illustrations on the map with of course the UK blue and the rest in dark red.
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